Relevant information about coronavirus in Spanish


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That’s weird, had verified it twice, the other way is going through facebook search. The wall is Envejeser.
Hope it helps.
It does not work for me. I really don't know what is happening here. Here you can see where your link is giving to me:Screenshot - 2021-04-25T173958.856.png


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Another good video explaining what the mRNA vaccine does to the body related to the spike protein.

In Spanish, does not have English subtítles. It is short, 15 minutes.

You can find the alignments and all the detailed information and more references from the prestigious Harvard virologist Bill Gallaher in the following links.


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Surprise! For anyone who might be interested. An international congress will be held in Sitges, Barcelona (Spain) with about 30 speakers: such as Judy Mickovits, Rashid Buttar, Wolgfang Wodarg, etc. From June 24 to 26.

World Freedom Forum

It is born from the need to know , I would say more, of Knowledge . A large part of our life we wonder who we are, in "Reality"

So the need to know is inherent to the human being, especially if the context in which his life takes place, awakens any threat to it.

In this context, the only WAY to regain security and the power to control life is to shine a light on what is happening, and that is, World Freedom Forum , a meeting of conscious Beings , who with their exhibitions in the different fields of Knowledge and from their Knowledge, they will bring us the "Torch of Knowledge". A knowledge through which to grow, mature and choose . A unique and incomparable moment in which we will experience the opportunity to awaken a social debate that goes beyond the confinement that some maintain in certain selfish watchtowers.

It is time to raise our minds to heights yet to be explored, lift our heads and look at reality from the empowerment that comes from knowing ourselves capable of deciding and doing. Because there is no greater value than you , They are moments of darkness for consciences, moments of tribulation, anguish and fear. For all this we need your help and collaboration to act. Come, act and join the Word Freedom Forum . Share with us this unique experience in which personalities from different areas and countries offer us their help and presence with the sole purpose of elevating our souls . To act from the consciousness of knowledge and that gives the discrimination of the one who is forged in the most "exhaustive" knowledge

The exercise of our freedoms, ”he already says, exercise, let's exercise them to develop them.

Freedom is not just a Right, it is a choice of the one who feels and knows himself Free .

Nace de la necesidad de conocer, diría más, del Saber. Una gran parte de nuestra vida nos preguntamos quienes somos, en la “Realidad”

Por lo que la necesidad de saber es inherente al ser humano, más si el contexto en el que se desarrolla su vida, despierta alguna amenaza sobre la misma.

En ese contexto La única FORMA de recuperar la seguridad y el poder de controlar la vida, es poner luz en lo que acontece, y eso es, World Freedom Forum, un encuentro de Seres conscientes, que con sus exposiciones en los distintos campos del Conocimiento y de su Saber, nos traerán la “Antorcha del Conocimiento”. Un conocimiento a través del que crecer, madurar y elegir. Un momento único e inigualable en el que viviremos la oportunidad de despertar un debate social que vaya más allá del encorsetamiento que algunos mantienen en determinadas atalayas egoícas.

Es el momento de elevar nuestras mentes a alturas aún por explorar, levantar la cabeza y mirar la realidad desde el empoderamiento que da el saberse capaz de decidir y hacer. Porque no hay mayor valor que tú, Son momentos de oscuridad para las consciencias, momentos de tribulación, angustia y miedo. por todo ello necesitamos de tu ayuda y colaboración para actuar, Ven, actúa y súmate a Word Freedom Forum. Comparte con nosotros esta experiencia única en la que personalidades de distintas áreas y países nos brindan su ayuda y presencia con la única finalidad, de elevar nuestras almas. Actuar desde la consciencia del saber y que da la discriminación del que se forja en el conocimiento más “exhaustivo “

El ejercicio de nuestras libertades,” ya lo dice, ejercicio, ejercitémoslas para desarrollarlas.

La libertad no es solo un Derecho, es una elección del que se siente y se sabe Libre.
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