Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

installed a basic 4 stage RO with dolomite post-filter for remineralization on my mother's house

I'm researching automation ideas and came across this video, it is interesting because if you go say from 200>400gpd you can do without a tank which is a lot more parts to wire me thinks..

the channel is packed with good info
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having a hard time wrapping my head around something while searching about RO membranes rejection rate for bisphenol i found a few articles stating that cellulose based membranes can only remove 10-40% while TFC ones remove up to 99%, the caveat is that TFC membranes have a polysulfone layer which is a material that contains bisphenol so how did they measure that rejection rate when the membrane itself is supposed to leak bisphenol??
Q: (L) I thought it was the turkey. It wasn't the greens or the dressing. But, I had them slice it from a fresh roast. (F) There is a LOT of this sort of thing happening. It's in the news all the time. It is getting worse and worse and more and more frequent. (A) How can we be sure that our water is okay?

A: R.O.

Q: (L) Yes, we have an R.O. water filter. (F) Yes, when you have the combination of a water softener and a reverse osmosis purifier, there is very little chance that you will have any contaminants in your water, even if it is deliberately put into the water. There was an article today about a local well that had high levels of radiation. I don't think the R.O. will filter that, however. (L) Essentially, we are living in dangerous times. (F) Yes, what an easy way to eliminate people by putting things in the food or water. (A) One more health question. What is this blister that both of us have?
I have 5 stage RO system, and I like the taste of water so far.
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