Romantic Fiction, Reality Shaping and The Work


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I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or why in this story it affected me physically, my stomach hurt and I got nauseous, a bit of a headache, I also feel a bit depressed. It makes me wonder, It could be a very internal unblocking, I don't feel very strong in my stomach when I read about psychopathy. Maybe, Does that mean I should dig deeper, dig out whatever I have buried, or should I stop and look for other stories?
This story for me was not like a "roller coaster", it was more like jumping out of a plane without a parachute and landing on feather pillows
Thank you for sharing, jess. :flowers: After reading your post above about Mary Balogh's Heartless and Gaby's spoiler I noticed that my resistance to this novel was building, so I took a step back for a couple of days, although on some level I probably knew that it is best if I do read it, even if I don't want to go there. Grace Burrowes's The Laird was already a hard read for me at times, it deals with child sexual abuse of both sexes, but I did finish it and now I am glad I did! It's like taking a hurdle and then looking back at the hurdle from the other side, knowing we came through and able to process some events to some extent described in these novels. So, I just ordered Heartless and Silent Melody and after reading them I may switch to Julia Quinn, as Gaby suggested.

I agree that it is important that we can laugh as well. That's the reason why I could read Elisa Braden's novels, because I think she is very funny, even though her stories are quite harrowing.


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Formidable SEEK, j'ai réussi à rentrer les derniers livres moi même... Bravo encore pour votre magnifique travail au service des autres...

Great SEEK, I managed to get the last books in myself... Congratulations again for your wonderful work in the service of others...


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Some of forum members desired to keep track of the books we read. In order to accommodate this we made some changes to this "Romance Books List" document.

  • If you want to Mark a book or set of books as read, submit the this Google Form. Select your forum name from the list , check mark the books you read and submit. That's it. If your forum name is not in the list, Select "Other" and put your actual forum name in the next question/item.
  • you can see the summary results ( few seconds) in orange tab ( 4. Member Reading Chart) of the "Romance Books List" document listed above like this.
  • If you want more details of books members read you can see the purple tab (3. Reading update)
  • If you want to submit the Name of the Translated book, you can submit this form. Now, we added column for Spanish Titles too. It is automatically updated to green tab ( 2. Recommended Books tab)
Translated Book Name Submission Form
ALL the links to the forms and other tabs are available in the first page of the document.

Happy reading :lkj:
@seek10 this is bloody awesome. Thanks for putting this together! How are we ever going to catch up to @Laura?? 😆


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Well, I guess that after finishing reading it, things are probably much more clear now. :-D Actually I went through a similar thinking process, and it is good that some things are unknown to us until the end (or maybe unknown to the authors while they are writing!), because these gradual discoveries keep us engaged, and also allow us to go through the emotional ups and downs.

It's not only good drama (that sometimes causes us to scream in frustration at the character 😅), but it is probably also an example of how we can make assumptions about someone's character based on limited data, and only long and careful observation, coupled with more quality data, can help us assemble a more accurate picture. :-)

Thank you. KTC for the feedback. :flowers: Yes, clearly reading is superior, and I can definitely see that during listening there is less immersion in the plot. Well, I don't know. I'll try Audible, but will concentrate on reading.
IMO listening to the books isn't as good as reading them. I listened to Indiscreet and felt like I didn't connect with the characters as strongly.
That being said, I like having the audible option there. I half read/half listened to Book 2 of the Mackenzie series because I had read a good portion and then started doing a jigsaw and listened to a couple of chapters while I was doing it then switched back to the book at bedtime. The neat thing is, if you have a kindle and switch to audible the kindle knows what you have listened to and askes if you want to jump to the part you finished at.


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Looks great @seek10. I was wondering if, when we update the list we should only select the novels we've read since our last entry? Or can we select all the ones we've read thus far to update it?
yes, only the ones' you newly read can be marked. If you mark the old one's again , it is still counted as ONE book.
@seek10 How are we ever going to catch up to @Laura?? 😆
By :lkj: :wow:


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Some of forum members desired to keep track of the books we read. In order to accommodate this we made some changes to this "Romance Books List" document.

  • If you want to Mark a book or set of books as read, submit the this Google Form.

Thank you @seek10 for this "refined" work. This is super detailed and the other one with the graph allows us to see all the people who read romance. This is very encouraging!

There will be a beautiful energy of accompanying, through the group, the work on oneself that the books animate by paying attention to the beliefs that arise in the background.

:thup: thank you!


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Je viens de terminer le 1er tome " Les vertiges de la passion "de Elisabeth HOYTH de la série " La Légende des 4 soldats "
et j'ai commencé le Tome 2 " Séduire un Séducteur " de la même série du même auteur...

I have just finished the 1st volume " Les vertiges de la passion " by Elisabeth HOYTH from the series " La Légende des 4 soldats " and I have started the 2nd volume " Seduce a Seducer " from the same series by the same author...


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Was The Beast of Beswick on there? That was the first one I read.
This book or this author Amalie Howard is not yet in the Laura's recommended list.
Since Laura mentioned it in her first post on this thread, I've submitted a request for it to be added to the list. I read it too, and I liked it (despite the anachronisms and the writing being no match for Balogh… but still, the story was engaging and emotional and portrayed good values IMO).


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The sheet back to original state. Since the sheet is locked, you won't be able to filter it or update it. But, you can create a temporary "Filter view" for your self ( screen color changes) and use it. The changes you make will not be updated to the original sheet. Here is menu path. This will create temporary copy for you use it and modify. But, filter view will be discarded when you close it.

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Here is an article on it

Those of you who wants to update the Other language titles, please post it here for now.

Translations of Mary Balogh's books into Russian. This is what I have found so far.

A Counterfeit Betrothal / The Notorious Rake - Фиктивная помолвка. / Беспутный повеса.

Tangled - Смятение чувств.

The Obedient Bride - Прости любимая.

The Secret Pearl – Тайная жемчужина.

The Bedwyn Prequel book series.

One night for love – Ночь для любви.

A Summer to Remember – Незабываемое лето.

The Dark Angel Series of books.

Dark Angel / Lord Carew's Bride - Любящее сердце. / Невеста лорда Керью.

The Four Horsemen trilogy book series.

Indiscreet - Загадочная леди.

Unforgiven - Свет первой любви.

Irresistable – Неотразимый.

The Courting Julia trilogy book series.

Courting Julia - Ухаживая за Джулией.

Dancing with Clara - Танцуя с Кларой.

Tempting Harriet - Поверь своему сердцу.

The Heartless/Silent Melody duo book series.

Heartless – Бессердечный.

Silent Melody - Мелодия души.

The Huxtable Quintet book series.

First Comes Marriage - Сначала свадьба.

Then Comes Seduction - Не устоять перед соблазном.

At Last Comes Love - Наконец пришла любовь.

Seducing an Angel - Соблазнительный ангел.

The Bedwyn Saga book series.

Slightly Married - Немного женатый.

Slightly Wicked - Немного порочный.

Slightly Scandalous - Немного скандальный.

Slightly Tempted - Немного соблазнённая.

Slightly Sinful - Немного грешный.

Slightly Dangerous - Немного опасный.

The Ideal Wife/Stapleton-Downes book series.

The Ideal Wife - Идеальная жена.

A Precious Jewel - Любовная соната.

The book series "Dark Angel - The Ideal Wife Series".

A Christmas Bride / Christmas Beau - Рождественская невеста. / Рождественский денди.


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This project took a different turn on me.

I´m in the middle of the Bridgertons (excellent series btw) and I almost cry or feel like crying every book I read.
Then I realized that it was pure self-pity and self-loathing and guilt.
I feel so sorry for myself, for what I had and lost and probably never to return, for all that was done to me and for what I did to other people.
I‘m stuck in this circle for some time now and I don’t know how to get out of it...
And so I read, then want to cry, only to realize that it's because of self-pity, self-loathing, shame and guilt, and as I realize that, then I want to cry how weak I am and how stupid of me this is and why can’t I be a better person than this...

And over and over again in circles....

I see it was always there in the back of my head but I pushed it back, and I think that reading the discussion here on this thread (cca 20 pages back) opened this realization further and now it is all I can see...
Scanning for reasons of my behavior - "I should have been better than that!", "Why didn´t I ....", "It´s xxx fault...", "It's my fault.....", "How to forgive yourself?", "How to forgive others?", "How to move on?" - that is all I can think of.

Then I think about how I'm failing - instead of opening up to something beautiful and true, I´m stuck in this loop, only to admit to myself that it was, in fact, always there.

Ironically, I realized I have less patience for stupid and self-pity form others; and again feel like a hypocrite since I´m doing exactly the same thing just not out loud!!

I´ve re-read the discussion again and thank you all for contributing.
Much to work on....
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