Russia Begins Operations in Syria: End Game for the US Empire?


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Russia Issues Unusually Bitter Condemnation Of Israeli Attack On Damascus Airport
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SATURDAY, JUN 11, 2022 - 01:00 PM
Israeli media is on Saturday describing an "unusually bitter condemnation" as Russia has lashed out at Israel's latest airstrikes on Syria, which disabled Damascus International Airport.

Following the Friday pre-dawn raid, ostensibly against Iranian weapons shipments and assets according to Israeli reports, Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Friday evening slammed the—

"vicious practice" of Israeli strikes on civilian infrastructure, which it said were "provocative" and "in violation of the basic norms of international law."

Syria had been forced to halt all flights from its largest commercial international airport following the fresh Israeli airstrikes, as we detailed earlier, with the country's main international transit hub likely to be halted into next week pending urgent repairs.

The statement from Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said, "We are compelled to reiterate that the ongoing Israeli shelling of the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, in violation of the basic norms of international law, is absolutely unacceptable."

It continued: "We strongly condemn Israel's provocative attack on the most important object of the Syrian civilian infrastructure."

"Such irresponsible actions create serious risks for international air traffic and put the lives of innocent people in real danger." it said.

According to The Times of Israel, the damage to the runways is extensive: "An Israeli satellite intelligence firm published images showing significant damage to the runways, which it said disabled the entire airport."

This week, and following a prior Israeli strike on Syria, Russian jets joined Syria's air force in a rare joint patrol and exercise:

The ministry said two Russian SU-35 fighter jets and six Syrian MiG-23 and MiG-29 aircraft simulated facing “hostile” warplanes and drones. Syrian pilots dealt with them with cover and support from the Russian warplanes, it said.

“All illusive targets were monitored and completely destroyed while aerial targets were hit at night for the first time,” the Syrian Defense Ministry said in a statement. It also released a video of the warplanes that it said took part in the drill.

While Russia has in the past years of war provided Damascus with S-300 missile systems, it has typically not engaged Israel - but has in the last month stepped up warnings against Israeli overreaching in its purported 'anti-Iranian' operations over Syria.


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Russia Attacks US-Backed Fighters In Syria At American Outpost​

US military officials have told The Wall Street Journal that Russia forces have carried out multiple military operations against the US-led coalition in Syria this month. This included a Wednesday attack on the al-Tanf garrison along the Iraq border in southeast Syria, though so far it appears the operations have targeted American proxies, namely local Arab and Kurdish factions that US trainers have been supporting.
Given that Russia informed the Americans of the attacks ahead of time via a military-to-military communications line, the Pentagon believes Russia "wasn’t actively targeting American troops but was harassing the US mission in Syria."

Image: Associated Press

With al-Tanf, US officials described that "a combat outpost at the garrison" was hit in the Russian strike, but no US troops were there at the time, in an attack that appeared to target ”US-backed Maghawir al-Thawra fighters" - which Russia says was responsible for an earlier roadside bomb attack against its troops. There were no reports of casualties, as coalition forces quickly evacuated due to the prior Russian warning.
It's clear that this is perhaps the closest Russian and US forces have ever come to direct conflict, something the Pentagon has expressed a desire to avoid, but said Russia's recent actions are a serious "provocation" and mark an escalation.

"We seek to avoid miscalculation or a set of actions that could lead to unnecessary conflict: that remains our goal," Army Gen. Erik Kurilla, the head of US Central Command said. "However, Russia’s recent behavior has been provocative and escalatory."
CNN added in a follow-up to the WSJ report:
The initial US assessment is the Russian forces were likely ordered to notify the US ahead of time and conduct the airstrikes knowing they would not hit US troops and that the Americans would warn their allies, the officials said.
But the Russians still likely achieved their goal of "sending a message" to the US that they can strike without being worried about retaliation, one official said.
There have been a number of 'close calls' between US and Russian troops operating in Syria over the years. Russian forces are there at the invitation of the Syrian government, while President Assad has called the Americans hostile foreign occupiers and demanded they withdraw. Sometimes the rival convoys block each other in standoffs on key Syrian roadways near areas of the US occupation, which is heaviest in the northeast.

However, some observers are seeing in this month's strikes near US positions a deliberate signal that things are intensifying related to Ukraine, and the Kremlin is engaged in muscle-flexing in the face of the some 900 US troops still in Syria.


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Two civilians were injured after Israeli warplanes launched missile attack on several poultry farms near the Tartus.

Damascus: Israel Carries Out Rocket Strikes Against Syria, Injuring Two Civilians in Tartus

By Evgeny Mikhaylov - 3 hours ago (Updated: 2 hours ago)
The reports about the strikes come just a few weeks after Syria accused Israel of conducting missile attacks, saying that they left the runways at Damascus airport out of service.

Syria stated that an Israeli strike wounded two civilians - a man and a woman - near the coastal city of Tartus.

"At around 06:30 a.m., Israel carried out an air aggression firing several missiles from the Mediterranean Sea west of Tripoli [Lebanon] at several poultry farms in the area of Al Hamidiya south of Tartus. This resulted in two civilians being injured", the statement said.

Several photos, purportedly depicting the aftermath of the strike have been circulating online.

Over the past years, Damascus repeatedly accused the Israel Defense Forces of carrying out multiple strikes on the Syrian territory. The IDF has taken responsibility only for a small part of those attacks. According to Israel, the military has been targeting Iranian and pro-Iranian troops allegedly deployed on Syria's soil – an allegation that Tehran dismisses.


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'Putin to US oil smugglers: Stop stealing Syrian oil and get out of Syria.'

Putin tells US to stop ‘looting’ Syria

19 Jul, 2022
Russian leader also tells Washington to end its illegal occupation in the Middle Eastern state

The US must stop “stealing” oil from the Syrian people, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Tuesday, after meeting with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts in Tehran.

The three guarantors of the “Astana process” also agreed that the US should leave illegally held land in the trans-Euphrates region, and cease making the humanitarian crisis in Syria worse with their unilateral sanctions.

"[The US has to] stop robbing the Syrian state, the Syrian people, exporting oil illegally,” Putin told reporters on Tuesday evening. He said this was a “common position” of Russia, Iran and Turkey.

The three guarantors of the “Astana process” called for the US to leave the trans-Euphrates area, and stop making the humanitarian crisis in Syria worse with unilateral sanctions.

President Putin told reporters that American troops must “stop robbing the Syrian state, the Syrian people, exporting oil illegally.” He said this was a “common position” of Russia, Iran and Turkey.

Several hundred US troops are illegally present in Syria, mainly controlling the oil wells and wheatfields in the country’s northeast, controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia since the defeat of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists. The US-backed SDF has refused to reintegrate with the government in Damascus, which Washington wishes to see overthrown.

Since 2019, the US has sought to punish anyone trying to assist the reconstruction of war-torn Syria via the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act,” accusing the government of President Bashar Assad of war crimes and blocking all assistance to Damascus.

Putin said on Tuesday that such sanctions have had “disastrous results” and that humanitarian aid to Syria “should not be politicized.”

During Tuesday’s summit in Tehran, Putin met with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In a joint declaration, the three presidents confirmed their conviction that “there can be no military solution to the Syrian conflict,” only a political one under the leadership of the UN. They also condemned “unilateral sanctions violating international law” that are exacerbating the serious humanitarian situation in Syria, urging the UN and other international organizations to “increase assistance to all Syrians, without discrimination, politicization and preconditions.”

Russia sent an expeditionary force to Syria in September 2015, at the request of Damascus, to help defeat IS and other terrorist groups. In January 2017, Moscow, Ankara and Tehran launched the “Astana process” – named after the capital of Kazakhstan – to resolve the conflict in Syria, which began in 2011.

Astana Trio agree that US must leave Syria — Iranian president

20 JUL, 2022
The countries of the Astana format will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people, Ebrahim Raisi said

TEHRAN, July 19. /TASS/. Russia, Turkey and Iran have agreed that US forces must be withdrawn from the Syrian territory, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Tuesday after talks with his Astana Trio counterparts on Syrian settlement.

"The sides agreed that <…> US forces must leave the area near the Euphrates," he said, "The countries [of the Astana format] will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people," he added.


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The Russian air defenses have shot down two drones near the Khmeimim air base.

Russian air defenses down two drones in vicinity of Hmeimim base, Lattakia countryside

By Ruaa al-Jazaeri - 21 July، 2022
Lattakia, SANA- The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that its air defenses repelled drone attacks carried out by terrorist organizations deployed in the de-escalation zone in Idleb, and downed two drones.

A spokesman for the Russian forces in Syria stated that the Russian air defense systems had shot down two drones near the Hmeimim air base on Wednesday evening.

The Russian military official affirmed that terrorist organizations “continue their attempts to attack the Hmeimim base with drones, and that the Hmeimim base is operating normally, and there have been no casualties or damage as a result of the attack.”

Over the past years, the air defenses have repelled dozens of attacks carried out by terrorist organizations deployed in Lattakia northern countryside and in Idleb northwestern countryside on the Hmeimim base with missiles and drones.


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Three soldiers were killed and at least seven others injured after Israeli warplanes launched missile attack on Damascus.

Syria claims casualties in ‘Israeli strike’

21 Jul, 2022
Three soldiers were killed near Damascus, according to a Syrian military source

Syrian air defenses were activated shortly after midnight on Friday in response to an act of “Israeli aggression” in the vicinity of the capital, Damascus, according to a military source cited by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

At exactly 12:32am today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression with rockets from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the vicinity of the city of Damascus,” the source told SANA.

While air defense systems reportedly managed to intercept some of the missiles, three soldiers were killed and at least seven others injured in the strike, which also caused some “material damage,” according to the military.

The Israeli government has not officially commented on the reports so far. On the rare occasions Israel has admitted to carrying out attacks inside Syria, the Israeli government says it has the right to preemptive self-defense against Iran. Tehran has acknowledged sending military aid to Damascus to help in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and other terrorist groups.

Last month, another alleged Israeli strike forced the Damascus International Airport to temporarily suspend operations, after several missiles also fired from the direction of Golan Heights hit the runway.

While the government in West Jerusalem did not officially comment on that attack, the satellite company ImageSat International (ISI) published photos of the destruction and said that the strike “disabled the entire airport until repair.”


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The Syrian air defenses have intercepted an Israeli missile attack near the Tartus.

14 AUG, 2022

Three Syrian soldiers were killed and three others were injured after Israeli warplanes launched missile attack near the Damascus.

14 AUG, 2022


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'Bad-joke: The US occupation forces in Syria are worrying for the civilians.'

US confirms strikes on ‘Iran-backed groups’

24 Aug, 2022
The Pentagon has said it bombed militants linked to Tehran in order to “protect US forces” in Syria

The US military has launched multiple airstrikes on targets in eastern Syria, claiming it struck sites used by Iran-backed fighters while suggesting they may have been behind a drone attack on an American base earlier this month.

US Central Command (CENTCOM) announced the operation in a statement on Tuesday night, saying US forces carried out an unspecified number of “precision airstrikes” in Deir ez-Zor, Syria earlier in the day.

“The US strikes targeted infrastructure facilities used by groups affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps,” the command said, adding, “These precision strikes are intended to defend and protect US forces from attacks like the ones on August 15 against US personnel by Iran-backed groups.”

The statement did not identify any of the targets in the strike or offer a casualty estimate.

According to the military, the August 15 incident cited by CENTCOM saw multiple unidentified drones descend upon the US outpost in Al-Tanf, a remote garrison in southern Syria near the three-way border with Jordan and Iraq. The drones caused no casualties, but a senior US commander nonetheless stated the attack “put the lives of innocent Syrian civilians at risk.” Before suggesting “Iran-backed groups” were behind the drones on Tuesday, Washington had not pinned the blame on any actor.

While CENTCOM reiterated that US forces remain in Syria to “ensure the enduring defeat” of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and do not “seek conflict,” the Syrian government has repeatedly denounced the American presence and demanded that US troops vacate the country. In addition to the base in Al-Tanf, Americans have long embedded with Kurdish fighters based in Syria’s northeast, first deployed as advisers under President Barack Obama.

As of Tuesday night, neither Damascus or Tehran have yet responded to the latest US operation.


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Exchange of "pleasantries"

The US base was hit by missiles in response to an attack on an Iranian military base in Syria
The American military base was hit by Iranian missiles.

The attack on the US military facility was a response to the recent strikes by American fighter jets on an Iranian military base in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor. According to the data available by the current hour, at least four missiles were fired at the American military facility, but information about the destruction and casualties has not been commented on to date.

At the moment, it is known that the missiles at the American military base were delivered from the province of Deir ez-Zor, probably from a short distance with direct adjustment by members of pro-Iranian groups. It is reported that all four missiles fell in the immediate vicinity of the location of the American troops, however, there is no information about casualties and destruction at the moment.

According to preliminary data, a homemade launcher was used to attack the American military base, however, at the same time, rockets produced by Iran were fired, although none of the groups has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

Experts note that due to the increasing escalation between Iranian groups and the United States, the likelihood of a serious conflict in the region is only increasing.
По базе США ударили ракетами в ответ на нападение на иранскую военную базу в Сирии


American AH-64 Apache helicopters hit Iranian troops
Combat helicopters of the US Air Force hit the positions of the Iranian military and groups.

After four rockets were fired at the American military base right in the middle of the day, and data on the destruction and casualties have not yet been announced, it became known that the United States lifted combat helicopters into the sky and inflicted a new series of strikes on the concentration sites of Iranian troops and pro-Iranian groups. The moment of departure to the place of strikes was filmed by random eyewitnesses.

The reaction of the American side to the shelling of its military bases in Syria turned out to be very prompt. Often, the United States strikes back over the next few days, choosing the most vulnerable targets. Nevertheless, according to preliminary data, the attack on Iranian troops and pro-Iranian groups may be related to the fact that US President Joe Biden signed an order according to which the US military is granted the right to strike Iranian military facilities and bases in Syria, in case of any threat.

Due to the new escalation in the region, there is a risk that the nuclear deal with Iran may not take place, especially since Iranian journalists reported on the eve of the day that Israeli F-35 fighter jets broke into Iranian airspace, although they did not attack Iranian facilities.
Американские вертолёты AH-64 Apache ударили по иранским войскам


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Russian forces based in Syria said four Israeli warplanes had launched a total of four cruise missiles and 16 guided aerial bombs against a research facility in the city of Masyaf, Russia's ITARR-TASS news agency reported.

26 August 2022


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The Israelis must have tensed in anticipation. What will be brought in place of what was taken out?


After the Israeli attacks on Masyaf, all the S-300 complexes disappeared in Syria.

The S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems previously put into service in Syria suddenly disappeared from a specially created area of their base. The complexes were located in the Masyaf area, which, during its last raid, was targeted by Israeli warplanes, which have been actively destroying Syrian air defense systems for the past three months.

This is evidenced by Israeli satellite images, on which you can see that there are no more radar facilities or mobile launchers in the former positional area. It is noteworthy that this happened after Israel launched its strikes on the Masyaf area a few days ago and destroyed, according to local sources, several air defense systems (their type is not specified). There are no traces of strikes in the area of deployment of S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, however, given that the complex includes a large number of pieces of equipment, this fact raises quite a lot of questions. Much more serious concerns are caused by the fact that in May of this year Israel officially announced that the Syrian S-300 complexes were attacked by Israeli fighters, which, according to the Israeli side, is a violation of the agreements between Jerusalem, Moscow and Damascus that in response to the non-use of these complexes by the Syrian military, the latter did not they will be attacked by Israeli combat aircraft.

At the moment, there are no official statements from either the IDF or Damascus.
После последней атаки Израиля, в Сирии неожиданно исчезли все комплексы С-300


ISI: S-300 air defense systems were taken out of Syria through the port of Tartus
The Israeli company ImageSat International reports that the Syrian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, which left the deployment area near Masyaf after a series of Israeli strikes on this area of the Arab Republic, were removed from the territory of Syria. The complexes were last seen in the port of Tartus on August 17. After that, they allegedly left the region on one of the ships.

On the satellite image presented by ImageSat International, you can see that the S-300 sams that disappeared from their deployment area near Masyaf are located in the port of the Syrian Tartus. Satellite images were taken on August 17, 2022, however, it is claimed that by now the complexes are already outside Syria, although the circumstances of this have not yet been disclosed.

Since its delivery to Syria, the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems have been used only once – according to the Israeli military, this happened in May of this year, however, the Israeli combat aircraft was never hit.

In Damascus, so far, they have not commented on the information about the export of the S-300 air defense system from the territory of Syria.
ISI: ЗРК С-300 были вывезены из Сирии через порт Тартуса


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The Israeli warplanes have launched a missile attack on Aleppo International Airport.

Israeli missile aggression on Aleppo International Airport

By MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon - 31 August, 2022
Aleppo, SANA-The Israeli enemy targeted Aleppo International Airport on Wednesday evening with several missiles, causing material damage.

“At nearly 8 p.m., the Israeli enemy targeted Aleppo International Airport with a missile strike that caused material damage to the airport.” A military source said.
The Syrian air defenses have intercepted an Israeli missile attack on Damascus.

Syrian Air Defense Forces Reportedly Repel Israeli Airstrike Over Damascus (video)

13 minutes ago (Updated: 1 minute ago)
The strike targeted Aleppo International Airport, the Syrian state-run news agency reported, citing a military official.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the country's air defense systems repelled an Israeli airstrike over Damascus and its suburbs on Wednesday evening.

Videos have emerged on social media showing Syrian air defenses repelling the attack as well as the alleged aftermath of the strike.
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