Session 1 April 2007


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Then it came Prouty to show us how thick the CIA's web goes :knitting: ...not to mention the military psy-ops!

Thanks for the session. It's really a 'beware' and 'be alert' call on all sides, internal and external 'predators'.


Shijing said:
cholas said:
Q: (L) Okay, what else..? I’m getting tired…) (Joe) Is Hugo Chavez on the level?

A: More or less.

I apologize for the denseness......Does 'on the level' imply that he's in bed/on par with most other controlled leaders?

No worries, cholas -- 'on the level' means honest and up-front.
I like the fact that he tells the U.S. to "shove it" now-and-again :D


A: Horses are representations of emotion. She should take care not to drown her emotional nature.

Q: (L) Is that all?

A: She needs to give air to her emotions.

I was just wondering the meaning of most dream representations and the fact that some are just that, a way for the soul to vent out emotions.

Does anyone know of a good dream book or are dream books in general not recommended?
The thought of selecting crystals for individuals by dowsing sounded like a great idea.The C's said they would assist Laura in the selecting of these crystals. Wouldn't it be good and constructive if this could be done for any of the forum members?And to be able to purchase their own stone. We could give our names and Laura could pick them(in her spare time if she has any) and we would have a source to utilize when drained by by these counterproductive energies.I believe this would generate funding and be worthwhile. I have a very good feeling about this and I hope this will be considered.I wish I could be more useful.I think of the work involved and I know there is so much to do for all of you,but... I think many would want one. Or two. I kinda think big. I can just imagine how successful, monetarily and servicewise,a piece of 1D energy christened by the C's will be Not to say it should be marketed as such,but you know what I mean.Just a thought.Many thanks for the commitments and authenticity of all of you.This is my 4Th time on the transcipts and the 1st on the latest renewed ones. They and all of you are my friends and I look forward to the future with you all.
Now it's two years later and I have moved way up in the northeast of the USA and one of the things I do is get crystals from an area that is relatively easy to mine one of the specialties of the area, the Smoky Topaz. I have used in on my dog who is 17 yrs. old for seizures and lo and behold, they have ceased.

I got that info years ago by using the board and channeling what said was the mineral kingdom, !st density. It was suggested to use this for severe panic a friend of mine was getting and also a shaking in the hands for someone else and I was there to witness the cessation of the hand shaking immediately. I had just remembered it and tried it on Lacey my Bichon Frise elder dog and got those results. I just happened to be reading this transcript and realized 2 years just flew by and I am now among some of the biggest boulders in the USA, rocks and minerals being close to my heart. Never would have thought I'd be in such a place of raw magnificence. Wonderful work as usual and thanks much.
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