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Lake Superior
Lake Superior has a surface area of 31,700 square miles (82,103 km2), which is approximately the size of South Carolina or Austria.

Recalled seeing your post on Lake Superior re California size and was thinking about this. Of course, where it could orientates itself as an overlay to California, if it happened, has different implications; obviously none of them good. Yet consider if it was adjacent to the coast with access to the sea.

Lake Superior (quoted) contains 2,900 cubic miles +/- of water and has average depths of up to 483 feet (147 metres) with maximum depths 1,276 feet (389 metres).

Assuming that the 'Session' referenced includes not just the physical area but the cubic mass coupled to adjacent said coastal access, the outward pressure displacement on the sea would be unthinkable as a Tsunami reaches out. However, this would be nothing compared with the immediate rush to fill the created void with 2,900 cubic miles of sea water trying to reach an equilibrium balance to the displacement of this created Superior sized void. This inward flowing Tsunami would contain near unfathomable forces with mass spillover to other regions, regions like the Central Valley or other.

Yeah, it would look like a 'Hell' on earth indeed.

Consider this alternate perspective of the East coast with this mass displacement possibility (a further view is offered for those who know the Great Lakes):



Lake Superior has as much water as the rest of the Great Lakes combined – plus three more Lake Eries.
BUT when I thought about it again, and reread it, I wondered :
Q2/ how do you define what a psychopath is, and count them in a particular population ?
to be able to give a precise rate of the latter ones among the former ones ?
What I have written below is like a comment on this second question rather than an exact answer:
Initially when the topic of Organic Portals was brought up, there was this segment describing psychopaths as "failures." in terms of being Organic Portals. The place I am referring to here is: Session 13 July 2002:
Q: Mouravieff says that the "pre-Adamic" humans do not have the higher centers, nor the possibility of developing them in this cycle - which we assume to be the Grand Cycle you have previously described, the length of which is around 300,000 years. Is this an accurate representation of "pre-Adamic" beings?

A: Yes, they are "organic" portals between levels of density.

Q: Based on what Mouravieff has said, it seems to be so that any efforts to try to raise the consciousness of such individuals is doomed to fail.

A: Pretty much. Most of them are very efficient machines. The ones that you have identified as psychopaths are "failures." The best ones cannot be discerned except by long and careful observation.
In general much has been written and discussed about psychopath on the forum, on and several radioshows.
Regarding the percentages, there was another session a few years back (2010), that mentions Israel is topping at around 42%. Session 30 January 2010
(L) Next. Belibaste, go ahead and ask your question.

(Belibaste) We wanted to know the percentage of psychopaths geographically speaking, like in the US, Israel, UK.

(L) Alright, let's take them one at a time.

(Belibaste) USA?

A: 23 percent.

Q: (Belibaste) United Kingdom?

A: 14 percent.

Q: (L) That's because they all went to America. (laughter)

(Ailén) Israel?

A: 42 percent.

Q: (Belibaste) France?

A: 10 percent.

Q: (Burma Jones) Russia?

A: 17

Q: (Belibaste) What about some poor country like Ethiopia?

A: 3

Q: (Joe) That's 75 million people in the US.

(Burma Jones) That's a lot of psychopaths.

(Ottershrew) What's the country that's the lowest?

A: Samoa

Q: (Belibaste) What's the percentage in Samoa?

A: 0.6

Q: (Belibaste) In Samoa there's quite a strong ethnical specificity.

(L) I don't know anything about Samoa.

(Joe) I think they're the same as the Maori.

(PoB) Just in case, is there any country with a bigger percentage than Israel?

A: Not at present

Q: (Burma Jones) So Israel is the worst at present.

(Belibaste) In the past, was there a country with a higher percentage?

A: Low Countries.

Q: (Andromeda) What about Spain?

A: 2.6

Q: (Ailén) China?

A: 0.9

Q: (Ailén) Well, there are so many people in China...

(Joe) When they said the low countries, did they all leave the low countries and go to England?

A: USA and South Africa

Q: (Ailén) What about Holland?

(L) That's the low countries.

(Ailén) But that was in the past...

(L) Oh, you mean at present?

A: Still high

Q: (L) Are you going to give us a number on that?

A: 13
In the above excerpt, one notices that there have been populations with a higher percentage of psychopaths, than the Israel of 2010. Next I will try to evaluate and the contribution of the Ashkenazi Jews to the pool of psychopaths in Israel.

In 2008 there were 7.4 million people in Israel, now it it estimated to be around 9.0 million Israel - Wikipedia
While we don't know how demographics of Israel changed in the meantime, the present makeup is:
"74.7% Jewish
17.7% Muslim
2.0% Christian
1.6% Druze
4.0% other[12]"
Among the Jewish population, Ashkenazi Jews make up 2.8 million or about 30 % of the Israeli population according to:
Ashkenazi Jews in Israel - Wikipedia If Israel in 2010 was at around a 42 % average in terms of psychopaths, it is far from improbably that a segment of the population, like the Ashkenazi Jews would be contributing more than the average 42 %.

Next, I tried to look up the situation from a Jewish perspective in order perhaps to connect the numbers to the situation on the ground. I came across an Opinion piece in the Haaretz: Ashkenazi Jews are to blame for Israel’s ethnic rift
Opinion Ashkenazi Jews Are to Blame for Israel’s Ethnic Rift
Ashkenazi Zionism has always known how to foment trouble, in order to continue holding the reins of power.
Uri Avnery is mistaken in his claim that the rift between Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews “developed immediately after the 1948 War of Independence” (“When and How the Ashkenazi-Mizrahi Rift Was Born,” Haaretz...
Knowing what we do about psychopath does the description below the title not match some of the defining characteristics of psychopaths?

Being excluded from the main article, hiding behind a pay wall, I kept looking and found a Quora page about the issue of possible Ashkenazi dominance in the economic and political life of Israel: One of the people responding, Abu Kedem (Rechavia Berman), ends his comment, after maintaining that 18 of the 22 wealthiest families are Ashkenazi Jew while only 4 are of Sephardi origin with the following evaluation of the Ashkenazi influence:
In politics, Israel has never had a Sephardi Prime Minister, although Amir Peretz came closest in 2006. It has had one Sephardi President (Moshe Katzav, who is incidentally soon to be released from prison where he is serving a sentence for rape).

There are quite a few Sephardi Knesset Members, but fewer than there share of the population.

So the answer to your question is pretty much "Yes."
It seems that if the policies of Israel carries signs of psychopathic influences, and if the Ashkenazi Jews have a leading role in the economic and political life of Israel, then it is a reasonable conclusion that there must be a significant amount of psychopaths among this ruling elite.
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BUT when I thought about it again, and reread it, I wondered :
Q1/ how do you define what an Ashkenazi Jew is, and count them ?
Q2/ how do you define what a psychopath is, and count them in a particular population ?
to be able to give a precise rate of the latter ones among the former ones ?

My assumption has always been that the C's use a word congruent to its meaning as Laura understands it given that she is channelling them. Thus, in this case, they use the word 'psychopath' entirely in line with how Laura would define it. Furthermore, if they feel that Laura's definition of a word needs clarification or correction then they would do that in how they answer her questions.

This is entirely an assumption on my part however and I have not read every single session transcript so this may already have been covered and I may be in error.
When you say "physical aspect of gravity", are you meaning in keeping with gravity's effects only the physical densities of 1D 2D 3D and also 4D-variability? Because gravity is ALL density levels both physical and ethereal.

Curving space sounds like torsion fields in the conventional sense... But your use of the word "deform" here in relation to 'hiding' gravity/space in respective consciousness density levels is interesting (though it may be a slight misinterpretation of the word used due to language barrier?)
I don't know much about Kaluza-Klein theory (Im not great with science in general - let alone quantum science!) But it did have me thinking about 4D STS and their ability through wishful-thinking to make their 'dreams' into a reality bubble:
Wishful thinking - CassWiki

"In the third density, wishful thinking does not physically bend reality, it only hampers perception. According to the Cassiopaeans, the case is different in the fourth density, in which wishful thinking has the effect of quite concretely forming a sort of reality bubble"

Maybe there is something to what you've touched on with space/dimensions/gravity/consciousness that could help provide answers to how 4D STS wishful-thinking 'reality made manifest' dynamics come about and influence us lower consciousness-awareness peeps down here in 3D reality physicality?

Thank You for reply. Yes, You are right - I used not proper designations cause language barier (I'm still learning English language and I supose it is not comfortably for forum's members and guests to read what I wrote...:-[).

Let me to try to explain.
When I say "physical aspect of gravity" and "deform" I'm meaning curvature/tortion of infinitely many-dimensional space which affects every density level.
I want to figure out what is root cause of this curvature/tortion, so there is a working hypothesis: consciousness affect space in this way: the less level of consciousness the being has, the more distorted a bit of surrounded the being space is. (Like I wrote in previous post) it's connected somehow with assumption, that the less conscious the being are - the less number of dimensions of space the being is aware of. In other words: infinitely many-dimensional space surrounded a being (being having certain level of consciousness) is distorted in manner to "show" to the being only that many dimmensions of space how many the being can be aware of (can "see" it).
It is root cause of curvature/torsion of space I suppose.
Why cosciousness of the being simply don't "cut and throw away" this other part of space which the being "can't see" (be aware of) rather than distorts the space?
I think - that is because infinite dimensional space (as a "medium", "Aether") is consistent (my thought: two "pieces of space" can not be separated by "no-space"). What is more: that's why this kind of distortion of space caused by 1D being affects (in some manner) the space for all higher densities beings too (beings of higher densities can be aware of this distortion) and vice versa ( -> gravity affects all densities). But we must remember (according hypotesis above): distortion of space caused by - for example - 4D being is much, much lesser than distortion of space caused by 1D being because of its consciousness thus it's very, very, very difficult "to see" this 4D being's distortion (changes in space, in gravitional field for example) nearby plethora 1D beings (mass, matter). That's why 4D beings can't immediatly ingerate in "1D world" because they haven't 1D body like we have, their body is "subtle").

Explanation (simplification): 4th space dimmension in Kaluza-Klein theory "looks" like extreme small circle- diameter c.a. 1.6 x 10EXP(-35)m - the smallest circle that can be (it's unlike than infinite "straight line" in Euclidean space).
Lets imagine that for neutron (as example of 1D being) every dimension of infinitely many-dimensional space looks like this tiny, tiny circle (acording the hypothesis above). This squiggly/swirly small piece of space is neutron "body" - we could say. So what/where is its consciousness ? There are "unstable gravity waves" - I think - which propagate on these circle-shaped trajectories...
Ashkenazi could be anyone with more than 50% Ashkenazi genes. As for psychopaths, that's a good question. How do the Cs define it?

No idea, but the only thing that makes sense to me at the moment is if they are using the term similar to how Lobaczewski used it: as a catch-all for what we call personality disorders. Reminder for those not familiar with Ponerology or who forget the details: he described various 'psychopathies', including schizoidal, anankastic, asthenic, and essential - the last of which is what western psychologists call psychopaths. Those categories have actually carried over into Western practice to a large degree, but the diagnostic traits have shifted and aren't identical. For instance, we do have diagnoses for schizoid personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (anankastic), dependent and avoidant personality disorder (asthenic), and psychopathy (essential psychopathy). Lobaczewski said the total of all psychopaths and characteropaths in Poland during the time in question was 6%, a tenth of which were essential psychopaths.

Take the figure the Cs gave for the USA: 23 percent psychopaths. No psychologist would go that high for essential psychopathy. Using any version of the Psychopathy CheckList on a test population won't get a number that high, which is why Hare and guys like him estimate a prevalence of psychopathy of 1% or less (which is similar to what Lobaczewski gave for Poland: 0.6%). So if the PCL is accurate at identifying a distinct group of people, it does not capture whatever the Cs are talking about.

But if essential psychopathy is just one variation of a wider "personality disorder" construct, the numbers are more realistic. Lobaczewski said the total number of psychopaths (all types) can reach into the double digits in some countries, maybe in the teens and twenties. And given the trajectory of the past 30 years, I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers have gotten higher, particularly in some countries. And given that he also said Jews have a higher prevalence of schizoidia, that might account for some of that large percentage.
In 2008 there were 7.4 million people in Israel, now it it estimated to be around 9.0 million Israel - Wikipedia
While we don't know how demographics of Israel changed in the meantime, the present makeup is:
"74.7% Jewish
17.7% Muslim
2.0% Christian
1.6% Druze
4.0% other[12]"
Among the Jewish population, Ashkenazi Jews make up 2.8 million or about 30 % of the Israeli population according to:
Ashkenazi Jews in Israel - Wikipedia If Israel in 2010 was at around a 42 % average in terms of psychopaths, it is far from improbably that a segment of the population, like the Ashkenazi Jews would be contributing more than the average 42 %.

Yep, Google tells me approx. 36% of Israelis are Ashkenazi according to Google. If 53% are 'psychopaths', that's 19% Ashkenazi Israeli psychopaths. That means 36% of the rest of the population are psychopaths ([.53x36%]+[.36x64%]=42%), which is still very high - higher than the 23% figure given for the U.S., but lower than the 42% average for Israel.
From my point of view, these two sets of people are hard to define precisely, so the precise answer (we can guess less than 1% precision) of the Cs is difficult to understand, to me. They could have answered something like "around half of them". And the answer could vary broadly (my guess : at least +/- 20%), depending on the definitions of the sets. Maybe we would even need fuzzy logic for that ?

Any comment/clarification will be welcome. Thanks.

PS : I read (in R. Hare I think) that generally psychopaths have an average intelligence (IQ around 100), but some of them have high IQ (the most nefarious, I suppose).
Ashkenazim are well-known to have a mean IQ higher than the general population (in the USA but not only). 25% of Nobel prize are Ashkenazi Jews !
So another good question would be : what's the rate (or approximate number) of Ashkenazi Jews who are psychopaths AND (over)gifted or even genious ?


I don't know if I can add any clarification beyond the interesting previous observations but I did find a session reference that describes the 'Jews in "holocaust"' and Atlantean "religions".

I know it is kind of an amalgamation of topics but maybe it is worth thinking about it.

Session 22 February 1995:
Q: (L) Now, you said that the Jews were Atlantean descendants, and that Noah was an Atlantean...

A: Most of them.

Q: (L) What is the significance of this relating to their religion and their experiences and the current state of the Jews?

A: Was Jews in "holocaust" only.

Q: (L) Is the Jewish religion somewhat similar to the Atlantean religion?

A: Did you understand the previous answer?

Q: (L) Are you saying that the Jews were the only ones in the holocaust?

A: No.

Q: (L) Are you saying that the Jews were not the only ones in the holocaust?

A: No special karmic significance to being "Jewish", special significance is experiencing holocaust for purpose of purging extraordinary karmic debt.

Q: (L) Okay. I got it. Now, is the Jewish religion similar to the Atlantean religion?

A: Not one religion only. Many "religions."

I guess my main concern is that we don't confuse any one group either by religion or genetic ancestry of being the most likely to be psychopaths or "organic portals". As thorbiorn posted before it is a complicated mixture of different groups and personalities.
Hi endescent,

Personally, I thank my lucky stars that my teens hit in 1985 just in time to experience, what I consider to be, the all too brief but incandescent apex of 'Metal'.

And I agree that it's 'use-fullness' may be limited but boy oh boy, I know for a fact that many of us wouldn't be here today without it's grounding mechanism.

Little wonder teenage boys treat it as religion.

Are you a Metallica fan by chance?

Back in the day Master of Puppets was my choice of lullaby (much to Mum's extreme concern) with the penultimate instrumental transcendental

Tool has been called The thinking person’s metal band. I think Metallica first held that title, and in some ways still do. I saw them on the Load tour when I was 14. During Master of Puppets the stage fell apart and the stadium went dark. They played the rest of the concert lit by a single bright bulb above the stage that swung back and forth. Yes, I’m a fan.
(L) Okay. Where are we gonna go next?

(Joe) What about the California fires? I'm not gonna ask about DEW.

(Niall) Do it for the forum!

(L) Were there any unusual anomalies going on with these fires? People were saying that houses burned down, but not the trees, and so on and so forth.

(Joe) Well, they're saying it was directed energy weapons.

(L) Directed energy weapons... Was there any such thing going on?

A: NO. [spelled slowly for emphasis]

Q: (Artemis) Well, they really wanted to make that point!

(Joe) That's just a commentary on the level of pattern recognition run amok among so many people.

(L) I tell ya...

(Andromeda) Fires just act weird.

(L) Yeah. If you've ever been in a really big fire...

(Joe) It was people who were nowhere near the fire looking at videos online deciding that because a house burned, but the trees didn't, it was targeted.

(L) And they don't think about the fact that many, if not most, houses are built from dry, pressure-treated lumber. And trees are loaded with water; at the same time, dry underbrush will burn like crazy. Not the trees though, because they have deep roots and are pulling up water. Plus wind can sweep a fire through an area so fast it can't ignite resistant objects. I've seen the end results of plenty of brush fires in Florida.

(Joe) Was there something at a mass consciousness level being expressed in the fact that this fire almost completely burned down a town called Paradise in California?

A: Yes. California is no longer "paradise" and will shortly look more like hell.

How did the C's say it,
Watched them vids. It's true "flat earth" material.
clerk de bonk, I've been pondering your response for some time now. I was bothered by it frankly. It was just too simple and dismissive. I'll try and answer and I'm going to try and paraphrase several quotes from the C's since I'm typing on my phone and am a bit limited on time/energy and focus. I'll try to keep it simple.

Let me start by saying that the C's once said that "all of the information/books etc can be of value when read with knowledge and discernment". I'm just trying to caution against dismissing something because it "smells" of flat earth theory. There are other writers I've come across who seem to get close to flat earth theory but have other interesting things to say. I've come across writers who had interesting things to say who were getting a little too close to flat earth for my comfort but I remember Laura explaining how the best disinformation was a mixture of truth and lies. So by my reasoning, if we dismiss authors based on flat earth beliefs, we run the risk of missing important pieces of the puzzle. We're falling into the trap of dismissing something just because "oh that's more flat earth nonsense".

Max Igan makes reference to flat earth theory on several occasions and says something to the effect of: "I don't know if this is true or false". He also goes on to add something that concurs with the general agreement that was reached here on the forum I believe; that it's kind of irrelevant, there are more important questions that need addressing. It leads me to wonder if there's more to this flat earth CoIntelPro than meets the eye?

I did look for a C's quote that I couldn't find and maybe I imagined it but it was along the lines of Never Underestimate the STS ruler's ability to completely come up with an unimaginable response to our expectations. This is total paraphrasing here. I really couldn't remember the quote but I was in relation to the shock we all received with the rise of the "Libtards".

Anyway, the C's have said again and again, that the Lizzies have been moving backwards and forwards in time for some 70,000 years, changing and tweaking things and I think it's worth considering in relation to the information presented here. In defense of Max Igan in particular, he repeatedly says he's not making any definitive affirmations, just asking questions, based on information he's received/discovered and trying to keep an open mind, which I think is in line with the whole idea behind the Cassiopaean Experiment.

As I said, I don't have the knowledge, experience or time/energy to parse it all but then the purpose of the forum is to network and share because maybe someone else Will be capable of seeing it. I just found a dismissal of it as being "true flat earth" nonsense as being a bit too short and dismissive. These guys are showing maps of great Tartaria, CIA documents affirming that this history had to be rewritten, that the worls was repopulated by children, orphans who were sent all over the world and raised with a new "history" which although "crazy" is at least plausible if there was some sort of recent catastrophe that almost wiped out the population of the earth. Free energy is discussed, churches being used for Sound healing, (not ridiculous mind control "masses," reminding me of Dr. Hulda Clarke. There are even claims that Roman history is even more bogus than Laura ever imgined. We Know the timeline has been rewritten regularly. The biggest enemy of knowledge is belief/assumptions so that in order to keep an open mind, although I have more faith in this forum than anywhere else, I think it deserves at least a bit of reflection and discussion, maybe some questions for the C's.

Sorry if I come across as pushy. I won't insist anymore. I don't have an agenda/desire to prove it's true, just a concern that we may miss information by associating one seemingly crazy theory with another, thus missing some Truth mixed with lies. I'm trying to apply the principles I learned here, nothing more. I seek the Truth like most here, even if it goes against everything I ever believed.

Just to finish, it also seems to point in the direction of "Russia"/Siberia, which has come up as the "Saviour of the World" according to Edgar Cayce. Anyway, just sharing my thoughts here. Nothing else really to add here, I'm currently too preoccupied to give it more attention.
First, thank you all for your answers to my questions.
I guess my main concern is that we don't confuse any one group either by religion or genetic ancestry of being the most likely to be psychopaths or "organic portals". As thorbiorn posted before it is a complicated mixture of different groups and personalities.
I stress that, too.

I think the question of what's (badly) called "antisemitism" is quite an efficient way to ponerize a society. We have good evidences of this in France these last years : most of "leftists" people are indoctrinated to attack anyone who criticizes Jews, and some of the "rightists" are also indoctrinated to think Jews (as a whole) are the sole factor of nations destruction... so we have the fuel and combustive, just lacking some spark !
PS : while thinking about it, I'm curious about which proportion of "psychopaths" are NOT born like that but have become so, due to (ritual) sexual mutilation, in the world or some particular countries where they're numerous ?
I've read (on SOTT, IIRC) that among countries where circumcision, either for religious or "hygienic" purposes, is broadly present in some generations, outside Israel and Arab countries, there are the USA and Germany.

And also, is there an interaction between one's genes and circumcision ?
Let's say one's a Jew, and his father, grand-father, etc. were circumcised, and so traumatized early ; when one gets circumcised at his turn, does it "activates" some genes, which would stay quiet instead ?

Also, does it have an effect (and which ?) on subtle "bodies", particularly on energetic centers, "chakras", etc. ?
I guess it's a good way (with the help of a paranoid culture) to create some fanatical soldiers (like Delta program in MK), but is it also a good way to create "psychic killers" (Theta program in MK) for instance ?

Or maybe I'm mixing too much distinct subjects.
Thank you for this John G. I remember reading a bit about the Enneagram way back when, but got distracted and forgot all about it. In fact, I didn't know it was a Gurdjieff 'brainchild'. This has prompted me to look into it again.

It's best though not to stray too far from the known geometry, information theory, physics, personalities, densities, etc. when playing with "sacred" structures.
I agree not to stray too far. One can get lost in its endless labyrinth. But in light of this: Session 5 February 2000

A: Remember, you do have cycles but that does not necessarily mean cyclical. 3 Dimensional depiction of loop, seek hexagon for more. Geometric theory provides answers for key. Look to stellar windows. Octagon, hexagon, pentagon.

Q: Are those the different levels of density?

A: No, but it relates. Geometry gets you there, algebra sets you "free."

- There may be some worth exploring "sacred" structures regards geometry for purposes of "utilization". As above so below et al. I will get to what I mean shortly...

I've seen Penrose tiling, Metatron's cube, and Fibonacci numbers related to the known geometry I work with but it hasn't been as helpful as the Enneagram was though things can be interesting without being helpful.
Fourth Way enneagram - Wikipedia

The Enneagram as shown in the diagram depicted with the opening at the base of the Enneagram's 9 point 'star' configuration reminded me of the layout of the Trilithon stones positioned within the Stonehenge formation - built for collection and dispersal of energies.
Here's quite a good image of what Stonehenge looked in relation to astro-alignments:

Its interesting the Enneagram no.5 position, being one of the two entry-point 'openings' into the 9-points arrangement - acts like a metaphysical gateway pillar. The No.5 designation is "Sol", as if its naming is suggestive of the entry of the Sun energy drawn in upon alignment at the summer solstice sunrise to channel entry into the Stonehenge Trilithon stones at the circle's centre (as collection) before dispersing outward (like the fanning-out of the 9 points of the Enneagram web at the tips)

I think its worth noting Stonehenge in turn is linked to the worlds largest (known) megalithic stone circle of Avebury via route A360 (degrees of circle) before becoming A361 (circle +1) which is really one and the the same road but changes its route-designation at the garrison town of Devizes.
This suggests to me the megalithic sites belong to a larger grid unbeknownst to us mundanes, but still recognized by certain individuals of the local government. This area is also sat at the epicenter of the UFO and crop-circle 'window' zone of the British Isles: Wiltshire, the C's favorite English county.

What particularly struck me about Giurgieffs Forth Way Enneagram is the order of six points arrangement (those not belonging to the Enneagram's "Law of 3" triangle arrangement) of the Enneagram.

Regards the connecting points: Fourth Way enneagram - Wikipedia

"The enneagram is a nine-pointed figure usually inscribed within a circle. Within the circle is a triangle connecting points 9, 3 and 6. The inscribed figure resembling a web connects the other six points in a cyclic figure 1-4-2-8-5-7. This number is derived from or corresponds to the recurring decimal .142857 = 1/7."

Keeping this number in mind with what the C's said, the number is very significant regards the geographic epicenter, the "point-zero" of Avebury Circle itself, for its coordinates, using the Decimal degrees system (DD), is precisely 51.42857 Latitude North!

51.42857 = 360/7.

This coordinate-number precision of Avebury circle in relation to the number 7 is remarkable. I have no doubt there is something to it.
It would also imply the geographic epicenter of Avebury circle has not shifted in relation to the shifting of Earth's crust since at least its inception, either northward or southward. This could imply a possible 'anchoring'.

Like you say: Don't stray too far. However, to come to better understand the giant temple we all appear to live in, could go some way to learn energy utilization in future that might go some way to fast-track the rebuilding of civilization post cataclysm.
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