Session 1 December 2018

Thank You for reply. Yes, You are right - I used not proper designations cause language barier (I'm still learning English language and I supose it is not comfortably for forum's members and guests to read what I wrote...:-[).

Let me to try to explain.
When I say "physical aspect of gravity" and "deform" I'm meaning curvature/tortion of infinitely many-dimensional space which affects every density level.
I want to figure out what is root cause of this curvature/tortion, so there is a working hypothesis: consciousness affect space in this way: the less level of consciousness the being has, the more distorted a bit of surrounded the being space is. (Like I wrote in previous post) it's connected somehow with assumption, that the less conscious the being are - the less number of dimensions of space the being is aware of. In other words: infinitely many-dimensional space surrounded a being (being having certain level of consciousness) is distorted in manner to "show" to the being only that many dimmensions of space how many the being can be aware of (can "see" it).
It is root cause of curvature/torsion of space I suppose.
Why cosciousness of the being simply don't "cut and throw away" this other part of space which the being "can't see" (be aware of) rather than distorts the space?
I think - that is because infinite dimensional space (as a "medium", "Aether") is consistent (my thought: two "pieces of space" can not be separated by "no-space"). What is more: that's why this kind of distortion of space caused by 1D being affects (in some manner) the space for all higher densities beings too (beings of higher densities can be aware of this distortion) and vice versa ( -> gravity affects all densities). But we must remember (according hypotesis above): distortion of space caused by - for example - 4D being is much, much lesser than distortion of space caused by 1D being because of its consciousness thus it's very, very, very difficult "to see" this 4D being's distortion (changes in space, in gravitional field for example) nearby plethora 1D beings (mass, matter). That's why 4D beings can't immediatly ingerate in "1D world" because they haven't 1D body like we have, their body is "subtle").

Explanation (simplification): 4th space dimmension in Kaluza-Klein theory "looks" like extreme small circle- diameter c.a. 1.6 x 10EXP(-35)m - the smallest circle that can be (it's unlike than infinite "straight line" in Euclidean space).
Lets imagine that for neutron (as example of 1D being) every dimension of infinitely many-dimensional space looks like this tiny, tiny circle (acording the hypothesis above). This squiggly/swirly small piece of space is neutron "body" - we could say. So what/where is its consciousness ? There are "unstable gravity waves" - I think - which propagate on these circle-shaped trajectories...
I understand you fine Adamos (I think? Lol!), you're doing good (more than can be said of myself, coz I only speak one language, and you at least 2!)

You have given me much to think about. Bear with me, as this is rather difficult to explain even in my native English tongue. I may jump about a bit and repeat myself:

Session 5 October 1994
A: Review. If the concept was the eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge provides all knowledge, then one is being deceived, because no one particular source can provide all knowledge. Therefore, when one believes in the deception, one has now trapped oneself within parameters. And, forevermore, the human race, will be poisoned by the very same problem which is reflected in several different ways: one is always seeking the truth through one pathway instead of seeking it through a myriad of pathways; and also believing in simplistic answers to very complex issues and questions.

And always... "Love is Light is Knowledge". Ok. But how does this translate into the nuts and bolts of it all at 3D? I struggle...

The Cs talk about consciousness is of different realities of consciousness merging at a single point to create "like a thermonuclear blast". I envisage this process like the degeneration of a torus field morphing into a sphere - and back out again. Combine the torus/sphere morph-merger overlaid with polarizing forces of a magnetic field, the north/south polarization of STS and STO orientation respectively - continually spiraling outward and back round, under or over, before channeled back up through the conscious core center, and out again. This is the basic structure of the conscious template. Each cyclical turn is that point of converging myriad realities re-merging like the torus/sphere as with both of STS/STO all-convergence 'flash point', an end of experience-cycles whereby the respective STS/STO polarized multiple realities simultaneously snap together creating a sort of mini-Big Bang of individuate consciousness expansion - AND contraction back into STS! This is key to understanding something I don't think is adequately understood, and that is: the ongoing process of creating Cosmic Energy to fuel Consciousness expansion.

But first: Of the "myriad of realities" is the "myriad of pathways" required for greater experience for greater knowledge necessary for attaining greater awareness - to better align effectively enough for graduation to a higher density.
However, there must surely only be one TRUE "reality" out of any "myriad of realities" when defining STO orientation, because STO must oblige Ultimate Truth, and ultimate truth can only be singular and ABSOLUTE. Therefore there can only be one true STO "Reality" to come off of it as a result - and in doing so enable the formulation of a new torus-field conscious awareness-expansion cycle, because only STO can expand and create anew, ie continual creation obliging STO principle.
All other 'realities' are manifested for the purpose of experience for multiple lessons - all to ascertain the one true STO reality upon re-merger convergence.

But what of the STS-ensnared realities of the many wishfully-thought faux 'truths'? What happens to them? Are they simply discarded like you suggest? I don't think so. I think they spiral back down into the pool of STS at the STS-oriented 'collection' poles, because the myriad of STS realities are equally important and, ultimately, serve a purpose in furthering creation expansion.
The re-converging STS realities don't "explode" into the (presumably) higher vibratory state as described such "like a thermonuclear blast" - but instead, being of the STS constrictive principle, do so "implodes", inverted as restriction, back into respective STS realities.
Why do I think this must be so? Because, although the Cs always talk about "Balance", there must be more to the meaning of existence in relation to having Balance than can merely be projected as simply a level playing field held in an STS/STO equal equilibrium such as that at 4D - because, as a level of its own, the perfect balancing-act of 4D STS/STO "level playing field" would be an impasse, and an impasse makes for lack of development. That must be why there are severe imbalances between STS vs STO of other density levels.

I've often thought: Why can't everything sit at the 4D level playing field of equal STS vs STO polarity? Its straight up and fair! Why must there be a continuous learning development at all? It produces unjust pain and suffering. Can't Existence just chill out and be always balanced, fair, forever?? STS do its STS things and STO does whatever STO does and "learning lessons" through interaction of their own without infringement? Surely its not down to boredom??
I concluded: No, because level 'Balancing' of fairness is stability, and stability is dead-pan, like a flat lake without any waves thrashing about to create forces of stress/tension through "unevenness". Two even forces in equilibrium is stabilization. Stability is nice but lackluster. Sufficient enough force cannot result from stability of equilibrium and therefor energy cannot be sufficiently produced. The unstable turbulence of the imbalances of forces at play CAN produce Energy. Lots of it! Without energy the cyclical expansion of creative consciousness cannot continually expand Ad infinitum thus ensuring the STO "creative principle" truly abides.
Energy therefor MUST come from the stresses and tensions of destabilized polarized forces imploding/exploding as the STS/STO principles interact through constant convergence/re-convergence cosmic energy feed-back loop - the resultant cosmic kinetic friction via Cosmic fusion-and-separation. That is, the fusion and separation of STS/STO interplay up and down through the densities, much like a seesaw motion working a piston, or pressure valve, is dependent upon the STS contraction principle as the implosion force required for increased constriction-intensity for the build up of a high-pressure valve, further squeezing air into a smaller space, building up increase of pressure, compressed, into physicality, before released as massive amounts of energy back out, dispersed, into the ethereal.

No Energy = No expanding Consciousness powered ad infinitum. Cosmic friction resultant of STS/STO interplay produced by way of two interactive opposing forces of polarity, IS the fusion-and-separation absolutely fundamental for producing "Energy".

To be without this, is to be without Energy.

So, as STO dispersal "explodes" outward as the expansive creative force, simultaneously the opposing forces of STS does so contractually "implodes" inward, super-sucked back down the tightening recoiled funnel to be super-absorbed back into deep dark recessive wells of STS re-converged, pooled as compacted condense mass/matter that makes 1D physicality. But contraction and compaction must stop right there at the very edge of descending into total oblivion. Any further compaction, and STS contractually sucks itself into "non-existence" - save for its faintest trace of STO-reflection (as represented being the white spot within the black half of the Yin Yang symbol (FOTCM logo)). This little spec of STO-reflection, buried deep in extreme STS, literally holds back the bulk of STS-contraction from the brink of hyper-contraction descending completely into Nothingness.
Its at this very edge, the very threshold of existence/non-existence, this determination point poised in a sort of hyper-tension 'stasis' if you will, that contorts space around physical mass. That contortion also makes for a quantum inversion-connection with STS thought-centers at 6D thus completing unified consciousness. OSIT.

Its important to remember: STS is a significant "force" - and "a force" is significantly "A Something" within Creation - even if its principle represents "anti-Creation".

Anyway, so to sum up: The ultimate friction resultant of STS vs STO fusion-and-separation creates the ultimate of energies needed to fuel further expansion of Universal Consciousness - the whole ongoing process is metaphysically expressed as the never-ending cycle of "learning lessons" manifested via the "grand illusion of limitation". That is, the learning of lessons is the conscious-expression of creating limitless energy via the conscious-expression forces of limitation, for the sole purpose of Conscious awareness-expansion. And that being, the production IS the vigorous cyclical interplay of STS/STO density progression AND regression.

I hope I made some sense, and didn't come across as saying the same thing 4 different ways, I wanted to make sure my point got across and was understood best as possible. I will try to clarify further if I needs be... But this subject is way above my pay grade really... Its more Ark level stuff.
I hope I made some sense, and didn't come across as saying the same thing 4 different ways, I wanted to make sure my point got across and was understood best as possible. I will try to clarify further if I needs be... But this subject is way above my pay grade really... Its more Ark level stuff.

Wow, BlackCartouche, I might be wrong but I think you put into words an eloquent distillation of the more esoteric principles of STS/STO without getting into the details of the physics/mathematics which as you said are more Ark's territory. I am still thinking about what you said and to me it makes a whole lot of sense. You tied a lot of pieces together in what I see as a very meaningful interpretation of reality and how both STS and STO are necessary for growth and learning.

Thanks! :thup:
Wow, BlackCartouche, I might be wrong but I think you put into words an eloquent distillation of the more esoteric principles of STS/STO without getting into the details of the physics/mathematics which as you said are more Ark's territory. I am still thinking about what you said and to me it makes a whole lot of sense. You tied a lot of pieces together in what I see as a very meaningful interpretation of reality and how both STS and STO are necessary for growth and learning.

Thanks! :thup:
Thank you, goyacobol. That means a lot coming from you.
PS : while thinking about it, I'm curious about which proportion of "psychopaths" are NOT born like that but have become so, due to (ritual) sexual mutilation, in the world or some particular countries where they're numerous ?

The latest research suggests psychopathy is a neurodevelopmental disorder. So while it is not 100% genetically determined, psychopaths are still born that way. So there are probably no psychopaths who 'became that way' due to some trauma. Perhaps trauma can lead to disinhibited/antisocial behavior and other personality problems, but not psychopathy.
But in light of this: Session 5 February 2000

A: Remember, you do have cycles but that does not necessarily mean cyclical. 3 Dimensional depiction of loop, seek hexagon for more. Geometric theory provides answers for key. Look to stellar windows. Octagon, hexagon, pentagon.

Q: Are those the different levels of density?

A: No, but it relates. Geometry gets you there, algebra sets you "free."

- There may be some worth exploring "sacred" structures regards geometry for purposes of "utilization". As above so below et al...

Its interesting the Enneagram no.5 position, being one of the two entry-point 'openings' into the 9-points arrangement - acts like a metaphysical gateway pillar. The No.5 designation is "Sol", as if its naming is suggestive of the entry of the Sun energy drawn in upon alignment at the summer solstice sunrise to channel entry into the Stonehenge Trilithon stones...

What particularly struck me about Giurgieffs Forth Way Enneagram is the order of six points arrangement (those not belonging to the Enneagram's "Law of 3" triangle arrangement) of the Enneagram...

Ark related that "algebra sets you free" to free algebra and Clifford algebra; the Cs also last year mentioned geometric algebra as being good to use for physics/consciousness (geometric algebra is another name for Clifford algebra).

Why was "free" put in quotes? Beacause it has to do with "free will"? Or because there are "free algebras" and they are important? Clifford algebras are constructed as particular cases of "free algebras"

For the pentagon-hexagon-octagon: From last September's session:

(Ark) The problem is that once upon a time, we were talking about UFT. There was talk about Einstein and Bergmann and Kaluza and Klein and 5 dimensions and the “loop of the cylinder” (see session 2 Dec 95) and that was something Einstein started but was prevented from finishing. But recently, the talk was about infinite dimensions rather than 5, that there are universes floating as a brane in infinite dimensions. So, I have problem how to combine this 5 dimensions of standard UFT with infinite dimensions that was just in the last session.

A: Imagine a five dimensional "body" that replicates infinitely.

To get Ark's pentagon up to a hexagon:

A: 6 Signs.
Q: (A) Well, long ago we were talking about signs, and we came to the conclusion that in this hexagon there should be four plusses and two minuses. That's what comes to my mind when we think about six signs...

To get it up to an octagon:

Here it is enough to say that our mathematical sculpture, based on the fundamental groupoid skeleton, when finished, has the shape of the algebra of 2x2 complex matrices:

[a b]
[c d]

where a,b,c,d are complex numbers, each having a real and an imaginary part. WE have four complex numbers, that is eight real numbers. Our complete construction spans therefore an eight-dimensional space!

This relates to the complex and real forms of a Clifford algebra and like what the Cs mentioned in last September's session, this sculpture/body can replicate infinitely (via a Clifford algebra tensor product).

That two entry-point opening is interesting:

Revisiting the Relationship Between the MBTI and the Enneagram

In Enneagram as Double Mandala, Part II, we interpreted the seven-pointed figure as a depiction of the 'superflous' intrusion, via Point Nine, of the 'sacred' order (represented by the equilateral triangle) into the 'mundane' order (comprised of the six-pointed figure). The map of Shambhala has the same opening at the bottom that occurs in the Enneagram between Points 4 and 5. This effect also appears, as we shall see below, in the architectural design of the Ka'abah, in the Mosque at the center of the Moslem world - another seven-pointed figure with an opening at the bottom.

So we have the law of three intruding on the law of 7 aka the sacred intruding on the mundane aka the higher densities intruding on the lower densities aka the future intruding on the present (and associated vacuum energy structures).
Ark related that "algebra sets you free" to free algebra and Clifford algebra; the Cs also last year mentioned geometric algebra as being good to use for physics/consciousness (geometric algebra is another name for Clifford algebra).

I don't think it was Ark who related "algebra sets you free"

It was the Cs answer that originates the clue:

A: No, but it relates. Geometry gets you there, algebra sets you "free."

Ark of course continued the search.
I don't think it was Ark who related "algebra sets you free"

It was the Cs answer that originates the clue:

Ark of course continued the search.

Ark related the Cs clue to a couple of possible interpretations; one being free will and the other being free algebra (which as Ark mentioned is related to Clifford algebra).
Ark related the Cs clue to a couple of possible interpretations; one being free will and the other being free algebra (which as Ark mentioned is related to Clifford algebra).

Sorry to be so nit-picky. You are correct that he connected the clue to free algebra and Clifford Algebra and that was your main point.

It seems trivial now and I apologize to you for the noise.
Sorry to be so nit-picky. You are correct that he connected the clue to free algebra and Clifford Algebra and that was your main point.

It seems trivial now and I apologize to you for the noise.
No problem. The post was a bit confusing even to write since I was grabbing short quotes from Ark and adding short comments of my own that went with the upcoming instead of previous quote.
clerk de bonk, I've been pondering your response for some time now. I was bothered by it frankly. It was just too simple and dismissive. I'll try and answer and I'm going to try and paraphrase several quotes from the C's since I'm typing on my phone and am a bit limited on time/energy and focus. I'll try to keep it simple.

Let me start by saying that the C's once said that "all of the information/books etc can be of value when read with knowledge and discernment". I'm just trying to caution against dismissing something because it "smells" of flat earth theory. There are other writers I've come across who seem to get close to flat earth theory but have other interesting things to say. I've come across writers who had interesting things to say who were getting a little too close to flat earth for my comfort but I remember Laura explaining how the best disinformation was a mixture of truth and lies. So by my reasoning, if we dismiss authors based on flat earth beliefs, we run the risk of missing important pieces of the puzzle. We're falling into the trap of dismissing something just because "oh that's more flat earth nonsense".

Max Igan makes reference to flat earth theory on several occasions and says something to the effect of: "I don't know if this is true or false". He also goes on to add something that concurs with the general agreement that was reached here on the forum I believe; that it's kind of irrelevant, there are more important questions that need addressing. It leads me to wonder if there's more to this flat earth CoIntelPro than meets the eye?

I did look for a C's quote that I couldn't find and maybe I imagined it but it was along the lines of Never Underestimate the STS ruler's ability to completely come up with an unimaginable response to our expectations. This is total paraphrasing here. I really couldn't remember the quote but I was in relation to the shock we all received with the rise of the "Libtards".

Anyway, the C's have said again and again, that the Lizzies have been moving backwards and forwards in time for some 70,000 years, changing and tweaking things and I think it's worth considering in relation to the information presented here. In defense of Max Igan in particular, he repeatedly says he's not making any definitive affirmations, just asking questions, based on information he's received/discovered and trying to keep an open mind, which I think is in line with the whole idea behind the Cassiopaean Experiment.

As I said, I don't have the knowledge, experience or time/energy to parse it all but then the purpose of the forum is to network and share because maybe someone else Will be capable of seeing it. I just found a dismissal of it as being "true flat earth" nonsense as being a bit too short and dismissive. These guys are showing maps of great Tartaria, CIA documents affirming that this history had to be rewritten, that the worls was repopulated by children, orphans who were sent all over the world and raised with a new "history" which although "crazy" is at least plausible if there was some sort of recent catastrophe that almost wiped out the population of the earth. Free energy is discussed, churches being used for Sound healing, (not ridiculous mind control "masses," reminding me of Dr. Hulda Clarke. There are even claims that Roman history is even more bogus than Laura ever imgined. We Know the timeline has been rewritten regularly. The biggest enemy of knowledge is belief/assumptions so that in order to keep an open mind, although I have more faith in this forum than anywhere else, I think it deserves at least a bit of reflection and discussion, maybe some questions for the C's.

Sorry if I come across as pushy. I won't insist anymore. I don't have an agenda/desire to prove it's true, just a concern that we may miss information by associating one seemingly crazy theory with another, thus missing some Truth mixed with lies. I'm trying to apply the principles I learned here, nothing more. I seek the Truth like most here, even if it goes against everything I ever believed.

Just to finish, it also seems to point in the direction of "Russia"/Siberia, which has come up as the "Saviour of the World" according to Edgar Cayce. Anyway, just sharing my thoughts here. Nothing else really to add here, I'm currently too preoccupied to give it more attention.

Okay, this subject has been at the back o my mind on continuously, because, like I said, I was bothered by the flat dismissal, if you pardon the pun. To start with, I was also a bit bothered by a response to the question, "is the Earth flat?" by the (what I read as very quick in my mind, don't know about on the board) of "do you even need to ask"? Not, like I said because I wanted to argue the case for a flat Earth, but rather I had the uncomfortable sensation that we would miss important information because the authors were associated with proponents of the theory. I read Joe assess somewhere, maybe Facebook that it didn't matter if the Earth was flat or round but the fact that we're headed for hell in a hand-basket and the shape of the Earth was irrelevant. It also brought to mind the fact that in an unlimited reality, it's flat and round and once again they have us distracted and many forum members may have filtered out important information because "Flat Earth". I the following videos I'm going to link to, it seems that the main video Correct Working Model of everything on Flat Earth" but I haven't even watched it yet. I've just downloaded it to watch later. I'll explain how I got to this video.

I was watching a video of Tony Pantalleresco's on the use of Copper for healing. He makes an interesting claim that copper was used to cure Polio and not vaccines. I think it's well worth a watch for the doctors and chemists here. I've mentioned elsewhere that the guy owns a health food shop but spends a lot of time and effort on Youtube explaining how most supplements are rubbish and further explaining how to make your own remedies safely and cheaply. He may not have all the goods but I think his work is quite STO and he's well worth checking out.

Anyway, this 300 years (more or less) thing that keeps coming up to me. I was thinking recently how unnatural it seemed to me that Tea had overtaken the Western world when we used to have a rich tradition of herbal medicine and people drank all kinds of herbs. As a self taught (teaching) herbalist, that grabbed my attention. And I thought of the first corporation, the East India Company, the Boston Tea party etc. Why tea' There's been a lot of talk about its fluoride content so that stuck with me. Then, whilst watching the video on Copper, I saw a video suggestion which grabbed my attention, given the endless debate that Coffee is bad for you, now it's good, now it's bad etc. I always had the gut feeling that there was a connection, that Coffee was "Tea on steroids". Having recently had a number of anxiety attacks, I have to say I was drinking a lot of Coffee whilst knowing it was adding to my anxiety. Why couldn't I control myself? It reminded me of a mouse on a treadmill which is also just like the whole coffee debate amongst other simple foods such as bread, butter, milk and eggs; the simple basics in a normal society. So I clicked on the video and entered another rabbit-hole. Here's the video where she explains it . The answer is Dopamine and she makes an interesting point on how many coffee shops we have, which is a very recent phenomenon.
But I only watched the first 5 minutes as I was looking at other video suggestions and saw those words appear: "Flat and Earth" in the same sentence. Well, actually, the Earth is flat where we stand! Anyway, I followed the links and saw that she and her partner had recently moved off Youtube and gone private. Her name is Mia and her partner's name is Brian Austin Lambert. I clicked on some videos and I got the "unavailable". It seems his channel is also gone too. I'm not sure what's up - I literally discovered this in the last hour and am sharing it for discussion as I can see Youtube/Google etc getting purged very quickly these days. Mia also talks about this in the video, about the link between Coffee and time speeding up. I guess we've all been going through increased anxiety and noticing it around us.

Anyway, since Brian Austin's channel was gone, I searched him on Youtube for other uploaders and didn't find many results but there were quite a few "debunker suggestions," a number with some nice new agey names (Awake Souls, Suvi Bird and Aphrodite Rose Starfire. There was the usual spewing of accusations with the words of "satanic, exposed, CoIntelPro and PsyOps) as well as the attack on him for "going private and charging $333 dollars for his private channel". Remember, I've hardly seen any of this yet, just networking because I noticed Youtube seems to have changed its terms and conditions once again in the last couple of days. I guess you may have talked about that on the "Purging Youtube" thread - I haven't really read it. Anyway, I found a playlist so I'm just sharing it here.

From that list, I've just watched the following video and again, it's short and he makes a lot of sense but I think it's better to hand the mathematical issues over to Ark and other mathematicians on the forum. Part 2.6 Decillion; The Numbers Just Don't Add Up on the Flat Earth. The title suggests that he's affirming a flat Earth but he starts the video affirming that it doesn't matter so in the spirit of networking...

Meanwhile I tried to download this one, entitled Space X Deception but found it blocked.
I share this one, The Primer Field, also for Ark simply because it reminds me of several C's quotes. I don't know if there's any connection with Mia and Brian.

This is the one I downloaded for watching later but I'm in no rush - I've got too much to do and would probably be unable to parse it at the moment. 100% Correct Working Model of Everything on the Flat Earth

And if you look around on Youtube there are more videos for the moment. I found this playlist with more videos that may be of interest, which is actually where I found the Primer Field videos.

Sorry to bombard you with all these links but, like I previously said, the C's once said all (material) can be of value if looked at with discernment and I had that uneasy sensation that other members have had about "Flat Earth discussion" where my biggest fear is that we may have been programmed to "cognitively dissonate" when seeing those words.

It may be all just rubbish, more lies. I rely on you guys to figure that out, decide if it's worth asking the C's or if the C's already answered ;-)
Don Genaro,

I hear what you are saying about the "truth" being mixed in with lies and I think we can find some nuggets or gems in places least expected. For me it is more a matter of energy than "time" since our time is an illusion so choosing the best way to focus my time and energy is a constant challenge.

I did watch one Max Igan video and I thought he was very interesting. He covers such a wide range of subjects that some would be overwhelmed hearing the information for the first time.


He does say at the beginning of the video that he does not have the whole banana on any one topic and I think he does notice some parallel concepts that the Cs have given.

You had commented:
I did look for a C's quote that I couldn't find and maybe I imagined it but it was along the lines of Never Underestimate the STS ruler's ability to completely come up with an unimaginable response to our expectations. This is total paraphrasing here. I really couldn't remember the quote but I was in relation to the shock we all received with the rise of the "Libtards".

I think this is the quote you are remembering:

Session 7 January 1996:
Q: (P) I would like to know about the apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Conyers, GA, as well as this book "Mary's Message to the World" and all the other messages about the End Times that are coming out all over?

A: The forces at work here are far too clever to be accurately anticipated so easily. You never know what twists and turns will follow, and they are aware of prophetic and philosophical patternings and usually shift course to fool and discourage those who believe in fixed futures.

I wonder if the "flat earth' part might be because of the method of drawing early maps and they just don't want us to look at some of those too closely so they created this "flat earth" meme to discourage too much interest.
(Joe) Was there something at a mass consciousness level being expressed in the fact that this fire almost completely burned down a town called Paradise in California?

A: Yes. California is no longer "paradise" and will shortly look more like hell.

Q: (L) Well, let me backtrack here... Was the collapse of that underground chamber a harbinger or a trigger that will start some kind of chain reaction of events on the planet that are going to travel around the globe the same way the waves traveled around the globe?

A: Close! Works for us!


They still can't make the connections.

DYSTOPIA California: Window to America’s FUTURE
Published on Apr 1, 2019 / 13:36
Speaking of past civilizations that healed with sounds, I recently heard of conspiracy theory at least as large as the alien/UFO cover-up. I did a search on here and couldn't find anything except reference to a mainstream book, but this is a subject that may need some Cassiopaean input on a future session.

Anyway, some links:
- What If...?
- The Death of Great Tattaria
Великая Тартария была стёрта с лица земли ядерными бомбардировками – Новости РуАН (Russian website referenced in the previous youtube video)
- Mud Flood City and Ghost Cities
- Mud Flood Mansions and the Gilded Age Deception

I welcome any or all feedback on this subject, whether to support or debunk the theory. As previously said, I only discovered this very recently and it's a strange synchronicity that the Cassiopaean group asked about healing sound waves only about 2 days after I'd heard of the same thing along with the Tartarian empire.

I don't think that anyone else has covered this so I'll have a crack.The Tartaria stuff I don't know what to make of,so I'll leave it be.The ''lost technologies'' angle regarding pipe organs and churches may be onto something.If we keep Fomenko's work ''History: Science or Fiction'' in mind we may recall that it was during the 16th-17th centuries that a serious effort was made to cover up a lot of our history and possibly even science/technology to present a more uniform version of human development.While Fomenko has a lot of critics,most of them (at least as far as i can tell) are not trained mathematicians and do not even address the initial discrepancy with celestial bodies that set him onto his little crusade in the first place.Most of the criticism boils down to ''I don't like what you're saying,stop saying it.''

Ok,now I've tried looking into medieval technology,but it's very hard to find anything that may seem like ''high tech''.Hell there's more evidence of Greeks/Romans having (relatively) high technology than our medieval Peter or Mary.However the is some circumstatial evidence of something like that being the case,at least in a few places here and there.So I'll present it here,make of it what you will.The first one I want to cover is Phillip Calahan's work regarding 7-10th century Irish towers.Now to be fair I wasn't able to actually get a copy of his book,so I have to go by the excerpts that others have given me.The specific book regarding the towers is called "Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions ". In it he discusses how those towers were built to capture and store wavelengths of electromagnetic energy.This technology appears to have been used for agriculture and possibly mystical purposes,though if you have access to electricity you can do whatever with it really.In fact, today you yourself can build earth batteries made of dirt and metal and depending on design they can produce enough to power a lightbulb or even some basic household appliances.If you just google ''diy earth battery'' you'll find thousands of resources.So those metal and stone towers being used as a type of battery/capacitor isn't too far fetched.If I've learned anything over the past few years,it's that what we consider to be advanced tech (like say a computer) can to a large degree be replicated with analogue technology.Sorry if I'm not going in depth on this one,but like i said I've only read bits of the book on blogs.It's also important to keep in mind that we're only 1500 years away from Rome,so it's possible that a lot of technical knowledge and manuals were somewhat available during (what we consider to be) the period from 7-10th centuries and were later destroyed either by natural causes or war and censorship.There's a story about a man in ancient Rome who invented flexible glass and was later killed off for fears that his invention would crash the economy.
Also some of the craftsmanship that has survived from roman times indicates that they had a level of sophistication somewhat comparable to the industrial revolution.

Onto the second bit.There's a website called ''Low tech magazine'' and it covers some low tech solutions and techniques that have fallen out of favor. Here's a link to an article covering aerial ropeways :
This was a method of transporting goods over distances where ground presented challenges to traditional transportation.We might think of overhead lines as a relatively recent method of transporting goods or people,but it has it's roots in medieval Europe.Some of the ropes that were used were capable of supporting up to 5 tons of weight! If you click on the 'obsolete technology' section of the website you will find articles on anything from wood powered cars to tiles as a substitute for steel (I'll come back to this one later!) .Now the reason I brought this one up is that you can have an engine that runs on virtually anything,from steam to compressed air and powering virtually anything.Such technology is often prohibited by elites that wish for technology to develop along paths that allow for greater control and exploitation.I vaguely recall reading somewhere that part of the reason for the prohibition was that most cars at the time ran on alcohol and switching to petrol would've made certain people a lot of money.Not sure if that particular part is true,but given how the man who invented the water powered car was treated I wouldn't be surprised.

Ok,now for something a little more juicy.Prior to the French revolution,their engineers were fond of making automata.As in,analogue robots.They were so popular during this era,that it was the most sought after item by Chinese nobles and merchants.While few examples of their work survived we can infer certain things from their engineering.Let's take a look at a couple of examples.
The Writer,an automaton in the shape of a small boy that writes letters in cursive French.You can exchange the letters which he writes by swapping out writing gears in his internal mechanism. Here's a video of it in action :

The Swan :
The Silver Swan automaton 1773

Taken from "17th & 18th Century Automata - The Mechanical Art & Design Museum'' :
During the 1600’s, the prominent Dutch mathematician and scientist Christiaan Huygens (left) created a good deal of automata for the King Of France, including one notable machine in particular which featured an entire fighting, mechanical army.
Around this time, the Frenchman Jacques de Vaucanson created “The Digesting Duck” among other famous historical Automata. The Duck was particularly ingenious and complex, this copper mechanical beast being able to eat and then fully digest & excrete its food, as well as flap its wings and quack. Indeed each of its wings featured over four hundred moving parts.The machine was so complex that, aside from all the tubing and pipes, de Vaucanson had to implement a “chemical laboratory” for the purposes of food decomposition!

Keep in mind that all this was supposedly made by hand under a candle light without any modern production methods.If nothing else you have to have really advanced mathematics to create something that is more impressive than anything modern robotics graduates work on.You might also note that after the revolution this technology more or less disappeared from the world despite the fact that it was a big reason for a lot of people to come to France specifically and Western Europe in general in the first place.Interestingly the Revolutionaries also referred to the upper classes as ''automatons'' as an insult.
Here's a link to a documentary on automata :
Documentary Films ✧ Mechanical Marvels Clockwork Dreams

Now I said that I'd come back to using tiles as a substitute for steel and it's a small point really,but I thought it was worth making anyway.You can use tiles to make something called a flying buttress which is an architectural technique where you have a buttress slanting off a column and making an arch to support a wall.This technique allows for much wider spacing in structures as you can now use fewer pillars.This was very,very popular with Medieval Gothic architects and is used in pretty much all Gothic architecture.It can support enormous weights and looks cool to boot.Seems simple but it allowed for the insane complexity of Notre Dame cathedral.

Again as I said,the evidence is mostly circumstantial,yet it certainly does point to a more advanced world than one displayed for us by Hollywood or mainstream history (may as well be the same thing lol).Now the reason I brought this up in the first place is partially because it's interesting and partially because it's relevant to the ''mud flood'' vids.You see in those videos the youtuber CONSPIRACY-R-US posits that the reason for the architecture of 19th century houses being such as it is,is not to show off wealth and opulence,but to hide technology and ''reality'' of entire cities being wiped away by mud.Now I'm personally less than convinced by his ''evidence'' of repeatedly pointing to hills and fireplaces and saying ''see look,I told you''.In one of the videos he spends around 20 minutes talking about ''below ground'' windows as somehow being proof that the entire town was flooded by mud and they had to build on top of the ruins.Are you serious?Has this guy never seen a basement?I was gonna make a joke about him being familiar with basements but lets just move on.Christ.His second ''gotcha'' is that rich people at the turn of the century didn't live in the same place for long.Not sure what that's meant to prove but okay.He then goes on a ten minute rant about how the paintings above a fireplace indicate that they're just covering up secret free energy devices and that any painting above a fireplace would surely be covered in soot.Now I'm pretty sure that chimneys were built for just such a reason.But I guess I'm just not woke enough.
In case you're wondering if I've left anything out,considering that the vids are nearly an hour combined,I haven't.His evidence is weak at best and he rambles a lot and very slowly.If you took those videos and edited them down,you could have a 2-3 minute bite sized vid and you still wouldn't have much in way of proof.His one saving grace is that ground liquefaction is indeed a thing,but the idea that entire cities or even states were swallowed up by such is nothing but conjecture.
P.S. I also get a very heavy ''flat earther'' vibe from him,a type of low intelligence combined with lies.Not sure how else to describe it,but I'm learning to trust my instincts and they tell me that this is disinfo.
It seems that the C's outlined a scenario that seems to be happening at this moment not only because of the yellow vests, that is, the development of the ice age, the color revolutions and the bad moment that the psychopaths are having. All as a result of changes in the cosmic environment:

Session Date: July 22nd 2010


Q: (L) Okay, so what's going to happen? Is the Gulf Stream breaking up, and is that going to bring on an ice age?
A: It is, it will.

Q: (L) Is that like imminent?
A: The cause is more than the oil. But the people will only see the oil reason and turn against the elite for bringing on such a disaster. Also note that the nonlinear effects will take some time to develop fully.

Q: (L) Okay, so are you saying that there are going to be some people who are very aware sooner than others, and then it's going to spread?
A: Yes.


Okay, so we've got that. Is there any follow-up question on the Gulf Stream thing? Oh, wait a minute... Read that back to me... {previous exchange is read back} What do you mean: "The cause is more than the oil"?
A: Internal planetary changes including magnetic field modifications.

Q: (L) And what is causing the internal planetary changes including the magnetic field alterations?
A: Both the change in the cosmic environment and the presence of foreign bodies in and near the inner solar system. {pause} Realm convergence.

Q: (L) Well, clearly human beings are really miniscule specks on this planet, and the planet itself is a miniscule speck in the galaxy, which is a miniscule speck in the universe. So, in a very large sense, we don't really count. So whatever happens, happens.
A: More or less, but remember that some consciousnesses "weigh" more than others. Also recall that "His eye is on the sparrow." While it may seem grim from your perspective, even you care about your smallest parts.

Q: (L) Well, it just seems like psychopaths have really screwed things up.
A: It is actually a bad time for them.

Q: (L) It's a bad time for them? What do you mean?
A: They will get all the blame!

Q: (Andromeda) That's an interesting... (L) Way to look at it. (Burma Jones) So then back to what Galaxia was wanting to know, is there going to be a revolution? Are people actually going to wake up and start... (Galaxia) And do something about it?
A: Oh indeed!

Q: (Perceval) Is this in reference to the ice age in terms of the blame that people give to the government and that causes the revolution?
A: There are a few more steps before an ice age. Some of them not very pleasant.

Q: (Perceval) Earthquakes, volcanoes, economic collapse...(Burma Jones) Mass starvation. (Perceval) Plague. (L) Crop failure.
A: All of those and more.

Q: (Galaxia) Now that's what I like to hear! (Andromeda) Is it going to be a very bloody revolution?
A: Yes.

As the Earth Changes are becoming more spectacular we see that this part of the session is also a reflection of what we are seeing today with all those movements of Climate Justice and that of Greta Thunberg.

R: The cause is more than the oil. But the people will only see the oil reason and turn against the elite for bringing on such a disaster. Also note that the nonlinear effects will take some time to develop fully.

See the Extinction Rebellion movement, They blame oil, CO2 and the elite represented by the free market and the economy. Read this article as example.

Extinction Rebellion: Climate Change Protests Aim To Crash Global Economy To Usher In MMT

Extinction Rebellion's message is that climate change is an emergency that requires drastic and immediate action. And the only way to force significant policy change is to shut down parts of major infrastructure, like roads, bridges, highways, rail, airports, and ports.

"Extinction Rebellion is widely credited with accelerating policy change in the U.K.," said Robert Falkner, a fellow at Chatham House.
The group's tactics are already causing severe economic and social disruptions in major cities across the world. While specific demands are wildly unrealistic, it seems that there's a more sinister agenda at play.

The plan is to crash the global economy by unleashing climate change protestors into the streets to shut down critical parts of infrastructure. While protestors think they're in the streets to save the planet -- they're really causing mini-economic shocks in cities across the world, simultaneously. These shocks are occurring in a period where the global economy has already opened up into a cycle of vulnerability, indicating the world could be one or two shocks away from a severe economic downturn.

If Extinction Rebellion succeeds in shutting down streets across the world in the next several weeks, then it could certainly point to slower economic growth for the world through year-end.

And what's the reason behind climate change protestors shutting down cities and causing economic shocks across the world? Well -- it's all about crashing the global economy to install a new economic model called Modern Money Theory (MMT) that will transition the world economy into the new green era.

"One of the obstacles that has been listed to stopping climate change is having enough money to transition away from fossil fuels and heal the damage done to our environment. It is true that in the way we currently run our economy that is not possible.We know that it's still possible to avoid the worst impacts of climate change if we transition to renewable energy sources without delay. We know that we can contribute to a just and equitable society with dignity for all, if we build this green infrastructure as rapidly as possible" said One Sustainable Planet.
So now you know the master plan of the elites, create social-economic chaos, crash the global economy, probably blame it on the trade war, then implement MMT and transition the global economy into a new green era. Buckle up; volatility is here

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