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On the other hand, what means are these aliens using to present themselves as blondies, projection? genetic tweaking? variable physical manifestation at will? If they communicate between themselves through telepathy, can the communication be intercepted by other alien groups from whom they also want to conceal information? Or even from specially trained humans? There are many parameters that may enter the equation of how these things work. OSIT
There is a lot of information on telepathy in the book Thiaoouba Prophecy (by Michel Desmarquet). It is available in English/French/Russian. Hyperdimensional beings are so superior to humans that they can take on ANY appearance at will and even change height right before your eyes. In addition, having telepathy, you do not need to know other languages, the interlocutor will still understand you and you will be able to communicate with him without the slightest problem. You can also read each other's minds if you wish. As far as I understand, 4d sts use telepathy all the time, and live speech is used when communicating with lower beings (people).

PS. I know that this book has been discussed on the forum and has been deemed unreliable by many (who have not even read it!) I recommend that you first read the book on your own (it is small in size), and then draw conclusions.
Using the information given by C's, you can easily find out who exactly the author (Michel) was deceived and who introduced himself as "blondes from the golden planet". He saw what he wanted to see (wishful thinking). The 4D STS had deceived him about their origins, but gave him likely truthful information about things that did not threaten their exposure in any way.
In general (if we discard the nonsense about blondes), there is quite a lot of interesting information in the book, for example, about ancient Lemuria and the huge pyramids there, about the cult of the Nephilim there.

PPS Thanks for the session, I haven't written here for a long time (but I read everything).
Here's a bio of the astronomer concerned in the 411 case in Chile:

A life in stars: remembering our friend and colleague Tom Marsh​

By David Leadley, Danny Steeghs, Don Pollacco and Mark Newton

Following the heart-breaking news of the death of Professor Tom Marsh , founding professor of the Astronomy and Astrophysics group at Warwick, his friends and colleagues share this tribute to Tom’s extensive academic achievements, as well as his devotion and contribution to his colleagues, students and the wider department.

“Professor Tom Marsh was a highly regarded member of the international astronomy community, especially for his expertise in the evolution of binary stars and the physics of their accretion discs. He made significant contributions to the observational techniques needed to study these objects using spectroscopy and high-speed imaging with cameras that he co-developed, such as ULTRACAM and HiPERCAM, which have been deployed on some of the world’s most powerful telescopes.

Tom was never happier than when observing new objects in premier dark-skies locations, from telescopes in La Palma including the William Herschel, Isaac Newton, Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC), or Chilean facilities with the Very Large Telescope (VLT) and European Southern Observatory (ESO) facilities at La Silla, especially the New Technology Telescope (NTT).

Following a BA and PhD in Cambridge, Tom spent time as a postdoc at the Royal Greenwich Observatory and Space Telescope Science Institute before landing a highly competitive PPARC fellowship that he held in Oxford and then Southampton.

For the second half of his career, Tom has been the lynch pin of the Astronomy & Astrophysics research group and an immeasurably valued colleague at the University of Warwick (of which more below). Across his forty-year career Tom authored some 800 notes and papers, including seventeen in Nature or Science, on all manner of astronomical objects: binary systems, white dwarfs, variable stars, supernovae, and applying his techniques to find extra-solar planets or explore the Kuiper Belt.

Herschel Medal winner

In 2018, Tom won the Royal Astronomical Society’s Herschel Medal, which is awarded for investigations of outstanding merit in observational astrophysics. The Herschel Medal recognised Tom’s pioneering research on binary star systems and in particular his development of the Doppler tomography technique. This technique has been widely employed and, amongst others, enabled the physics of accretion discs to be better understood.

More recently, Tom became intrigued by the possibilities of multi-messenger astronomy that combines signals from optical, neutrino and gravitational wave signals from the objects he studied, which are thought to be amongst the strongest GW emitters.

International and public engagement

Tom was keen to support astronomy in less affluent countries and maintained a strong link with Thailand, enabling astronomers there to use his high-speed cameras and be part of these international endeavours. He was also happy to engage with the public and share his enthusiasm for the cosmos in radio and TV interviews as well as on stage at a Warwick Christmas Lecture. Indeed, one of Tom’s high-profile papers resulted from an initial observation by an amateur astronomer that he followed up.

Astronomy & Astrophysics at Warwick
For its first 38 years, Warwick’s Department of Physics did not have any specific activity in astronomy, but instead brought in guest lecturers to teach the subject. All that changed in 2003, when Tom moved from the University of Southampton to Warwick to start an astronomy research group with one other academic research fellow.

The research group was nurtured and developed by Tom’s calm and efficient leadership. He ensured the group established a strong identity whilst also working for the great benefit of the Department as a whole. Today the Astronomy & Astrophysics group has grown to sixty-five people, representing a third of the Department with 18 permanent academic staff, 28 research fellows and 29 PhD students.
From Tom’s focus on time-domain astronomy, the research group evolved to study the variable output of white dwarf binaries, gamma ray bursts, transiting exoplanets, and gravitational wave sources. By hiring members of the team responsible for WASP (Wide Angle Search for Planets – the most successful ground-based search for exoplanets), Tom set Warwick up as a leading centre for exoplanet research. His interest in observational techniques enabled the Warwick group to lead construction of arrays of small telescopes that can scan wide areas of the sky – Next Generation Transient Survey (NGTS) in Paranal and the Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer (GOTO) in La Palma and Australia.

Tom would be far too modest to claim credit for all these projects that are ostensibly led by other members of the Warwick group, yet his insight and encouragement was crucial in their success. Having carefully planned for his successor, Prof Danny Steeghs, to take over as group leader, Tom was able to spend more time observing - he could easily have taken a senior University post, but instead chose to spend his time on research.

As well as being a world-leading astronomer, Tom was equally devoted to undergraduate teaching. His lecture modules, from mechanics to electromagnetism, optics and astronomy, were always well-received by students, with exemplary supporting material. He also recognised the vital role of practical training for physicists and by his example encouraged others to play a full role in the undergraduate teaching laboratories.

Tom could always be relied on if there was ever a need for someone to step in at short notice to cover for a colleague or inspire potential students at open days. In 2020, Warwick took its first undergraduates onto a new degree program in Physics and Astrophysics, which Tom had been instrumental in setting up and which is proving extremely popular with students. In 2022 an observatory, primarily designed for undergraduate teaching, has been built on campus. From the small beginnings it can clearly be said that astronomy is now an especially important part of the University of Warwick, and none of this would have happen without Tom’s devotion.

As a colleague
Above all Tom was interested in /obsessed by Astronomy and Science in general. He was interested in everyone’s research but always remained modest about his own achievements. Tom was someone his colleagues would seek out for his advice.

His enthusiasm, collegiality and knowledge were the glue that spread throughout the Astronomy group that has made it such an energetic place to work and why many of the team were attracted to work at Warwick in the first place. He is and will always be sorely missed.”

Citation for the 2018 RAS Herschel Medal:
The 2018 Herschel Medal is awarded to Professor Tom Marsh.
Professor Tom Marsh has undertaken pioneering research into close binary star systems for the last 30 years. Foremost among his numerous contributions has been the development of the Doppler Tomography technique, which is first described in a landmark paper in 1988 co-authored with Professor Keith Horne. The method uses phase-resolved spectra to construct two-dimensional velocity-space images, allowing astronomers to break the diffraction limit of conventional imaging.

Its application reveals the micro-arcsecond structure of close binary star systems, delivering accurate masses for white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes
. The technique unveils the detailed structure of accretion flows, including the intricate structure of accretion streams and hot-spot dynamics. It also led to the discovery of the theoretically anticipated spiral-wave patterns that appear in accretion discs during dwarf nova outbursts.

Doppler Tomography has been applied to hundreds of binary systems by numerous researchers, leading to a much-improved understanding of accretion disc physics.

For these reasons, Professor Marsh is awarded the Herschel Medal.
On the notion of alien telepathy

At some level of understanding, a universal truth is gleaned. And so what is telepathic, is simply universal. In universality, things are simple and open to interpretation - it is faithful. But in a consise scientific context, things are analyzed, broken down, assembled, for use in a material capacity - it is faithful and doubtful. So, what communication hinges on is faith or doubt, as these are avenues toward understandings.
So, I think faith and doubt and reason is the process to gain higher understanding. But simple understandings are often enough, where scientific understandings pursue endlessly.
So, doubt doubts faith, as procedure, because it is seeking higher understandings. Faith is content in its simplicity and moderates doubt by simply being.
So alien telepathy is a notion created in a scientific process to gain a higher understanding of faith, but will always fail due to its methods. Faith is the outcome of failure. Its like a conundrum.
Thankyou once again to all for this session. I found it one of the top 10 sessions from day 1. The knowledge gained by the group has resulted in good pointed questions and answers. Only one question about Kennedy with no answer (none of your business :lol:). All the Best to All in the crazy year ahead.
—this Session: on December 10th 2022—
A: Again we urge all to continuously stay in contact and exert energy on behalf of others in your group so as to refine frequency for receiving. Things are about to get rather "rocky". Help to keep the lighthouse lit at all costs as soon will be vital to all. And finally, be excellent to each other! Goodbye.​

Amazing Session guys. Also very apocalyptic and which again scared me somewhat. I mean, I really feel like pressed by the C’s —though in a good and welcomed way. Then, well, as usual I remind that that is why we are here, in this planet, in these lessons. So, my thanks to all you.​
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—this Session: on December 10th 2022—

(L) You mean in Witzel's book, Origins of the World's Mythology?
(Joe) Yeah. So, that make-up of the land masses are said to be from the Triassic and Jurassic eras, 200 to 150 million years ago. They put these dates on them. But are those depictions of the land masses actually closer to how the land masses were in more recent times?
A: Yes. Also some landmasses sink and others rise. But for general understanding, those maps work well enough.

Q: (Joe) So we're talking about possibly that's the way the land masses were - close enough - pre-Younger Dryas? Pre the end of the last Ice Age?
A: Earlier. More like 70k years ago more or less. But with ongoing modifications between then and now. Also ongoing.

So, let us think. Since, as clarified by the C’s, an “intense” split of Pangea/Gondwana —the super-continent— occurred as more recently like 70,000 years ago, then is not interesting what does happens in the myths in what concerns events and the name of places? I mean, when all lands belong to same mass of land, then some localities geographically also share their region with [now] another really distant locations. Right?!!

Then if we apply this “knowledge” while studying mythologies and the current denomination of localities, let’s say for instance, Arthurian, Greek and those of India such as Mahabharata, could we discover marvelous findings while considering all they right connected, that is, all speaking of the “same” dramatical events? Based on long term Survey, I definitely think so.

Beside, probably I should add some punctual example of these assertions. Okay, how about this one: In the Greek myths often are mentioned battles with the female warriors Amazons. Nevertheless, instead of the “Euro-Asian zone,” rather the current denomination ‘Amazon’ is most prominently found in South America, which one day —not at all far as academy claims— was just a zone of the cited Gondwana continent. Then in turn, we have that the title ‘gondwana’ is indeed a historical and mythical region of India.

“Gondwana” showed as an area spotted at the right —northeast— of the map.

See, to progress the Work, we need to stop believing in coincidences. And at last, the catalytic link:
December 10, 1994 Session

Q: (L) Was there an ancient advanced civilization located in the area we now call Antarctica?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was the name of this civilization?
A: Gor.

Q: (L) What kind of individuals lived in Gor?
A: 18 feet tall.

Q: (L) Were they humanoid and did they look like us?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Were they male and female like us?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And did they have space travel capabilities?
A: No interest.

Q: (L) Are there any remains of their civilization left?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Did they only inhabit Antarctica?
A: No.

Q: (L) Did they inhabit the whole world?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Are there any remains in Florida?
A: No.

Q: (L) Where might the remains be found
A: South America.

Q: (L) Where in South America?
A: Amazon. Ancient legend of Amazons.

That is not all. Before that we have the Kantek explosion —say the C’s, 80k years ago— therefore around the period of the derivation of Pangea. Thus, by then we find an Earth very different of what is Earth today in terms of continents, i.e. land mass distribution. Confuse? Now, add to that all the myths, folktales, denominations of places and “ages,” as well as, our “time-locking,” all which I have in specifics spoken in another post.​
A wild idea just crossed my mind. If the elite are looking for an AI capable of translating what the aliens say... I don't know why but I just associated it with the development of the AI to "draw by text input."

Because perhaps after all there is a telepathic element (conceptual images) that cannot be understood by spoken language alone. Perhaps the intent is that the AI can subtract the intent behind the spoken language and capture it in an image, revealing the hidden intent.

Yeah, I find it pretty interesting that there's a current trend for AI at the same time as the Cs says that the "higher ups" are working on it themselves. The rule of thumb that, by the time something gains traction among the common people, the "higher ups" are already well advanced in it, is perhaps applicable here.
Guys, a few thoughts

  • Imagine the land masses rearranging themselves to the extent hinted and ask yourself what living thing would survive such an ordeal. What is the impact to the atmosphere and climate on a planetary scale - how does one get food or shelter. It all looks rather impossible to me - end of life type scenario for large animals, including humans. Has such an event been observed on other planets?
  • I tell you what, the whole idea of aliens appearing as Nordic types to humans negotiators for the simple reason of alleviating any discomfort in the humans is somewhat laughable. I'd imagine the type of humans they are dealing with should be able to straight up tell them to just appear in their true form, be it a walking alligator. I'd also imagine such humans to expect deception as this is how they would deal with their own kind in matters of power and information asymmetry. I imagine it's all about the humans trying to cultivate some sort of "shared goals" if such a thing is possible with some hyper dimensional aliens that can read minds and literally are of a higher density meaning our awareness levels are like that of a dog compared to there's. Makes you wonder why the aliens have to have meetings with humans in the first place - what's in it for them?
Final thoughts on why they'd talk - it doesn't sound like a stretch if they take the form of a human body which of course is capable of talking. Perhaps if they were in another form, e.g. giant alligator then they wouldn't be able to talk, not at least as we know of talking?

Imagine this - aliens in a room with humans over a conference desk talking about something with a secretary coming in with the catering, some finger food and drinks. Lol. Looks a bit surreal, yes?

It's an amazing thought that such extraordinary things like continents rearranging themselves in a short period due to whatever or aliens masquerading as humans are taking place in this reality which seems sooo, erhmm, extraordinarily 3D, mundane, devoid of magic from the point of view of a normal everyday person. You mean to say those blobs of light that pass for UFOs can like appear to be as real as a flesh and blood thing occupying this space? Mind blowing 🤯 - has to be seen to be believed though this is not me tempting fate.
Thank you for the new session!
(irjO) Lately, a lot of videos of different type of animals around the world walking in circles are appearing online. Why is that happening?

A: Same types of wave manipulation that is affecting humans. When such things happen, pay attention.
The above excerpt from the new session brought to mind the following from the 'Russian astrologer Svetlana Dragan' thread:
My curiosity was piqued by the mention of ants in a circle, so I looked it up. Here's a video of it and an explanation that may or may not be accurate.

Interesting, I've seen videos like that before. The way she wrote about it:
By 25.10 all destructive processes will be reaching high and attempting to create a pole of destruction. Here it is worth remembering that interesting phenomenon where swarms of ants suddenly start walking in a circle and gradually the number of ants in this circle increases. It is a deadly circle, the ants in it eventually perish. But those who approach it are drawn in like a magnet and start walking in a circle too, and then die. So, at a time like this, it is very easy to be drawn into this vortex. And as a matter of fact, one should not get close to it, it is fatal. This time will create such forms of involvement in a destructive environment that many will find it difficult to keep themselves neutral.
reminds me of flat earth and other similar "arguments" that seem to suck people into a bizarro world of circular "reasoning" from which there is no escape. IMO there is a certain "flavor" to the "arguments" and "reasoning" that is unmistakable and the flat earth issue is a good and well known example. Every appeal to true reason is met with an "answer" that sucks its adherents back into the "deadly circle". Three guesses for where the energy sucked into the vortex goes....
There are efforts in the public sphere to decipher forgotten human languages as in here. It is possible that the ptb finances diverse initiatives left and right that allows them to develop a more advanced integrated systems behind closed doors for their own uses.
The other thing on the subject of aliens that has always played on my mind is how they appear so organised in their dealing with our world. I mean, it's like there are absolutely no "rebels" or breakaway groups in their ranks that would break right into our reality you know, to cause the supposed groups in control of our planet problems. 🤷

I mean it's like the no.1 rule is - stay hidden from humans. Why? Because they must never believe other intelligent life exists. And this message has been broadcasted to aliens everywhere and they all agree. 🤨

It's all rather strange to me. I can only imagine that I am thinking about this all in the wrong way. That the truth is so different to how we have been primed to think that it's always stared us in the face but we are just incapable of seeing it for what it is. Maybe...

Added: my mental stream is not yet finished. Here's another thing... Have you noticed how the stories about aliens are so human centric. How much energy are they expending on us - staying hidden, running all these lies, maintaining some sort of cloak on our planet etc. Makes you wonder if they have time to do anything else? 🧐
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On the separation of landmasses, and adding to what @OutSky has mentioned. A story of land mass separation won't survive millions of years as enough changes can occur over such long periods to wipe out multiple civilisations and geological evidences. Therefore, it's sensible to assume and as C's have confirmed too that this is a more recent event.

We can also safely say that formation of Himalayas which I initially thought to be due to ground-to-ground electric forces, did indeed occur with Gondwana landmass pushing against the Eurasian plate, sometime after the Toba eruption event 70K years ago. Rather than a slow rise which the conventional theories suggest, it would have occurred within a matter of days, which is pretty wild to imagine.

On the western side, I'd say the same for the Alps too i.e., it all happened within a matter of days due to African plate colliding with the European plate.

Earth is believed to have land as Pangaea (pan-jee-ə), which was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, forming approximately 300 million years ago.
The oldest epic sanskrit poem, Ramayana, composed by sage Valmiki, gives clues about this single large continent that existed approximately 200,100,000 years ago.
pangea supercontinent map

The single global ocean which surrounded Pangaea is accordingly named Panthalassa.
Pangea must have been drowned into Panthalassa by Hiranyaksha and was later restored by Varaha – third incarnation of Vishnu as a wild boar and that is when present aeon/creation of Sveta Varaha Kalpa started. (according to Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Purana)

The legend of King Sagara provides many vital clues that signify an intimate knowledge of the ancient world’s geography including Pangea Supercontinet Map.
The episode detailing the story of King Sagara represents a time going back approximately 200,100,000 years ago. As the Ramayana records at that time there was only One Landmass Surrounded by One Ocean.

King Sagara said to his sons :

tat gacchata vicinvadhvam putrakaa bhadram astu vah
samudra maaliniim sarvaam prithiviim anugacchata
Translation : Oh, sons, you may therefore proceed to search for the horse and its thief on this Entire Earth which is Garlanded by the Ocean. Safety upon you all. [Ramayana : 1-39-13]

Many years later King Sagara’s descendant, King Bhageeratha brought the Ganges River to the Earth planet in order to liberate the Souls of the Sons of Sagara who had been burnt to Ashes by the Sonic energy of Sage Kapila.
Bhageeratha is described as guiding the Ganga into the Ocean-like Ditch created by the Sons of Sagara.

sa gatvaa saagaram raajaa gangayaa anugatas tadaa
pravivesha talam bhuumeh yatra te bhasmasaat kritaah
Translation : King Bhageeratha followed by Ganga has gone to the Ocean-like Ditch which was dredged up by the sons of Sagara, and entered the subterranean regions of earth where the sons of Sagara were rendered into ashes. Thus Viswamitra continued his narration about the Descent of river Ganga. [Ramayana : 1-44-1]

According to the Ramayana, over 100,000 years earlier, the 60,000 sons of Sagara, had been born from an Egg-like guard. They were then placed for a long duration into test tubes and nurtured within them, clone-like, until they were youths.

ghrita puurnesu kumbhesu dhaatryah taan samavardhayan
kaalena mahataa sarve yauvanam pratipedire
Translation : The caretakers brought up those siblings in vessels filled with ghee, clarified butter, and after a protracted [delayed] time all of the children attained youthfulness. [Ramayana : 1-38-18]

Geological Sciences refer to a time when “The Tethys Sea began dividing Pangaea into two super continents, Laurasia and Gondwana.
And “The Tethys Sea was an ocean that existed between the continents of Gondwana and Laurasia during much of the Mesozoic era, before the opening of the Indian and Atlantic oceans during the Cretaceous period.

According to the Ramayana this dividing of the Single Earth’s landmass and the creation of Ocean-like ditches began when the 60,000 sons of King Sagara embarked on their mission to find their Father King Sagara’s Sacred Horse.
Indra had taken the guise of a Demon and stolen the sacred horse.
Their father King Sagara thus ordered his sons :

eka ekam yojanam putraa vistaaram abhigacchata
yaavat turaga sa.ndarshah taavat khanata mediniim
tam eva haya hartaaram maargamaanaa mama aajnayaa
Translation : ‘Oh, sons, let each prince advance searching one square yojana of the Earth. By my order you dig up the earth until you find the horse, in your search of the thief of that horse’. [Ramayana : 1-39-14b, 15]

Thus after searching the entire Earth, which at the time was a Single Landmass Surrounded by a Single Ocean, the Princes continued seeking the Sacred Horse by digging into the Earth.
In this way they Divided the Continent into sections thus signifyng the initial separation of the Continents. Based upon this feat of the Princes the Oceans were named after their father King Sagara. And thus the world’s Oceans are referred to as Sagar even today.

Many generations later, Lord Rama was born as Bhageeratha’s descendent in same Ikshvaku dynasty and by that time, oceans have already seperated land mass on earth into multiple continents, the descriptions of which were given through Sugreeva in Kishkinda Kanda of Ramayana (descriptions of arabia, arctic ocean, australia, new zealand, peru, south america etc).

The fact that Ramayana was composed and events happened around 2 million years ago confirms the original geography of earth.
A: Oxygen strengthens in many ways and upregulates genes. And eliminates parasites and bacteria and virii thus eliminating attachment sites.
Q: (Ellipse) Does the oxygen serve as an interface with the information field for the neurons in the human body?

A: Yes
Q: (Gottathink) Will Earth's environment become more oxygen rich in our lifetime?

A: Yes after a brief spell of poor saturation.

Thanks for another new interesting informations that give us more knowledge/light. So that we can able to navigate this uncertain times. And I don’t have any space or money to buy Hyperbolic oxygen therapy units. So, I am really exciting about possibility of oxygen rich environment in near future.
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