Session 10 October 2020

Thank you for the session! Ark, for you something in your native language: „Dużo zdrowia i siły życzę! Trzymaj się!” And some quote from polish writer, Jacek Dukaj:
„Poznasz siłę człowieka po nieszczęściach, jakie na niego spadają. Kto jest giętki, cienki i miękki, ten się bez problemu kładzie z nurtem i wiatrem, i wpasowuje się w każdą okoliczność; ale kto twardy, ten opór stawia, a im mocniej się na swoim zapiera, tym mocniej życie przeciw niemu prze. Na koniec czuje, jakby cały świat nań cisnął z czystej złośliwości: złam się, złam, złam! Wszystko inne się ugięło, rozmyło, poddało” Keep going!
Thank you for the extremely interesting session. It is a great relief to know that Ark is doing well. I wish him a speedy recovery. My heart goes out to Ark and all at the chateau.
So without further ado let's all sit back now and 'enjoy the show'.
Thank you very much for the session and I wish for Ark a very quick recovery as well.
(L) Yeah, I think it's just gonna be a rough time. There's just no getting around it, so... We were warned about it YEARS in advance. We've had all this time to prepare for it. Here it is now. We've gotta look at it, deal with, and live through it as peacefully and calmly as possible. The C's said that things will change. So they were right about it coming... Let's hope they're also right about the change part!!

Thank you so much for the session knowing how your situation. and that you took energy and time to do it. What a beautiful gift for us plain of wisdom: patience, and enjoy the show. The only way when I am able to enjoy the show is when I see all of this like a comedy and an adventure. More and more I am able to do that, I am even able to feel sometimes that this is something that I have already lived, in another life.

And good news for Ark that I wish he will recover very soon. And for the first time I was able to understand Ark! ;-D

Thank you again. I am very grateful for the session to all of you.
Thank you for this very timely session, especially since you must all be exhausted and stressed. I‘m glad it will be OK for Ark.

I‘m sure the romances are helping. I personally experienced “heartwarming” physically by reading some of the books - will post later - I noticed for the first time the area around my heart and chest actually warming and relaxing, so I bet they’re doing him a lot of good also.
I just know you are being even more loving and supportive of each other, too.

As for the crystals, I definitely feel a change since their recent arrival. I was feeling weak and shaky one day; perhaps it was something I ate. I had left the personal crystals in another room. I got them and as soon as I touched them I felt a calm, steady energy. I would also love to order some more.

Thank you once more and get well soon, Ark!
Thank you for another great session. I am very relieved that Ark will be fine and I wish him a speedy recovery.

I found the information about the crystals very valuable and I am glad to have my crystals here. Seems like the roller coaster is picking up speed. Everyone, stay healthy and take care of yourself. :hug:
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