Session 10 October 2020

Thank you for the session! And good to hear from C's about Ark's health is on the way to full recovery. That was a major challenge of this crazy year and I feel relieved and grateful this is turning so well. I'm staying calm, with patience, tending to my surrounding world gently and not doing anything stupid to draw attention of dystopia unnecessarily. Choosing my battleground carefully.
Thank you for another great session! Wish Ark speedy recovery and a lot of patients and energy for everybody around him. Key is to stay positive. My husband was diagnosed with ALL leukemia and also pH+ mutation(Philadelphia chromosome positive) last June. Chemo wasn't fun, but he had to have bone marrow transplant, too. We were lucky enough to have match for him, currently approaching year after the transplant, but had a lot bad days that are behind us. Wish you all the best in the coming days.
Thank you for that new session.

So they are literally attacking medical doctors from space to quell dissent!
I'm shocked to hear to Ark got into the line of fire. I wish him speedy recovery.

Remember that thousands of doctors worldwide are actually opposing CoVid policies.

We definitely have to fear for their lives...
Thank you for the interesting session. This was a real cliffhanger for me:
(Joe) Why did Sweden not act in lockstep with pretty much everyone else in terms of lockdown and the fear mongering and controls? Why did they get a pass? Why were they ABLE to not follow the mandate?

A: Just wait!

Q: (Joe) Really?!

(L) Oh dear...
Shocking news about the heart attack ray and the aftermath of it for Ark. Wishing a speedy recovery!
Many, many thanks for the new session. I'm really very excited about what's coming up. Since I have received my crystals, I feel even more connected. I always carry my personal crystal directly on my body or in my pocket.
From the bottom of my heart, get well soon for Ark! And the rest of the crew a lot of strength to support him. Since I know that this is a 24h job, I admire that you all support us with information during this time. Wow, a big thank you and a big hug for you.

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