Session 10 October 2020


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Andi said:
Maybe we can assist Ark by the use of crystals. I was thinking to make a note on paper and place a crystal on top.
Laura said:
That sounds like an excellent idea. Just his name and the words "For excellent health and happiness." That covers about everything!
Done! It's simply stunning what happened to him, both the cause and the effects. Best wishes for fast and full recovery.


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I am sad to hear ARk is unwell. I hope he is better soon. On another note I must say I was extremely disappointed by the session. The questions asked were too basic and simple. Is there no-one else who finds that the topics covered are really naive. ?

What about the skirmishes in the middle east, communist infiltration of the western culture and political systems, practice of witchcraft and links between satanism and communism and BLM? What about the development of the current myths and all the ones from the past 2 centuries? What about the links between the CIA and Soviet politburo and the coming Synarchy? Also, there is a completely higher level of scientific and mathematical understanding which the cassiopeians seem to be completely unaware of?Is that only because the session participants are unaware of that fact themselves? How can that be? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I am not attacking anyone, but if we were in a room together this would be part of the discussion.
harpalchemist, you miss a point. Cs are not a news agency.
Personally, everytime I read a session, I am happy to read about the people that are in the session. The information the Cs are sharing is a bonus although answers can be quite frustrating.


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A: Among others. But like Ark, many of them have defense mechanisms.

Nice one,
Sorry to hear about your troubles Ark, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Joe) Why did Sweden not act in lockstep with pretty much everyone else in terms of lockdown and the fear mongering and controls? Why did they get a pass? Why were they ABLE to not follow the mandate?

A: Just wait!

Q: (Joe) Really?!

(L) Oh dear...

Oh no, what could this be?? Something planned for Sweden, hope it's good.

(Joe) Yeah, so my question is: Have a lot of government leaders been given information about upcoming events that...?

A: Yes

Yeah makes sence, as usual out to protect themselves.

A: Just stay calm and patient. Goodbye

Thanks Cs will try.
We were made for these times.

Count me in for a crystal please, received my personal protection crystal. Thanks guys, I've noticed a difference.

Thanks for the session. Stay strong everyone. We ain't seen nothing yet. Bring it on.

Of to read the comments. 😎


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Hoping for Ark’s speedy recovery and minimum suffering from the chemo! These sure are tumultuous times.

Q: (L) So we have these crystals that we already charged for travel protection. I guess we could offer them to group members to have a crystal in their vehicle, attach it to their bicycle, in their offices... Is that what you mean?

A: Yes. The more the better.

Q: (L) Do we need to select each one personally?

A: No. The batch you have prepared is ideal for the purpose, as they are, indiscriminately.
In the bolded statement, I'm wondering if they meant more people getting them or more crystals per person to place in multiple places? Or both?

I hope you all stay strong, take care of Ark and each other. This is gonna be a wild ride, and I feel simultaneously apprehensive and giddy. I'm excited about the change, it's been a long time coming, and the world could really use less chaos and suffering. But how much death and suffering will humanity have to endure to get through this transition? Probably partly depends on how stubbornly they refuse to let go of their sacred cows.


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As always, much to mull over in regards to the topics discussed. Thank you very much for sharing this information!

Wishing Ark well and that everyone here may farewell in the face of chaos through adversity (and a few connected crystals to boot ;)

When I find my mind is racing trying to connect the dots and anticipating too much (or HKS) I try and center myself with a little patience poem that goes like this - Quite the spirit, quite the mind all good things in all due time - tends help me fall asleep at night too. Thought I’d share...


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Thanks for the session and good to see/hear from Ark. He seems to be doing okay considering.
Tough times ahead that we all have to live through and I'm sure we're all sick and tired of the incessant droning of nonsense by our ruling class. I imagine they enjoy turning the vice as our freedoms and hope are squeezed away.
I have to remember to sit back and watch the show. Here in UK they bring back the restrictions. It's at a time when many are falling ill from a myriad of reasons which will all up the Covid numbers so convenient!
We've already lost a few at work after they've had the flu vaccine :headbash:
Thank you Team Chateau. Were with you all the way. I know you won't give in which is a shining example to us all :hug2:

Mrs. Peel

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Q: (Joe) How likely is it that there will be some major public chaos or civil chaos if Trump wins?

A: Very likely and will lead to martial law.
This is from wendybellradio (she's on Facebook at least until they take her down, and has a Youtube channel), who is a local news personality who was fired from TV and radio for speaking out. She has tried to expose the Coronavirus hoax and the Democratic agenda and does a daily monologue broadcast from her home. This was the topic of today's (in bold below).

An organization of left-wing radicals called ShutDownDC has posted an online guide to disruption that outlines a plan to shut down the country and force President Trump from power in the event the 2020 election is too close to call.
The guide, called 'Stopping the Coup,' calls for violence, civil unrest, and mass protest.
"Where we can, we need to be in the streets, on the highways, or at the sites of power and power holders," the guide reads.
"In our jobs and lives we must refuse to allow those taking control the legitimacy of the power they seek through strikes, slowdowns, and boycotts, and public refusal to accept an illegitimate ruling party."
Do you believe the results of the upcoming presidential election - particularly if President Trump wins - will lead to civil unrest across the country?


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Thank you for the session! I guess I will do what I can between now and election time to prepare for the chaos. Still suffering a bit from post lockdown fatigue. Some important questions I think are how bad does it get before martial law, and then what happens after it is lifted? Because then they will probably double down and can then call Trump a dictator even more.

I was wondering about Sweden too. Whether they will be punished somehow, or will continue to be a rebel and have more good things coming from their country. I guess we'll see when and if a second wave comes.

Wishing the best for Ark! We're together in this. Take care everyone! :-)
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