Session 10 October 2020


I wish you good health and a speedy recovery Ark. That information was highly disturbing and painful to hear.
As to the other news...didn’t like hearing about Sweden. This lockdown will go on for years at this rate. If Trump wins I expected Soros to recruit protesters. I also expect lots of Greenbaumers to be triggered. I’m just wandering if they will actually arrest anyone in the Hilary/Obama camp or if it’s just going to be talked about for the next four years. I have to say I’m amazed these politicians enforcing draconian rules on the populaces aren’t more worried about blowback. Thank you for the session and prayers to Ark!


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I am happy and relieved to know that everything will be okay for Ark. Thank you Laura for this once again very interesting session. I will be ordering crystals again, these will be for those of my close family who will wish it. Take care of all of you.


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You all have my gratitude for setting up a session during surch rough times. Ark, I wish you a swift recovery, I will pray for you at the same time as I am praying for my crystals. I also would like to purchase more of them, it will make a beautiful Christmas gift for my family and friends💚.

Since I received my crystals I feel more at peace and started noticing where I could improve (especially in the diet department). It's encouraging to know you can be a better person you were yesterday and there is joy in learning and discovering.

Laura thank you for proposing this reading of romance books, it does a world of good. It's weird to say but I came to "love" some of these books and finishing them felt like saying goodbye to a friend you haven't seen in a long time, who gave you a helping hand and then who's back on the road...

I had a dream about "the end"not too long ago. It was in winter, many places were deserted, the sky was always cloudy and there were two suns in the sky. Somehow, I managed to know that tomorrow would be the end (all communication devices were down), and I was able to call my friends & family and tell them thank you for being in my life, that I loved and wished them the best on the rest of their journey. After that, I shared a meal with a few members of my family. I was at peace and had no regrets. I thought it was a good way to go. I have no idea what's coming and how I will deal with it, but I hope I will be able to keep faith. Again I am grateful for this forum and all its members💐


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Thanks so much for the session during these trying times. So glad Ark is going to be ok! I know Ark is a great inspiration to so many, including me. Ark has inspired me to keep learning and growing in all kinds of knowledge - as much as I can personally access.


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Hi Laura,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so annoyed. Tough day here in lockdown land. Again.

The evidence of a communist/marxist infiltration is overwhelming, but again from an elite funded angle. Are the PTB planning a West amalgamation with the East?

Does cultural marxism intend to erase all of western societies high culture and what can be done to not only preserve but learn to understand it enough to continue it.

Is there a satanic group behind the marxist blm movement? Who are the movers and shakers?( In Scotland there are plans underway now to open A Crowley's former house for tourists!)

Do ideas form along a spiral of the phi ratio, getting closer and closer, moving either side leading to the eureka moment at the point of intersection, all the while looking more random than connected.?

Did John Bull write any didactic books on music theory and did J S Bach hide the scientific knowledge of music in his works while he was being persecuted? ( All music theory books are devoid of any true understanding of his method. Why Harmonic major? Only after ii V i etc,etc,etc)




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My best to the whole crew -- most especially to Ark, may he make a speedy recovery.🌿

I have a crystal related question. After receiving my crystals I foolishly placed my personal crystal in an area in my purse that also had some makeup. Over time, the crystal became rather cloudy looking -- maybe it got some makeup on it -- and I'm wondering how best to refresh it without doing harm. Thanks!
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