Session 11 August 2018

Thanks for the new session - I also found it hard to shake off this feeling of “doom and gloom”, but I guess the answer is as the Cs have stated “paying attention” to what is going on in the world. I was also often thinking about the time frames, as the Cs seem to have a different take on “time”, but now it seems that “the critical mass” is drawing nearer. At least weatherwise the signs seem to point more and more to a capital cooling event on the globe.
Q: (Pierre) That makes me think of something. The key for DNA transformation, the most important factor, is information. At the same time, DNA is the intermediary or the receiver to the information field. It evokes to me some kind of mirroring where the individual gathers information in the world which then improves his connection to the information field and allows him to gather even more information? Like a circle?

Or a 3-dimensional spiral.

A: Yes. It is like building an antenna.

Or a transformer.
(Artemis) You say that the energy drains have been removed. So why is it that still I actually feel even more drained and tired lately?

A: Not paying enough attention to reality!

Q: (Artemis) Yeah, that's because I'm tired!

A: Read!

Interesting advice, considering context of codons "reading."

These are the codons as they are read on the sense (5' to 3') strand of DNA.

The Genetic Code
Many thanks folks for such a fascinating and thought provoking session! :-)

(Joe) What did you say it was? A brain floating in space?

(L) Brane: B-R-A-N-E. Like membrane, not like a brain-brain! [laughter]

I haven't come across the term 'brane' before and doing a quick search on wilkipedia I got this explanation:

In string theory and related theories such as supergravity theories, a brane is a physical object that generalizes the notion of a point particle to higher dimensions. Branes are dynamical objects which can propagate through spacetime according to the rules of quantum mechanics.

Brane - Wikipedia

Is this an accurate description of 'brane' in context of the session?
Thank you for the very interesting session!
In case anyone else was wondering, here is what Wikipedia tells us about branes :
The central idea is that the visible, three-dimensional universe is restricted to a brane inside a higher-dimensional space, called the "bulk" (also known as "hyperspace"). If the additional dimensions are compact, then the observed universe contains the extra dimension, and then no reference to the bulk is appropriate. In the bulk model, at least some of the extra dimensions are extensive (possibly infinite), and other branes may be moving through this bulk. Interactions with the bulk, and possibly with other branes, can influence our brane and thus introduce effects not seen in more standard cosmological models.
Thank you so much for this marvellous session! :flowers: :hug: So much information, the gravity field's changed simply from reading, considering and applying :D

A friend and I were talking about ancestors and us being them in the future on the day this session as taking place roughly. I shall ask for the source she referred to and the exact quote she used.

Thank you again, everyone!
Thank you for another fascinating session! :flowers::wizard:

Gosh, I read it with my jaw on my chest and my eyes in the shape of perfect circles! :wow:

Thank you for a great session guys! Can someone point to mentioned Bermuda structures?

I've been trying to find more information about those Bermuda structures and I came across the below articles. They're from a couple of years back though so I'm not sure if they talk about the same structures as the ones discussed in the session.

Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle - RiseEarth

The MSM try to make it look silly so I guess it's likely to be real ;-) Is there a crystal pyramid below the Bermuda Triangle? Conspiracy theorists say the structure exists - and it could explain why planes go missing | Daily Mail Online
Thanks for another great session!

For those interested in understanding the 5' 3' sequence of genetic coding, there's a page on Khan Academy about DNA transcription and mRNA translation: The Genetic Code.

The two ends of a strand of DNA or RNA are different from each other. That is, a DNA or RNA molecule has directionality.
  • At the 5’ end of the chain, the phosphate group of the first nucleotide in the chain sticks out. The phosphate group is attached to the 5' carbon of the sugar ring, which is why this is called the 5' end.
  • At the other end, called the 3’ end, the hydroxyl of the last nucleotide added to the chain is exposed. The hydroxyl group is attached to the 3' carbon of the sugar ring, which is why this is called the 3' end.
Many processes, such as DNA replication and transcription, can only take place in one particular direction relative the the directionality of a DNA or RNA strand.
You can learn more in the article on nucleic acids.
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