Session 11 August 2018

(Pierre) About this recent drop in UFO sightings: Over the past month, sightings dropped drastically. I would like to know why?

A: Programming is complete.

Q: (Artemis) So they don't have to come here anymore, or as often?

(L) I don't think they've gone anywhere. I think their job is done, and they're just sitting back and enjoying the show!

A: Yes

Guess that sort of means that we are now in the ‘end game'.

(L) Oh, you mean my wonderful ancestor Bone Mizell. Well, he's not exactly an ancestor. He's like first cousin 4 times removed or something. He was first cousin to my great-great grandmother. And what a character!

Is that the pirate which was once mentioned here? But don't mind me, many thanks for this fascinating session! :flowers:
Thank you so much for the session! We just had a family reunion and I have been obsessed with my ancestors too! My Mother's side of the family is a mystery, she is from Ireland and all i can find is just her mom and dad cant go back any farther. Being here in America the family reunion was great! We were able to go back as far as 181,1 on my Fathers side of the family and soon I hope to research more for mom's side of my family.
Thanks again, for everything! and the crystals too your energy has made a profound change in my reality!
I am in your debt.
Is that the pirate which was once mentioned here?

No, Mizells are on my mother's side. The pirate was a Knight, i.e. my father's side:

William Knight (pirate) - Wikipedia

But Bone was a real character!

Remington painted him:


Bone Mizell; the Greatest Cow Hunter |

July 14, 1921 - Florida's most famous 'cracker cowboy' dies at 58

Morgan Bonaparte "Bone" Mizell, caught between two Worl

The Mizells in general were interesting.

Barber–Mizell feud - Wikipedia

The Barber–Mizell feud was a feud in Brevard and Orange counties, Florida in 1870 resulting in 41 deaths and no criminal convictions that arose when cattle baron Mose Barber disputed the jurisdiction of Orange County Sheriff and tax collector David Mizell over his land. When Mizell rode to collect taxes from Barber, he was waylaid and killed.[1] In the resultant feud, 41 men were killed

Interestingly, my ex-husband had Barbers in his line. :evil:
A: Keep in mind that there is a certain power transmitted by awareness of ancestors.

Q: (L) How can there be power transmitted by awareness of ancestors? They're dead, first of all. Second of all, maybe those that had the potential have reincarnated and would be living other lives in other places. Or they'd be floating around in 5th density or whatever dead ancestors do...

(Artemis) Well, in a roundabout way, it's almost like knowing about your past lives.

(Andromeda) Yeah.

A: Yes

I've always wondered about this (previous lives, ancestors, future lives). What if all these lives are happening concurrently? We are just experiencing this as past or future because of our time based limitations.
Excellent session, thank you very much. Continuing to gather knowledge, research, learn and apply same while paying close attention to reality, left and right in a detached state, phew! Perhaps to help with detachment, I am reminded of what Ra said (Book 1 p. 108): 'The Law of One blinks neither at the light nor the darkness, but is available for service to others and service to self'.
Thank you for such an excellent session you all!

(Pierre) You were wondering about how you relate to them. They're dead, they're far away. Sharing the same DNA antennae, if we are connected via DNA to an information field, and you have other people with similar DNA connected to a similar part of the field, and time really doesn’t exist on other planes, then you can access these kinds of memories or information shared by ancestors...?
When I read this, it kind of just blew me away! That's a whole lot of ancestors and information! And, if there is no "time" as we know it, and we are experiencing many lives at the same time, that's a HELLUVA lot in ancestors and information!!! That is if I'm seeing this correctly.

This whole session was very, very informative! Thank you, all, again!
Yes think you very much! So many information in this session. Thank for this session that is a beautiful gift.
Thanks for sharing. Very interesting as always! It's interesting that the subject of ancestors, and how knowing them can be helpful came up – interesting because Peterson was just talking about something similar in his latest Q&A. He said that he had found the 'answer' to the old archetypal story of "Rescuing your father from the belly of the dragon." I'm aware that this was posted recently on the Peterson thread, but I'll repost it here for convenience:

Another thing that caught my attention was the subject of paying attention with still being non-attached. Not attaching yourself to the political (e.g. left-right) madness is relatively easy, it's just pure craziness. However, I have a harder time not attaching with subjects/happenings where people get killed, raped, tortured etc. Quite recently, I've become quite attached to this whole pedophilia-ritual-abuse thing. I'm not sure if I'm too attached, but I really feel very deeply the horror of the children's situation. Why isn't anyone helping them? This thing seems to have been going on for ages. I don't think that feeling the horror is a bad thing in itself, but I find myself reading a lot of stuff on the subject and tweeting exposing news about these sickos quite often, trying to make a difference. Perhaps I should take a step back and look at this more calmly, but it's hard especially when you have kids of your own.
Q: (Pierre) That makes me think of something. The key for DNA transformation, the most important factor, is information. At the same time, DNA is the intermediary or the receiver to the information field. It evokes to me some kind of mirroring where the individual gathers information in the world which then improves his connection to the information field and allows him to gather even more information? Like a circle?

A: Yes. It is like building an antenna.

Q: (L) So the more knowledge you gather, your antenna changes. But it depends upon using it because building the antenna is a product of using what you've learned.

A: Yes

Seems to me this explains the concept of 'receivership capability' succinctly.

Absolutely amazing session! Thanks!
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