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Thanks for the truly awesome session! The geneology and ancestor info are hot topics atm with my immediate family - especially now mum is now 87, she is currently going through old photographs for us.
I was precisely at the chapters Laura mentioned in The Psychopathic God - Hitler. Amazing book for its insights and current world situation.
Re the Doom and Gloom I too try to keep occupied on what is happening but consciously telling myself to do other chores/tasks when I feel myself getting pulled in to all the suffering. That is particularly important now that I thought it prudent to really stick reading through ALL the 'Evil' books I have or recommended. I know it is already taking a 'toll' however JP did say without knowing 'evil' how can we know 'love' - plus recognize all its hidden whereabouts, machinations and manipulations to pull is further STS side. Darkness in Tibet and Hostage to the Devil were particularly gruesome but uppermost in my mind now! Especially necessary with all the madness and hedonism/satanism everywhere.
To try to maintain 'balance' I switch to Debrowski - Positive Disintegration - which I am currently copying essential parts from to gradually build up my 'Ideal' personality. (I am not sure if that denotes 'applying' the knowledge/information - prior to/helping to actually consciously use/live it?)

Is 'using' the knowledge applying it to looking after our machine, our mental health, posting online, discussion with/sharing with others, using it as a base to propel us into further/deeper research on same topic, participating on the forum (which again I am behind on!!), and helping with Forum Projects where possible?

The 'balance' is also to keep as much grounding and sanity of reality as possible - which I think is our 'anchor' by keeping our AIM uppermost in our mind - together with POTS.

Just my 2 cents. Lots more to digest!! :cool2::umm:


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Taking ancestors into the equation and drawing strength from them makes sense.

Years ago I looked quite deeply into “Systemic Family Constellations”, a phenomenological method first developped by Bert Hellinger, where drawing strength and support from one’s forebears by honouring and acknowledging them - often by bringing to light unhealthy family secrets, getting to understand what is for oneself to carry and what belongs to other family members and finding and responsibly taking up one’s righful place in the family system - is seen as mandatory for one’s own as well as other family member’s mental and physical health.

Running the risk of sounding a bit pop esoteric here: when I attended a workshop I found it curiously strengthening when the therapist chose a number of people (perhaps ten) to represent my ancestors and they were all lined up behind me, each touching the shoulders of the one before them.

Well, maybe that is sort of how it is. We need to think about this in a more or less scientifically esoteric way and not go all woo woo, as the Cs said, but yeah, I can think of tuning into some of my really tough-as-nails ancestors to help me cope with stuff.

I keep telling people, reading court records from the early times of America will sober you right up.


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Thank you for the session, especially the information on ancestors. Truly fascinating. I've always felt some unexplained connection to my grandmother even though I never met her as she passed away very young. It just seemed natural to speak/pray to her when times were rough.


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Very interesting session, thank you for sharing! Hopefully Artemis will feel better soon. :flowers: The ancestors bit was quite interesting. In my case, figuring out my ancestors will be a difficult task, as some people from my father's side don't have a last name (as far as I know), and it will be tricky to discover who my ancestors are (their occupation, way of living, etc.), as I don't think they kept records. Perhaps some family networking could help, my mother's uncle for example was able to fill a few gaps. If not, then perhaps the ones I do know of (not that far in the family tree) will be good too!
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Thank you very much for this session. This leads me to think more.
Good Day!!! :-D
Merci beaucoup pour cette session. Ceci m'amène à réfléchir davantage.
Bonne journée!!! :-D


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Thank you very much for this very interesting, super-informative session! :flowers: A lot to digest again; like others the ancestor's part was one of the things that grabbed my attention. My maternal grandmother lived in the same house where I grew up, but she died when I was 17. She was a very energetic, creative and compassionate woman - aspects I definitely strive to strengthen in myself. When I had been through trouble since she went away and me coming out well from it, I often mused that she might have had a protecting hand in it from wherever she was. But that could also just be an airy-fairy thought.

If I find the time and have more resources, I would research my ancestors as well and find out more about their personalities and lives (as possible).


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I thought the same: If programming is complete, then it can't be good because invasion begins. We'll have to see how this translates into reality. I doubt we'll see the mother ship on the White House lawn, with predictions often being symbolic and all that, but what do I know.

When I read your post, I began to wonder if there is any guarantee the invasion might not include something we would not expect. Would not an invasion of viruses or comets also count, that is an invasion of beings in density 2 and 1? And of course there is also density 3 and 4. Another possibility is that the senses and minds of the beholders of some would change, they would begin to experience and to see more, and this rapid increase of sensory perception could also be interpreted as an invasion. Another way of thinking is that the modern technology is invasive; the eyes and ears of machines controlled by algorithms have already totally invaded our lives, and we only have a vague idea of who really is watching. Is it the system administrators, the big cooperations, the intelligence communities and those they are linked up with, or is it the beings and what the C's called soul imprints that are attracted to the machines?


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Q: (Pierre) That makes me think of something. The key for DNA transformation, the most important factor, is information. At the same time, DNA is the intermediary or the receiver to the information field. It evokes to me some kind of mirroring where the individual gathers information in the world which then improves his connection to the information field and allows him to gather even more information? Like a circle?
Or a 3-dimensional spiral.

A: Yes. It is like building an antenna.
Or a transformer.

"This spiral antenna is a key component to providing near-continuous communications coverage between the station and mission control centers around the world. This network provides backup two-way, audio-only communications when needed." NASA's Wallops Flight Facility
antenna spiral.jpg which brings to mind the "staircase" spiral staircase to heaven.jpg[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]
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So perhaps it's as simple as that and more fundamental than the errors of the left: people can't think straight nor deeply these days, or simply have no interest in finding the truth about anything. Thus, they remain divided and very easy to manipulate one way or the other.

It seems to me that most people have settled into their 'camp' or group and have become impervious to any information, no matter how factual, that goes against one or more of the core beliefs of their camp.

That's what springs to my mind when the say; "the programming is complete"


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Q: (L) So in other words, that would go with paying close attention to reality, right and left. If you can’t deal with the truth, accept it and act on it, you become a dream in the past? And when you become a dream in the past, that means you cease to exist?

A: For many, yes.

That suggests fragments of consciousness can be eliminated in its entirety from the Cosmos rather than converted into different energy/conscious - and that the sum of the Cosmos' parts is variable.

Q: (Ark) What is the purpose of life?

A: Learning by organizing information bits. Expanded being.

Q: (Ark) What is the purpose of learning?

(L) Expanded being. I think that's why they added that.

(Joe) So it's a fundamental dynamic of all reality: to expand.
"Organizing" is a form of order, and so "to learn" is to be "of order", so if the purpose of life is to roll with the dynamic of all reality in expanding Order - presumably into the primordial abyss 'the waters of Chaos' - then expansion of order unto chaos is the prime principle of 7D All is One - not to balance chaos or to 'learn'. Learning is the necessary required process of expanded being, and Cosmic balance is a higher law beyond 7D as a result of expanded "All is One" being.
The 'lessons learnt' through STS-suffering, and the 'creation' of STS and their realms, I believe is the result of the forever-expanding 7D "All is One" consciousness 'event horizon' perpetually interacting with the pushing forth into the eternal-yet-timeless Abyss. However, the abyss isn't Chaos, because Chaos is, i believe, the 'event horizon' at the moment of impact/interaction between creative force of Cosmos consciousness expanding into the Abyss.
Leading to gravity:
What is the motive force, the push - I mean, we have an idea that there's consciousness involved and all these kinds of things, but it looks like consciousness itself developed and evolved along with matter - so, what is the impetus - the push - that crossed the barrier from a world of just pure information that was shaping and directing matter into life-bearing containers? What was the impetus?

A: Gravity.
I remember the C's saying gravity is the binder of all that is... ALL realities and densities... It binds ALL existence!. Without gravity existence wouldn't exist. What then is the relationship between gravity and chaos and the primordial abyss?

And... "What really is the purpose of 7D All is One?"

Kay Kim

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Thank you very much for great new information!
I think it would be interesting to watch The Earth’s Last Greatest Show on in our time.

Session Date: August 11th 2018

(L) Ya know, are we gonna live to see this show end? Are we gonna see the final act?

A: Most likely. At a certain point a critical mass of energy build up will be reached and things will snowball, no irony intended!

(Andromeda) It'll start speeding up.

(L) In other words, events are likely to speed up and get crazier at a certain point?

A: Yes

(L) I guess it's because it's nonlinear. Like an earthquake. You build up pressures, and you don't know when it's gonna break, but when it does... everything goes kaflooey.

A: Kaflooey is a good way to describe it.


So, we need to keeps reading, singing, thus working ourselves to become more Expanded Beings!
I am so grateful to Cs, Laura, and Forum members that continually help making me to moves forward.


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Truly grateful to Megijia of Cassiopaea,Laura,Andromeda,Artemis and all the Beautiful Team :flowers:
DNA,information field,our ancestors...many possibilities...Interesting to know if we are not paying attention to reallity we can feel drained of energy and therefore weakened.So we need to read more and put it into practice.
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