Session 11 August 2018


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I find it difficult to understand why a 4D STS alien race, which is so much more advanced than our 3D STS race, wants to create a new species through mass hybridization with us lowly 3D humans, with our inferior genetics. Why not use genetic material from other 4D STS races instead to accomplish this task? Using human DNA, which is itself programmed to be limited doesn't seem like the best way to create a new, better race than the current 4D STS one.
The other thing is that perhaps under current circumstances we can't know what our full genetic potentials are and maybe 4D STS influence is in part responsible for the full expression of human 3D genetic potential being limited or suppressed at this time until 4D STS take over or fail in doing so due to wishful thinking as the C's seem to suggest.
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