Session 12 July 2014


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Thank you for this awesome session. I got all goosebumpy, when Ceasar was in the "chair". Still wondering if I am dreaming or what :lol:

Last but not least: Happy birthday Ceasar! A most admirable character.

Wu Wei Wu

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Much appreciated. I was really excited to read the Caesar discussion, having not-so-recently finish Caesar: Life of a Collusus.

I was thinking about how to change humanity for the better, and I too thought that maybe, by acting as a beacon and example of virtue and selflessness in the world, one could attain positive effects throughout humanity. That's what worked for me.

I was a little saddened, but not surprised, when Caesar said it wouldn't work. I know it too, but still, I want to try.


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Echo Blue said:
I found myself becoming very emotional as I read Caesar's remarks.

You're not the only one, and for me it was specially in this part:
Caesar said:
I was wrong to think I could change the masses by example. Humans are fickle and self-centered for the most part. Thus, if you wish to really effect changes, it can only be done by early education, and even then it is fragile and will not last. In the end you must be true to your own nature and fear nothing. If you do that you may make a difference after you are gone. That is not exactly what you are looking for, but there are no 3 pieces of advice that serve all events.

First, supposedly the "greatest man that ever lived" admits that he was wrong before anything else. How many of us have trouble admitting even small mistakes?

Second, his analysis about the masses and humanity: As "pessimistic" as it may seem to most, not sending a message of hope or salvation or whatever, well, it is WAY better than what religion has been saying for centuries. And it is the truth. We have been seeing it for some time now. We can only do what is right, and see.

Third, "be true to your own nature": And we know how hard that one is!

Fourth: "fear nothing". That man knew he was going to be assassinated and still didn't fear it. Compare that with fears that rule everyone's lives, every day.

This doesn't even start to describe how these words felt.


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Laura said:
Session Date: June 12th 2014

Laura, Ark, and Andromeda at the board

A: Butterfly wings can move things faster when powered by the Wave.


When I knew about the "Jesus was Caesar" in this site, I began to research the subject, the life and opus of Julius.

I wrote my findings and shared it with my friends... it was a scandal at first but then it was logical, and I felt good.

Now that the C´s said "Butterfly wings can move things faster when powered by the Wave". I feel that we are expanding the "rumor"....Jesus was Caesar... and more and more people will be aware of this true.

isn´t this good news?

Thanks for the session!!! ;D


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Woah! That was the most super cool session ever... :)

Thanks for sharing! And happy belated to Caesar!
Wow, what an unexpected session!! I ran to get my smokes like an excited child when the C's said 'we'll step aside' :D Many thanks to all of you, some great questions and much to ponder from the answers :flowers:


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Very inspirational, didn't see that one coming, but it made total sense. Felt very touched with the prospect of having a conversation with JC and to receive his comments and insights. This also open up the door for using the channel in creative and interesting ways!

Approaching Infinity

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Perceval said:
Bobby said:
With the talk of addition of years into the timeline, by about 400, does that mean we aren't truly in the 21st century? I know Bailey and his tree ring data was mentioned, but has that along with ice core and other data been able to corroborate that if true?

Seems to be so. It puts us in the year 1535 using our calendar. Baillie has an event around 542AD, or 1472 years ago, placing it 63 years after the birth of Caesar, or just 7 years after his death. There were probably a series of such events over a period of time though.

Math's a bit off.

1635 YA ("100 BC")
1579 YA ("44 BC")
1535 YA ("1 AD")
1472 YA ("542 AD")

So the "542 AD" event occurred 163 years after Caesar's birth, 107 years after his death (assuming good record keeping during this time, then this would be the year we know of as 63 AD, give or take).


Wow, just wow ! :wow:
This is so amazing that I have hard time believing it ! JC ? really ? wow !

Thank you so much for sharing this ! what a session ! :thup: :clap:

Data said:
About the 'added' and 'subtracted' years: I think it illustrates in a very visceral way the C's statement that 'time' does not exist. When you think about it, we humans don't have a good, absolute measure of time. We only can measure relatively, and only over short periods. And this measurement will always have errors and glitches. The idea of an "expanded present" (as the C's called it on 16 October 1994) makes much more sense to me now.

Totally agreed with you. very well said.


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There was a part that particularly resonated with me, even if it was just tangentially related to the Caesar subject.

A: Aren't YOU asking about him NOW??

Q: (Perceval) Yeah, but in terms of the average person on the street, they just know a name, that he was a "crazy dictator", and...

A: Butterfly wings can move things faster when powered by the Wave.

Q: (Pierre) What does it mean? Does it mean...

(Mr. Scott) You keep flapping our wings, and when the wave comes, it gets... amplified or something.

(Pierre) Yeah, but the wings, what is it? Is it what the C's said about this template 2000 years ago about mercy that will amplified by the wave?

A: You and others who have realized the truth.

The C'S are talking about the Butterfly Effect of course, but perhaps Pierre and others didn't understand the full idea at the moment. The meaning is crystal clear to me osit:

The closer the Wave is to us, the more likely little acts by a few people will result in huge changes to the universe.

A fascinating idea to think about. ;D
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