Session 12 July 2014

Madara Horseman

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"Fear nothing", especially death, can be achieved by people who have worked hard enough to have eternal reasons to not worry anymore.... Or people on certain thresholds i.e. getting there. Or so I think.

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Laura said:
Session Date: June 12th 2014
Q: (Pierre) Is the Cilician pirate story a transformation of something real that happened?

A: Caesar was on another kind of adventure of the scientific kind.

Q: (Pierre) Can you elaborate on this "scientific kind" of adventure?

A: Short travels with his teacher, Posidonius.

Some notes from "Comets and the Horns of Moses" regarding Posidonius:
...Defined all pervading goodness as the world of a triad:
God, nature and fate; three aspects of the same thing.
God = governing principle of the system
Nature = was the field of action, matterized God
Fate = Laws of operation
...Stated that a mind had numerous capacities or faculties depending on the individual’s inborn temperament.
...the rational aspect of a person was amendable to infusion of knowledge and training when he was sane.
…history is one of the main means by which the seeker came to know and understand the cosmos.

I think this was a starting point to discuss Posidonius/Caesar in up coming books?


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What a singularly amazing and wondrous experience!

A huge Thank You to the Chateau group for your deeply significant service in general and regarding this session in particular.

I had chills and thrilling reverberations of excitement and joy bounding from my innermost core while reading this session.

I'm getting the feeling, more and more, that those at the Chateau and beyond within our Cass family are recollecting / re-experiencing, on a higher turn of the helical, incarnational spiral, lives as previous Gaulish inhabitants, perhaps even touching, within one or more contexts, Gaius Julius' circle in experiential and/or genealogical ways.

Thank You All Again :) :wizard: :flowers: :hug2:


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Thank you so much for asking these questions. I was also just re-reading these old transcripts. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


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What a wonderful session. There seemed to be a sadness though in Caesar's words. I wonder if the comment about education being only temporarily effective was in a small part a reference to Octavius. Caesar took an active interest in him from a very young age, and probably had a huge influence on his education. Caesar even made him his heir. Yet look how Octavius turned out. :( It must have grieved him so much.


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We've been so blessed to get new sessions so often! Every time there is a new one my heart leaps with excitement.
Thank you for all your hard work getting this precious information out to us!! An amazing session, Much to go and learn about now!!


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Fascinating session of course. How does the name Jesinavarah fit into this now? Is this still the name of the local stoic person mentioned? And now with this info, things make much more sense. For example, the Julian calendar. And as fascinating and important this session is, I'm disappointed to learn I've been defending Jesus information that wasn't true. I'll be more careful when quoting these transcripts as the truth. Even with that said, I consider this reading one of the most important. Thanks as always. This one was heart filling and mind blowing. :)

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SeekinTruth said:
I thought the questions about Gurdjieff were interesting, but this just blew my mind. AND to get to communicate with Caesar himself - with the years of avoiding putting time into communicating with "dead dudes," well, if you're going to, this is the kind of "dead dude" to get in touch with. :lol:
Every time gives me more laugh the term "dead dudes". It's just like how most people think of "aliens", or the strangeness, the outside of our history and reality controlled. All part of the blinding anthropocentrism of our species that feels special, and alive. When the only truly "dead dudes" seems to be in the 3d sts. Or in the words of Caesar: "They are lost". One could even say that the second density are more alive, because they are connected to nature and see the universe, from their level, objectively. Feel special must be a symptom of being disconnected from objectivity, because of "the fall".
And like what others have said, perhaps Gurdjieff could be another "guest"?.

Keit said:
Alana said:
And taking the C's answers (bolded) about the subject into account, it seems to be about who is being killed and the context/purpose behind the act, applying the law of three as a factor. I mean, look at our today world with its overabundance of psychopaths and followers! We need more Odysseuses and Caesars around!

Also consider Inuits way of dealing with psychopaths:

In a 1976 study anthropologist Jane M. Murphy, then at Harvard University, found that an isolated group of Yupik-speaking Inuits near the Bering Strait had a term (kunlangeta) they used to describe “a man who … repeatedly lies and cheats and steals things and … takes sexual advantage of many women—someone who does not pay attention to reprimands and who is always being brought to the elders for punishment.” When Murphy asked an Inuit what the group would typically do with a kunlangeta, he replied, “Somebody would have pushed him off the ice when nobody else was looking.”
It is very interesting. Thanks Alana and Keit.
There also is the example of Socrates, who participated in many battles and perhaps killed many people as well. This question about morality is interesting, and in many ways dangerous. But perhaps the truth itself is dangerous. "Thou shalt not kill" this also depends on the situation and, again, the law of three that make up all phenomena. Perhaps this is the only group that could give birth to an objective morality, if such a thing exists.

Laura said:
Redrock12 said:
Wow! You have set a historical precedent folks. An actual interview with Julius Caesar. :shock:

Assuming it was he. I can only say that the "taste" was different, and the connection was slow and laborious as though interesting things were happening in the concept transducing stage of the contact. Ark had a profound reaction to it, more than me, so I thought that was interesting. Also notice that we had three at the board this time; I thought it might be necessary for this type of experiment. I would like to talk with Caesar again. It was so astonishing to do it that we did not have our full wits about us.
Thank you, Laura. It was something divine. I hope you have more sessions with the soul of Caesar.

Chu said:
You're not the only one, and for me it was specially in this part:
Caesar said:
I was wrong to think I could change the masses by example. Humans are fickle and self-centered for the most part. Thus, if you wish to really effect changes, it can only be done by early education, and even then it is fragile and will not last. In the end you must be true to your own nature and fear nothing. If you do that you may make a difference after you are gone. That is not exactly what you are looking for, but there are no 3 pieces of advice that serve all events.

First, supposedly the "greatest man that ever lived" admits that he was wrong before anything else. How many of us have trouble admitting even small mistakes?

Second, his analysis about the masses and humanity: As "pessimistic" as it may seem to most, not sending a message of hope or salvation or whatever, well, it is WAY better than what religion has been saying for centuries. And it is the truth. We have been seeing it for some time now. We can only do what is right, and see.

Third, "be true to your own nature": And we know how hard that one is!

Fourth: "fear nothing". That man knew he was going to be assassinated and still didn't fear it. Compare that with fears that rule everyone's lives, every day.

This doesn't even start to describe how these words felt.
Strongly agree. Stoicism, and what was the early Christianity, seems to be completely opposite to what Christianity later became, new age's style. It seems that the Stoics have loved differently. A love that did not deny human fragility, but accepted it. That way they showed strength. They not had to lie to themselves, or believe in illusions to survive. And surely, as part of the knowledge of the self, learning how to die. All of that eradicated by the later Christianity. That could have been a high education to live and die, to have a real human life!. So, removed the foundation to learning how to love like Caesar and the Stoics, the sense of effort to develop our self, and just as important, stolen from Humanity how to live a life without the fear that paralyze us: "In the end you must be true to your own nature and fear nothing". Ave Caesar!.


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A truly fantastic and incredibly thought-provoking session! The discussion with JC, my jaw is on the floor. You guys went all Bill and Ted on us!!


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Leòmhann said:
I had chills and thrilling reverberations of excitement and joy bounding from my innermost core while reading this session.

Me too. That session kicked some major butt! How many of us have wanted to sit down and interview the greatest figures in history? And you guys got to do it! Thanks for sharing it.

1535, huh? :lol:


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It would be really interesting to get some more clues about the Mithras cult and what connections it had to Mithridates VI (and any connections between Mithridates and Posidonius?)....


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Have been following latest sessions with much interest and this one was one if the most profound Ceasar himself! The physical effect Ark mentioned is most interesting. Thanks for this and all previous and future sessions!
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