Session 12 November 2016

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I was rereading the session right after the 2016 election of Trump, and coincidentally I had found an article today that very much coincides with the below quote.

Session Date: November 12th 2016

(L) Well, I'm assuming that this isn't the... I mean, we've seen the exposure of Hillary for being the totally evil bitch she is, but we knew that before she was exposed. It was just confirmed by the Wikileaks emails. Is there any validity to these hints that there is some kind of black magic being practiced among Hillary and Bill and their connections with this Podesta "Spirit Cooking" business? Is there any validity to that?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) It's interesting that it comes out as the same time as this thing in South Korea. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the streets in South Korea today protesting for the sitting prime minister to resign because she let a best friend of hers, who is basically into black magic, make policy decisions for the country. It came out in the press.

A: Similar practices among the Clinton crowd!

FWIW: Here is the article I found - very dark stuff beyond the quote below.

_Clintons’ Haitian Black Magic Secret

"Surely their story begins long before the 70’s when it comes to their lust for power and the dark arts, but this journey begins in 1975 when the Clintons took their first trip to Haiti shortly after they married. Bill Clinton found a particular experience to be “the most interesting day of the trip”, and he decided to include it in his memoir. Bill, Hillary, and their friend David Edwards had the opportunity to see voodoo in practice in a village near Port-au-Prince.

The priest was Max Beauvoir, who had abandoned his career as a chemical engineer when his voodoo-priest grandfather died and named him as his successor.

Beauvoir gave them a “brief course in voodoo theology” as Clinton described it. Later that afternoon, the ceremony began. Clinton wrote:
“After several minutes of rhythmic dancing to pounding drums, the spirits arrived, seizing a woman and a man. The man proceeded to rub a burning torch all over his body and walk on hot coals without being burned. The woman, in a frenzy, screamed repeatedly, then grabbed a live chicken and bit its head off. Then the spirits left and those who had been possessed fell to the ground.”​
Clinton wrote that his “brief foray into the world of voodoo” furthered his fascination with “the way different cultures try to make sense of life, nature, and the virtually universal belief that there is a nonphysical spirit force at work in the world.”​
Clinton had recently lost the race for congress and Arkansas was about to have an opening for attorney general, so he was trying to decide whether to give it another run.

“By the time we got back from Haiti, I had determined to run for attorney general,” Clinton recalled. This time, he won – and was on his way to the White House.​
One lesson he took from Haiti, he wrote: “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”​
Yes, the Lord does work in mysterious ways Bill, and I don’t think a voodoo ceremony is going to save you now.

This was potentially the early stages of the Clintons intrigue into the world of voodoo, and they returned several times to Haiti for voodoo ceremonies (and black magic) to assist with Bill’s elections. This may sound like a contrived story, but this has been confirmed by Haitian officials and priests, in addition to my source, a native of Haiti. It is important to understand that surveys have put the number of voodoo adherents in Haiti as high as 85 percent, even among the educated classes, and Houngans (a voodoo priest) are even more important in the Haitian capital than psychiatrists are in Washington, D.C.
In a reply to the German translation of this session I would like to add...

Q: (Joe) What was the real percentage of the popular vote that Trump got?
A: 63 percent.
(Joe) Wie hoch war der tatsächliche Prozentsatz der Volksabstimmung, den Trump erhielt?
A: 63 Prozent.

'Volksabstimmung' would be a plebiscite, in this case there was a general election.
The translation should be 'Prozentsatz der absoluten Stimmen'.

Q: (Joe) That's the only way they could have a proper revolution is if they could turn this around, dump Trump out, and get Hillary in. Then they might have a revolution.
(L) Yeah, but then they might lose their heads.
(Joe) Right.

A: Exactly! Between a rock and a hard place!
(Joe) Das ist der einzige Weg, wie sie eine richtige Revolution haben könnten, wenn sie die Sache umdrehen, Trump rauswerfen und Hillary reinholen könnten. Dann könnten sie eine Revolution haben.
(L) Ja, aber dann könnten sie ihren Kopf verlieren.
(Joe) Genau.
A: Genau! Zwischen einem Felsen und einem harten Ort!

I think the idiom used by the C's translates to 'zwischen Baum und Borke' or 'Hammer und Amboss' in German.

I was surprised that the translators were making their own political (albeit mathematical) remarks within the session's material.

{Notiz: Wenn nur 58% der Bevölkerung wählten und 63% der Wähler Trump[f] wählten, dann, wenn wir davon ausgehen, dass alle anderen Wähler Hillary wählten, sind das 37% der 58%, die wählten - das sind maximal 21% der Gesamtbevölkerung, die für Hillary stimmten.}

{Note: If only 58% of the population voted and 63% of the electorate voted for Trump, then if we assume all other voters voted for Hillary, that's 37% of the 58% who voted - that's a maximum of 21% of the total population who voted for Hillary}.

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