Session 14 January 2023

A: Main prep should be psychological and spiritual. As to appearance, nothing like what you would expect. Most will be done via proxies as invaders do not fit earth's FRV. [Review of answer] Some dramatic displays of power and control are possible.
The Wave, chapter 20.
But they too understand that the rules of the game posit that in order for them to truly consume into their being another consciousness, that this other must choose to become part of this self-aggrandizement. An unwilling food source is not as nutritious. If the consciousness does not choose, it becomes a poison to the consciousness that seeks to consume it.

So, we have to understand here that the true agenda of the negative realm is to consume consciousness. So, this actually prevents an overt take-over in literal, physical terms. If an invasion were detected, this would mean the veil would be lifted and all would see the “man behind the curtain”, would be disgusted and would turn away.
Q: (T.C.) The C's once said that 'all is one' regarding world governments. Is this still the case?

A: Less now than then. Recall the control that the USA had over Russia until Putin began to make moves to change this.
Isn't this curious? Their control has decreased, despite all the time travelling? Isn't this odd?
A: All is one.

Q: (L) We already have a one-world government is what they're saying. (T) Yes, they're just waiting to make it official somehow. (L) Let me ask. What is...

A: Has been so for long time, as you measure time.
A: Time travelers, therefore, "Time is ongoing."

Q: (L) Okay, recently I read a couple of books Jan gave me, "Knight in Shining Armor" and "Replay". Both of these books described time travel.

A: No, not finished with answer. Do you understand the gravity of last response?

Q: (L) They are time travelers, they can move forward and backward in time, they can play games with our heads... (T) They can set up the past to create a future they want. (D) They can organize things so that they can create the energy that they need... (L) They can also make things look good, make them feel good, make them seem good, they can make you have an idea one minute, and then the next minute, create some sort of situation that confirms that idea...

A: When you asked how long, of course it is totally unlimited, is it not?

Q: (L) That's not good. If they were to move back through space time and alter an event in our past, would that alteration in the past instantaneously alter our present as well?

A: Has over and over and over.

Q: (D) So they do it over and over and over, constantly? (L) So, at each...

A: You just are not yet aware, and have no idea of the ramifications!!!
Are they screwing up in their time tinkering? What is causing them to lose control?

Is free will, exercised through increased knowledge, causing them to lose control?
A: No! Traps don't exist either. Free will could not be abridged if you had not obliged.
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Isn't this curious? Their control has decreased, despite all the time travelling? Isn't this odd?

Are they screwing up in their time tinkering? What is causing them to lose control?

Is free will, exercised through increased knowledge, causing them to lose control?
During normal days, After all the tinkering , there were always some side effects that brought suspicions of UFO's and aliens. There were some hints in archeology , religion etc. They can hide the hints for future generations through 3D humans ( destructions of "documentation" and races, control over rulers, media and etc.) and promoting linear thinking.

But if the 3D humans themselves exposed to the knowledge by other sources through instant communication ( like internet) at a critical juncture , it becomes "race" against "time". They have to do it without getting exposed and they have little control over 5D soul (if it resists), though can dupe the 3D. At some point it will go out of control like in the climax scene of "Jupiter Ascending"
Isn't this curious? Their control has decreased, despite all the time travelling? Isn't this odd?

Are they screwing up in their time tinkering? What is causing them to lose control?

Is free will, exercised through increased knowledge, causing them to lose control?

Good questions.

What are they really doing when they travel through time ‘changing’ things? Is it mainly that they do things which cause individuals or groups to make different decisions? They can just influence choices?

That is what the C’s would mean by “the battle is though us”, right? It’s whether we accede to the pressure they exert to force us to make choices favourable to them?

So the leaders of the countries who were more ‘in league’ with the west chose that, whereas the leaders of the countries who are not so much under the west’s control anymore just choose not to be?
Isn't this curious? Their control has decreased, despite all the time travelling? Isn't this odd?

Are they screwing up in their time tinkering? What is causing them to lose control?

Is free will, exercised through increased knowledge, causing them to lose control?

Probably wishful thinking and seeing only what they want to see. That can't be a good way to navigate at any level of reality, and especially so if your engaged in something as complex as time travel and messing with the natural flow of things. If the Universe is about balance, then their actions will cause consequences which they didn't foresee and which they then proceed to ignore, similar to the behavior of our political classes.
If the Universe is about balance, then their actions will cause consequences which they didn't foresee
Yes. I see it as a change is made in the past. Then, another change is made, and another and another. Whose to say that the changes they make don't make changes they made previously null and void because of something else that was changed. With their wishful thinking, they don't see how what was previously changed can be neutralized by other changes. Or so I think at the moment.
Then there's this list of characteristics that might apply that seems to have some overlap between frontal characteropathy and BPD:

  • low aversion to risk
  • tendency to hysteria (just wait for the video below)
  • little self-doubt or reflection (nothing is their fault, and they’re never wrong)
  • aggressive and manipulative
  • pathological egotism and vindictiveness
  • charismatic and traumatizing effect on others
  • tendency to create scapegoats (e.g. among their children)

Imagine making a really bad decision with consequences that are in direct opposition to aim but not being able to learn from it and adjust course or do differently next time! Not only would things just keep getting worse like a negative butterfly effect, but there would also be a loss of support because others would be getting traumatised and wearing the blame for everything going wrong. Where dealing with similar characters that would cause division in the ranks, dirty double crosses and vindictive revenge because none of them can perceive their own role in things going bad. They'll end up taking each other out in various ways.
Nope, not specifically, because adrenochrome wasn't asked about. However, when the C's said "Consumed", that means in all ways, including adrenochrome consumption which is cannibalism also.

Why does "consumed" mean 'consumed in all ways'? I don't think we can assume that.

For what it's worth, I don't buy the adrenochrome story. When I first heard about it, it sounded like it matched this crazy world we live in. These days I'm trying to learn to not to jump too quickly into belief-mode. The fact that QAnon pushed adrenochrome so hard should be enough to raise a big red flag over the story, given that QAnon was a US intelligence psychological cyber operation:

Approaching Infinity) There's been this phenomenon on the internet: QAnon. It's an anonymous 4chan and 8chan poster who alleges to be an insider in some government structure who gives predictions and vague cryptic statements that are often then looked back on and confirmed by real events - at least in interpretation if not in actual fact. It has become a semi-popular phenomenon, but Google Analytics says it's not so popular. Then the Washington Post did a poll in Florida that found that 58% of Floridians were familiar with Q, and 25% held favorable opinions on the Q phenomenon. So, this gets back a question on forum as to the identity of Q. So, first question: Who is behind Q?

A: An "insider" of psyops.

Q: (Niall) It's a disinfo program.

Here's some of the stuff I found when going at it from a purely non-conspiratorial angle:

In the early 1950s, Canadian psychiatrists Humphry Osmond and Abram Hoffer began working under the assumption posed by some researchers at the time that schizophrenia may be triggered by an excess of adrenaline. This drew Osmond and Hoffer's attention to derivatives of adrenaline, specifically adrenochrome.

Hoffer then decided he'd experiment with the hormone after which he claimed to have experienced schizophrenic symptoms (i.e., hallucinations and delusions). And thus, Osmond and Hoffer's "Adrenochrome Hypothesis" linking schizophrenia to an abnormal metabolism of adrenochrome was born.

It's important to note that around this same time, Osmond and Hoffer were also beginning to embark on new research investigating the potential therapeutic benefits of drugs such as LSD and mescaline, therapies that also had the potential to cause those so-called schizophrenic symptoms in otherwise healthy adults. (Osmond would later coin the term "psychedelics" to refer to hallucinogens.)

Reflecting back on the "Adrenochrome Hypothesis" in an article published in 1990 in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, the researchers said, "All we did know [about adrenochrome] was that it was readily formed by oxidation of adrenalin [sic] to a red compound in solution ... But we did suspected [sic] it might be a hallucinogen because ... it resembled a few known hallucinogens like ... LSD and ibogaine."

Adrenochrome's psychedelic properties, however, never actually panned out. And, as intriguing as those studies were, "they have been largely discredited due to, primarily, methodological failures. And I think they were unable to ever replicate any of the initial findings that were popularized," Marino said.

But, before the research on adrenochrome was thoroughly debunked, the drug was lumped into the same category — at least in the layman's eyes — as LSD and other psychedelic therapies, which set it up for celebrity status in popular culture.

Then we get Huxley speculating about adrenochrome as a psychedelic (the same year as Osmand and Hoffer's studies) - though he'd never tried it. Anthony Burgess wrote about it as a drug in Clockwork Orange. Hunter S Thompson upped the ante in Fear and Loathing, although he said he just made up the part about it being a cannibalistic super-drug. Fast forward, as far as I can tell, the story got some legs via 4chan, was was up and running with the help of InfoWars, and soon was running circles as unquestioned truth in conspiracy circles with the help of QAnon. Somewhere along the line, it gained the reputation of being an immortality elixir, or health elixir, or something. There was talk of adrenochrome during the plandemic, with it being the secret serum that the elites were using to counter Sars-CoV-2.

It doesn't seem to me that a Satanic drug harvested from tortured children with incredible psychedelic properties and amazing healing effects would be available to be bought and sold on the web, but adrenochrome is:

But I guess it doesn't only come from tortured kids. According to one UCLA endocrinologist, Dr. Mittleman, with a PhD in physiology:

Adrenochrome is a simple molecule that most undergraduate chemistry students could synthesize in a lab, he said in a July 30, 2020, phone interview with Lead Stories. Taking it from living humans makes no sense, he said, since a child's adrenal gland would be unlikely to yield more than a half of a milligram, even if there were a process for extraction of it from the gland and purification to remove tissue. He said a cow's adrenal gland, easily obtained from any butcher, would be much bigger and bovine adrenochrome is identical to that found in humans, if there were a process to extract
adrenochrome from the organ.

Looking into the biological effects of adrenochrome, it looks more like a sort of mild toxin to the heart and central nervous system than a super-drug or immortality elixir:

Toxicity of aminochromes


The first part of the present review deals with the chemical and enzymatic synthesis of adrenochrome and other aminochromes from the corresponding catecholamines. A description of the most significant pathways of formation and the reactivity of the aminochromes is presented. In the second part of the toxicity of aminochromes, mainly at the cardiac and CNS level, is described and some of the molecular mechanisms of the toxic action are outlined. The toxicity of the aminochromes appears to depend mainly on the production of reduced oxygen species through redox cycling. The interaction of aminochromes with sulfhydryl groups and the induced depletion of oxygen, ascorbate and glutathione are additional mechanisms resulting in noxious effects at a cellular level.

On the contrary, this study below indicates that adrenochrome as no negative side effects, and can be used as a coagulant. That said, the paper is from '65 and focuses on how to synthesize it, and it is not a toxicity study.

Method of synthesizing adrenochrome monoaminoguanidine

Adrenochrome and its derivatives have excellent hemostatic and capillary-stabilizing actions. It is said that there are various factors in hemostatic action, which are generally classified into two groups; one, the capillary factors, and the other, the blood coagulation factors. For instance, capillary permeability and capillary reaction to blood pressure belong to the former grOup, while production of thromboplastin and its change into prothrornbin fibrinogen belong to the latter one. Many fundamental experiments showed that adrenochrome and its derivatives shorten bleeding time, and that they inhibit increase of capillary permeability remarkably, while they do not shorten blood coagulation time. It will therefore be said, taking other results of fundamental experiments into account together, that adrenochrome and its derivatives exercise influence not on the blood coagulation factors, but on the capillary factors, though there have been some attempts to show that they influence factors of both groups. It was also shown in many fundamental experiments that to 10 mg./kg. of adrenochrome or 100 to 300 mg./kg. of adrenochrome derivative has no toxicity at all, and that even a dose, maximum from the standpoint of water solubility, of adrenochrome derivative causes no side effects when given intravenously, intraperitoneally, sub cutaneously or orally. In other words, adrenochrome and its derivatives have almost no toxicity, which fact increases the excellence of their pharmacological effects all the more.

A bit more evidence that adrenochrome is somewhat cardio-toxic, which is kinda the opposite of a health elixir:

Cardiotoxicity of adrenochrome in isolated rabbit hearts assessed by epicardial NADH fluorescence

We examined the effects of adrenochrome on functional parameters and on regional myocardial ischemia (MI) in isolated electrically-driven rabbit hearts with depleted catecholamine stores (reserpine 7.0 mg/kg i.p. 16-24 h before preparation, Langendorff, constant pressure: 70 cm H2O, Tyrode solution, Ca++ 1.8 mmol/l, 37 degrees C). Repetitive MI, separated by a reperfusion period of 50 min, was induced by coronary artery branch ligature, and MI was quantitated from epicardial NADH fluorescence photography. Adrenochrome-treatment (10(-6) M or 10(-4) M) was started after a reperfusion period of 20 min. The left ventricular pressure (LVP) was significantly enhanced by adrenochrome (p < 0.05), but it fell thereafter to below its initial value in hearts treated with adrenochrome 10(-4) M. The global coronary flow (CF) was not affected by adrenochrome 10(-6) M (P > 0.05), but it was significantly decreased by adrenochrome 10(-4) M (P < 0.05). The relative CF (= CF/LVP x heart-rate) was numerically decreased by adrenochrome 10(-6) M (p > 0.05) and more markedly by adrenochrome 10(-4) M (p < 0.05).

So all that said, the adrenochrome story has roots going back to '54, but it's current manifestation (cannibalistic super drug & immortality elixir) looks like psy-op to me.
A: Main prep should be psychological and spiritual. As to appearance, nothing like what you would expect. Most will be done via proxies as invaders do not fit earth's FRV.
The previous discussion was that the invasion already occurred via psychopaths in power.
A: Remember we once told you that people would unite against the "invasion" at the time just before the earth changes?

Q: (L) Well, yeah. We were talking about the Nephalim and their stun guns and that sort of thing. But it looks like psychopaths are the new Nephalim, and they're already using stun guns - tasers. And then we asked if they were going to try to stage a fake alien invasion. All of this disclosure business is trying to point people in the direction of alien invasions, trying to get them prepared for some kind of fake alien invasion. Then you said yes, but a real invasion might take place first or earth changes would happen. Now, it's just been pressing on my mind, becoming more and more clear, that we don't NEED an alien invasion with psychopaths ruling this world as their transdimensional agents. And it has occurred to me that when you said that way back when, that basically the invasion has already occurred! It's here, now. It's psychopaths in power!

Everybody is looking and waiting for some kind of aliens; well, aliens are a supernatural phenomenon. Yeah, there is a certain physicality to it, but it strikes me that that physicality doesn't have... what do I want to say? Endurance? It doesn't "vibrate" right in our reality. It can come and go, but it doesn't stay here. So they need agents. They've always needed agents. They've always needed human-looking beings to control, to manipulate, or to even "download into" in a funny sort of way, like a possession or an activation. It's like they're sitting at some control console in some hyperdimensional place controlling their agents the way we control remote control toys.

So anyhow, this is what I've been thinking. Everybody's waiting for something to happen, like disclosure, or after disclosure. But it's already happened. It's here NOW! Any so-called “disclosure” will be a fraud unless they come out and say that it is a supernatural or hyper-dimensional phenomenon, which they are NOT going to say because that completely counters their entire world view that worships the physical universe. That’s where the whole Darwinism, material science, exclusion of scientific study of the paranormal, and so forth, comes from. That sort of thing can NEVER be studied honestly because it would destroy their reality construct.

(Perceval) That's a great screen.

(L) Yeah, they're trying to prepare people for physical, material aliens – “Disclosure” - because they're going to TRY to pull the alien invasion trick or the "alien god" trick and they'll say, "Worship the alien god! Join behind us! We're his high priests!" But it's not going to work.

(Perceval) It's almost like that's been held in reserve if it's necessary. They've prepped people with the idea of aliens.

(L) It's like this gigantic counterintelligence program. And the main thing that I've seen them working to counter is the idea, the concept, the understanding that this phenomenon is a supernatural one. To make that clear, what we have always called supernatural, which is not necessarily "supernatural", is really just hyperdimensional. We've been aware of these things – this other reality – for millennia. They come and go. It's like the finger in Flatland. We're Flatland! Am I on to something with this?

A: About as accurate as you can get without making direct predictions.
A: Weather and geological activity also involved.

Q: (Chu) That one wouldn't grow awareness in aliens. People would just think it's a weather event.

(Scottie) Unless they come and save us from weather or geological events...

(L) So we have no idea what we're facing. And you can't help us out any more there?
Vision 100 - Denver International Airport
Apr 24, 2023



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Perpendicularity refers to earth's pole shifting in such a way that the equator would become level with the plane of the ecliptic - so no more 23.30 degree tilt. The relevant session is below (sorry for the big block of text, the formatting won't let me create a space between sections for some reason).
Technically speaking, perpendicularity, as in Earth's rotational axis being perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic, is already restored twice a year, on equinox days, when Earth's equator, which is perpendicular to rotational axis, passes through the plane of the ecliptic. Even if the question assumed that perpendicularity would be restored and unchangeable after that throughout the whole year, (sudden) 'tilt of Earth's rotational axis while the ecliptic stays as it is' is only one (extreme) point in 2d parameter phase space of possibilities how actual perpendicularity can be restored.

Other extreme point in that phase space would be that on equinox day Earth's orbit (suddenly) changes and establishes new 'ecliptic plane' which would be tilted for 23 degrees with respect to the old one. In such way Earth's rotational axis' tilt would be compensated for, while in fact remaining the same as it was before in relation to outside observer/stars. In that case, Earth would still have seasons, but only two of them because then there would be difference only between the equinoxes, and not between the solstices anymore. Technically speaking, Earth's rotational axis would then oscillate during the year between -23 degrees and +23 degrees from 'pointing upright' (solstice days) in the plane perpendicular to the one of the ecliptic.

My 2 cents.
From the Ice Age thread, there was:
A question: what was triggering the wave the quakes and volcanic eruptions ca 536 AD. Comets? Earth open up?
Gravity was less and there is the connection to the electrical environment of the Earth. Add to this that meteoric objects might be able to emerge into our reality, as do window fallers. Below are some excerpts, beginning with an exchange from this Session. Much of what follows can be taken as a commentary on this excerpt and its implications, so I place it here rather than in the ice age thread.

4. 6 % less gravity at the time of the Caesar compared to today
Session 14 January 2023
Q: (Ze Germans) How much less in percent was gravity in Italy during the life of Caesar compared to today?

A: 4.6

Q: (Pierre) But it might have been less further back in time.

(Andromeda) It was already by that time that the giants were dying out, right?

(L) Yeah.
Earlier there was:
Meteoric object breaching realm barrier
Session 23 April 2022
(Joe) On March 21st, the China Eastern Airline that flew straight into the ground... What was the cause?

A: Guidance system run amok after air burst.

Q: (Pierre) And what was the cause of the air burst?

A: Meteoric object breaching realm barrier.

Q: (Andromeda) That was my first guess.

(Pierre) Yeah, me too. We agreed on that. Breaching the realm barrier...

(Niall) The meteor wasn't coming through space. It merged...

(Andromeda) It came through a portal, pretty much.

(Niall) Was it a merging of...

(Pierre) From 4D?

A: Every object entering your realm does not have to come from 4D. Refer back to Ark's questions about dimensions. Also consider what has been said about window fallers and Flight 19.
The breaching of the realm barrier by the meteoric object might in part have been facilitated by its electric charge. And why can a virus not piggyback a window faller, object or being, which then does a bit of virus shedding, before finding its way to where it came from. Where are the limits?

Referring back to Ark's question about dimensions, there are two excerpts in the above session. The first precedes the above excerpt about the air burst, and I include the context from the beginning, although it takes a few lines to get to dimensions:
Q: (L) Alright. I guess we'll start with questions. Honey, you can start.

(Ark) Yes?

(L) Yes.

(Ark) What are densities?

A: States of awareness in interaction with information.

Q: (L) Does that mean the state of awareness interacting with the information somehow affects what is "real" to use a loose term?

A: More or less.

Q: (Ark) Awareness of whom?

A: Consciousness that is capable.

Q: (Ark) I don't understand. Which consciousness? Whose consciousness? I don't understand.

A: Wave reading consciousness units.

Q: (Ark) Where is this wave reading consciousness unit? Where is it?

A: You are one.

Q: (Ark) It means densities are totally subjective, or is it objective?

A: Both.

Q: (Ark) How is it objective? In which sense? How is it objective if it is related to wave reading consciousness unit. Wave reading consciousness unit is subjective, so how can densities be objective? Physics needs objectivity.

A: If the wave reading consciousness unit aligns with the consciousness of the field, then the perception is more objective than subjective.

Q: (Ark) What is consciousness?

A: Life.

Q: (Ark) What is life?

A: Consciousness.

Q: (Pierre) It's getting circular.

(Ark) What is information?

A: All.

Q: (Ark) Can physics describe densities?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) How?

A: Algebra.

Q: (Ark) What kind of algebra?

A: Simple.

Q: (Ark) What is the relation between densities and dimensions?

(L) They've already answered that question. That's in the transcripts.

(Ark) Yeah but there is no answer for that.

A: Dimensions are a human construct we have used as there are no better available terms.

Q: (Ark) But algebra is also a human concept, yes?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Everything we use in physics is a human concept, yes?

A: Which is why you are having so much confusion.

Q: (Ark) But algebra is using dimensions. It's not a human concept. It's an algebraic concept. And we need dimensions if we want to use algebra.

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) How many dimensions?

A: Infinite.

Q: (Ark) Are these dimensions related to space and time?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) But space is 3-dimensional. Where is the rest of the infinite dimensions?

A: Many iterations.

Q: (Ark) Many iterations... Iterations of what?

A: Space and time.

Q: (Ark) Does it have anything to do with quantum theory or not?

A: Very little, actually.

Q: (Ark) Does it have anything to do with Einstein's theory of gravity?

A: Even less.

Q: (Ark) So, with which part of physics it has to do?

A: Modern concepts do not define as such.

Q: (Ark) Can you please explain it, this sentence?

A: There is no relevant construct that you can name or mention from your modern terminology.

Q: (Ark) What about ancient terminology? Were there such concepts that have been forgotten?

A: Possibly.
And later in the session:
(Ark) I have a question. Should theory of gravity be formulated rather as electromagnetism instead of what Einstein did where he created like a metric or whatever?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Yes it should, yes?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Should electromagnetic theory be extended to take into account magnetic monopoles?

A: Yes

(Ark) I think they are a clue to this chirality.

(Pierre) Yes. It's an enigma.
The question in this session could have been motivated by this discussion.
Giants and less gravity prior to the collapse of the Roman Empire
Session 13 March 2021
A: [...] Conditions on your planet changed significantly at the time of the destruction of the Roman Empire. Giants from that time forward faced increasingly difficult conditions and survival became untenable.
(Joe) So, gravity was less, let's say, to make it easy for them to...

A: Yes. Also electrical charge of planet.

Q: (L) That reminds me of all the really peculiar electrical phenomena recorded in the ancient Greco-Roman records that seemed to sort of stop when records picked up again after the destruction of the ancient world. But, of course, there were periods when things were really weird even after that. So the people before the end of the Roman Empire were seeing a lot more of our plasma men than we would see nowadays?

A: Yes
The above indicates that a different electrical charge and gravity of the planet existed simultaneously. Might there be a connection?
Electromagnetism structured by information emitted by gravity
Session 30 January 2021
(Ark) My question is that in my research, related to the paper I've been writing for a year now, there appears a mathematical structure, an antisymmetric matrix or something like that. I believe it's important, but I don't know whether it's related to action of electromagnetic field, or gravitational field, or some kind of informational field. I have no clue and I would like to have a hint what it is doing this thing that is there and I don't know what kind of job it is doing?

(L) So, you're asking if it's informational, gravitational, or electromagnetic?

(Ark) Or something else.

A: Electromagnetism structured by information emitted by gravity.

Q: (Ark) Alright. [laughs]

A: Go deeper to find the structuring forces.
Gravity is the bridge between information and matter
Session 11 August 2018
Q: (L) It's upsetting. Okay, so I think Pierre has some questions, and I'm gonna launch into the subject and then you can kick in there. I've been really getting deeply into this evolutionary biology and origins of life. I'm telling you, I've read Freeman Dyson, and I've read John Maynard Smith and a couple others who think they have a skeleton of a theory about how life came into being from just matter. Of course, they don't get into where the matter came from. They just back up to the Big Bang which is basically the Scientific Creationism theory. But they've got the matter, and then they want the matter to jostle around and bump up against other matter - molecules and things. Eventually, something springs forth, and it's alive! Only they have some real problems with putting the theory together based on the research because every single step in the development and transitions toward just the existence of a basically living complete cell is so LOADED with problems that they must make assumptions, leap over things, and refuse to acknowledge the biggest problems in order to get there. It's furiously interesting, but it's making me think. What I want to know is: What is the foundational impetus for... What is the motive force, the push - I mean, we have an idea that there's consciousness involved and all these kinds of things, but it looks like consciousness itself developed and evolved along with matter - so, what is the impetus - the push - that crossed the barrier from a world of just pure information that was shaping and directing matter into life-bearing containers? What was the impetus?

A: Gravity.

Q: (L) So gravity is the bridge between information and matter?

A: Yes
Maybe in the future we will witness a changed electrical and gravitational environment on Earth along with everything that this entails. As an example, there was this observation on Venus:
Session 25 March 2017
Q: (Pierre) In 2015, it was reported what they call a "smile" on Venus. From the north pole to the south pole, there was this luminous arc. Scientists said it was gravity waves. It sounds like baloney to me. It looked like a plasma phenomenon. So what was this "smile"?

A: It was indeed a plasma phenomenon caused by approach of electrical wave from dynamic interaction with outer solar system body approach grounding the sun.

Q: (Pierre) Nemesis.

A: Close

Q: (L) In other words, by any other name...

(Pierre) Yeah, well, we can call it Nemesis. The sun's companion. [...]
I always heard that people were smaller in the past, so the lower gravity doesn't mean taller people? There were giants and there were dinosaurs. It's easier to grow I guess but maybe your body doesn't put as much effort. It it's even true people were smaller. If aliens are small they should be living in a low gravity environment then like space or another planet. It would make sense. Their eyes are like adapted to seeing stars. Of course I remember it was bio-robots (gluten free), but I'm speaking as for adaptation which can be also artificial...
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