Session 16 July 2016


The Living Force
Laura said:
[..] On, say, Wednesday night at such-and-such a time, we'd all gather together with our crystals that provide the link-up. And then, just basically maybe sing some songs to connect chakras just to see what happens? I guess we should experiment with that.[..]

Worldwide Crystal Project Group Synchronized Singing Solution:

The Chateau Chorus Master starts a Skype broadcast along the lines of a Sott Radio BTH or Truth Perspective, but this one is for singing only. Begins with the Chat function LIVE - and everybody is connected and listening in and looking at the Chat screen, but nobody must answer or call in, just listen and read. Only the Chateau transmits the audio and the Audience's - that's us - task is to listen in carefully and **sing in sync with the Chateau Team leading** so everybody is at the same position in the song. Crystals are at hand, keeping the crystals live, "switched on", hands on, etc..

Song is repeated maybe three times. Listeners try to keep up and _only_ the Chorus Master of the Chateau Team is allowed to type some lyrics words into the Chat from time to time, so those without audio reception _know_ where the Group Song being sung is at: everybody can read the written words on Sott Radio live chat and it helps everybody to keep up the synchronized singing. Chorus Master[typing in all these words]: - Okay, 1st song finished, everybody take a few breaths and relax.. [After a couple of seconds..] Now we begin the second song "I come to the Garden".. on One: 3.....2......1 BEGIN!

Maybe its a silly idea that cannot be realized..

This way everybody can easily sing together, who can connect to Sott Radio Live Chat.

Further possibilities:
A Karaoke Typing Script takes away the need to type in lyrics, where a computer program writes all the text - that is being sung - into the CHAT and text appears in Chat as - it is sung by the Chateau Team line by line, timed perfectly - like in a Karaoke video. The script works by the key ENTER, it automatically writes in the next line. (Maybe program in a step one line back-key so you can quickly backtrack a line, if you accidentally pressed ENTER twice so two lines were written into the Chat by accident)

Or just prepare a karaoke video with the exact text of the Cassiopaea Crystal Project "I come to the Garden" and have everybody download [this will bring up tech difficulties with videoplayers for everybody's computer] then on the Chat you only need to type: BEGIN! Everybody starts the downloaded Cassiopaea "I come to the Garden" Karaoke video and starts to sing. Once.
Then the Chorus Master types into the chat: 1st song done. Few seconds rest... and so on, singing it 3 times.

Code in a "Thanks" or "Present" button so everybody can click the button "Present", which updates how many people clicked on it, so everybody can see, how many singers from the Crystal Group are present or joining in real time. Later this way maybe it can be estimated, how 'energetically powerful' a group singing session will be. By design the "Present" button is programmed in such a way that it only accepts __one__ present click from any IP address. So if somebody clicks twice or multiple times by accident[mouse setup/sensitivity,etc], the counter only advances by one for any person[on the IP address] Families or couples count as _one_ of course. Think of 'unified being'.


Dagobah Resident
Palinurus said:
Wonderful anniversary indeed ! Thank you for asking and sharing, Laura and crew. :clap:

Basically, wishful thinking will get you every time... There's no escape from it. ;)
Ditto :thup:
Thank you so much !
About YCYOR:
The quality of the observation influences the quality of the observed. In practical terms, the more clear or objective an observation is, the more the observer-observed system is ordered. If observation is heavily biased and does not agree with the reality, the system consisting of observer and observed is disordered and contradictory. The FOTCM postulates that the manner in which masses of humanity observe their reality and what beliefs they hold about this reality influence the same reality. The more subjective the seeing, the more disordered the reality. A large scale example of this is the belief of many Americans in the demonstrable lies of their government. The belief being in contradiction with facts contributes to chaos. In this way, perceptions can influence reality.

The degree to which the quality of observation influences reality varies according to circumstance. The world goes through periods of stability and predictability, interrupted by brief phases of chaotic change. This is a natural process. The effect of the quality of observation on reality is greatest at moments of fluidity or chaos, where a small impulse can precipitate a large outcome.

The FOTCM postulates that this is the reason why a certain critical mass of esoterically developed people is required at times of chaotic change. If the structure of space-time itself is in flux, the quality of observation brought by an esoterically evolved group can form a sort of crystallization core or pattern for a new reality.
On CassWiki.
Also about "Why you don't create your own reality"


Padawan Learner
Laura said:
(Galatea) Several nights ago, I had this semi-awake dream that there was an entity in my room and my palms started burning really hot. What was that?

(L) What was what?

(Galatea) Was there something in my room?

A: No

Q: (Galatea) Okay, then why were my palms burning?

A: Bleedthrough of alternate reality.

Q: (Galatea) But why did it cause my palms to become hot?

A: Higher energy other-self melding.

Q: (Galatea) So I melded with myself from another reality. Is that what happened?

A: Yes
Try to recreate that feeling if you can. Once you learn to do it, you should be able to even heal others with it (you could start with Laura's pains for training :P ).


FOTCM Member
Thank you for sharing! Much food for thought, I also found your discussions very helpful. It's scary to think how big of a role subconscious processes can play. The discussion about daydreaming reminds me of the C's saying: "People who pay strict attention to objective reality right and left, become the reality of the 'Future.'" To basically not see reality as you want to see it or as you want to see it to become, but to see it as it is.

It gets pretty rough though at times, and it becomes difficult to have hope. I tend to go into 'self-destruct' mode, which is bad! I suppose faith in the process, non-anticipation, and networking about issues helps with this. Reading the session has given me some hope, and I look forward to utilizing the crystals in unison.

Very interesting also that Erdogan isn't a psychopath. Since Laura first mentioned it in the Turkey coup thread, I started thinking and it makes sense. One thing that caught my attention about him is that he would often visit Turks in other countries (students for example) and talk and discuss with them, finding ways to support them. He definitely has a thing about Kurds, but he does seem to show some kind of care for the Turks. Also, not sure if people in most countries would go outside to prevent a coup if their leader asked them to! In any case, really happy NATO and co. failed miserably and hope that Turkey-Russia relations will only improve from this.

Thanks again for sharing, and hope you will all stay safe and protected. :flowers:


The Living Force
FOTCM Member
Thanks very much for the session.

(L) I think that people need to know what their weaknesses are, and when they know it, if they find themselves having thoughts along the lines of those weaknesses they tell somebody. It's not good to try to struggle through it on your own. We've seen how many times talking about it is what makes other people aware. It's the group awareness that busts the bubble and blocks the 4D STS abilities to interfere.

(Joe) I would say you can notice it when you find yourself suddenly thinking in a particularly negative way or whatever... a kind of unusual thought pattern that is invasive and persistent...

A: Negative thoughts can be "dreams" too.

Yes and I think it's important for forum members, including me, to share persistent feelings too, not necessarily negative but persistent. I think we can get patterns here.


The Living Force
Thanks for another fascinating session!

It's interesting to see that both the Turkey coup and the Brexit didn't go the way that the elites intended; I wonder if we're moving towards the "triple bad day" for them, as it looks like their wishful thinking is really starting to negatively impact them and even backfire. If Turkey aligns with Russia, then perhaps more countries will move in that direction and the dominoes will start falling faster, revealing "the man behind the curtain".

The timing tying in with the crystal project is really interesting too, as is the idea of utilizing the crystals to connect to each other and focus our energy and intention all in the same direction. The timing of the insanity of the Pokemon Go craze is interesting too; just as we're looking to focus and move in a unified direction with the crystals connection, everyone else is distracted in different directions all going to the same entropic source. If, as is discussed in Joe Dispenza's "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself", a person can change their future with their focus and intention, without anticipation, and by cultivating the feeling of the results of their intention, could a group of people doing the same with a unified focus, and taking the necessary actions, shift the reality of the entire world? It's been something I've been thinking about on and off after hearing Laura's description of using crystals, exercise, emotion, and non-anticipation to move into a new reality.

With all the craziness and dark energy, it sounds like we need to Work to keep our awareness and focus as strong as we can, as well as keep networking, to keep our defenses up against attack.

Stay safe and take care everyone over there! :flowers:


Dagobah Resident
Thank you for sharing.

It's quite possible that athletes themselves are not aware of it, or it is being presented as "vitamins" or as "biologically active substances".

Doubt it, they very well know the difference.

But the fact remains that this "anti-doping" campaign is designed to "remove competition". Yesterday it was announced that sprint teams from Romania and Belarus were banned from participating in the Rio Olympics due to "widespread doping".

And Belarus usually takes gold or silver in this type of sport. They are considered to be a very strong competition. Now they are conveniently gone.

It is normal thing for sports, just it is getting more obvious and transparent with negative energies surfacing more and more.


FOTCM Member
Felipe4 said:
Very spot on guys,

The session aimed at issues that touch me and others, I came to the same conclusions in terms of dissociation and the energy produced as a result of daydreaming is often negative, and that intellect isn't the same as daydreaming the process is different as daydreaming follows an idea, often an unsolved issue and free thinking or imagination is a tool to solve problems.

Imagination grants you the ability to calculate and be in a situation without being there, open to the possibilities.

My idea about this is the remaining energy from daydreaming and negative thought loops, is that even as it creates an opening for draining, it also builds up energy that resonate and furthers with other negative energies or entities.

For some strange reason today I woke up more tired than usual, and lazy and dissociated before reading this session , sure they are hunting like hungry wolves,

Thank you team, thanks Laura

It would be nice that all members that could , got a crystal!
I felt the same way too for the last 2 days have a great now that I waited before I asked for a Crystal because I knew Laura and the Chateau crew was very busy preparing them for all the members if I can get one I will greatly appreciate it and I could donate for it in exchange thank you all for the very informative session. Everyone please be safe, and continue to pray to the DCM.

Mr. Premise

The Living Force
Atomas said:
Many thanks for long awaited another session.

Frankly, I hadn't expected that official results of Brexit will be Leave. I felt that majority people will vote for leave but considering recent referendum official results in Scotland I gave it very little chance to happen. And then boom... I truly wanted to understand what happened or should I say what went wrong for PTB. Now it looks that they simply underestimated situation. The most worrying thing is that PTB could still have done it if they played on safer side or converted more Leave votes to Stay.
I'm wondering what needs to be changed within election/referendum rules in order to avoid integrity breaches of expressed people will...
Yeah, I thought that too. I figured that they would do what they did in the Scottish vote, to the extent that when the results came out Inwas wondering if a faction of the PTB wanted an exit. So it's good to know that voting can help, if only to make them expend the effort to steal an election. They would rather save the energy and have us just vote for who or what they want. And it's good to know they are not infallible. On the other hand it's scary since it will increase their desperation.


A Disturbance in the Force
Thank you for the new session!
I was just wondering if the quick succession of events over the past two weeks was going to lead to a new session! Lo and behold... :)

The past couple months I've had the feeling that the next 3-5 years are going to be rough. I was not expecting to see such a confirmation:
Laura said:
A: We told you about things in your future then and said that it was not imminent then. Much has happened since then. It is the time of changes now. Please revisit those sessions.

Laura said:
A: Wishful thinking loses.
It's sad that this causes so much suffering to so many and that there is such a 'necessity' for dissociation in order to deal with these events being caused by the wishful thinking of the PTB.
Hillary email scandal -> Police shootings -> Nice -> Turkey Coup -> Pokemon... Dissociation indeed... It's becoming quite mentally fatiguing to keep everything straight! :)

Laura said:
A: Imagine all your group with their crystal connections then beginning to utilize them in unison?

Q: (L) In other words, once everybody who requests them finally gets their crystals, there's a possibility that we could then organize utilization of the crystals in like a sychronization or something? Doing EE together, singing songs together, reciting some of our protection texts...

(Pierre) Does everyone doing something like that together possibly lead to a change of state, change of reality?

A: Indeed!
Hopefully it's still not too late to donate and get a crystal. The way things are going, the world could use a combined effort such as this to pour as much STO oriented energy into a positive outcome of events. Of course, while keeping in mind:
Laura said:
A: Try to avoid defining how it might happen, but, yes!

Thanks again for the session!
Stay vigilant and aware, everyone!


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bozadi said:
Matters might be much more complicated than I thought within the context of what is discussed in the session about this. I'm much thankful.

They are! :D You should listen to the Sott Radio shows more often. The reason we do them is to decomplicate things a little.
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