Session 16 July 2016


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Thank you for another interesting and informative session!

If the Brexit vote was indeed genuine then they probably had their damage control kicked into high gear. The murder of the MP a week before the vote was probably an attempt to sway the vote and, failing that, make the leave camp look more deranged by association. And the videos of poll workers allegedly erasing and re-writing votes may have been genuine but not enough to do the trick. If Brexit really wasn't 'planned' for or at least not desired by the ruling PTB faction then the subsequent ripple effects may be real and still just getting started.

Also good info on watching our dissociation and mental processes. Stay safe everyone!


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Thank you madam Laura and all chateau group for this session.And I would like to ask Can we as members of the forum to do something to help or to protect you, because I think at this point, we need to focus on your safety and the safety of all of you in the castle, perhaps something you've mentioned as group singing at the same time or recitation or anything that which would enable you to live safely and stay in a castle.
"Q: (L) In other words, once everybody who requests them finally gets their crystals, there's a possibility that we could then organize utilization of the crystals in like a sychronization or something? Doing EE together, singing songs together, reciting some of our protection texts..."
I think that the crystals and our intentions can have a great role in it.
Thank you one more time and I wish you all everthing best.


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So Brexit indeed happened because of votes, I am amazed :) I wonder what will happen from now..
Stronger relations between Russia and Turkey seem like a good thing as well.
Thanks for the session!


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Very spot on guys,

The session aimed at issues that touch me and others, I came to the same conclusions in terms of dissociation and the energy produced as a result of daydreaming is often negative, and that intellect isn't the same as daydreaming the process is different as daydreaming follows an idea, often an unsolved issue and free thinking or imagination is a tool to solve problems.

Imagination grants you the ability to calculate and be in a situation without being there, open to the possibilities.

My idea about this is the remaining energy from daydreaming and negative thought loops, is that even as it creates an opening for draining, it also builds up energy that resonate and furthers with other negative energies or entities.

For some strange reason today I woke up more tired than usual, and lazy and dissociated before reading this session , sure they are hunting like hungry wolves,

Thank you team, thanks Laura

It would be nice that all members that could , got a crystal!

Kay Kim

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Gandalf said:
Thanks so much Laura for sharing this new session.

Laura said:
Q: (Ark) I want to ask a question. My question is concerning Laura’s susceptibility and all these accidents that happened. They happen, and we don't want them to happen. I have a solution to this problem, but I am not sure whether it is going to work. If I will not leave Laura alone for any 5 minutes, will it solve the problem?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Okay.

And thanks so much Ark for looking after Laura. You are her Ark ! :love:

Yes! Thank You very much Laura and Ark.
And Art, It is amazing that you figured out how to protect Laura!
I am grateful for your intuitive guess and believe that you will do the job well.

Thomas Alan

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Yes, thanks for the Session report. Interesting stuff. The level of Chaos in the World is definitely increasing.



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Thanks for the super long and interesting session! I knew all the olympic athletes were doping..

What really struck me from this one is the level to which the elites are losing control. We all overestimated them with the British referendum, and perhaps overestimated them in the Turkey coup. They really aren't that powerful after all. But they sure are crazy.

We've also got a very concrete reason to watch out for thought loops. Knowing that they will not only make me miserable, but will pull in all kinds of negative energies onto everyone else, is a sobering feeling. And you mentioned the key to it is talking about them. This is something I am not great at doing, but the times that I have, it is like a weight being lifted from the mind.

Thanks for all the hard work you all are putting into the crystal project among everything else, and still having the time to do a session. I do hope the attacks let up soon :hug2:


Thank you all for the session and halleluja for the 22nd anniversary! :cool:

I was shocked by the answers given about Erdogan. I believed that he is an OP, which I still suspect, but somehow I come to see that he might not be what he seemed to be when he appeared to implement very psychopathic policies in and around Turkey. Matters might be much more complicated than I thought within the context of what is discussed in the session about this. I'm much thankful.


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Thank you so much for this session! :) I hope everyone can stay safe and be vigilant in these changing times. So glad you all ended up being okay. :)


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Q: (Galatea) Would it be a good idea for us to meditate and envision a better reality with our crystals?

A: Try to avoid defining how it might happen, but, yes!

How would a STO world looks like? Pierre already made a concept:,41130.0.html

Q: (Galatea) So being imaginative is fine?

A: Yes

It depends on intent. Why are you imagining something. For what purpose? OSIT.

Q: (Niall) So they rigged it to a more narrow margin... How come they changed the result to make it seem narrower?

A: Thought they would prevail.

Q: (Joe) So it kind of backfired on the coup plotters?

A: Yes

Haha :D That they are able to make such mistakes is really hopefull !!

Q: (Joe) Is this turn of events likely to lead to a closer relationship between Russia and Turkey?

A: Yes

There is one benefit with Erdogan. He sures hates people who oppose him. Hopefully he hates the PTB enough now to stop helping them support their proxy army in Syria.

Q: (Andromeda) Was there some protection afforded to him that made it turn out as well as it could have?

A: Yes

Stay safe everyone !! :)


Many thanks for long awaited another session.

Frankly, I hadn't expected that official results of Brexit will be Leave. I felt that majority people will vote for leave but considering recent referendum official results in Scotland I gave it very little chance to happen. And then boom... I truly wanted to understand what happened or should I say what went wrong for PTB. Now it looks that they simply underestimated situation. The most worrying thing is that PTB could still have done it if they played on safer side or converted more Leave votes to Stay.
I'm wondering what needs to be changed within election/referendum rules in order to avoid integrity breaches of expressed people will...


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Thank you very much for the fascinating session! :flowers:

Carl said:
I knew all the olympic athletes were doping..

It's quite possible that athletes themselves are not aware of it, or it is being presented as "vitamins" or as "biologically active substances".

But the fact remains that this "anti-doping" campaign is designed to "remove competition". Yesterday it was announced that sprint teams from Romania and Belarus were banned from participating in the Rio Olympics due to "widespread doping".

And Belarus usually takes gold or silver in this type of sport. They are considered to be a very strong competition. Now they are conveniently gone.
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