Session 16 September 2017

A: Trump really bit off a lot. Before, he had a rather simplistic view of things. Now he knows more and can do less. Still, his heart is in the right place.

Q: (Joe) In that sense, he's kind of a perfect representative of the people who voted him into power. The majority of them probably have their heart in the right place, but they're completely clueless about the world and how it works, you know?

A: Yes

Thanks Laura and the team for the sharing and to dot the i's.
Thank you for this session, as always it is very helpful in order to keep the rudder on course.
Thanks for the session and speedy recovery to Laura.

I have a question though.

Laura said:
(Pierre) ... Related question: We've witnessed over the past few days several X-class solar flares. I wanted to know if this unusual solar activity was triggered by an incoming cometary cluster related to Nemesis?

A: Check planetary alignments and factor in distant body

What "distant body"?.. If we are talking about second star in Sol's twin system ("Nemesis"), then why is the Sol flaring so actively recently, I remember this:

Session July 11 said:
Q: (T) As the brown dwarf approaches, will it intensify the solar flare activity?
A: The effect on the physical orientation of the sun from the periodic passage of its companion is to flatten the sphere slightly. This returns to its original spherical shape with the retreat.

Q: (L) Is this flattening of the sphere of the sun going to have any noticeable effects in terms of enhanced, accelerated, or magnified radiation from the sun?
A: No.

Q: (T) Solar flares or anything like that?
A: No.

Q: (T) So there is not going to be any appreciable effect on the planet from this as far as the sun goes?
A: The sun’s gravity increases, thus inhibiting flares.
Could please Pierre, Ark or someone knowledgeable enough to clarify please? :huh:
Thank you for the the session and sharing it.
About Trump : I kind of expected it would turn out this way after rereading "The controversy of Zion" and recently finishing " The hidden history of WWOI".
I guess it must take somebody very special to go against plans that were installed years and years ago.
Just my two cents.
Some times I feel so desperate, but then I remember that change begins with me and how I connect to the people around me
Though elder brothers for me new told nothing, in particular about Trump. But as though I communicated to relatives.
Thank you for sharing the session!

Laura said:
Q: (Joe) How close was Mars? Water can be...

(Pierre) It was closer because...

(Joe) ...transferred through hundreds of millions of miles of space?

A: Mars was much closer temporarily. Tales of gods fighting in the sky and castration of Chronos relate to this event.

It's mentioned in one of the documentaries of ThunderboltsProject.

I was a bit skeptical about this possibility but now I think there might be indeed something in that.

Laura said:
(Pierre) Let's shift to a more cheerful topic: cometary bombardments. So we discussed the death of the woolly mammoths due to a cometary bombardment. I would like to know about the transfer of water from Mars to planet Earth, when did it occur relative to this cometary bombardment? How many years before, how many years after?

A: Within 40 years more or less.

Q: (Pierre) So cometary bombardment, and then Mars water transfer?

(L) And how did that happen?

A: Electric arc of cosmic proportions.

Q: (Pierre) You mean the water transfer? Yeah, that's the arcing. The plasma connection between Earth and...

(L) Was this the same event that left that gigantic scar on Mars? (I don’t know how anybody can look at that scar and not get the willies!)

A: Yes.

I'm not quite understand the mechanics of this process. Was it only water transfer because of its high conductivity?
Thanks for the session. Considering all the extreme weather, wars, suffering and corruption on this planet, I'm amazed the planet hasn't imploded in on itself. I keep wondering how long until that comet swarm arrives.
Laura said:
A: Mars was much closer temporarily. Tales of gods fighting in the sky and castration of Chronos relate to this event.

Q: (Pierre) So, this massive inflow of water from Mars reaching Earth...

A: Much of it precipitated as snow at poles, and was released into oceans gradually. Water moving through space is not liquid.

Here is what David Talbott writes about Chronos/Saturn in The Saturn Myth

Saturn And The Pole

In ancient ritual Saturn appears as the stationary sun or central fire at the north celestial pole.

When Saturn ruled the world, his home was the summit of the world axis: with this point all majortraditions of the great father agree. Even today, in our celebration of Christmas, we live under theinfluence of the polar Saturn. For as Manly P. Hall observes, “Saturn, the old man who lives at the north pole, and brings with him to the children often a sprig of evergreen (the Christmas tree), isfamiliar to the little folks under the name Santa Claus.”


The home of the great father is the cosmic centre—the “heart,” “midst,” or “navel” of heaven.
As theearth rotates on its axis the northern stars wheel around a fixed point. While most stars rise and setlike the sun and moon, the circumpolar stars—those which describe uninterrupted circles about acommon centre—never fall below the horizon. The invisible axis of the earth’s rotation leads directlyto that central point—the celestial pole—around which the heavens visually turn. All of the ancient world looked upon the polar centre as the “middle place,” “resting place,” or “steadfast region” occupied by the Universal Monarch.
Thank you for sharing the session :flowers:

Laura said:
Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Joe, Ark, PoB, Data, Scottie, Niall, Opal the Majesticat, Noko the Wonderdog

Q: (L) This is September 16, 2017. [Review of those present] So, here we go.

A: Hello to all and cat.

A doubt was there any cat nearby?
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