Session 18 August 2002


Ok. Been awhile since someone posted something that got me to pick the encasing ice off of my exterior by my own volition.

Thank you.
Q: (T) Oh well graduation is always the best. (L) Well you know what Gurdjieff said - 'No one can escape alone. You have to have a group and you have to have a plan, and you have to work.' Nobody can do it alone and you have to do it with the help of somebody's who done it before. It's a very important thing he said about that. He said first you have to understand you're in prison and then you have to learn about the prison and you have to learn about how to get out, and you can only learn about that from somebody who's already gotten out. And you can't do it alone because it takes a whole team. (T) To get out? (L) Yeah, that's what he said, and it's so true. Because the minute you start wiggling around in the matrix, it comes down on your head. (T) Well the matrix is programmed to keep us here. And keep us stupid. (L) Yeah. Okay, are we done with you Terry? (T) I think so! But I have a question. What happened to Ark and Laura's computer system this weekend?

A: Mainly it is a psychic signal of impending quantum shift.

Q: (T) Just because the computers went down? Uh, can you expand on that a little bit?

A: Fluidity of reality affects such "hardware" which is sensitive to such flux.

Q: (A) So something is going to shift, reality is fluid, hardware is affected, and all kinds of things happen probably due to the interaction of what is outside us and the hardware. It's hard to find the real prime reason, see. (L) I think what happens sometimes is the reality starts fluxing, that you're psychically aware of it and the psychic energy in your own system then affects those things in your environment that are attuned or sensitive to your psychic energy, and then depending upon your fluxing of your psychic energy it can signal you. I guess, it's like the black cat walking by twice, that would be one way of putting it. (A) I think it's like with this magician, the real magicians like the one you were talking about today, who mix what is called slight of hands with real magic, right? And one helps to other and you can say: Well he isn't showing real magic because it's all tricks. No! Some yes, but some is real magic. But he's mixing them together because, well it works. The real magic doesn't always work. It works once in awhile and you have no full control so you must help with your exercises. It's the same when we interact with our reality. It is fluid when we are in a certain state. And, when it is fluid because of our state, also electrical things are in a certain state. And some of the things that happen are probably because of our interaction. What was the reason? Part of the reason was there somehow something unusual happened, because thousands times you switch and maybe you switched in a different way than always, right? So that's what I think.

A: Chaos is part of the conditions or the creation of a new reality.

Q: (T) There's a lot of reality out there to break down...(L) It's got to break down. (T) It's in the process of breaking down. What is the quantum change that's coming? Quantum shift.

A: This depends on the observer.

Q: (T) Okay that makes sense. Depending how the change affects you will be the way you relate to it, and everybody would relate a little different. Also they nicely side stepped the question. (J) No, there would be no one answer. So, something's coming, that's what the computer's picked up.

{A crashing, slamming sound is heard from the vicinity of the office and weight lifting equipment. All get up to go investigate, but nothing is found to be out of place.}

Q: (T) Did you just open a quantum door for us?

A: Ha ha! Had you going.

Q: (T) Had you going? (J) Yeah, we left the room didn't we? (T) You did that?

A: You did.

Q: (T) We did? I did. (A) Umhmm. (T) I did? How did I do that? (A) I have no idea.

A: Psychic flux.

Q: (T) I hope whatever it was, it wasn't the computer. Ark spent too much time today getting them to work again. (J) All three screens were totally blank but the screen savers, what happened to your screen savers, did they go away?

{A discussion ensued concerning the sound they had heard in a part of the house that was described by Terry as the sound of a door opening and closing.}

Yeah, that black cat thing bolded above… I had that happen to me, although with a man on a hiking trail when I was with my newborn a while back. Freaked me out, to say the least (since then I take all walks with a cell phone).

I don’t know why, since this is not a new introduction to this concept on here, but for some reason this transcript passage really clicked in this context.

Maybe because it’s in the context of ME interacting with the environment, and not feeling rather like a victim at the butt of joke of the Matrix (which is how I had been perceiving the hiking event) – like the writings of Jacques Vallee [generic Wikipedia quote for context: “Vallée proposes that there is a genuine UFO phenomenon, partly associated with a form of non-human consciousness that manipulates space and time. The phenomenon has been active throughout human history, and seems to masquerade in various forms to different cultures. In his opinion, the intelligence behind the phenomenon attempts social manipulation by using deception on the humans with whom they interact…. The ultimate motivation for this deception is probably a projected major change of human society, the breaking down of old belief systems and the implementation of new ones. Vallée states that the evidence, if carefully analyzed, suggests an underlying plan for the deception of mankind by means of unknown, highly advanced methods.”]
Laura said:
Q: (A) Co-linearity essentially means going in the same direction. (J) Running along the same lines in similarity. (L) So when you become co-linear...(J) You guys are co-linear right now, you have been since you've connected, you've always been co-linear. So that's how it's grooved to your resonance to each other. (L) Yeah. (J) That's how I take that, whether it's right or not, I don't know. (T) Does that mean we're co-linear, with more twists maybe (to Jan)? (J) Well I think we are. (L) Well the one thing that I think happened or is happening with the group because of the interaction is that everybody is becoming more or less co-linear. It's like increasing, it's like everybody is...their all coming to the same...I don't even know how to say it. It's not the same because everybody has their own particular perspective, it's like they contribute to it. It's like a whole bunch of different people in a circle looking at something, and they're all describing their particular perspective of it... (T) Like their describing an elephant. (L)...and the whole elephant is growing out of it. (J) In other words it's building upon everyone's concentration and their particular focus. It's like everyone's bringing their...(L)...And contributing ...(J)...focus to the table and it's all building from that. (L) Yeah, that's the only way I can describe it because everybody has individual perceptions, but what we're learning is something in the middle that's growing out of everybody's contribution. And then of course this person over here, by contributing their view, that person over there is able to have access to it, to know it. (J) Well if it's building as you go along, everyone's perception of it changes as it builds because it's changing. And they are looking at it, and as they're seeing it and keep contributing different things as it changes. (L) Yeah, and then the very act of that exchange links...(T) That makes sense. I've always felt that by having the material out on the net, the more people read it the more they become attuned to it. Those who fight it don't get anywhere. Those who don't do. (L) Well, what do you think about that?

IMO this is a really nice perspective. ;)

Thanks for sharing and much food for thought.
Thank you Laura and all other assistants for this avalanche of sessions!

A: Seek ye first the desire of the heart and all else falls into place.

This quote remembers me of the deepest and most powerful voice I ever heard in a dream that awoke me long time ago when I was about 17. The voice said "fulfill your desires, you get many roses in your garden as gift for others". This sentence sounded mysterious to me but I was unable to find any connection with my life situation. Instead of it I thought "I cannot do or say or decide what I wish, if I could that would be great; maybe this is just dream nonsense". Nevertheless, the warmth in my heart always appeared at the thought of these words as years went by until I began realizing the truth of its content.

A: Mostly the former with the qualifier that it was mostly fear of loss.

Q: (T) I'm trying to understand what they're saying and put it into perspectives with my life. (L) I don't know, I'm not a mind reader. (T) Was I being STS or STO at the time when I was giving these things up, it sounds like I was being STS. So I was hurting myself, just doing that.

A: Wanting to help others can often be STS if the reason, at deep levels is fear.

Q: (T) Fear of what?

A: Loss.

Q: (T) Hmm, I'll have to ponder on this awhile. (L) Loss of what? (T) That's a good question, loss of what?

A: Respect, love, others opinions, and a big one self image.

Q: I think what they're saying is you gave up things that you wanted to do to do other things that you thought were things that you ought to be doing to help other people, and the reason you did it that way was because you thought that if you didn't sacrifice yourself and your own wants and needs and these things that you wanted to follow and pursue, that other people would have a lesser opinion of you, or they wouldn't love you or they wouldn't like you, or they would think that you were just being selfish and mean, or something like that...(J) Because you would lose your own self image. (L)...and the self image was rescuer, savior, fixer, helper. (T) Well that kind of sums it up doesn't it? (L) Hey, we've all been there. Fear of loss. The big one, loss of your self image. (T) That's funny because I never really had a self image. (L) Well it depends upon what you define as self image. (J) Or maybe a different self image as opposed to a bad self image. (T) That could be too. Okay I can work with that, that's something to work with. Uh, anything for Ark, any words.

Yes, I also experienced how the fear of loss can distort valuable goals in ones life in such a way that I´d end believing being cheerful, a decent fellow or a fair helper was a must, an unquestionable duty I had towards others. This attitude was causing me much stress and anxiety but I hardly could relate it to anything really concrete though I tried very hard and stubbornly... In other words: I found myself trapped in the pretending effort that was being fuelled by my self-image. As I tried to look to my fear closer, I used to get deeply impressed by its overwhelming paralyzing power plus the shame and guilt defense mechanism that just popped up simultaneously, leaving thereby few space if any for any welcome feedback. Much later on, something started calling my attention, which turned to be my favourite sacred cow. It was so well installed in my head and since such a long time, that it was part of my everydays feelings and were therefore so difficult to recognize. It was defeatism. It allowed me to justify and fix many things but did not offer anything else than impatience and confusion and distrust.
As always, thank you for sharing! So many different thoughts come to me from reading this thread such as the coming quantum shift, what our perspective of it will be, how to get out of the matrix without being squashed in our attempts.. and many others. After all said and done I feel overwhelmed. I don't know if this is common for others. I'm certain there are times for many where they feel overwhelmed and yet I wonder the distinguishing factor that will push one forward and yet another back. Suppose free will takes the cake on that one. Cheers! :thup:
When the entity answered- Pir- I think I know what it means- Pir is Fire- :shock:
I am still reading it, not finished the whole thing yet, but I had to write this down before it was-gone
Laura said:
A: Resonance that is pure is a property of co-linearity. It can resonate thereby to a stronger signal of similar purity.

It seems to me that the Cs and Laura, via the Forum, have given us the mechanism to create a sort of "3-D Cosmic Mind." Our participation provides an active process that results in a culmination of knowledge that has farther-reaching effects than just our membership. Thanks, Y'all! Thank you Laura for transcribing the session.
Thank you for all these new sessions! Just getting around to reading them now.

Manuel said:
I have always the feeling of confusion arousing from the fear of loss that the idea of taking some definite path implies. That's why in the end I do a lot of different things at the same time, without being able to do one thing really well and full time...

Me too. It's hard to juggle so many things, and when a new one comes in you have to find some way to fit it in. That's why it seems like I never get anything done.
Really wonderful transcript. So many nuggets of info and truth. Thank-you team.

The feedback from the other member's too, is real valuable. I too find reading this thread timely. My goal of late is too read all the transcripts again. I am enjoying it very much, the energy in the words themselves is inspiring and feels re-juvinating. In some ways I put myself in the cross-hairs so to speak of what is being said, for example, my opinions, my sacred cows, how do I engage in co-linear relationships, and how to properly use this forum to grow.... this has been a really great thread.
So many hard hitting truths, when I truly examine my motives to help someone and especially family,
is it based on fear, others perceptions!?
I think so! :( It's hard to let go of these sacred cows. Glad I went back over this cos right now
I needed that prod!
I'm grateful that this thread popped up right about now. I've certainly been reading more than participating. (most comments a year old.) It's rich in insights and prompts me to regroove and not think in isolation. Thank you.
It is amazing how when we need something to help us on our journey, if we are looking we find it. This transcript is one of those keys that truly assist us on this journey., thank you.

Manuel said:
I have always the feeling of confusion arousing from the fear of loss that the idea of taking some definite path implies. That's why in the end I do a lot of different things at the same time, without being able to do one thing really well and full time...

Yes I know what you mean.

Also sacred cows that keep popping into view replacing some very important knowledge. The fear of loss is so powerful sometimes I do not even know that I am using it to guide me through my actions until I hit rock bottom. It was very good for me at this point to read this session.

Cs said:
A: Seek ye first the desire of the heart and all else falls into place.

When I read this had to stop and think about it. What is my desire of the heart? Many things popped in my mind and after really looking at them I realized they to are sacred cows. There were many voices of various "I's" that put claim to the answer to this question. In agreement that this may be;

Endymion said:
Some people seem to be born with a greater awareness of their heart's desire than others. Or perhaps one should say that some are less scarred than others and so the heart's desire is closer to surface, so to speak.

because do we actually know which center we are working with at any given time? To be able to answer this question I feel the need to be actually in the heart center. And there may have been a time when I thought I was working from the heart, now I am not so sure. After all we can not think with way we think...
What does "Seek ye first the desire of the heart and all else falls into place mean?

My interpretation of that sentence is that I should look for freedom and love and everything else then comes naturally. Of course, there is no real freedom without accepting the personal responsibility for my words and actions at any given moment. Freedom and acceptance of self response-ability go hand in hand. And love is not real love if it is not based on external considering (empathy?), understanding that not everyone sees things the way I see them or feels the same way as I do when I feel something or when I am experiencing some particular emotion.
I guess it's the realization that I am not the center of the Universe although my ego/predator mind can trick me into believing so if I unconsciously let him do it (to let my ego direct me instead of me being at the helm of my vessel/programs).
Of course, this is just my interpretation- doesn't necessarily mean that is objective.

Man, this forum is weird- in the most positive sense of this word. :lol: I'm glad I found it... it's like I am re-discovering myself all over again.

Thank you Laura and the rest of the crew for doing what you are doing here! It is really helpful to me, for acquiring understanding on many aspects of life (if not all). I am not the only one who finds the information shared on this forum helpful and of vital importance.
My life has changed so much since this forum and all of its body(wave series,transcipts adventures ,all the required reading from Gurddjieff to Knight-Jadzck,SOTT, ponerology, pathocracy and finally US,the forum.. My life is complete.Change means the bumps and crashes and waves that come and go are not only perceived differently,but are responded to very differently because a different awareness has been grooved. The energy of the forum is extremely important and beneficial to me on a daily basis,which is why I spend SO many hours a day reading all I can read here.I realize I may be avoiding some important mundane work in some areas,and am allowing for more learning if that is the case.I only know that TODAY i chose to be on here for a long time ,almost 12 hrs,but its not everyday. I need you guys today because the waves ,they are a gushing. I am also so allright.I never experienced this new brand of hard times as of late,and I am learning and becoming so much more aware and focused. I asked to see and feel and be more of the light and the knowledge that comes from it and it is test after test and I'm more than O.K. I have way less in many physical ways,and for someone who never had to worry about money and things too much WOW,what an awakening! This is part of what it takes for me to shed the false self and the sacred cows that go with it. So good. How else could I really have served? I thought I knew about service and I do to an extant,not enough.Still it takes whatever means this individual ego needs to lift the veil more fully. I ASKED. I found out that I really meant it. Mean it.I also have the tools required,and the EE program has been a gift. I meditate.I cannot live fully or even half fully without it.Love to all of you that work too.
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