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Q: (Joe) Is it that people who have a certain awareness which is equivalent to information or ideas or conception of the world in their mind, that this contributes building blocks for a new reality?

A: It is not that those who endure to the end will be saved, but that those who endure to the end shall save others. It is your choice to be among those who choose to be a part of the vanguard of the new reality!!!

Thank you, infinite thanks for confirming directly what I felt and thought some time ago. That creative acts can pave the way to a new universe in which people can live, if they choose it.

I can not find the session, but I remember that the C's had said that human beings can create universes if they know how to do it.


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Thank you for a great session, there's so much in it that it warrants rereading a few times over! The two hats is certainly very mind blowing, and the list is a perfect way to consolidate what we can do to stay vigilant and keep our receivers on track. I get the feeling that the PTB are increasingly getting desperate, and I have to admit to feeling a bit down, restless for no apparent reason and low on energy of late. Partly this is due to the current state of global affairs and a sinking feeling that it's not going to get better (quite the contrary) and thinking how can I help myself and my kids navigate these treacherous times. There is also a tendency to want to watch Netflix to dissociate, so this was a timely reminder to limit my 'down time' even if it feels like positive dissociation.

Thanks again for an amazing session!!

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Thank you C's children for talking to the heirs of the future. Each session is a wonderful feeling of "going home".

A: It is not that those who endure to the end will be saved, but that those who endure to the end shall save others. It is your choice to be among those who choose to be a part of the vanguard of the new reality!!!

This wonderful paragraph has helped me to understand a lot the "glimpses" of the future I had in my dreams. My only concern is the others and a "little thing" that I have left to solve in my "personality".

I think I'll finally get up every morning with the warrior's phrase "today is a good day to die".

Thank you and thank you and thank you.:-)


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Thank you all for sharing such a timely message, helping us to grow once more and protect ourselves and to serve others. We really do need to work hard to avoid dissociation and the negative consequences of it, always. And these everyday exercises of growing in knowledge, sharing and being open to the infinite potential of the Cosmic Mind will surely tune our antennae in the right "direction", if we work and have faith! A big hug to all of you who contribute to our ever-growing intent of serving others while surviving these marvellous times!


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A few thoughts in regards to the discussion of gaslighting used by those in power...

These BIG memes like 9/11, other terror attacks and Bush as the religious Right fanatic who would usher in a new theocratic fascism are implanted and stay in the mind for long. Similar parallels can be drawn with Trump. But if we look at their actual policies and actions and the words they use NOT when campaigning or when trying to garner popular support but when they're actually in the halls of power and able to enact certain things (emphasis on certain here) it is often quite different if not the opposite of what they're portrayed as.

Let's draw 2 quotes from each of these presidents which will provide a glimpse into how they use populist issues to advance non-populist agendas in actuality.

"They hate us for our freedoms." - G.W. Bush (The popular imagination sees the "they" not as some a-religious abstraction like "terrorist" but as "Muslims")

Then: "Islam is a religion of peace." - G.W.Bush (Under who's reign, apparently, some of the largest numbers up to that point of Muslims migrated to the US)

"Build the Wall." - D.J.Trump (The popular imagination likely sees this as an issue of identity not necessarily tied purely to the abstract concept of "legal" vs. "illegal" immigration)

Then: "I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever, but legally."-D.J.Trump (Under who's reign indeed the numbers have only increased.)

One sociopath in, one out. Rinse and repeat. Those who hold actual levears of power reamin unbeholden. People remain fixated on the puppet show.
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the traps and tricks make up the obstacle course we learn from.... and so much of this session reminds me of the first book in that Celestine Prophecy series.

It does kind of feel that way with Ark's two caps being found. I also found it to be a very interesting book.

Session 3 December 1994:
Q: (L) In talking about the new level of being after transition to 4th density, will this be something like what is described in the book "Celestine Prophecy?"

A: Close.

And I add my thanks to Laura and everyone in the session for asking the "universal" type questions we need. To those doing an Atsign_Laura for personal questions keep in mind the careful preparation given before the sessions and the energy expended to get this far after years of dedicated Work. The Cs discourage personal type questions in preference of "universal" type questions that can help everyone. Besides, Laura is always kind busy don't you think.


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Thanks for the session - very interesting indeed.

For me the important part was about toxic relationships in families. A few months back I made the decision to stop interacting with my sister, after having tried for over 20 years to accommodate her. But it just doesn’t work, once you think you got one base covered, she shoots off in another tangent. She is the perpetual victim, and by her logic, I am the prpetrator. One of the reasons I hung in there for so long was her son, who lacks a male role model. But she is using her son as a pawn and she is the gatekeeper in how I am allowed to interact with him (always of course in her presence).

The thing is, that it has been a very painful process, because I am staggered by how uncompromising and unreasonable my sister is, but having really tried to accommodate her - and failing all the time, while being attacked by her constantly - I have decided to end that feeding of hers. At the detriment of her son, but there is no other way that I can see, and he likely has his own lessons to learn.

But I am still reeling form this decision and a mix of incomprehension and hurt is still present. But I also know that it was the right thing to do, because I am tired of constantly have to weigh every single word I say and deflect or absorb all the bombs she hurls at me.

Anyway, a timely reminder, that your family is not who is related to you by blood, but by spirit - and my family is here.


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Awesome session, thanks! I had the thought that different timelines are like frequencies. In order to merge with the timelines which are the seeds of a new reality, we need to properly tune ourselves to receive them. Or something like that!

I think frequency (FRV) does play a part in the timeline "part" we are here to play. We choose to play the part/parts as best we can (and this session I think is telling us to focus on that future by holding a frequency that works towards following a timeline to get to that new future reality) then we can achieve a different outcome than we would by going back to sleep and "dissociating". Maybe it's time to "tune up" our engines.

Session 23 February 2002:
Q: (L) So it is by agreement. (A) What is by agreement? (L) To be in the orchestra, frequency resonance envelope. (B) Not only to be, but to play within those parameters. (L) Who gets to pick what gets played?

A: Ah! There's the rub!

Q: (B) That means it's up for grabs. Which is why they're interested in us grounding a certain frequency resonance so STS doesn't.

A: No, you don't get to pick the selection at this level. But you in the future does. The question is: How well do you play, and can you play true if the others don't?

Are we going to just "dissociate" or "play true if the others don't?". Do we "agree" to be in the orchestra or not? That, I think is the question.

Are we going to play our own tune or a "universal"/"cosmic" tune?


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That was a remarkable session and one worth reading several times over! Thank you @BrendaH for compiling that list together, I just printed out two copies, one for myself and my roommate as those insights and reminders are so valuable and something that all of us can come back to time and time again! Lately I've been thinking about Caesar a lot, and after talking to @anartist about this latest session, all the courage acts and great deeds he did throughout his life, never thought to directly ask him for guidance and help until now.

One thing I'd like to mention that happened earlier this week that was unusual. I went to bed very late one night after smoking a lot more than usual and started to have racing thoughts. Weird images started to appear in my minds eye that were unsettling. The next day I came home from work and was exhausted, in that wired but tired state where my body needed sleep but my mind kept going. So I laid down on the couch to try and rest, only to have similar images appear, until something just 'clicked' and I started thinking about my grandfather's memoirs that I'm working on, when all of a sudden this incredible sense of calm and peace came over me and all those images faded away and were replaced by what looked like ponds of the color turquoise floating all around! I looked up the symbolism of that and this is what it has to say.

The color turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty

So there is definitely something to honoring our ancestors and those who came before us, and I can only hope to carry that forward and sow good fortunes for the group, myself, and everyone whose lives I'm a part of.

Thank you!


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Lots and lots of interesting things to talk about here, definitely.

Thank you everyone for your hard work keeping us all awakened. Much to ponder as always, and loved Ark's story about two caps after the timeline merge, which in turn also made me wonder about Disappearing Object Phenomenon. If somehow objects could reversely disappear as well when timelines merge ?

I suppose it's possible if, like, the other timeline is "stronger" and doesn't have the object in question when the two meet. Not where you'd want to lose your keys, to say the very least!

More and more I feel the need to be more vigilant with those that you truly love and care for, but how much can one do if for example, If I'm the only one in my household who reads and are aware of hyper dimensional realities ? Most of my peers and friends are not into these subjects and honestly this community is my only place for solace, sharing and venting. It's really tough when you know the importance of grouping and communing together but If you don't have any like minded individuals near by.
Thank you all for a very in-depth session. So many important points. What especially moved me was the points of living a "normal" life. All my family and friends, good and honest people, know I hold different views to them but none want to ask or know those views. I try to live a "normal" life amongst them and help laugh and play with them. It's like having a split personality but it's also teaching me to be extra alert and in a way more genuine in my actions and feelings. Maybe it's self pity but it is extremely lonely most of the time. I just hope I'm doing the right things.

Another point raised was the ancestor connection. Being Irish the farthest back we can go is my Grandfather whom I never knew. No records or personal history handed down. My aunts and parents were wonderful people but I wouldn't classify them as ancestors, and they could well be back here on earth now. So who to make a connection with. It's a wonderfully comforting idea though.

You are all continually in my thoughts and hopefully I'm creating some good vibes. Thank you again.

It is hard to know what to do in times like these. Just above me however I think goyacobol has made an apt reference to the metaphor of an orchestra: it's hard to play well if others aren't or have other ideas in mind. That I think is at the root of the difficulties that we're facing. Insofar as what to do otherwise, I don't know, just continue networking and trucking along I guess.


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Very much appreciate the new Session. A lot of new information to digest. Thank you!

A question on this part of the Session ...
Close to three weeks ago, Ark went with PoB in her car to the store and bank. When he was getting ready to go, he couldn't find his cap so he went to the closet and there it was on the shelf. On the way back from the store, he left the cap on the seat in PoB’s car. A little later, he decided to go for a bike ride and while getting his backpack ready, he took his cap out of it and put it on his head. He went for the bike ride, came back, put the cap on his desk. A bit later, PoB brought his cap to him from her car. And there they were, two FBS caps. Identical except that one was a bit cleaner than the other and the dirtier one had a little bloodstain on the inside band from when he hit his head on a beam some time ago.

A question or two about a small detail, "Was the cap found in the closet, on a shelf - the whiter one? Or was it the cap in the backpack?

If the "whiter cap" was the one in the closet - and the cap that Ark generally wears (with a slight bloodstain) was the one in the backpack, when was the last time Ark went for a bike ride? A day or two ago, a week, etc.?

Is it possible to determine, an estimated time (figuratively speaking) from the time Ark went for the last bike ride and the day "both caps appeared" as some type of measurement - when the two timelines "merged"?

Also, since the one cap looks fairly new - did that timeline "make a leap forward" to merge with this one ... or did our own timeline lose momentum (evolving slower) so the two could merge into one?

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Thanks for another great session!
The timeline merged into stronger and positive way is wonderful!!!
While I/we still have time, we have to keep working ourselves continuously STO way.
It seems that is what Laura said “We should be aligning that present frequency with cosmic purposes in order for that future outcome to be desirable”
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