Session 18 May 2019


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I have already -


Sid, thank you for sharing the link. I replied there to comment. Sorry I didn't see it sooner.


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What a fascinating session, definitely will read it several times.

Q: (L) Alright, let's move on to the next item on my list. The next one is... I put this on the list, but I dunno if it should be there. I thought it was something that would be useful: to connect with ancestors and honored saintly type people in 5D for protection. I thought that that would be kind of a useful thing. I think people should find out if they have any ancestors or deceased relatives or somebody who were good and decent people who one can talk to mentally or communicate with by writing letters to them, or dream communication, and ask them for protection.

One thought I had regarding what the C's have said about us connecting with other groups eventually, is that maybe some of these groups may be ancestors and honored saintly type people. In the session Ark was referring to regarding biometric gravity the C's mentioned that even if someone is able to get to 4rth density, they would find themselves unable to do much due to the gap between densities/awerenes/knowledge(welcome to the twilight zone). So it would be necessary to have help from higher levels, and connecting to ancestors seems like it may fit the bill, or part of the bill.
This is a little beyond me so take this thought with a grain of salt.


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Thank you Scottie for sharing it. I stopped all exercises recent months for one reason or other. I tried to do exercise in the morning for years but some how my mind goes crazy with it. Is it possible to share the super powerful exercise? It is good to start the morning exercises. Thank you.

Yes, I as well have found is that a regular routine really helps kick start the day, with a morning walk in down to community dumpster. While being invigorated, by the sight's, smells, and a feeling of a positive living force in the mist of the sleeper's.

So I'll need to kick it up notch given the positive benefits with the finer tunning's necessary to prepare for being a serviceman.


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This session struck me in so many ways, I can't thank everyone participating in the session live and on the forum enough.

(L) Well, that's true. You can hook up with somebody who has good ancestors, and their ancestors become your ancestors by you having shared realities. You're opening up and sharing your worries and troubles. The good ancestors of any group or any one person in a group kind of become the good ancestors of other members of the group.

(Pierre) And here you mentioned not ALL your ancestors - just the good ones. The same is true for the saintly figures. I think people should be aware that there are many saints who were not saints and other people who were vilified who were actually good.

(L) There are saints who were made saints, but they weren't actually very good people. And then there are other saints who deserved that title. That's a good topic for discussion... not a C’s discussion, but rather a discussion amongst people.

I'm definitely interested in these kinds of discussions on the forum here. I started a thread on Socrates since I didn't see one for him yet.😇 I'm also slowly learning more about the monastics in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, particularly as discussed by St Nikodemos in his anthology of monastic writings the Philokhalia.

Q: (L) Okay. So, is there anything that I didn't have on my list that should be on the list?
A: Not as such.
Q: (L) I guess we can expand it as we see fit.

Reading this list there was one thing that I thought should be added to the list, which I think is communion or eating together food people prepare. And it's not because people aren't doing it but rather because it's so commonplace that I think people sometimes forget its value. As a person who lives alone and doesn't eat at work, a part of me really misses and cherishes the times I share meals with others. There's the adage that families that eat together stay together as well.

In Christianity communion is a important sacrament. In essence it was about Christ giving his flesh and blood (as symbolized by bread and wine) for people to consume, so that they would assimilate Christ and so quite literally as individuals and a church become the body of Christ and be connected to him.

In more mundane terms I always feel great when having a good discussion with people I like and care about, but having everyone prepare and eat food together adds another dimension to it. When I think of spending time with people and wanting to cook and organize ingredients, there's a lot of effort and creativity that is involved with that. Sometimes I would catch myself singing positive songs while working in the kitchen, and would just generally be in a good mood. A part of me wonders if that imprints on the food somehow, like part of the information in the water or something. I remember even Gurdjieff said that actually emotionally caring for a cow or goat improves the quality of its milk - not just good animal husbandry.

Normally it is ordained priests and the like who are qualified to get "Christ" to manifest in the bread and wine through the liturgy and conducting sacraments to help the congregation consume Christ and so add his being to their own. Stripped of the ritualistic elements, it comes down to a person bringing something higher and positive (FRV?) into the food, which people literally are consuming and assimilating into themselves in a very real fashion.

This is just a hypothesis I came up with. Communion or eating together food people make overlaps with the other recommendations like diet, sharing (providing/cooking food, real networking conversations), and karaoke (in terms of collective work that raises people's vibration).

(Joe) The point is that... I mean, you have in your head that there's going to be some kind of clash of civilizations, but that doesn't seem to be the point. If you look at social media today, they've gotten to the point where Christians are denounced as basically atavistic racist backward nutjobs. When they...

It's really frustrating for me to hear that. Christianity is a universalist philosophy like Stoicism, which means it stands really above any sort of racialist in-group preferences because you're to be honoring the higher values that connect all peoples regardless of their ethnic backgrounds or contingent self interests.

During the process, I witnessed what seemed to me a complete transformation of the dying woman's personality. Later, I had a symbolical dream of an angel with its wings spread out from above in a cave's upper entrance which I interpreted to mean that I just witnessed something very special.

I wonder if that was Plato's cave she snuck out of? :P

A few notes: "Qigong" is not actually Qigong. It's something that Ark and Chu formulated, and have been doing for about 1 year. It's a combo of Qigong, yoga, 5 Tibetan Arky Exercises, stretches, and some normal exercises for building strength. They do it every day first thing in the morning.

Wow. Is this something either of them would be interested in sharing with peeps on here sometime?


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Thanks for sharing! So if I haven't forgotten anything, the list would look like this:

List of things to do in order to protect oneself against hyperdimensional manipulations and harm:

  • Avoid dissociating and feeding negative thought loops: dissociating is being in a fantasy and not paying attention to reality. If you dissociate, you have negative thoughts that lead to negative thought loops.
  • Diet: having a bad diet contributes to ingesting the chemicals that the STS forces wants us to ingest in order to poison us and mess up our antennae.
    • Is good to do intermittent fasting.
  • Share impressions and troubles: thoughts, worries, fears, etc. Not doing this “dramatically changes the inner landscape and can even shut down the receptors so that you are more subject to STS manipulation of thoughts and feelings via mechanical means.”
  • Make amends when possible to the wronged person, and when not possible making those amends to the world at large: in case that trying to make amends would make things worse we can achieve redemption by giving to the universe and others in need.
  • Conserve energy and not feeding STS dynamics: STS uses many tricks and traps to suck people into negative dynamics so that they become food. When you become food, you're feeding the STS side and empowering it against not only your own best interests, but also against the best interests of STO itself. We have to be careful not to fall into the pity trap, they’ll try to make us feel guilty or sorry for them, and that makes us food. At the same time you're feeding your own ego because you feel like a savior or needed or like you'll get something. It's that dynamic of the feminine vampire.
    • We need to have the right feelings towards the right person in the right context.
  • Connect with ancestors and honored saintly type people in 5D for protection: we should find out if we have any ancestors or deceased relatives or somebody who were good and decent people who one can talk to mentally or communicate with by writing letters to them, or dream communication, and ask them for protection. And if you can't find your ancestors, you have to find someone else's ancestors. You can hook up with somebody who has good ancestors, and their ancestors become your ancestors by you having shared realities.
  • It would be good for certain people to guide the newly deceased: If there is somebody in your circle of acquaintances or group or whatever who is in the process of passing over or recently did pass over, you could in some way help guide them in the reality to which they may not be accustomed (obviously), but mainly because of their thought patterns during life.
  • Use “the mirror” in a group situation as a way to bring people to full awareness of their reality: this should be handled carefully as many are not ready for that advanced work.
  • Pray.
  • Sing together: it has to be done with the right songs, getting an order of songs to sing in a certain order of a certain type. If everybody sings the same songs around the world, this would be like a limbic link up.
  • Divination.
  • Apostles Paul’s list of things to avoid and things to enhance:
    • Vices to avoid: fornication, licentiousness, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissension, envy, drunkenness. Self-conceit, provoking one another, and envy.
    • Virtues to enhance: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
    • It’s important to have in mind that “Whatsoever a man sows, that will he also reap”, and “let us not grow weary or lose heart." Most important to remember the "sowing" part in the context of your antennae and how your antennae determines your future. If you're not taking care of your inner landscape and the immediate world around you in terms of your group and your associations and so forth, you're screwing up your antenna and then you're going to have a bad future because your antenna will attract the wrong things.
  • To do Eiriu Eolas together and crystals, etc.
Thank you for making the list, BrendaH ;-)


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Just a couple of first impressions of such an amazing session:

Joyeaeia of Cassiopaea - wow, I love these guys!

Q: (L) I was just spiraling down into poor health for the past few years because I was giving all my energy to shore up people I cared about. And then I realized I can’t do this anymore; I just can’t. I knew that if I continued, I would die before my work was finished. But it’s so hard to do that; it’s like tearing your heart out to just say “No more”. Only afterward did I realize that I was giving all this energy because I was being manipulated by the pity trips.

(Joe) And on the very day the second cap appeared, there was news that brought closure to that situation.

I'm so very glad, Laura, not easy...

Ark, I don't know what to say, very strange indeed, other than you do now indeed have a spare 🧢 which may help you discover new things, too.

Q: (L) Well... So what is the important take home message here?

A: Consider the relationship between the previously discussed protein antennae and your reality. That determines who you are and what you see.

I’m just further and further amazed at the progression of discussions on the Forum of late. These micro-chemical-biological features/designs working in such mind-blowing ways (not to mention what is unknown of them), such as protein antennae; receiver antennae, and perhaps ultimately helping to guide/activate internal genetic switches etc., etc.

(L) What kinds of practices, thinking, behavior, or whatever actually assist us in our lives to stay safe from hyperdimensional manipulation or harm that can hurt our frequency or muddy things up? …

Thank you for this discussion/list and such (and to BrendaH, too, for the print addition).

Q: (L) ... Okay, the next item on my list is: sharing impressions and troubles.

A: Big one! So many are reluctant to share thoughts, impressions, worries, fears, etc.

As mentioned further along, with societies (as a generalization) enthralled with material gizmos that feedback an avalanche of wireless material wants if not somewhat checked - like a programmed view for an inner landscape that can be fantasized about or made material; expectations to place oneself here or there within such a picture, along with who, where and what (all at your grasp the message keeps saying - click here) – the ultimate like: or if you don’t like worldview, that can leave them barren to sharing anything meaningful even if not easy to say – having communion, or a plain old conversation et cetera. Yet herein, unless in a solid group, with a trusted partner or family and community that holds the latter parts in great esteem - leaving ego at the door, is it any wonder these times of ours.

Q: (L) …Then he said {Apostle Paul} at the end of his list, "Whatsoever a man sows, that will he also reap”, and “let us not grow weary or lose heart." So, I thought that those were rather positive things to think about.

A: Most important to remember the "sowing" part in the context of this discussion.

:hug2:thank you for the sowing you all do.


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nakon ove zadnje sjednice nisam siguran gdje živim u svemiru! Mislim ... Ark sada fizički, materijalno ima 2 kape? !! Morat ću češće čitati ovu sesiju ... pogotovo kad je riječ o mom jeziku jer mislim da su me ubili 2 kape :-). U svakom slučaju, puno vam hvala Lauri i timu za sve do sada.


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Session Date: May 18th 2019

(Joe) The agenda over the past number of years has been to create in the minds of Western Christians the idea that Muslims are evil terrorists. And then whenever the programmed people rise up and say, "Muslims are evil! We don't want them here!" the manipulators tell them that they're evil racists and they should shut up. So, people have already kind of assumed that it was Muslims...

I guess it took a long time for Germans to be manipulated into thinking that killing Jews (and other people) on an industrial scale was ok?

It didn't happen overnight. In fact it may have happened over a long period of time. The brain washing and propaganda. It's interesting that Hitler (according to the C's?) aligned himself with dark forces in order to achieve his goals. In the end it destroyed him, physically, emotionally and most likely from a soul perspective too, at what ever point that was.

This should be reason enough for people to avoid evil even when it's 'dressed up nicely' and pretending to be everything that's 'good'.


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Very much appreciate the new Session. A lot of new information to digest. Thank you!

A question on this part of the Session ...

A question or two about a small detail, "Was the cap found in the closet, on a shelf - the whiter one? Or was it the cap in the backpack?

It was the newer one.

If the "whiter cap" was the one in the closet - and the cap that Ark generally wears (with a slight bloodstain) was the one in the backpack, when was the last time Ark went for a bike ride? A day or two ago, a week, etc.?

Probably just a few days earlier.

Is it possible to determine, an estimated time (figuratively speaking) from the time Ark went for the last bike ride and the day "both caps appeared" as some type of measurement - when the two timelines "merged"?

Probably not. We don't know how long the cap was on the shelf in the closet. But, it wasn't TOO long, not more than a week, for sure, because I would have noticed when putting clothes away I would think.

Also, since the one cap looks fairly new - did that timeline "make a leap forward" to merge with this one ... or did our own timeline lose momentum (evolving slower) so the two could merge into one?

The "leap forward" was my guess.


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Two points to make: Yes, I forgot to mention eating together, i.e. communion, but I forgot because we all do that anyway. But when possible, "break bread" with other members.

Second: Good ancestors can be as simple as your parents, your grandparents, great grandparents, etc. Good decent people who lived a life for others are truly the salt of the earth.
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