Session 18 May 2019


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And I'm sure it is not just for Ark or us, but for all who are connected. And I guess those who aren't too tightly connected, or who feel this new reality is not comfortable to them for some reason, will leave our sphere in more or less "ordinary ways" from the real world perspective. Other people in the house, right at that point in time, experienced changes, dreams, etc, but I'll let them chime in as they get time.

It's just so bizarre. Both caps are clearly Ark's, but Ark only had one EVER, and of that I am absolutely certain.

I know you've always been a die hard skeptic Laura, but don't worry, we Do all believe you!


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Many things for yet another riveting session.

It's one thing to hear about theoretical merging timelines on Sci fi TV programs such as Star Trek and the like but to see it manifest in the real world as described above is simply incredible and absolutely jaw dropping. Sheesh 🧢 🧢 s.


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Un grand merci pour cette session enrichissante et passionnante...
Ce qui m'a le plus marqué c'est :
R: Ce n'est pas que ceux qui persévéreront jusqu'à la fin seront sauvés, mais que ceux qui persévéreront jusqu'à la fin sauveront les autres. C'est votre choix d'être parmi ceux qui choisissent de faire partie de l'avant-garde de la nouvelle réalité !!!
Je sais qu'il me reste beaucoup de travail à faire pour m'améliorer...

Thank you very much for this enriching and exciting session....
What impressed me the most was:
A: It is not that those who persevere to the end will be saved, but that those who persevere to the end will save the others. It is your choice to be among those who choose to be part of the vanguard of the new reality!
I know I still have a lot of work to do to improve....


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@Laura, if possible in a next session you could ask what were the differences in the two previous timelines before the merging, what possible futures were accompanied to them and what implications brought the new creation of a new timeline and it's new possible future that wasn't possible before.

After the session, we discussed this and I think we pretty much nailed down the details. Of course, given the private nature of the events, we won't be discussing that in public. The take-home point is that if this seemingly normal event could cause some kind of "timeline merge" and the appearance of a 2nd baseball cap, then clearly it has much broader implications for all of us. I mean, people deal with family stuff all the time, and they don't have caps magically appearing!

There is also a tendency to want to watch Netflix to dissociate, so this was a timely reminder to limit my 'down time' even if it feels like positive dissociation.

I am 110% certain that there is a very good reason why Netflix is so popular right now, and it's not for the good of humankind.

Thank you Scottie for sharing it. I stopped all exercises recent months for one reason or other. I tried to do exercise in the morning for years but some how my mind goes crazy with it. Is it possible to share the super powerful exercise? It is good to start the morning exercises. Thank you.

Well, Ark suggested that those of you who are coming for a visit soon could join us for the morning routine. We've already had a couple of Newbies (like I'm one to talk).

For mass consumption, we need to work out the details of how to share it... Video? Descriptions? Illustrated guide as a PDF? Must ponder...

Stay tuned!

It's one thing to hear about theoretical merging timelines on Sci fi TV programs such as Star Trek and the like but to see it manifest in the real world as described above is simply incredible and absolutely jaw dropping.

Why bother watching Star Trek when reality is 50x more exciting, and it's real?!



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Thank you very much for this new session, it has been a gift this morning as i didn't expect it 🎁

I experienced, like some of you
- tiredness, with no reason, and a bit depressed, with no reason neither. I thought it was due to carnivore diet with intermittent fasting, but it's said that
- same thing as niclebleu with my siblings (who switch off contact with me), and came to the fact that we musn't be tied to blood ties. This is what I explained to the only one a little less closed than the others so that she sees that she is dragged into the abyss by the others. But she is so attached to blood ties that she doesn't seem to understand what I say. She has lots of programs instilled by her mother since childhood. It's been 5 years I try to open her eyes, but after 5 years, it seems to have no effect, so I gave up very recently (last month). It's unfortunate. Oh I realize while writting, it coincides with the time when I became tired, as though my loss of energy expresses now.

About fasting, do they mean intrermittent as a routine or 1 day a week?
Q: (L) Oh, and there was one thing I had at the bottom of the list. I guess it goes with diet. I thought it was a good idea to fast one day a week.
A: Intermittent fasting will do.


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Heartfull thanks to the Chateau crew for the session and the transcript :wizard::flowers:

And thank you for the list, BrendaH!

Those big ones bear repeating:

Q: (L) Okay. In relation to diet, I've put down keeping regular hours as much as possible, having a balanced colon biota... that sort of thing. Okay, the next item on my list is: sharing impressions and troubles.

A: Big one! So many are reluctant to share thoughts, impressions, worries, fears, etc. This dramatically changes the inner landscape and can even shut down the receptors so that you are more subject to STS manipulation of thoughts and feelings via mechanical means!!
Q: (Artemis) If you're not sharing, you're basically having an inner dialog with an echo chamber. You're not getting any real feedback or information or perspectives. And then it is easy to spiral down into wrong thinking.

(L) Yeah, that's a good point: If you're not sharing, you're just in an echo chamber! If you're keeping yourself to yourself and closing up, you're in an echo chamber. Then you are more susceptible to the STS manipulations and maneuvers.

Q: (L) The next one I have is conserving energy and not feeding STS dynamics.
A: Big one again and one of the most difficult because STS uses many tricks and traps to suck people into negative dynamics so that they become food.

(Chu) The other thing is doing Eiriu Eolas together and crystals and stuff. But those are already being done.
(L) Yeah, I was thinking of what to add on. Well, let's ask...
A: Indeed those are an important part of the self-tuning process.

And the following comment of Joe sums up this eternal bloody clever strategy that we see playing out these days. It's so much in the plain view and so many people buy into it:
(Joe) The agenda over the past number of years has been to create in the minds of Western Christians the idea that Muslims are evil terrorists. And then whenever the programmed people rise up and say, "Muslims are evil! We don't want them here!" the manipulators tell them that they're evil racists and they should shut up. So, people have already kind of assumed that it was Muslims...


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When this kind of answers are given by the C's I have the thought that something major is being missed. But maybe they don't want to answer with the details, as they sometimes censor the information =/

As I mentioned previously, there was a pretty clear personal angle to this event, so it was understood for what it was, although as I also said, that positive development from a personal perspective obviously has direct benefits to everything we do here.


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Thank you Scottie for sharing it. I stopped all exercises recent months for one reason or other. I tried to do exercise in the morning for years but some how my mind goes crazy with it. Is it possible to share the super powerful exercise? It is good to start the morning exercises. Thank you.

Wow. Is this something either of them would be interested in sharing with peeps on here sometime?

Yes and yes! We've been talking about it for some time. For now, guests who are visiting get invited and are welcome to join. Some learn the routine so well that they do it back at home.

We started on January last year, and after experimenting for several months with only QiGong, we started incorporating several things. Now it's a 30 minute program with what we think is a nice mix for strengthening core muscles, stretching, grounding and balance.

We may take pictures or do a video at some point. It's not that it's professional or anything (if any of you do yoga very well, you'll probably laugh at some of us:lol:). It's the persistence, the combination of different exercises and the act of doing it together that has been really positive. I think it would be really cool to have people do it all over the world, even if they want to modify it a bit or whatever.

Once the songs and order of songs has been sorted, could we do this at our International and/or crystal meetups?

Also yes! We'll see how it develops, but there are several possibilities to allow for people to do it together.


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I have been thinking that another item which can be added to list or at least worth keeping in the back of the head is to always self-observe your actions and reactions to events. Doing so reveals the clever workings of the predator mind and multiple I’s. Its fun to stalk the inner predator.


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This is very speculative, but I wonder if the group's recent departure from the suffocating (and claustrophobic I would say) materialistic world-view hasn't contributed to the opening of certain doors so to say. I've had some intense dream experiences for a few weeks and I kind of attributed it to the "liberating" of something on the subconscious level or elsewhere.
I had a rather interesting experience on Easter Sunday, 21 April.

For most of the day, I was totally exhausted and horribly depressed. Now, that was the day of the Sri Lanka attacks if I remember correctly, and that followed the Notre Dame fire. So, I thought I was just reacting somehow to crazy weather, crazy people, and crazy events.

The Farmies and our local group members came over for Easter dinner, which was quite tasty. Then they did karaoke. I didn't join at first, both due to barely being able to stay awake and being unusually depressed.

About an hour before karaoke ended, suddenly it was like a light switch was flipped inside me. I was at my desk, and I heard a John Denver song, and I ran into the salon and sang.

Then, when it was time for bed, I thought, "Ya know, I'm gonna get up early and do Qigong."

A few notes: "Qigong" is not actually Qigong. It's something that Ark and Chu formulated, and have been doing for about 1 year. It's a combo of Qigong, yoga, 5 Tibetan Arky Exercises, stretches, and some normal exercises for building strength. They do it every day first thing in the morning.

Chu nearly had a heart attack when I showed up the next morning, and Ark later declared that he never in a million years thought I would join them in the morning! :lol: Gotta keep 'em guessing, ya know?

Second note: Traditionally, I HATED exercise in the morning. I never felt good. Morning exercise generally made me feel like I was going to die. But that also begs the question why on Earth I thought it would be a good idea to get up earlier and do morning exercise! I really like this Qigong though, which is odd for me.

Third thing is that for as long as I can remember now, I've been a night owl. Late to bed, late to rise. I tried everything under the sun to change that, and nothing worked.

So, starting on Easter, it was like something simply clicked into place. At first, I figured it was probably just a fluke, and I'd fizzle out after a few days and go back to the old ways. Well, for about 1 month now, I'm off to bed much earlier, up much earlier, doing Qigong 6 days a week, and generally just feeling WAAAAY better.

Accompanying this change has been a HUGE reduction in my need for various dissociative behaviors, comfort foods, and so on. For example, "alone time" and "wind down" time were big things for me. Doesn't seem to be so important anymore! Some of those behaviors are things that go back 20+ years, and again, I'd tried everything under the sun...

When I do have urges to do things the old way, it's usually very easy to just go, "Oh, I'm doing that again. No, I don't want to." And then I literally turn around and do something else instead. It's like I've been injected with Super Willpower Juice or something. It's really strange.

Now, I have no idea if any of that is related to this timeline merge, but I suspect it is - at least in part. I suppose it could also be that simply struggling for years and years finally resulted in a payoff, and maybe the timeline merge was just sort of an extra trigger or boost or something. I really don't know.

I do know that I haven't suddenly turned into Jesus or anything like that. There are still many improvements left to be made and a lot more work to do. But I also know that I've never experienced anything like this before.

Also, around the time of the merge, I noted many discussions involving most people here about crazy dreams, similar dreams, quite a few deja vu experiences, and other odd goings-on like that.

My sense is that personal or not, this whole Merge Thing was a rather epic event in more ways than we know at the moment. Maybe that's why we just chatted with "Joyeaeia of Cassiopaea here with you in love of the infinite creation", which almost sounds like the 6d version of Unikitty:
View attachment 30297

It's not often we talk with such a wildly positive-sounding entity!

Having said that, it's pretty clear from the rest of the session contents that we've all got our work cut out for us.

This was a session that helped me a lot. Some kind of shock that I shall not fall down into despair.
last 3-4 weeks I also have very intense dreams and in one of them, the main character was Laura. I wrote about it in the dreams section. A weird dream.
Then I felt in such depression without any specific reason that It was so hard to me to even take food to eat, and in the same time I felt hungry but I did not want to eat any food. I can't explain the feeling.
And every day I was drowning into a depression more and more and I could barely function. This session came to me as a shock that I needed so I could stop following those negative thought loops and to try to work more to help others.
It is like I know exactly what I have to do but I don't have the will power to do it.


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Thanks to all! I do feel as though I live in that “echo chamber”, and I depend greatly on these transcripts to feed new dialogue into my quiet inner world. I’m so grateful to have found this place and these people. It seems like whenever I start to feel like I’m slipping into sleepwalking, a new session is posted and I’m pulled back into the positive direction of flow. I don’t have anyone I can dialogue with outside of Cass. I live a pretty solitary life, so this is the proverbial source for me. A thousand thank yous!!!

Thank you all for a very in-depth session. So many important points. What especially moved me was the points of living a "normal" life. All my family and friends, good and honest people, know I hold different views to them but none want to ask or know those views. I try to live a "normal" life amongst them and help laugh and play with them. It's like having a split personality but it's also teaching me to be extra alert and in a way more genuine in my actions and feelings. Maybe it's self pity but it is extremely lonely most of the time. I just hope I'm doing the right things.

I was thinking about what several of you posted along these lines, and I think that there is much more everyone can do to nourish the connection, even if it has to be done at a distance. If you look at BrendaH's list (thank you, btw!), think of all the ways you can do those things.

Sharing, for example, can take many forms, and this forum is our main way to do that. You can share your thoughts, your observations, your feelings, your process, etc., and help others who do the same. That can create more ties than we perceive at first glance.

It can also be learning and sharing what you learn, which also takes many forms.

Making amends can also take many shapes and forms: helping people out in the right context, here and in your immediate environment, and even posting something on social media that just may help someone in a way you weren't able or didn't want to help someone in the past, for example.

And obviously, some of the items on the list are going to develop, and we'll do our best to create more possibilities. It is mostly done within the Fellowship, so being a member would be a plus, even though we try to keep things as open as possible.



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It's not that it's professional or anything (if any of you do yoga very well, you'll probably laugh at some of us:lol:). It's the persistence, the combination of different exercises and the act of doing it together that has been really positive.

I would add that even if you're in tip-top shape, there are things in the program that you will find difficult. You may be flexible, but not strong. Strong, but not flexible. Strong and flexible, but the balance exercises will have you falling over quite a bit. It's quite a nifty combination that covers everything and gives everyone something to work on.

And then for sessions here, the doggies come to visit us and try to help out...


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