Session 18 September 2021


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Regarding the 12 percent with thinking capacity, there are 12 archetypes in the modern zodiac which symbolizes the mind of man.

We are just going into Libra as financial matters are at the forefront and all of us are weighing diminishing options to maintain a semblance of freedom and security. The thing being weighed is balanced to a standard which is our moral and civil codes externally and spiritual / psychological thinking internally. So its a good thing if you can deliberate on matters as opposed to being oblivious or ceding your thinking to others.

“They named Libra from the equal balance of this month because on September 24 the sun makes the equinox while running through this sign. Whence Lucan also says (Civil War 4.58): To the scales of just Libra” [The Etymologies of Isidore of Seville, 7th century AD, p.106.]

The word Libra, from Latin libra, plural librae, Greek lithra, a weighing scale, is related to the words: level, lira, deliberate, equilibrium (from æquus, equal + libra), litra (name of a Greek weight and coin), litre (liter, a metric unit of volume)”, librate (land worth a pound a year, the word used to mean; to vibrate as a balance; to be in equipoise; to waver between one thing and another). The process of librating or swinging from side to side is spoken of as libration.
“From time immemorial the scales have been the principle attribute of justice, it being impossible to even a little right with any quantity of wrong” [Brewers Book of Myth and Legend, p.253].


Hevelius,Firmamentum, 1690


Thank you kindly for a great session!

You know what? I personally am quite excited for the upcoming changes/disasters and challenges.
Even though, I'm luckily living quite a comfortable material live, I am totally fed up with the state of the world and the global pressure to destroy everything of truth and value.
Maybe I am recently too deep into a warrior mindset but I long for a different arena/domain to prove my soul and be of service.
Let's see what the DCM has in store for us!


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Thanks for the session.
It's becoming ... well, i have no word that match, it's a mix between a couple i'll not list, anyone has his own list.
What I retained is that something big "should" happen in October, and "they" know about. I wonder who is "they" ? 4D STS or some human ones ?
Let's wait ... see, and react accordingly.
You are standing in the middle of railroad tracks. You feel the train is coming. It's heavily armored freight train! It's fully loaded! It looks black, velvet like with semigloss finish. It looks like nothing you've seen before.
What do you wish to do?

Do you really wish to wait to see what happens when the train hits you? Wouldn't it be nice to do something and avoid the train just by a smidge?


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This is anecdotal, I live in the city, so light pollution is a problem, but my friend told me on Monday night this week, she saw something strange when looking at the moon, she lives outside of the city limits.

She told me the moon had a strange black spot in the middle, like the pupil of and eye with the moon glowing white around it, then surrounding the moon was a halo of different colors. She forgot to take an image because she was so amazed by the sight and watched it for several minutes.

Thought this could be something of note.


Hi Pat, not sure what you mean by 3 & 6 but yes, it's probable that given the added years between Caesar's birth and today, we are somewhere in the 16th century.
Hi Eboard10, I was talking about the following text from Laura in 1996 you quoted.

Q: (L) Thank God! Are you talking about the book of Daniel where a number is given regarding the time period between the one event and the other?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Okay. I know where to go to find it and study it. So, we are talking about the number 6.3, as in years?

A: Yes, but that is not correct.

Q: (T) The number of years is not correct. (L) Okay, is it possible, since you have brought this up on other occasions, through technology, to either skip this event by creating a means of travel to the next realm, or to create a parallel universe...

A: No.
Okay, among all the different theories of phantom history (Fomenko, Illig, Heinsohn), we finally found out when the empire fell.
But I still don't understand this passage:
16 apr 2016
(Joe) One last question: In a previous session, it was said that Caesar was born 1,635 years ago. How many years ago did the comet fragment meteorite impact occur in Western Europe that ushered in the Dark Ages?

A: Around 1100 AD

Q: (Pierre) They said "AD", not "years ago".

A: Check tree ring data for signal.

Q: (Joe) The problem is... Baillie has it at 540 or 550, but that's using the messed up... Anyway, doesn't matter.

(L) Doesn't he say that one of the strongest signals is the 1100, and yet in our historical records, there's supposedly nothing at that time? The historical record is off. But them counting years backwards, it's 1100.

(Joe) Right, that's the problem. I just wanted to try to correlate it because they said Caesar was born 1,635 years ago from now.

(Pierre) If we follow those two figures, that means about 400 AD. If they say this end of the Western Empire was 1100 AD, uh...

According to Heinsohn's theory, this looks more or less logical - the early Middle Ages were mostly invented and the collapse of the Roman Empire was in 930 AD. But since the collapse nevertheless happened in 536 AD, it means that the Dark Ages came earlier and at least part of the early Middle Ages is also not fictional. And I don't understand how 1100 is connected in this case with the beginning of the dark ages.


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I always thought that the "time" is an abstraction. Over the last 10 years I keep noticing that the feeling as if time is accelerating. The last year this feeling became even more pronounced. Somehow, starting last weekend, I am feeling that the "time" slowed down considerably. The days feel to last longer... Does anyone else feel the same?
Between 12th and 13th of September? That’s when I felt it. I actually put it on my profile status as a Note to Self Marker. For me time since then has more consistency, I can almost feel the flow. Before that time was like air.
It was a half-joking and therefore vague question. Don't stress it. Anyway, everything "involves aliens" from the Cs perspective. Likely upcoming changes that will directly effect everyone are in two categories: earth changes (major quakes etc.) plus economic crisis. Surely that's enough for you to be getting on with.
OK, thank you. Maybe something that may be in relation to this :


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Between 12th and 13th of September? That’s when I felt it. I actually put it on my profile status as a Note to Self Marker. For me time since then has more consistency, I can almost feel the flow. Before that time was like air.
I would say September 19th. Also, on that day I fell from the roof, when the ladder scissored under my feet... So, it could have been an internal trigger/shock, that changed my "time" awareness.
It seems that in the whole Pacific area, the techtonic plates that usually always move a little, have slowed down and finally stopped on the day of the equinox. Since then, everything seems to be blocked and of course, should not remain in that state for a long time. The unblocking could provoke an unusual activity

WIN 52

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Posted to my news feed on Facebook. This brought on a stream. That takes quite a bit these days. I felt that here was a good place to post the message.

"My friend Kerri Grote died this morning. While I am still processing, I wanted to share the words she left to be read upon her passing. Life is short. I hope they bring you perspective, inspiration and healing like they did for me. R.I.P Kerri. I love you.

"If you’re reading this, this fu$king brain cancer probably got me.
But let me be crystal clear while I’m able: I did not ”lose a battle” against cancer. This is a ridiculous, steamy pile of horse shit that society has dumped on cancer patients. Western medicine, and Western culture, especially, is so uncomfortable talking about death that instead it created this “battle” analogy that basically shames people who die from cancer.
News flash: None of us gets out alive from this rodeo called life.
There is no shame in dying from cancer – or any serious illness. And it doesn’t need to be a battle. It’s a transition that each of us will go through. I was asked by a shaman, whom I spoke to after my second brain surgery, “Are you running towards life or running away from death?”
Whoa! That got my attention.
There’s a BIG difference. I got it wrong more often than not.
Don’t let fear fuel your choices. Live fearlessly. Run TOWARDS life. Don’t worry about what people will think. Trust me, it doesn’t matter.
Focus on you. Be true to yourself. Be your own best friend. People who tell you you’re selfish are not your people. If the voice in your head says these unkind things, get a new voice. Honor your mental health and seek out a good therapist with the same vigor you’d search for a romantic partner.
Speaking of, be intentional about cultivating friendships that lift you up. As those friendships grow and change, don’t overlook them while you search for that “great love of your life.” (No, I’m not suggesting you sleep with your bestie. But you do you!)
Another unhelpful message that we get from society is that we need a “love of our life,” as a romantic partner.
Single and childless when I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, I looked around my life and came up sputtering and sobbing from the wave of grief washed over me. I thought I’d be doing this alone… no husband, no kids, no “great love.”
How wrong I was. At the first appointment with my neuro oncologists, one of the nurses diligently hauled in chair after chair for the great loves of my life who came with me that horrible day and many days after that.
I sat and listened while the doctor explained the 12-month treatment plan, focusing on my breathing, then looked around the room…. filled with great loves of my life: incredible women friends whom I had met at various stages of my life.
Surround yourself with people who contradict that unkind voice, people who see your light, and remind you who you are: an amazing soul.
Learn how to receive these reflections from your people. Because they are speaking the Truth.
Love yourself, no matter how weird and silly it might feel. Every morning, give yourself a hug before your feet hit the floor. Look deeply into your eyes in a mirror. Say to yourself, out loud, “I trust you.” That voice in your head might say you’re a dork. Ignore it.
As I prepare to leave this body and embark on this mysterious journey of my soul, I hope these observations from my deathbed are somehow useful.
What I know, deep in my bones, is that learning to love myself has led me to be able to say this: I’m so proud of how I lived.
May you, dear reader, feel the same when you head out on your soul journey, too. Until then, enjoy the ride. And always eat dessert first, especially if there’s pie!" "


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I would say September 19th. Also, on that day I fell from the roof, when the ladder scissored under my feet... So, it could have been an internal trigger/shock, that changed my "time" awareness.

Weird, we were joking today that time has gone silly since the earthquake we had here yesterday (Sept 22nd). Our (analogue) clock stopped at the time of the quake - batteries shaken loose? And then yesterday afternoon I had a percieved time oddity: There seemed to me to be about 1.5 hours worth of time between 3:45 and 4:30 (based on the specific, normal routine things I was doing in that time).. I looked at the clock expecting it to be between 5 to 5:30pm, was really confused.. Maybe I read the time wrong. It is of course the time of year when the days do get longer here..which seemed to happen quite suddenly... These mundane explanations seem perfectly likely to me, but just thought I'd mention it since people were talking time and earthquakes!

BTW, I mentioned previously that our dog was being super clingy and acting strangely since we were caught outside in a thunderstorm a few days ago, and she seemed to go back to normal after the earthquake.. well, spoke too soon, she's been being scared again this afternoon. We drove to the big park we often go to and she was as excited as usual, but when we got out in the open she did NOT want to be there. After a few minutes she actually ran right across the big field, back to the car by herself, and wouldn't budge... she's never done anything like that before! Tectonic weirdness still going on eh...
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