Session 19 November 2005

Don Genaro

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And not at all unrelated I just read this! - (I don't think any further comment is needed!) :lol:


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Don Genaro said:
When I first heard the song "I Gotta feeling" I was repulsed. I didn't think there was a song I'd heard that jarred my nerves so much in a long time. [...] I actually find their music very stressful to listen to.

I have to agree with you on this Don Genaro. This particular song grates on my nerves so bad, I immediately change the radio station. Same goes for the remake of "I've Had the Time of My Life". I didn't realise it was also Black Eyed Peas.

During my long drive to work, I often flip around on the radio. Some songs actually seem to cause me a bit of vertigo/dizziness. It is really weird, and I thought perhaps I was only imagining the music was having this affect on me. But after reading this transcript, there may well be something to this!! Sometimes, not only do I have to turn off the music, but I open both front windows and do Pipe Breaths to off set the dizzy feeling, as it ain't good to have at 70mph on the express way!

I think I'll just download the SOTT podcasts and start listening to them during my drive. It'll be safer! :cool2:

Don Genaro

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Yeah, i recently discovered the podcasts and I love listening to them in the car on the way to work or indeed at work when I'm alone and it's quiet :)


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Thank you for the session! Interesting information about the music thing. I don't buy a lot of CD's, so most of the music I listen to is on the internet or radio. So it seems that any band that is popular would have those messages in their songs.

Sometimes I just can't stand a song and have to change the station. This happens a lot for pop stations, where there is less than 10% that I'll listen to. Even with my favorite genre, rock, sometimes I just can't stand a song and gotta change it.

I don't like much classical music, just the recognizable hits. I do however like classical instruments playing modern music. I think I'm just used to the modern format of drums, guitars, and vocals.


I can say that listening music I perceived my body reacts to it.
Once I listened on TV the hit 'I kissed a girl', I was on the couch, waiting family members.
I was very relaxed before the song, after listening it I realised something changed. My body temperature, my heartbeats accelerated. I was so relaxed before the song that I did notice the change, and the evil music as the source. This does not happen to me when listening classical music.

I would like also to mention that the taste for music is not fixed. Around 10 years ago I hated opera and classical music. At present day I do like both opera and classical music and I dislike the 'commercial disco music'. Thinking on manipulation it seems to me safer to avoid even music with 'letter' and switch to classical music (nonetheless this is an inner thought, not a scientific fact).


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Thanks for sharing, I had a good laugh, made my day better, this with rock and with kiss in the end was funny, sense of humor is sometimes precious! :)

I would like also to mention that the taste for music is not fixed. Around 10 years ago I hated opera and classical music. At present day I do like both opera and classical music and I dislike the 'commercial disco music'. Thinking on manipulation it seems to me safer to avoid even music with 'letter' and switch to classical music (nonetheless this is an inner thought, not a scientific fact).

That was and case with me, i also listened more of popular music like trance, I was addicted to it because it would really lift me up if it had good melodic tones but now I listen to movies soundtracks and calmer music and here and there some stuff that I think is good be it rock, etc.., but I also come to realize that when you don't listen music for longer periods and then listen it, it can be really precious experience, but when you listen it all the time it losses it's "magic" so everything is in a balance in a way.


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On the music thing, the only music that i seem to be able to listen to is Pink Floyd and some classical.

Just the other day (before reading this) I decided to get rid of Gigabytes of 'ripped' mp3s (into the bin) thinking that if it didn't come to me honestly then i did not want to have it in my life. This synchronicity now gives me hope.

For a long time now i prefer not to have music or tv on (except for docos and news analysis) - the silence is golden.

On another track, my ex wife used to hear music in the sound of the cooling fans - i never heard it but i wonder if cooling fans are a vehicle for dodgy signals too?

Thanks so much :)


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This is not to do with music but it may be relevant.

Just the other night I awoke from a terrifying dream that made my right arm sore and I shook for hours, too scared to go back to sleep. The 'dream' involved an urgent repeated cry of Wake Up! Wake up! as i became aware of a predator type of form leaning over me and putting my head into its mouth.

I thrust my hand into its horrid mouth and threw it off. As i fully awoke i had a flash of an image of a face with an open mouth - painted during my time of severe depression several months ago. The understanding and fear i had at that time was that the 'beast' came out or through that painting. Also of interest possibly is that the painting kind of formed itself as I was just throwing paint without control in a sense. I wonder if that was channeling and I was picking up the wrong signals - I think it will go in the bin with all that poisonous music!

And i wont be 'channeling' evil through my paintings any more either! :scared:

Don Genaro

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This comment:
SAO said:
the rabbit said:
In the past ive been involved with a number of online music sites which have been quite vibrant , and now there like ghost towns.
I think in Besonic's case it just has a very small amount of people actually going to that website. The internet is filled with stuff like myspace and cointelpro stuff like ats where the amount of noise and brainless ramblings seems to be growing every day. I think mind control won't necessarily make you have nothing to say, just nothing of value.

Although listening to music in and of itself is probably encouraged by mind programming. Everybody has a car radio nowadays, and most people probably use it. It's interesting how portable music players (iPods etc) are all the rage, that music is now played *everywhere* - malls, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, etc. And if not music, there's probably a TV there. I think the idea is to vector our attention to this so that we don't actually think. I mean, most people don't have time to think anyway with jobs and families and all that, but even in the car when people do tend to have some time every day that could potentially be spent with some reflections about the day, maybe about other things... even there you're encouraged to just blast the stereo and lose yourself in music instead.

Anyway, this intense focus on getting people to listen to music all the time and everywhere they are stinks to high heaven. They don't even need to put programming in the music itself, people are too busy listening to music to have any time to think or pay any attention.

From the thread of discussion on HAARP and Mind Control makes a good point- that it's not so much the songs in particular but rather just the constant obsession with putting on music- as they tell me at work "to feel good" (also mentioned in the same thread by Norma Regulus:

NormaRegula said:
SOA said:
Anyway, this intense focus on getting people to listen to music all the time and everywhere they are stinks to high heaven. They don't even need to put programming in the music itself, people are too busy listening to music to have any time to think or pay any attention.
Occasionally, I enjoy listening to podcasts on my Ipod shuffle, along with about a half dozen favorite tunes to play whilst I'm cleaning house, commuting by bus, ferry, etc.. Through some self observation, I noted that listening to too much music puts me in a disassociated state. The podcasts can, too, but not as quickly or efficiently as does the music.

Had a job in the city recently where the majority of street pedestrians were listening to MP3 players...or were on their cellphones chatting away. Wanting to be aware of the busy urban surroundings, I strictly limit cellphone usage and won't play the shuffle because it distracts me from mentally preparing for my work. It was weird looking at faces passing by. Most of them looked as if they were high on drugs...happy, blissful people...without a care in the world. Very spooky.

And, yeah, the concept of listening to music all the time and everywhere does stink to high heaven. It can be very addictive if life is meaningless and has no purpose other than to try to feel good whenever possible.

Very interesting thread in relation to this one:


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Thanks for sharing Laura and team! I couldn't agree more with mainstream radio. Often times I'll turn on the radio just to see what type of songs are playing and sometimes I can handle listening to them for awhile while other times I just can't bare to listen to any of it. I don't understand why that is considering it is pretty much junk from the get go either way.


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On the subject of this evil music, I'm wondering if this encoding is something embedded in the recordings that are sold to the public, or if it is something found in the music itself. Is it an effect produced by a particular harmonic sequence, chord progression or song, no matter what recording it is, no matter who is playing it? Or is it something that has been added to the recording that is not present, for example, if one goes to see the band performing live, or if another band were covering it?

I'm am on the verge of getting a band together to play classic rock gigs. It would all be very popular music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, so it would fall into this category. But I sure as heck would not want to start playing this stuff if it were to turn people into zombies, myself included.

Any thoughts?


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Or is it something that has been added to the recording that is not present, for example, if one goes to see the band performing live, or if another band were covering it?
I think it is added later....thats why they ''digital''re-master
the old songs that people had on vinyl and put them on CD


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Don Genaro wrote:
<< I think the best we can do with regards to music is indeed to listen with caution and some music is probably better not to listen to even when exercising osit! >>

I have some experience with the music biz and have researched it quite a bit. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that popular music is riddled with toxins like everything else in our environment! Sometimes, the PTB seem to have thought of everything. But really, there's no reason to feel there's no alternative to the music products of the big corporations, any more than there is to eat their processed food, read their approved books, watch their corporate movies, buy their mass-produced clothes, etc. etc. I mean, this is how we're controlled, right? By keeping us in the dark regarding choices then we accept the tainted stuff that's marketed to us. For every single artist on a corporate record label there are literally hundreds of others who have produced and released music independently. In my small city there are close to 1000 active/performing bands making original music at all times, and who knows how many others that only record. So, in terms of popular music, the average consumer knows only about .0x% or less of what is available, all of which is controlled, because the corporate radio/TV, etc. promote, by agreement, only music and products of their corporate partners. For music, it's a closed club that has grown tighter over the decades, now with most commercial radio stations belonging to a handful of owners, genre-separated, and programmed from a corporate office far away so that no matter where you are, you will get the same limited radio experience.

I surmise that the artists themselves are useful idiots, having no idea they're part of a program. The PTB probably doesn't need to do anything but choose, from what is available, what already fits their program, and then market it. Whether or not they then add some kind of "encoding" during the final stages of production, I don't know, though there are those that claim it's true. Regardless, for sure, whatever it is that a music consumer might like about Bruce Springsteen, U2, Rihanna, or Eminem, there are a dozen others for each of them doing that very thing they like in an undiluted way. Since the early 80s, marketing has been the driving force in the major labels, nothing else. It was discovered that it's cheaper to break another hit of Superstar X's latest album than it is to develop a new artist. They also learned vertical integration in that they create the tastes, then satisfy them with ready-made artists. Sound familiar to politics? I learned that music marketing is mostly image creation and controlled evolution. Artists who try to change or break their image in an unapproved way, or evolve naturally out of it, are bitterly pressured to compromise, and will usually do anything to keep their fame alive. I got a pretty close look at the psychopathic operating behavior of the corporations, and there is no shortage of testimonials to this effect if you look for them. Every trick is there: charming, cajoling, capturing, controlling, deceiving, threatening, flying false flags, even deliberate entrapment and destruction of artists, labels, or publications that show potential to win popularity outside the system. Co-option and compromise is a an extremely common tactic.

I tried to calculate, years ago when I was following the scene very closely, how many brand new all-original popular music albums were released each year. I came up with about 3000 in the US alone, and many thousands more around the world. It's far more than any individual could ever get a handle on. A good analog would be the book business. Many of you might agree that the most valuable books you've ever read never were nor had any chance to be bestsellers. Same with the music. The major labels, radio, TV, movies, and magazines would have you believe that the vast majority of music does not exist. There are music fans who expend energy to seek out things they like, away from the controlled playing field, and then there are the majority, that I call music consumers, who accept the music that is delivered to them, and we know who is delivering. :) Seems to be the same with other commercial products.

We know that if you watch mainstream news in the US, you develop keen awareness of two political parties (again, those that are fully owned, controlled, subsidized, etc.), and perhaps a couple others that might be mentioned but are distantly marginalized. Actually, there are scores of parties. No surprise if the same goes for recorded music, other arts, car makers, luthiers, muffin bakers, nutritional supplement producers ... etc.

I'm a huge music fan. I'm frequently floored by the brilliance of some music makers -- with some of my absolute favorites not exceeding record sales in the hundreds of units.

Just my two cents.


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Ditto. Forum members here in the US can probably relate to the fact that most 'pop', rock and country stations play nothing but the same 10 songs over and over, interrupted by frequent loud and annoying commercials, and of course my personal "favorite" those god awful morning shows. Nothing but idiotic and moronic laughter interrupted occasionally by conversations on nonsensical material, and I swear, they all sound exactly the same! I often wonder about the hosts who do these morning shows, I would probably go mad within a week (or less) if I had to act they way they do every single morning, but of course they mostly probably fall under the robotic OP humanoid variety, who really don't know the difference anyway.
Here in the US, a good alternative is local and college stations who play more of a variety (not just the major labels), as well as public radio, who play a lot of classical, jazz, folk and local as well as underrated artists. Lately classical has been my main staple. Of course, the best course of action is just turning it off, period. A lot of the time the silence is a better sound than any of the crap pouring out of the radio.
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