Session 2 May 2015


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Thanks for posting so quickly!

Q: (Pierre) What's so special about those five WalMarts?

A: Size, suitability, location.

Q: (Perceval) Do they have anything to do with these planned Jade Helm military exercises this summer?

A: Ultimately, but not quite yet.
I wonder if the process of seizing the property/getting a big corporation to agree to closing such stores all at once was part of the trial run leading up to what Jade Helm represents--how do the business, the public and employees respond, which excuses generate the least media hubbub and allow for greatest expediency, etc. The short notice to closing for employees (and likely the managers, for that matter) seems really drastic and unnecessary--they could have given them a few days more advanced notice, for Pete's sake. It does underscore how things must be heating up, and how draconian these moves are/will be.


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Thank you again for new information.

Even as it's necessary to take information coming from any 'upperclassmen' with a grain of salt, I appreciate the common-sense quality of the answers received from current event questions - neither the rabid fear-mongering of the 'alternative press' nor the 'Nothing to see here; move along' of the mainstream propaganda.

As I see it, why generate extra snack material for the nasty sorts of upperclassmen if one doesn't have to? So this 'middle-ground' is helpful.

Interesting, the 'Are we cute?' question. Have wondered the same very recently, and reckoned that we probably seem (depending on level/orientation/attitude of 'upperclassmen') at best, like precocious pets/toddlers. If so, definitely doesn't bolster the ole' self-importance. ;)


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Thank you for this very informative session. I appreciate the extensive discussion on the Walmarts especially. Its had me thinking about the possible reasons for these centers in the near future. Registration and micro chip facilities when the country goes cashless? I understand the future is open, so really no way to tell if this will come to pass or to what extent IF this is the plan. I wonder though what would the consequences be of having this chip in ones body. I recall a older session where the C's said one wouldn't be able to purchase food etc. without it. I mean, some certainly wont be able to survive out in the wild on nuts and berries for very long if that's their plan. The C's also said and I agree that the body isn't the important thing but the soul. Will our strong character and soul, striving towards 4d STO be still in effect after the chip? Will people be remotely controlled?

I guess I don't hold much hope for people, in mass, saying no to all this at the moment and that's what it would take. I had a brief discussion with a person who manages my apartment building yesterday. He said they where going to put a computer system in place so people could pay their rent on line. That all the checks and cash where a real pain to deal with and this would make it easy for them. I said something like "so that's like the whole cashless society moving into place people are concerned about". He looked at me like he didn't have a clue what I was talking about. The workers at the pharmacy already have their paper bar code taped to their hand for easy scanning of all prescriptions as well. hmmm.


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Thank you for this session! Galatea asks very interesting questions :) :) :)
Thanks Laura, The Chateau Crew and the C's very informative session...

Things seem to be heating up in all sides... :cool2: :cool2: :cool2: :cool2: :cool2: :cool2:


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Thank you for sharing! Very interesting session!

The connection between World War II planes and the geomagnetic and other storms reminded me of the story that has been circling the internet again recently. It's a story about a "floating city" in the cloud being witnessed by hundreds in one of Nigeria's villages in March 2011.

I couldn't find when exactly in March it happened, but apparently March 2011 was also the time when the magnitude 9 earthquake happened off Japan and several other calamities.


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Session Date: May 2nd 2015
Q: (L) I've been going through the 1995 transcripts writing commentary, and there were several sessions in there that were direct channeling with "Frank". Ya know, some of them were quite annoying because there was this sensation of not wanting to give answers. Would that be a correct assessment?

A: Close.

Q: (L) But, after all, we would persist with asking questions, and... The information that was given through that method, is it reliable?

A: Mostly.

Q: (L) And how is it possible for it to be reliable if there was a disinclination on Frank's part to... Was it Frank, or was it the entity? Or was it an entity?

A: "Frank"
June 17, 1995
Frank Direct Channeling, Laura, SV, Terry and Jan

Q: … Back to the question, what caused the death of the Pope, John Paul I.

A: Unfortunately, as has been indicated by us before, sometimes you ask questions that we will not be able to answer for you. Not because the answers are unknown, but rather because knowing the answers could prove harmful to you.

Q: (T) Well, that is an answer in itself. He didn't die naturally.

A: Speculation is harmless when compared to irrefutable, confirmed knowledge.

So, maybe now it is the proper time to ask the question about the death of Pope JP I again, without Frank in between. :halo:

Thanks for sharing.
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