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it should probably have been the same in every polling station.
That is the question. Was the vote count fair in every town like it was in yours?

If you are interested, Liliane Held Kawham conducted an interesting analysis of the latest presidential election.

For her the figures don't match. In France, there are 12 millions people who could vote (more than 18 y.o., no criminal charge, French citizenship) but don't vote because they have no elector card, they are not registered.

However, when combining the official data relating to the presidential election there are only 6 million non-registered voters.

So where did the remaining 6 million non-registered voters go? To Emmanuel Macron?


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Thanks for that, ScioAgapeOmnis. I'm about a third into the Red Pill Press release of volumes 1 and 2. It's interesting to draw parallels with the C's material. But it is mostly talking about 5D, so there seem to be some differences. But at the basic level, it seems there is a similarity: that life (and the afterlife) is just a school.

Are volumes 3 and 4 in print? I saw there were copies on, but the pages seemed to be scanned irregularly.
You can find them on Amazon. I just realized there's a Volume 5 as well, which is some sort of mix of 2 books plus another found passage, so I'll go ahead and read that one too.

And I like parallels which helps get a feel for the veracity somewhat but also add new information. Of course all channeled info is only as good as our ability to verify it, and it seems odd to judge veracity of one by its similarity to another. However, the C's have a damn good track record, and the fundamental lessons and understandings they convey are just too sensible to be so easily dismissed - like the concepts of STS and STO, the importance of free-will, the idea that this is all a grand school and knowledge and personal growth is the root of it, etc. So if I see references to such fundamentals, and how they are treated, and the "line of force" of how the message is given, you can get a decent idea of how likely this is to be a genuine communication and not just an overactive imagination of the writer. If the channeling claims that the universe is run by purple goblins and it's all just a big amusement park for the goblin overlord, and the most important thing to strive for is how many dandelions you can collect in his honor, and discarding all the aforementioned concepts etc, well, it's probably just noise then.

So in light of that, I'd say this work, although written with major "religious gloss" and using archaic English (which I actually really enjoyed and wished we used a bit more in our day to day lives, there's a certain beauty and gentle eloquence to it), seems to be of STO in nature at the very least, even tho of course the accuracy of said information is largely unknown. And even the religious gloss is carefully sidestepped without upsetting the religious channeler himself - by using the terminology of his own sacred cows but with greatly expanded meaning adjusted to an STO environment. The context and other passages lend credence to this. It's only towards the end of book 4 I think where they get a bit brave, or the channeler is starting to ease up on his own sacred cows and develops some faith (in terms of his interaction with the creation, in the sense the C's use it, another example of borrowing religious words and giving them higher meaning), and they're able to criticize Christianity just enough to drive the point home:

ANOTHER element to be dealt with was that of religion. This was the more difficult inasmuch as, while its proctors claimed it as a science, and a progressive science, they hampered it with a tether-rope to its founders. To speak plainly, you were permitted, as I was, to career never so fast so your ways took you not outside the circle. When that not over distant circumference was reached the rope shortly reminded you—and sometimes violently if you went too headlong—that you were tethered to the centre and must by no means stray too far away. That centre was, I say, the Founder of the form of religion professed. It was much the same with Islam as with Buddha his system, and not much else with Christendom.

We had much ado therefore because the fair words of religionists made a very good show, and yet had the same effect in operation as those of the old rabbis at the period of Jesus our own Lord. In all cases we, looking into these matters somewhat narrowly and in detail, found that the error proceeded from one grand cause. I leave out the minor factors of greed of gold and of power, of that strange side-shoot of earnestness called fanaticism, of hypocrisy which generates so much blindness in those who think they are sincere. You may read of them all in our own Scriptures of the goodmen of Israel and of early mother Church, as those who fell victim to those same errors did also read them all down the ages. I say I leave all those aside and speak of the one cause fundamental.

We were all one grand army, we of the campaign to earth, and all we acted and interacted together. But we also had our departments of service whereon to concentrate our energy in principal. As I had lived in Christendom, to that system of religion I was allotted, and so of that I shall speak now.

The grand cause of error of which I speak is this:

Men spoke of the Christ as the Founder of their system. So. But the Christ of Whom they spoke was enthroned way back at the beginning of the Christian era, and from thence watched the progress of His Church. Whenever men asked what should they do in this case or in that, in order that they should not fail to co-ordinate their own acts with His will, the answer was, "Look backward to Him and learn of Him." And if any man inquired further where he would be able to find the will of the Christ expressed, the answer was that such expression would be found in a book, the book of the records of His acts and words. Naught but what was therein found was to be believed as His will, and on His will as therein expressed, the doings of Christendom were shaped.

And so it came to pass that Christendom became tied with a tether to a book. The Church truly was alive with the life of Him; His Spirit filled it up like the living coursing blood in a human body. But that life was being strangled and the body began to halt, and at last to go round more slowly in that circumscribed orbit.

Truly His words and acts recorded were a most precious heritage. They were meant to be a Shekinah to guide the Church through the wilderness of the ages. But, note you well, the Shekinah went before the Children of Jacob and led them. The Book of the New Covenant did not go before, but was enthroned behind. The light cast was true light, as from a beacon atop of a hill. But it lighted men from behind and threw their shadows before them. If they would look to the light they must turn their glance over their shoulders backward. Then they stumbled. It is not of orderly advance to be turning backward in order to see how to go forward.

That was the error men made. "He is our Captain," said they, "and He goes before us and we follow Him through death and Resurrection into His Heaven beyond." But for a sight of this Captain going before them they turned round and looked to their rear, which is not, I say, conducive to orderly advance, nor agreeable with reason.

So we began to take hold of the bolder sort and help them on. Jesus had pointed onward to the doing of greater works than He had done, and to His Presence which should lead men into the truth, not drive them from behind. So some men there were who, heeding this and understanding, made bold to move forward confident in this leading. They suffered of their fellow-men, but in the next generation, or next after that, the seed they had sown sprang up and bore its harvest.

So you will understand, my son, that the mistake men made was to hamper a living, moving Life with a Book. They regarded that Book not as what it was and is, wonderful, beautiful and mostly true, but as both infallible and also complete. But the Life of Christ has been continued in the world and is continued to-day. The few words and acts of Him in the Book of the four evangelists are not even as the source from which the river of Christendom flows. They are merely a few ripples on its broader tide to show what way it rides to the sea.

Men are beginning to see this now and to understand that if he spoke by His angels to good men of old, so does He speak to them to-day. These men go forward, glad of the beacon-light behind, but with greater gladness toward the more radiant light ahead. For there He is to-day, as He was when He went up to Salem that time. He roe: before you. Follow Him without fear. He promised He would lead you. Follow Him. He may not tarry on your hesitancy. Read what has been written of Him in the evangel. But read it while you march ahead. Do not turn back time and again to the shrine of Authority inquiring, as of the Delphian pythoness, "Shall I do this or that?" No. Bring the roll of those brief records along with you as you go forward on your journey. Unroll it on your pommel as you ride, for it is a good map for the present stage. If in some details obsolete, yet the grand contour of the country is well and boldly set out. There are other maps of later issue. Consult them also and add to the old one what details it lacks. But go forward all the time. And if some seek again to tether you brace your tendons and set your knees firm against your horse's flanks, and, urging forward, snap the rope with which they would bind you from behind. There be plenty, alas too plenty, who, not daring forward, have fallen behind, choked with the dust raised by those who have gone onward—erringly—choked and fallen by the wayside they be, and sunk into the slumber of death. You may do nothing for them, for still the Captain goes onward ahead and calls with brave and clarion voice for volunteers to lead the van. He shall not call in vain.

As to those others, well, there be all enough to company along with them. The dead shall bury the dead, and the dead past shall entomb them in its womb of night. But ahead the dawn is breaking. There be clouds upon its horizon truly, but the glad sun shall melt them into his rays— when he is at last quite fully risen. And in that day shall all men see how that, willing to bless His children every one, the Father has set but one only Sun in the midst of the firmament of His brightness. Men view that Sun at different angles according as the place of their habitation be to north or south of His heavenly path, and to some He is brighter and to others less bright. Yet He is the same Sun, and sole of His kind for earth's fair benediction.

Nor does He of Himself favour one people with more of His blessings and another people with less. He sheds His rays on all sides equally. It is the free will of the peoples which determines the ratio of their portion, each for each, in the election of the locality of their dwelling.

Read this parable aright, my son, and you shall see that if the Christ be Sun to one creed He must of necessity be Sun to all. For a Sun cannot be hid over all the surface of a world—except that world turn its face away from the Sun. Then He becomes hid truly, and yet, even so, but for a season.
I mean.. this is the most polite way to utterly destroy Christianity without upsetting the sensibilities of a Christian, who is at least a little open minded, at the same time. They point it out with humor and yet due reverence to the core "ideas" while criticizing people obsessing over that single book, being stuck in the past, ignoring even what that very book has told them while doing so. I might be off-base, but if this isn't a paraphrasing of the C's own "Life is religion. Life experiences reflect how one interacts with God. Those who are asleep are those of little faith in terms of their interaction with the creation. Some people think that the world exists for them to overcome or ignore or shut out. For those individuals, the world will cease. They will become exactly what they give to life. They will become merely a dream in the "past." People who pay strict attention to objective reality right and left, become the reality of the "Future."", I don't know what is! It was just a less straight-forward way to say it, I think.

This kind of "line of force" is felt throughout the books, without being as explicit as in this particular passage for most of the time. They really are careful and clever in how they go about the whole thing. I think it's similar to how the C's have treated Jesus in the early transcripts - ok sure, we'll give you what you want to hear, but we'll also put a seed of moving beyond this peppered right into the messages, for use at a later time, kind of thing.

To compound the difficulty of trying to discern the truth in these works, you also have the often symbolic nature of them, and this is also true of the C's as we know. So how much of their descriptions of "life in 5D" is symbolic of energy dynamics or allegorical to convey a lesson, how much is literal, how much is biased/distorted by the transmission, and how much is distorted by simple inability to translate that reality into our language? So I treated the whole thing as a nice story that may or may not be true, with elements of things that I know to be true like the fundamental concepts I mentioned earlier. We just aren't in a position to know, just yet, osit!
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That is the question. Was the vote count fair in every town like it was in yours?

If you are interested, Liliane Held Kawham conducted an interesting analysis of the latest presidential election.

For her the figures don't match. In France, there are 12 millions people who could vote (more than 18 y.o., no criminal charge, French citizenship) but don't vote because they have no elector card, they are not registered.

However, when combining the official data relating to the presidential election there are only 6 million non-registered voters.

So where are the remaining 6 million non-registered voters gone? To Emmanuel Macron?
This is an interesting question. After the election in France, I followed a couple of small communes to find out what they had voted. What I found was very few voters living there and that all the votes are counted down to the last single digit, say 532 with 129 voting for this 53 for that and so on. It left me with the superficial impression that everything most have been done similarly well in other places and that the overall accuracy on a national level might be correct down to the last vote given by the last registered voter.

What could be wrong with this impression? Right from the beginning of life, many of us are brought up with and respect the rules of a game in terms of fair play and that it is wrong to cheat. This early education about moral values is basically a good thing, but sometimes it may make us blind to the possibility that cheating may be acceptable among some people and in some circles. On the page of Liliane Held-Khawam, that Pierre refers to, there is a quote by Machiavelli on top of the page, which may indicate the reality of the situation with regard to the election: "Les grands hommes appellent honte le fait de perdre et non celui de tromper pour gagner." (In English it is approximately: "The great men call shame, the fact of losing and not cheat to win." by by Machiavelli, Nicolas (1469-1527).

Sometimes alleged quotes of famous people are widely shared without much regard for the actual source. In this case I found out it is from a book called "History of Florence and the Affairs of Italy" , see (Books: machiavelli (sorted by popularity)) An English translation can be retrieved from History of Florence and Of the Affairs Of Italy, by Niccolo Machiavelli Looking for the word "shame" a dozen possibilities turned up with the best being:
The count desired the possession of Pavia, and considered the circumstance a happy omen, as it would enable him to give a color to his designs. He was not restrained from treachery either by fear or shame; for great men consider failure disgraceful,—a fraudulent success the contrary. But he was apprehensive that his possession of the city would excite the animosity of the Milanese, and perhaps induce them to throw themselves under the power of the Venetians. If he refused to accept the offer, he would have occasion to fear the duke of Savoy, to whom many citizens were inclined to submit themselves; and either alternative would deprive him of the sovereignty of Lombardy. Concluding there was less danger in taking possession of the city than in allowing another to have it, he determined to accept the proposal of the people of Pavia, trusting he would be able to satisfy the Milanese, to whom he pointed out the danger they must have incurred had he not complied with it; for her citizens would have surrendered themselves to the Venetians or to the duke of Savoy; so that in either case they would have been deprived of the government, and therefore they ought to be more willing to have himself as their neighbor and friend, than a hostile power such as either of the others, and their enemy.
If today, we think there is plenty of political intrigues, then the old book by Machiavelli appears to be filled to the brim, and it even may hold some parallels as to what is going on now.


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Thank you a lot for this new transcript and the discussion around it.

The Wave series come into my hands, given by a friend of mine because I was beginning to figure out there was something wrong in my history and in my thinking about this world. I thought I was not subjected to any particular beliefs because of what I now consider being a big trauma which let me blank of mind and empty of a structured personnality. So I eat all of what the C's and Laura said without particularly understanding the concepts in their full spectrum, it became an obsession to read and making myself up to date. I now face the problems the crew are figurating out for the people, beginning to face the world day by day while facing the internal predator fully. And I must share that I'm left with my own egoic nature, seeing myself as a mechanistic repetitor of past actions, fears of moving ahead and loving my own horror story.
I really thank the forum and Laura because I also feel a cleansing going on inside and a lessen terror.

For what it worth, it seems to me that gravity is been rethinked by Wallace Thornhill and the electric universe theory, is it what this is all about ? said:
Joe: Yeah, it sounds like it. From a NASA scientist's point of view if I asked such a person what gravity is, would he be able to tell me?

Wal: No.

Joe: So it's just a word really.

Wal: There is no scientist on Earth that can tell you what it is. They can describe it and they can use Einstein's metaphysics, that is, trying to describe it in terms of warped space. Well you can't warp space. Space is merely a concept, a location in three dimensions and how do you go about warping that? That's a geometric approach which doesn't explain a darn thing. It doesn't explain how matter happens to warp space, it doesn't explain what matter is and it doesn't explain what space is. You are left with virtually nothing except the mathematics.

The electric universe says that gravity is very similar to the magnetic force. You know how if you put a lot of tiny magnets on a slippery surface, like a glass tabletop, they will all spin around so that they align and point in the same direction and they will try and move towards one another and attach themselves like a daisy chain. That's how gravity works, only what we are talking about here is a very tiny distortion in all of the particles that make up every atom.

Now this gives rise to a number of very interesting answers to questions which are not explained and that is why you cannot shield from gravity. It's simply because all of the particles in every atom in the body whether they are metals or non-metals, it doesn't matter what they are, will respond similarly to the presence of matter that's nearby. They will all try to align themselves and since they are free to move within the atom they will all tend to align and form little football shapes instead of spheres. Those little football shapes have a positive end and a negative end. It's the attraction between those positives and negatives that give you that weak force of gravity. It answers the puzzle why is the force so weak? It's because the distortion of subatomic particles is absolutely miniscule.


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. I might be off-base, but if this isn't a paraphrasing of the C's own "Life is religion. Life experiences reflect how one interacts with God. Those who are asleep are those of little faith in terms of their interaction with the creation. Some people think that the world exists for them to overcome or ignore or shut out. For those individuals, the world will cease. They will become exactly what they give to life. They will become merely a dream in the "past." People who pay strict attention to objective reality right and left, become the reality of the "Future."", I don't know what is! It was just a less straight-forward way to say it, I think.

I thought in the same way as I read your excerpts from the book. If only we could express the truth in such an intelligent way that guides to truth without offending or violating free-will. It is certainly is something to work towards I think. Thanks for pointing that out to me.
The study that you quoted seems to me extremely doubtful but it is not our subject here. It’s rather the supposed electoral fraud as stated by the Cassiopeans which would have concerned more than 33 million votes (68 % of expressed votes). Do you seriously think that a fraud of such magnitude could be possible in France without any complain ? from any side ?


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the supposed electoral fraud as stated by the Cassiopeans which would have concerned more than 33 million votes (68 % of expressed votes)
I don't know what the 33 million votes / 68% of expressed votes refers to. Did you find this number in a session?
Sorry, I rode the wrong line in my Excel sheet, the real number is about 25 millions (difference with the official votes) which is enormous anyway


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That, at least, is the theory and practice of the 'aesthetic experience'. As for art itself, these are the final words of the book:
...if it is to forgo both entertainment-value and magical value and draw a subject-matter from its audience themselves ... [art] must be prophetic. The artist must prophesy not in the sense that he foretells things to come, but in the sense that he tells his audience, at risk of their displeasure, the secrets of their own hearts. His business as an artist is to speak out, to make a clean breast. But what he has to utter is not, as the individualistic theory of art would have us think, his own secrets. As spokesman of his community, the secrets he must utter are theirs. The reason why they need him is that no community altogether knows its own heart; and by failing in this knowledge a community deceives itself on the one subject concerning which ignorance means death. For the evils which come from that ignorance the poet as prophet suggests no remedy, because he has already given one. The remedy is the poem itself. Art is the community’s medicine for the worst disease of mind, the corruption of consciousness.
I was thinking about this and had written down some thoughts but not yet posted them. So if art is to be prophetic, you must know others. And since humans are basically the same, you can probably extrapolate from your own experiences. It's like when you resonate with a song that can tell you how you feel and it can be touching for you. But everyone will have a varying interpretation of it, like layers of an onion. So a great song can inform you about yourself and emotions.

But getting back to the prophetic part, there are different levels of people and nuance. Prophesizing for a specific audience, you would have to know them. I'm thinking on a local community level. As if you were acting as a local activist with your art. So it seems that making that kind of art is just telling the truth, and pointing out things people don't want to look at. It reminds me of the court jester being the only one who could make fun of the king, but on a larger scale with a community.


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(Niall) The Soyuz rocket launch last week that aborted after launch, was that just an accident?

(Joe) And before that there were the holes in a part of the space station.

A: Sabotage.

Q: (Pierre) Is it the same entity that sabotaged SpaceX a few years ago?

A: Yes
I became curious about this news:
Mutant superbugs menace future space station expeditions – NASA
Published time: 25 Nov, 2018 01:27Edited time: 25 Nov, 2018 10:07
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Researchers found five strains of a multidrug-resistant bacterium similar to hospital-acquired infections on the International Space Station, raising concerns about the organisms' health implications for future missions.
Resembling a bacterium recently discovered infecting newborns and one elderly immunocompromised patient across three hospitals, the Enterobacter bugadensis strains found on the ISS were not infectious to humans in their current form. However, their genomes are similar enough to three pathogenic Earth strains to warrant further study, according to researchers at California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Biotechnology and Planetary Protection Group.
Or is it that some bacterias came not from the Earth, but from space, or were engineered or appeared spontaneously in the unusual environment which is the ISS?


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(L) What about this murder of this poor guy Khashoggi?

(Joe) Is that what it seems to be?

A: Nothing ever is!

Q: (Joe) Is it what we were hypothesizing? Well, no... Was he killed in the embassy?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Was he killed with the knowledge of Crown Prince MbS?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) With his knowledge. Why, because this guy was an outspoken critic of the Saudi regime?

A: Arrogance and sure Trump is in his pocket.

Q: (Joe) That's ridiculous. The whole "free world" is threatening fire and brimstone against Saudi Arabia. That's all BS, right?

A: More or less.

Q: (Joe) They can't do anything.

(L) It's a distraction!

A: Yes

Published on Jan 16, 2016 / 14:42
Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran continue to escalate. The current row erupted earlier this month after Saudi Arabia executed the Shia religious leader Nimr al-Nimr and the Saudi embassy in Tehran was burnt.

So is the Middle East cold war between Saudi Arabia and Iran about to turn hot? And who is to blame for the current tension? In this week's special Arena, Seyed Hossein Mousavian, the former head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Iranian National Security Council and a close ally of President Hassan Rouhani, debates with Jamal Khashoggi, a former adviser to Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal.
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The last time I spoke of the 36 years of pain, suffering and fear that caused the neoliberal period in Mexico and how this could have its response in the earthquakes of September 1985 and 2017

On December 1st, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke of the end of neoliberalism in Mexico:

"If we define in a few words the three great transformations of our history, we could summarize that in the Independence struggle was fought to abolish slavery and achieve national sovereignty; in the Reformation for the predominance of civil power and for the restoration of the Republic. And in the Revolution our people and their extraordinary leaders fought for justice and for democracy.

Now, we want to turn honesty and fraternity into a way of life and government. It is not a rhetorical or propaganda issue, these postulates are based on the conviction that the Mexican crisis originated, not only because of the failure of the neoliberal economic model applied in the last 36 years, but also because of the predominance in this period of the most unclean public and private corruption.

In other words, as we have repeated for many years, nothing has harmed Mexico more than the dishonesty of the rulers and the small minority that has profited from influence.

That is the main cause of economic and social inequality, and also of the insecurity and violence that we suffer.

We see that the neoliberal period seems to have entered into crisis around the world. Perhaps the most notorious so far is the protest of the yellow vests.

The Geopolitic Alfredo Jalife points out that the revolt of yellow vests collapse Macron's anachronistic neoliberalism:

"Taxes on gasoline are flammable in Western democracies, more in The Age of Peoples, book of the fiery French politician Jean Luc Mélenchon, which today is expressed by the insurrection of yellow vests.

The only one who did not see the insurrection coming was Macron. Even during his high-sounding quarrel with the US president, who in an insolent way made him notice his very low acceptance, of only 21 percent, amid unemployment and insecurity.

A woman, Priscillia Ludosky, in the southeastern suburbs of Paris, launched an Internet petition in May urging the decrease in the price of gasoline: the seed of the revolt was already incubated and five months later Éric Drouet, truck driver , he circulated the petition with his friends on Facebook.

The contestants argue that Macron, who suffers from xanophobia (yellow color phobia), governs for the bankcracy that benefits from his neoliberal reforms, while harming the average Frenchman with high taxes.

Patrice-Hans Perrier, from the portal, asserts that yellow vests have put Macron in danger "when the France that rises early (read: the working class and the peasants) supports massively a movement of insurrection that translates the misery of the people. It should be noted that the yellow insurrection has already reached Brussels.

Macron - former Rothschild banking official and zealot of agonizing neoliberalism everywhere - pontificates the world on how to behave, through his absurd semiotics between nationalism versus patriotism, in order to favor his decadent globalism.

Divide by Zero

The Living Force
n other words, as we have repeated for many years, nothing has harmed Mexico more than the dishonesty of the rulers and the small minority that has profited from influence.
Exactly! Your president speaks it well. Unfortunately, we have a mixed message and mixed actions from Trump. He speaks about how politics and tied interests are harming our citizens, but he does not tell the truth when things do harm us. There is also neoconservatism and unfortunately Trump is either willing or ignorant of this movement going on:

The tax cut for example, which gave huge cuts to corporations (in the name of "jobs"?), gives small cuts to the lower middle class. The middle of the middle class see very little actual difference in taxes. The upper middle class see some cuts. But those in states with high local income and property taxes will end up paying MORE TAXES because the republicans set up a limit of 10,000 on local income tax deductions, essentially meaning that money is double or triple taxed.

I find Trump's actions to be more like a cheerleader of policy even if it harms a lot of the working class in those states. You would never see him stand up like Obrador to speak about corruption of the system... no we have a false "revolutionary" who just says what people want to hear and not hear, to keep this false dynamic of right vs left going on.

And in the left, the SJW movement does to the left what Trump does to the right:
He distracts the right from seeing the corruption of republicans by focusing on the corruption of the left.
The SJW's distract the left from seeing corruption in the left by focusing on the right's corruption.

I hope Obrador can keep speaking the facts and not get turned into a puppet twitter idiot like Trump became.
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