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Approaching Infinity

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At the end of the day, a big reason I enjoy the universe is because it's beautiful and elegant in so many ways. So "art", or beauty and creativity, in all its infinite expressions, is pretty important, and in a sense we all are "instruments" of the DCM, and our experiences are the musical/artistic expressions, so life itself is "art", although that's a bit airy-fairy. Still, knowledge is the most important thing, and art is just there to help you enjoy the ride, and you won't get where you're going if you forget to depart the train because you're staring at the wallpaper either, osit. In other words, art makes the ride more pleasant, but it's a mistake to forget that you're going somewhere because you got hung up on the sights either.
A few points: you might like Collingwood's book Principles of Art. I think he might actually agree that life itself is art, in some senses. Life is art in the sense that it is the expression of something else. It expresses values, emotions, ideals aimed at, ideals achieved, ideals defaced. But I think he'd disagree that art is just there to help 'enjoy' the ride. If that's what a piece of 'art' does, it's bad art, or 'craft' (or magic, if it serves a practical role in daily life). The place for good art is in probing the unknown, understanding and expressing novel emotions and connections relevant to the time and place. That ties back to his idea of the "cutting edge" of knowledge in Speculum Mentis. In Principles of Art, he writes:

Art is knowledge; knowledge of the individual. It is not on that account a purely ‘theoretical’ activity as distinct from a ‘practical’. ... An activity in ourselves which produces a change in us but none in our environment we call theoretical ; one which produces a change in our environment but none in ourselves we call practical. ...

... The individual of which art is the knowledge is an individual situation in which we find ourselves. ... Theoretically, the artist is a person who comes to know himself, to know his own emotion. This is also knowing his world, that is, the sights and sounds and so forth which together make up his total imaginative experience. The two knowledges are to him one knowledge, because these sights and sounds are to him steeped in the emotion with which he contemplates them: they are the language in which that emotion utters itself to his consciousness. His world is his language. What it says to him it says about himself; his imaginative vision of it is his self-knowledge.

But this knowing of himself is a making of himself. At first he is mere psyche, the possessor of merely psychical experiences or impressions. The act of coming to know him- self is the act of converting his impressions into ideas, and so of converting himself from mere psyche into consciousness. The coming to know his emotions is the coming to dominate them, to assert himself as their master. He has not yet, it is true, entered upon the life of morality; but he has taken an indispensable step forward towards it. He has learnt to acquire by his own efforts a new set of mental endowments. That is an accomplishment which must be learnt first, if later he is to acquire by his own effort mental endowments whose possession will bring him nearer to his moral ideal. ...

To return. The aesthetic experience ... is a knowing of oneself and of one’s world, these two knowns and knowings being not yet distinguished, so that the self is expressed in the world, the world consisting of language whose meaning is that emotional experience which constitutes the self, and the self consisting of emotions which are known only as expressed in the language which is the world. It is also a making of oneself and of one’s world, the self which was psyche being remade in the shape of consciousness, and the world, which was crude sensa, being remade in the shape of language, or sensa converted into imagery and charged with emotional significance. The step forward in the development of experience which leads from the psychic level to the level of consciousness (and that step is the specific achievement of art) is thus a step forward both in theory and in practice, although it is one step only and not two; as a progress along a railway-line towards a certain junction is a progress towards both the regions served by the two lines which divide at that junction. For that matter, it is also a progress towards the region in which, later, those two lines reunite.
That, at least, is the theory and practice of the 'aesthetic experience'. As for art itself, these are the final words of the book:

...if it is to forgo both entertainment-value and magical value and draw a subject-matter from its audience themselves ... [art] must be prophetic. The artist must prophesy not in the sense that he foretells things to come, but in the sense that he tells his audience, at risk of their displeasure, the secrets of their own hearts. His business as an artist is to speak out, to make a clean breast. But what he has to utter is not, as the individualistic theory of art would have us think, his own secrets. As spokesman of his community, the secrets he must utter are theirs. The reason why they need him is that no community altogether knows its own heart; and by failing in this knowledge a community deceives itself on the one subject concerning which ignorance means death. For the evils which come from that ignorance the poet as prophet suggests no remedy, because he has already given one. The remedy is the poem itself. Art is the community’s medicine for the worst disease of mind, the corruption of consciousness.


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Hello compose12 and welcome to the forum.
Maybe the discussion about the 432Hz subject can be continued in the following threads were the discussion has been going on for some time :)
432 Hz vs 440Hz
Music,sound and resonance
The problem with these "special" numbers is not the numbers themselves, but that they relate physical quantities in a very specific way that seems to define our reality at some fundamental level. To take the example of Pi, it's a ratio between the diameter (a linear length) and the circumference (a "curved" length expressed in a linear length).
Wow, thanks for that info about Pi's ratio. I am not a mathemetician by any means and the simple info you gave relating diameter to linear length and the curved in a linear length brings the Yin Yang symbol to came to me. I wonder if a perfectly symetrical one could help provide some info?

On a side note I looked up Yin Yang symbol on Google while typing this and this is what Wikipedia started off with ~

"In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (/jɪn/ and /jɑːŋ, jæŋ/; Chinese: yīnyáng, lit. "dark-bright", "negative-positive") describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. In Chinese cosmology, the universe creates itself out of a primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycles of Yin and Yang and formed into objects and lives."
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the appreciation of beauty is a logical mechanical process of evolution acting as a kind of 'fail-safe' to counteract our know-how to destroy ourselves...
If that's a "mechanical process", I can't wait to see something that is consciously designed! That's the problem with darwinists etc. they take the totality of that which has been produced by human consciousness (including their own) and all of nature, and claim it's random and mechanical. By your friend's estimation, he isn't really appreciating beauty, but merely fulfilling a pre-programmed genetic directive.

The only answer to such people, who argue for there being no sovereign conscious awareness beyond biological imperatives (and whatever awareness we might have of them), is "I agree what you say is true.... for you". Each to their own.


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Note also that they said "sit back and watch the show". Even so, it's not easy to watch a train wreck, (it's highly stressful and anxiety producing), but always remember that if you're watching the train wreck, it means you're not on that train...
Thinking more on this Mike, I think the anxiety that many people seem to be experiencing these days is also a positive thing. You more or less said that it is associated with watching the increasing madness of the world and trying to make sense of and understand things in a deeper way. That amounts to feeling the "burden of consciousness" as your own consciousness expands and you become more aware of deeper levels of reality. Becoming more comfortable with gradual exposure to this expanded reality is a very useful task to undertake, because it is precisely this kind of anxiety, when it comes all at once, that leads people into acts of madness. So take heart, and have faith that the struggle with this is for a very specific purpose: it is 'annealing' you, and I use that word deliberately because its definition is:

To free from internal stress by heating and gradually cooling.
To toughen or temper.


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@Joe Just to clarify, when I said "my friend" made a good point, it was strictly coming from the mechanical 3D point of view of a similar vein of SAO's reasoning osit.

"I agree what you say is true.... for you".
Although I like what you mean here, I would have to disagree. Its still not "true" even for 'them' (atheists), because to truly understand beauty is to first accept and in-tune yourself with one's soul. The soul is a True truism that supersedes anything of 3D physicality. To deny the soul is to deny yourself and would thus be yourself a lie... Unless, one is a psychopath. Either way, whats "true for them" is a misnomer by definition, because, to not have a soul, or to deny one's soul = null and void in all matters (no pun intended) transcending the 3D mechanics of physicality's ceiling of limitation.

The understanding of the language of the soul is to communicate through beauty - of art, poetry, music, synchronizing with the creative 'higher' force - the rhythm of life's inherent "beauty" of expansion throughout - and that of - the Cosmos. This is, I believe, where morality also is to be formed from.

Learning to communicate the unspoken language of "higher beauty" through soul-resonance is surely the crux to shaping, understanding and determining morality too.

Which reminds me, something Atreides said to me once: "There are no moral atheists - only unambitious ones". Kinda says it all...


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(Pierre) Oh yeah? I didn't remember that. Okay. Does the HIV virus trigger some specific genetic mutations?

A: No
Can you ask next time whether the HIV virus exists? What I took away from the book Virus Mania was that HIV does not exist at all, so that HIV does not cause AIDS.

Virus mania
The Health & Wellness Show: Interview with Virus Mania author Dr. Claus Köehnlein --

(L) I have a theory that when you have oppression of human beings en masse without them being able to release it, that energy goes into the Earth and then the planet reacts for them. It may destroy them in the process, but it reacts for them. Is that anywhere near close to true?

A: Yes!!
I guess 4D STS is not eating this energy of humans, if the energy is able to escape 4D STS and go into the Earth.

Q: (Pierre) That's the cherry on the pie!

(L) The cherry on the cake. The cherries go inside the pie.
When I hear cherry on, I think of cherry on top of the ice cream sundae.


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In the end, she got angry (because I can feel it in her words) and said she's rock steady in her faith and if what one believe is contradictory to his/her religion then it is time to look again and reiterated that her faith IS truth, and that the discussion on faith and religion is closed. In actual fact, the discussion hasn't even begun because i did not say anything other than to ask her to read the links i shared and suggesting they may be closer to the truth than other theories out there.

After that, i apologized to her and said i will never touch on this ever again. i feel sad, and a little angry too, not because she is not open to other possibilities or even question her own beliefs, but because she didn't consider me a friend. True friends can agree to disagree without being angry at the other. i guess what's being said here is true. Most people hold on strongly to their beliefs and wouldn't consider other possibilities even if presented to them and would even defend their beliefs at all cost. Only this is my first experience with it and it made me feel sad in a way. The only way to beat this is to continue with my reading and have faith in what the universe has in store for us i guess.
Thank you for sharing! I hope that the other replies following Mike's post help you too.

Many of us can relate. It is very sad to see when someone we considered a close friend or relative turns around like this. Years of trust and closeness may not mean much to them if something you say or do shakes their foundations, which are based on fear, beliefs, etc. But, I guess the trick is to learn to relate to different people to the extent to which you are okay with. Perhaps out of 10 things, you can have 2 in common. Or maybe you will choose not to have that person in your life anymore. It depends.

But I think that networking more and finding like-minded people can help a lot even when you have disappointments such as this one. It can also remind you that you aren't losing your mind, and that your values and standards for a true friendship are okay, and it's just that some people don't share them, while others do. :flowers:


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@Joe Just to clarify, when I said "my friend" made a good point, it was strictly coming from the mechanical 3D point of view of a similar vein of SAO's reasoning osit.

Although I like what you mean here, I would have to disagree. Its still not "true" even for 'them' (atheists), because to truly understand beauty is to first accept and in-tune yourself with one's soul. The soul is a True truism that supersedes anything of 3D physicality. To deny the soul is to deny yourself and would thus be yourself a lie... Unless, one is a psychopath. Either way, whats "true for them" is a misnomer by definition, because, to not have a soul, or to deny one's soul = null and void in all matters (no pun intended) transcending the 3D mechanics of physicality's ceiling of limitation.

The understanding of the language of the soul is to communicate through beauty - of art, poetry, music, synchronizing with the creative 'higher' force - the rhythm of life's inherent "beauty" of expansion throughout - and that of - the Cosmos. This is, I believe, where morality also is to be formed from.

Learning to communicate the unspoken language of "higher beauty" through soul-resonance is surely the crux to shaping, understanding and determining morality too.

Which reminds me, something Atreides said to me once: "There are no moral atheists - only unambitious ones". Kinda says it all...
The only answer to such people, who argue for there being no sovereign conscious awareness beyond biological imperatives (and whatever awareness we might have of them), is "I agree what you say is true.... for you". Each to their own.
I re-read your post and realised your answer is in relation to "such people" - and not necessarily your objective point. My bad... Apologies for that, Joe.
I need to learn to read much more carefully in future before replying to posts... But one of many things I must work on :-[


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A: Memories and "reflections" will help.
Besides for the reversal aspect, this mention of memory recall seems to go back decades... if the mirror doesn't help, nor the usual contemplation or meditation tools, has the available tool of hypnosis been tried? If there's a block, wouldn't that show up then?



The "programming is complete" said the Cs last August. I think that this response has a wider meaning beyond the UFO phenomenon.

In the field of Nations and specifically speaking of Mexico, the beginning of the neoliberal period in this country began in 1982 and has represented 36 years of pain, suffering and FEAR, with 2018 being the end of neoliberal programming.

However, in this session the crew spoke about "The human-cosmic connection" and Laura and Pierre addressed the theme of the earthquakes of September 19, 1985 (the worst year of the economic crisis in Mexico and the dismantling of the State) and 2017 (new peaks of violence in the country). They mentioned "the current state of the affairs" and "the injustice and poverty and misery that is widespread ... the oppression of human beings" as possible causes.

Or as Laura mentioned: "when you have oppression of human beings in masse without them being able to release it, that energy goes into the Earth and then the planet reacts for them...

In the book "Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection" the question was posed: Can the violence and the lies spread by powerful elites somehow trigger cosmic reactions?

Mexico is a good example of this cause-effect. Take, for example, what was happening in Mexico in the years 1985 and 2017:

1985 --- Crisis and the beginning of neoliberalism program in Mexico

In his first speech to the nation as president, in 1982, Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado announced an austerity plan to get Mexico out of one of the most severe economic crises in the history of the country. De la Madrid then declared that he assumed the leadership of the Mexican Republic in a situation of economic "emergency". In addition, with its mandate initiated in Mexico the so-called economic neoliberalism and the process of globalization.

The crisis of 1982 was the worst so far, which caused a devaluation of 3,100% in the sexennium, inflation grew 4,030%, purchasing power decreased 70% GDP per capita shrunk 10%, the parastatals were reduced from 1155 to 413, informal employment grew 20% between 1983 and 1985, there were drastic drops in production and decreased of purchasing power and quality of life.

For 1985 the economic crisis is very serious. On May 24, 1985, three thousand 500 workers of the Real del Monte Mining Company and Pachuca suspend work and remain naked in protest for the lack of work.

2017 --- Fear, Corruption. feminicides and extreme violence.

Enrique Peña Nieto's administration is marked by failure in security. Violence and crimes have been increasing since the beginning of his government. Mexico closed 2017 with 25,339 intentional homicides, the highest figure in two decades, and 76.8% of Mexicans feel that living in their cities is unsafe, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

The total cost as a result of the insecurity in Mexican households represented an amount of $ 299,600 million pesos; that is, an average of $ 7,147 pesos per affected person, revealed the National Survey of Victimization and Perception of Public Safety (ENVIPE) 2018. The same survey shows that 79.4% of the population aged 18 and over considers that living in their state is insecure. The feeling of insecurity in the areas closest to people has also increased, reaching 70% and 50% of the population of 18 years.
January 1, 2017: The increase of gasoline price enters into force.
January 2: In several states of the country multiple demonstrations and looting in department stores against the increase in gas prices are initiated.
January 18: A shooting at the American School of the Northeast of Monterrey, Nuevo León, leaves two dead and four injured. (never seen before in Mexico).
May 19: In the city of Cancún, Quintana Roo, a group of citizens, are summoned outside the home of a Russian citizen to subsequently lynch him. The lynching is becoming a new way to demand justice from the authorities

In 2018 mexicans vote for a supposed change in the person of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, following the trend of the nationalist wave that followed the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the rise of populist nationalisms and the triumph of Trump.

The political scientist Francis Fukuyama suggested the possibility of establishing a new obituary: that of the "liberal world order".

"What you're seeing now is really insidious, because it's coming from within democracies," Fukuyama said in an interview quoted by the Times. "It's not just the United States, but also Hungary, Turkey, Poland and Russia, where you have a democratically elected leader who is trying to dismantle the liberal parts of liberal democracy. We are seeing a new type of threat that I really do not think I've seen in my whole life, "he said.

But is nationalism supported by the far right the response to neoliberalism? or is nationalism the way to a neo-fascism?

The geopolitical researcher Alfredo Jalife believes so: "One of the geopolitical consequences of the triumph of the evangelical Jair Messias Bolsonaro according to the agency Sputnik, is the creation of a hemispheric axis with the Presbyterian American president, Donald Trump, and with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, which will reverberate with Brazil's departure from China and the probable departure of the BRICS and Mercosur.

The "Bolsonaro effect" will have profound repercussions in Latin America because it represents the rise of a triple lethal mixture: Pinochetism Neoliberal with Trumpism and evangelistic neo-fascism.

The evangelicals gave the victory to Bolsonaro, while the women and the Catholics inclined towards their opponent, Fernando Haddad. José Wellington Bezerra, president of the Assembly of God, affirmed that "Bolsonaro is the only candidate who speaks the evangelical language"

While I am writing this, the ominous prophesy about the parallel between today's post-9/11 United States and Hitler's Nazi Germany in the 1930's. comes to my mind.


Check this


Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump because they believe he'll cause the world to end.

Nevertheless, many evangelical Christians believe that Trump was chosen by God to usher in a new era, a part of history called the “end times.” Beliefs about this time period differ, but it is broadly considered the end of the world, the time when Jesus returns to Earth and judges all people.

Jerusalem has a central role as the city of prophecy and the place where the end of times plays out. According to the prophecy, a 1,000-year period of peace must be followed by seven years of tribulation, during which wars, disease, and natural disasters will lay waste to the earth. In the book of Revelation, Israel is described as a nation that exists during the time of tribulation, and Jerusalem's Jewish temple is resurrected during this period....

“Israel is a key part of this story, too, as Christians believe that events there are fundamental to bringing about the end times,” Young continued. “At this point, Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is the only concrete thing that his evangelical supporters can point to as part of fulfilling biblical prophecy to bring about the second coming of Christ."

Will Trump bring about the end of the world? Evangelicals sure hope so
Recently, somebody made a quote with an extract of the meeting of May, 13, 2017 about the french presidential elections :

Peter) What were the results of the first round of elections in France? They want to know the results for Asselineau forum.

(Joe) What were the results for Asselineau in the first round? He received less than 1% officially, but unofficially?

A: 29

Q: (Peter) and Le Pen in the first round?

A: 61

Q: [General disbelief Exclamations] (Niall) She was elected president automatically!

(Peter) But the two combined, it reaches 90 percent!

(Niall) Both genuine anti-establishment candidates have won nearly everything.

(Chu) And she should be president ...

(Peter) And only after the first round! So they manipulated not by 20% with Ségolène figures as in 2007, but 40%! They have lowered Le Pen 61% to 21% ...

(Niall) Now they have a situation in the country where 90% of people did not vote for the guy who has just become president.

(Pierre) It's a powder keg.
I’m not sure to have properly understood these answers. Did the cassiopeans say that there was a manipulation of the mind of the voters (before the vote) or a manipulation of the real votes ?

I live in a small village and I assisted the vote and the count after the vote with many other inhabitants and I can say that it was particularly checked by everybody before sending the results to the national server. And, after these results have officially been published, they have been checked again for sure by the same people, and it should probably have been the same in every polling station. Under these circumstances, I don’t see at which stage, those results might have been manipulated.

How should we understand these assertions about the elections?


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So I finished reading the 4 volumes of "The Life Beyond the Veil", and while all of it was certainly interesting, one part stood out in particular as a description of 4th density matching what the C's have told us about it almost exactly. Thought I'd share if anyone else is interested, as it's a rare treat among channeled information to find something that correlates so well with the C's (I mean how many others do we even know - RA, Bringers of the Dawn, I'm not sure what else off the top of my head). And this is written in 1919 to boot!

I tried to include some context, but the larger context is that the angel "Arnel" is describing an instance where the host of heaven from every sphere (he says there are 14 in the way he's counting them, he himself being of the 10th, and God being the 15th essentially) was summoned by Christ as an army to come down to earth, together with Christ, to help/heal a problem on/with the planet. So they were all hanging out around the Earth as Christ and his archangels are showing them a vision of the future progress of the Earth and its peoples, and other neat stuff.

I highlighted the paragraph where the relevant portion starts.

Life Beyond the Veil, volume 4, page 234
THE FUTURE EVOLUTION OF THE EARTH—PSYCHOMETRY Tuesday, April 1, 1919. 5.29—6.20 p.m.

AWHILE the whole space within our ranks was filled once more with silence. And they two sat together within the Throne, for she had bidden him sit beside her.

Then we heard the voice of one of the great ones who had led those who came to the Sphere Ten and prepared us therein for our advance earthward. He stood behind the Throne and above it, and he cried:

"I speak to those who are of my own company, and to those who were called to array themselves with us descending earthward. For to you this Manifestation is given in order that you may with understanding get you to the further work. We who came to you to lead you had even then been given to know these things. But to you they now shall be shown new. Therefore take very good heed of them that you may step without hesitancy on the road which lies ahead of you. God our Father sends to you of His strength for the work by the commission of His Beloved, Who leads us, and through Him that Stream is poured upon us and shall enable us to the work. To Him our Author be all worship always."

And now there came a radiant mist upon the Throne, and encompassed the earth about till it was not to be seen of us any more. This slowly expanded and filled some quartern part of the sphere of space and then stayed in its enlarging. It began to revolve and seemed to take upon itself somewhat of solidity, but was not solid as matter is solid. If you will image an earth material still but yet etherealized half-way into transparency, there you have the look of it.

As it went round upon its axis there appeared shapes of lands and waters upon its outer circumference. These were not co-terminous in outline with those of earth as they are to-day. We were now being shown our future sphere of work, and these were changing as they are now changing on earth's surface, but more quickly. The ages ahead of you were foreshortened for us and we read them as a moving model.

There appeared also the cities and their peoples and animals also, and the engines which the people made for their several uses. And as the globe turned its surface to us, continually revolving, we were able to see the progress of it all.

I mean this: take, in token of other lands, your own islands. I noted them first as they will be a few years hence. Then they sailed round out of view. When they came before us again they had become changed a little in configuration of coastlines, and as to their cities and people. So, as the globe revolved, these lands, and the whole human race and their works of building and engines of locomotion and all their handiwork progressed in their ages, but condensed from millennia into hours. I must suit my words to your way of thinking, my son. Years have not the same significance to us as they have to you.

Now it would not be permitted to me to fish for you in the deeps of future ages. You of earth must net your own supper. That is as it should be. Nevertheless, it is permitted to me to tell you where the fishinggrounds are like to be. Then those who will think of me as a good admiral will set their sail to my chart, and out upon their quest. So.

Now, the earth became more beautiful as it sailed round upon its voyage of the ages. The light increased upon its surface, and its mass became more radiant from within. The peoples also hurried not so greatly here and there, for nature had become more at one with them and yielded more genially to their abundance. So their lives were less fevered and more given to meditation. Thus they became ever more in harmony one with others, and all of them more nearly attuned to us who were able, in our turn, to spend upon them a larger degree of our power and of our sweeter peace.

As this attunement advanced it enthused us with a largess of happiness to know we had gained for ourselves, after much stress of warfare, these younger companions of our ancient race. It was very sweet to us, my son.

And gradually earth itself was changed. Let me tell you.

You have a new word among you which I have seen in the mind of you and of others; psychometry. I understand it signifies that faculty by which from solid things some incident of the past is read by reason of a sort of vibrant record left in those solids by events in which they have had a part.

Now, there is a truth here which will not be fully known to you until the substance which you call ether has yielded up to your scientists the secrets of its composition and the forces inherent in its atoms. The time will come—we saw this plainly as we watched the globe revolving—when you will be able to deal, both analytically and synthetically, with this cosmic ballast which you call ether. You will deal with it as now you do with liquids and with gases. But that is not yet, for I your bodies are still much too gross that you should be permitted this great power with safety. Meanwhile your men of scientific mind will be preparing the way.

THESE psychometric vibrations, therefore, are—so we have concluded after study of the matter—writ, or indented upon the ether, which suffuses matter. But not that alone. The ether acts upon the substance of matter, and according to the inherent properties which energize through this ether, so does matter become transmuted into a more sublimated substance. These properties come upon ether from the outside of it, invade it, and, using it as a medium between themselves and matter, act upon matter through the ether. For the particles material are held in solution in the ether, as your men of chymics have told. But they have not yet ventured farther than the vestibule. There lies ahead of them the Temple, and within the Temple the Sanctuary. When they have ventured beyond the vestibule of the material into the temple: of the ethereal and not until that time, will they begin to understand that this Sanctuary is the dynamo from which the ether, and through it matter also is energized. The Sanctuary is the abode of Spirit.

And so you get the scheme of this affair in its due order, namely, Spirit impinges upon ether dynamically from the outside, that is, from that realm which is superior, both in powers as in degree of sublimity as to its basic substance. It energizes ether, which, in its turn, acts on and refines those particles which, with itself, make up the substance matter.

But this action is not automatic; it is wilful. Where will is there also is implied personality. It is individuals expressing their personality who give character to the ether, and the consequence is faithfully carried on into matter. It therefore issues in this: that according to the degree in holiness of those spiritual entities who operate on matter through ether, so is that matter the more gross or less gross in substance of its mass.

The quality of the matter of which earth and all things thereon are made is, therefore, responsive to the character of those spiritual individuals who act upon it wilfully. These are spirits both incarnate and discarnate.

And so it came to pass that as the people of earth progressed spiritually higher, so earth itself gradually but faithfully answered to their influence which was registered upon the substance of which, earth is builded up. Matter became less gross and more ethereal. That is why it became brighter with radiance from within as we saw it revolving. It was no more nor no less than cosmic psychometry in mass, but essentially identical with that you at present know manifested in detail.

As earth and its peoples became more and more etherealized, so the hosts spiritual were able with greater ease to consort with those peoples, and their conversation was both more frequent and more free than it is today. And, to shorten my story, we came to that period when progress had been made to such a degree that the communion of spirits with people of earth was normal and continual. Then it became possible that one great Manifestation be made of which I will tell you anon.

But this first: I leave out constellations and speak now of our own sun and his planetary system, so—

Those planets which your scientists have charted are, say they, material.

They have noted further that the matter of which these planets are made is not identical in the proportions of those ingredients which go to make up their material mass. But they have not yet proceeded to register one other factor which enters into the causes of difference of density. This is the spiritual factor of which I have told you, and which has entered into the evolution of some of these planets so as to produce them forward on their evolutionary pilgrimage ahead of earth. ad of earth.

There are others which are not visible to you of earth for they are those which have progressed in their etherealization beyond the material, and have become ethereal. They may be seen by those who live on planets of like substance. They are not spiritual, but between the material and the spiritual estate. Their inhabitants are cognisant of the other planets of which earth is one. And they act upon these planets very powerfully, being at the same time more progressed than earth people, and yet nearer in estate than the spiritual people are.

These of which I speak are true planets of themselves. But there are other ethereal planets, so to say it. One of these encompasses earth. For it is of the engrossened ether of which this ethereal planet is composed that earth is suffused. This is not merely a belt of ether solely for service of earth. It has its own continents and oceans and peoples. Most of these have lived on earth in bygone ages, and some have never been earthdwellers, never having reached material manifestation in body of flesh and blood.

Is that what some call the Astral Plane?

That name is not understood equally by those who use it. But, as yourself have read it and understand it, this ethereal planet of which I speak is not it. It is what I have said of it. Those of human-kind who have come to be there are old denizens as we have been told, and their residence there is uncertain as to its future duration. They are a kind of by-product of humanity of earth in long ages past.

Do you pass through this ethereal planet on your way to earth from the higher spheres?

Locally we must do so. But we are not responsive to its environment in normal as we pass through it. We are not sensibly conscious of its presence. It has not relation to the spheres one, two, three, as I have spoken of them in their degree by numbers. It is another order of creation, and a very strange one. It lies away off the highway of our goings, so that I know little of detail concerning it. What I have told you, and a little more, was explained to us in order to help us to account for some erratic events which perplexed us much until this new factor was brought to our knowledge. And then we understood.


NOW that we have cleared the ground, my son, we will tell you of the Manifestation which was given us. Its purport was to show us to what end the present evolution was tending, in order that we might with the greater assurance set our course ahead.

Earth, as we beheld it before us, had come to that stage when the ethereal and the material had almost equal place in content. The bodies of men were still of matter, but purified and more readily co-responsive with the heavens of spirit life than in former times—these same times in which you live to-day.

Earth had responded to the upliftment, and the vegetation which it produced lay upon its bosom almost as sentient as a babe upon his mother's breast.

No kingdoms were upon earth, but one confederacy of peoples whose colours were not so diverse, each from other, as they are to-day.

Science also was not the science of Europe as it is now, but the powers of ethereal dynamics being understood, the whole life of men was transformed. I will not farther in detail. That is no affair of mine. I lay the stage in its setting only so you may the more clearly discern what came upon us for our instruction.
I mean, this is pretty much a description of exactly how the C's explained it. That the earth is building a 4th density counterpart. The part about variability of physicality, being a sort of hybrid physical/spiritual state. That other planets like Jupiter are 4th density in nature and have their residents. This just added a bit more about ether, but really, it's to a T I'd say! Pretty fascinating :)


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Thanks for that, ScioAgapeOmnis. I'm about a third into the Red Pill Press release of volumes 1 and 2. It's interesting to draw parallels with the C's material. But it is mostly talking about 5D, so there seem to be some differences. But at the basic level, it seems there is a similarity: that life (and the afterlife) is just a school.

Are volumes 3 and 4 in print? I saw there were copies on, but the pages seemed to be scanned irregularly.
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