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Great session! Sounds like someone is going gold hunting! In a number of different ways...Price hikes and assassinations and if they are turning on the HAARP one can only wonder what chaos we'll be seeing next year. Looking forward to the new book and thanks again for the session. Always informative.


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A: Murky is right. By the way, 5 people includes support, not all shooters with visibility.

Does it mean some blind guys are shooting ? or hypnotized to forget ?

I understood it to mean that a team of 5 people were at or near the school that morning. They may all have been trained shooters, but only some of them actually did any shooting because the others were either serving as 'eyes and ears' for the shooters inside or they did not have schoolchildren within their sights and so could not kill anyone, or both.

There were reports of one man arrested in the woods, two more "proned out" by an officer and another "pinned down" at the firehouse. Assuming Adam Lanza was the dead shooter in the school, that gives us 5 people.


Thank you for the session.

seek10 said:
A: Murky is right. By the way, 5 people includes support, not all shooters with visibility.
Does it mean some blind guys are shooting ? or hypnotized to forget ?

I think you could be right that it could be like Lanza where he isn't all there, but it could also mean support from outside the building using radios or communication to let the guys inside know what is going on. I don't think they mean 'blind' literally.

edit: looks like kniall responded right before me sorry for the noise
thank you to the crew for this session..
a lot of capital (and quick) information.. that confirms that sott sees just!

Geez .. How they can shoot so much children?.. it's crazy! they are really sick.. but really!
so much innocent are killed!!

..we must to be careful with our emotions..

and for sure, yes, the martial law is close..

it goes... people are sleepwalkers .. good job of the TV, Cinemas and Haarp! :(

thank you still and greetings


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Thank you for the session everyone! End of the world: not quite yet. Looking forward to the joy with all the chaos going around.


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Thanks for the quick transcription. Interesting, as always.

Considering the statement about assassinations accepted by the masses, my thoughts turned to more recent events than JFK, RFK and MLK. I thought about the Palestinian political/military leader in particular, also Ghadaffi. The masses sure accepted those killings, believing all the lies that were told about them and questioning nothing.


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Uhhh famine and plague to begin with in New/Last Year :shock: - one world gestapo government is ready to pop up all over globe - serious times are before all humanity indeed. While we were having some little fun regarding "Doomsday" it came across my mind (just last night before falling asleep) an eerie thought what is now/next to follow... :cry:

Anyway, Thank You Laura and team for your devotion and researching!

Much obliged!


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Was looking forward all day to getting back home to read the session. Thank you for the speedy turnaround.

Will definitely need to find some pennies to meat/fat stocks somehow. Nobody believed me when I warned them about an imminent food shortage despite the obvious clues!!!

I was thinking yesterday when listening to Julian Assange that it is only a matter of time before they wipe him off that balcony. Still not sure about him but information about ALL countries sounded interesting.

Other possibilities are those that get in their way id Assad, the poor Palestinian state (as usual), maybe one of Diana's sons - for the same effect. Whoever is in the public eye and averting their control, or has a mass following (pop star/actor etc). All our stuff is out there too - mine especially on FB - but what is the point of stopping what we feel right about doing? The alternative is not an option IMHO.

Guess we've not seen nothing yet - the worst is still to come. Total coercion on absolutely every front possible.

FWIW - The good news???? The only thing I can imagine is that due to the balance in the universe, for every unutterable dispicable act - somewhere, there may be its opposite - soooo loving and beautiful that it is unimaginable, unexperiencable, incomprehensible to us as yet!

Looking forward to the new truths (books) Laura - such an unforgiving but STO schedule you have! :hug:


Thank you for the session, interesting as always.

Eboard10 said:
Laura said:
Q: (Andromeda) What about all the coincidences with the Batman movie, with the Sandy Hook reference in the Batman movie? (Perceval) Is that something like that 9/11 mass consciousness signaling to itself?

A: Yes. The cosmic mind sends many clues, but who is listening? And you know what the result of not listening is!

Q: (Perceval) It shouts very loudly at you!

I found this very interesting as I thought these kind of messages were usually intentionally inserted in movies and other such media by the PTB and secret government given that these events were planned to happen.

It always amaze me to see such things. It never made real sense to me that such small signs were intentionally inserted for whatever reason, why should the PTB do that? Only to make the brain of some detail chasing folks spinning in circles? On the other side, a feedback from the "future mass consciousness" affecting the creative expression in the present as some kind of unconscious channeling seemes much more plausible if you look in what kind of mental state a remote viewer slips when he work on a target. Its very similar to what an artist do when he let his creativity flow. A very good condition to pick up signals from the future.
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