Session 21 November 2015


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Turgon said:
Thank you so much for sharing this session!

Laura said:
Q: (L) Toxicity. It's the terrain, not the microbe. I was reading that deficiency of iodine in any tissue can cause problems with that area of the body. If you are deficient you might have dry mouth, dry eyes, inability to sweat, brain fog, nodules in the skin like are common with arthritis, fibrosis and fibroids, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and on and on the list goes. The major thing is the failure of the immune system allowing so-called autoimmune conditions to develop.
The bolded parts along with cold hands and cold feet have been an ongoing issue with me for the longest time. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but I'm reading through the iodine thread now and the purported benefits and I am getting a little excited as to what it can do. It does almost seem like it's too good to be true! But let's give it a shot and see what happens!
Same here, Turgon. I've had cold hands and feet for as long as I can remember. And since 1998, or so, I've had chills/heat at any time of day or night. I've mentioned this to doctors who just say, "yeah" and that's that. I got my doctor to add a thyroid test to my blood work that is coming up. I will be interested to see the results.


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Thanks for the fast transcription, this session was quite a revelation!

I am still mulling over the iodine thing and the bottom line of disease. Could it be THAT easy? It throws the whole medical paradigm out of the window (not that I had much faith in that recently anyway). But I think this is a stunning revelation - it's the terrain, not the critters, not the deficiencies itself, it's toxicity!


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Thanks all for the wonderful session. Interesting times ahead. It's quite an experience to witness the atmosphere of fear and panic amongst the general population and it provides valuable insight into how movements like Nazism so easily infected German society and eventually became the dominant ideology. The current times are certainly reminiscent of kind of atmosphere described by Sebastian Haffner in Defying Hitler.
Laura said:
One of the cofactors that Brownstein prescribes with the iodine is nicontinamide. So one wonders if once the thyroid and other systems get back up and running (assuming there is not too much damage over too long a period), will cutting back on smoking just sort of happen naturally?
Interesting that you mention this, because ever since beginning the iodine protocol I have actually been smoking a LOT less.


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Darek said:
OMG :wow: One of the most powerful session ever! Thank you :hug2:

Laura said:
The iodine removes cadmium, mercury, lead,
and iron...?
I'll be able to tell you in a month or two if it does for me. I had my ferritin checked about 2 months ago. I'll check again after a period of time on the iodine.


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Thanks so much for the Session Excellent stuff. detoxing has been in my mind for
a while now been putting of ordering iodine and reading the iodine threat
Ill be doing both tomorrow.Im getting back in to using the Sauna after a long break
Dont like the thought of more false flag events the last one had me depressed for days.
I need to calm down now before i go to bed this Session has got me
Excited really great info
Thanks again Laura and the crew :D
:rockon: :hug:


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Second reading of this session is like drinking champagne for breakfast (not that i would know??...) on the day of your child's wedding! Thank you Cass, you are wonderful and i am so proud to be able to read these sessions together. It feels like being James Bond in a movie of Light! Thank you, twice!! (Sorry for the noise) After the past few years of going over the health threads, this session just blows me away! i never saw that information coming about iodine, just incredible to me how so many answers are just in front of our noses!...


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A: As you have learned it is good to start the day with a glass of warm salted water. Then you can take more a couple of hours after your iodine.
Is there a certain type of salt to add to warm water or do we warm the water first and then add the certain type of salt. Any information in this direction will help and of course thanks for your effort in putting this session together.


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I don't care enough about health, I know that, but I'm to some extent satisfied, because even if I till now not fully utilize the shared knowledge. I have quite good health, nowise in subjective feeling. For instance, in this autumn season, exceptionally, I wasn't ill. What happened to me regularly in autumn season. I watched all around the sick persons, just not me. (However, one month of autumn yet.)

This is something new. I recommend to follow the guidelines presented here. What the truth is, you do it, but always can add, throw own two cents.

I have the good associations with iodine. I remember when I was young, then I drove to the north coast to inhale iodine from sea, because my mother read something in some booklet. Now, I'm waiting for my order with lugol.


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A: Hello Kinder! Mineakaea of Cassiopaea calling! We see that your realm is rapidly changing. This is the time you have been preparing for. It will be difficult to navigate the turmoil coming. But it is possible and you should not lose sight of the fact that massive changes are coming. Remember what we said about cosmic biorhythms. It will be a bad time for the elite soon. And it will intensify for them according to their FRV.
A quote of transdimensiona​l from the session of 3 september 2008.,9609.0.html

Q: (L) What is this outcome?

A: Increasing inner turmoil. Review what happened in Germany.

Q: (L) Well, what happened in Germany in what period?

A: Towards the end of the war. Hitler's madness and the hatred of the world towards Germany.

Q: (L) Wasn't a pretty picture, was it? (J) In Germany, the rest of the world bombed Germany...

A: Yes. Expect it in the USA ultimately.

"What happened in Germany towards the end of the war? Well, it wasn’t turmoil in the sense of strikes, riots, and civil commotions. There was a growing oppression from the government to keep the war machinery running while people outmigrated from cities to flee from the bombings and obtain shelter and food to survive the dire situation. There was a flood of refugees throughout the country and barter economy started replacing the monetised economy.
“Volksschaedlinge” (lit. »Pest harmful to the people«) was a term used for people who in the eyes of the Nazis harmed the »public welfare« of society, such as those involved in plundering after air-raids, people involved in black market trading, persons who voiced criticism of the Nazi regime, soldiers who have deserted etc. A person so labelled could be sentenced to the most severe punishment - in most cases towards the end of the war - the death penalty (martial law). Finally the regime was changed by exterior forces, not by the German people.

I am not quite sure if the C’s put an imminent collapse of the economy followed by inner turmoil and martial law first and the destruction of the country by acts of war as a following event or vice versa.


A cosmic catastrophe first, followed by inner turmoil, martial law next and finally violent regime change?"


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Thank you for sharing this session. Very interesting indeed.

Some time after the iron curtain went down life became worse. Some time after 9/11 life became more worse for normal people. There were a lot of changes the last months and now with the Paris event, I expect that life develops into even much more worse. I am worrying about these future changes. So it is good to know that after a very dark time there could/will be light at the end of the tunnel. It is also good to know that PTB will also have to struggle. Thank you very much!

I ordered lugols and the Brownstein book. Now I there is a lot of reading before me starting with iodine thread. :)


Echo Blue said:
Reading this Session literally gave me goose bumps when I was reading what the C's said about Iodine and its healing effects on the human body.

So a big thank you to ALL of you good folks at the Chateau, and especially Laura, for asking the right questions. Likewise thanks to ALL of you who have gone through the health protocols and reported your experiences and successes....your up's and down's for the rest of us to benefit get us to this point in time. Step-by-step!!!

indeed !

Thank you all for another great session, and thank you for going through all your experiences, protocols, suffering and sacrifices with the aim of sharing your knowledge with us !
Forever in your debt :hug:
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