Session 22 February 2020

After 10 years of following Laura and her work, I am still in awe of this “experiment”. “We are you in the future”, I mean, isn’t that just amazing to think about?! I feel so lucky and grateful that I can be a part of this. Thank you for sharing, thank you for everything!
Thanks for the session!
well, I think it really is going to be much, but much worse ... a level of the masses that suffer constant terror ... the safe universe will send them events that will make them stop and think about what the hell is going on and not passing , if not in a way that forced to find answers ... is not to anticipate, but I think everything will be literally a full-blown apocalyptic nightmare at some point.
This year has been too crazy thus far. It needs to slow down!

Personally, I'm slightly worried about covid-19 hence I keep daily tabs on it. Reassuring to hear that it'll die off, hopefully soon!

In any case, things have moved up a notch, the video of the ripple in the clouds was weird... That UFO Joe spotted was even weirder. Who knows what came in and for what purpose?

Hoping for things to go back to normal soon!

In all these chaos, we forget there is a human cost, there are people who pay high prices.
Thank you for the session! :love:

Q: (L) Okay. So, the thing that I thought about it because of Iran's really lukewarm response to the whole thing... I mean, that's the kind of thing that starts freaking wars! Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination started World War I!! Anyway... So here we get this guy assassinated and we didn't get WW III already. So, that made me suspicious. And then they had this little response that was like milquetoast.

(Pierre) It was scripted all along.

(L) Yeah, like it was scripted...

A: Back room deal.

Q: (L) So are you saying that Trump and the Iranians had a backroom deal to take out this guy Soleimani because the Iranians may have actually wanted him gone?

A: Yes

Q: (PoB) Which Iranians?

(Joe) Rouhani and the Ayatollah.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) So was it decided upon from Trump's perspective as a kind of gift to keep the Israelis happy?

(L) He got to make a grand gesture for his warmongering Deep State and appease Israel, and Iran got rid of somebody that they were getting more and more afraid of.

A: Yes

I found the above very interesting and got to thinking, that there are probably way more backroom deals and communications that we can ever imagine. Especially after reading the book, JFK and the Unspeakable, that shows the secret communications between Kennedy and Khrushchev during the Cold War, and how they were trying so hard to keep the peace when the Deep States in their respective countries were vying for more conflict, war, and destruction. And it was many years later that we/anyone had a clue that this was going on.

Trump seems like a crazy person quite often, but he might be trying with all the power he has to do something good, if not for the entire world, at least for the benefit of the US. And maybe he wears this crazy person mask to keep people distracted, to not get whiff of his true aims.

Regarding Israel, just recall how Trump has been operating since he got in office... He has these warmongers working for him, and he seems that he allows them enough rope to express their true colours and intentions, and then when they cross the line (because they inevitably will, "give the devil enough rope..." and all that) he fires them and exposes them for who they are.

And now he proposes this Deal of the Century or whatever, to solve the Middle East problem. He must know that the UN and other governments are not going to accept it, right? But... it makes the Israelis cocky. Netanyahu especially is currently VERY desperate, wanting to be reelected and stay in power in order to have immunity against the fraud charges that loom above his head. So what if he is giving them rope to keep revealing more and more to the global community their psychopathic essence? And what if they ultimately do something SO stupid? I know the relationship between his son in law and other associates with Israel, but, could Trump (as a business-and-MAGA man) be happy that the US is giving these huge amounts of money to Israel every year, without him/his country getting anything back in return? What if he is doing with the Israelis what he has done to his now-fired associates?

All the above are wild speculations of course, just reading the session made me wonder if after all, Trump is not totally :-P the crazy, out of control person I imagine him to be sometimes.
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thank you so much for the session, I so much neeeded to hear these word.

L) So it's not faith IN Jesus as Ashworth points out. It's faith OF Jesus that sets the example. And the example was put in a metaphor of the story of this crucifixion or death, but the metaphor represents basically the crucifixion of every person. They're crucified inside and outside because they are faced with this reality that rejects their consciousness, their more or less divine connection, their spiritual connection. They say that everything is just random mutations and random evolution, and that's wrong. That's the Big Lie.

Yes, despite all the suffering, brought by the rejection from your familly and friends you keep walking the path, making your way to the cross, seeing what they can t see, experiencing what they can t experience, they can only see the material world and experience the physical, slowly you are fadding for them, slowly they are fading for you.

In the end, there may only be your faith, I once wrote in this forum, and many time, facing a foe that wanted my end, I choose faith to defend myself and the foes were defeated.

What is more real I ask myself often, the reality that I access every morning when I awoke or the reality that I accees sometime when my body sleep.
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