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Thanks a million for posting another amazing session :flowers:

My thinking at the time was that a certain group of souls desired to experience physicality and thereby 'opened the door' that then provided the opportunity for many more to do the same. I was then thinking that maybe the same group of souls might 'lead the way' back out the same 'door' to a former more ideal state, but with all the lessons learned along the way, and in that way adding to the overall creative purpose of the universe. But as was said, it's probably a lot more complicated than that, although there might be something to the idea in a basic, generalized way.

Thanks Joe, I think the reasoning above does make a lot of sense. It reminds me of the "Silmarillion" by Tolkien, which was written (i think) as a kind of mythological history of Middle Earth and its Ages.

I can't recall the exact part of the book it is mentioned - but there were basically different levels of reality inhabited with STO forces and there was always an STS type force/being as an antagonist. Gandalf who was originally known as Olorin; a Maia who were the assistants of the Valar which I think could be considered as either 4D/6D STO beings. He was actually "sent" by the Valar into "physicality" to confront and face Sauron - as in their view it would be a great lesson for him to face evil. I guess we know he eventually prevailed in the battle of rings; hence the scene where in the end, Gandalf and the Elves were leaving "back to their lands" on a ship. Apologies if it does not make sense, but thats the first thought that came to my mind when reading your explanation.


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Thank you for an interesting and hope filled session and what Laura said about the mission of this work.

Faith aided by awareness and knowledge to see the unseen.

Yes, the more I read about Paul, and the more I work out the concepts in his words, it can be, perhaps, simply described as being a good being. A good person, and not by obedience, but by faith in something you can’t see but know exists.

And it’s a multi layered concept, seeming good, because you’re good, because you know how to be good, because you know why you ought to be good, and you know how you know this.

It’s an outside-in process that generates a permanent inside-out response... but you must go looking for that outside-in influence, if that makes sense.

the whole solemaini debacle, wow.. I hadn’t considered that people in Iran might’ve wanted him gone, but it makes absolute sense now that I think about it.

Thanks so much for the session


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When you read Ashworth's interpretation on what Paul was teaching, you just know it's the right one. I mean it finally makes sense! All the other interpretations never felt right to me. And so now the C's have confirmed it. So there you go!

Thanks for the session. It was a good one!


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(L) In other words, a group of people that have that kind of faith that in the face of everything being literally awful as it is in our world today, that they still have faith in the other reality, they still have faith in doing good, doing right, being loving, that they do not buy into the whole Darwinian materialistic thing, and basically they don’t believe those lies and by those means they are able to, at a certain point in time that Paul called the culmination of the ages, be restored to this Edenic state... in other words a 4D STO reality. Am I interpreting that correctly?

Wonderful session! And this especially hits home, lately the world seems to get more evil and insane by the day, it is truly inspiring to know what amazing potential there is for those who do have faith and can see through the lies. Thank you!


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Q: (L) Okay, next topic? Is the new coronavirus:
A) an American or Chinese-engineered virus, like an ethnic-specific weapon
B) from outer space
C) just a natural progression of viral evolution and/or mutation

(Andromeda) Or:
D) a combination because of this vaccine that got out of control and it mutated on its own

A: D

Mind blowing session! Thank you, guys!
I presume that is very hard to ask the right question in the right way to get answer. You certainly nailed it with this form of question ;-D.


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Thank you so much for this session, so many things and information... About the Soleimani assassination. Does this General was too good? Too much power? I don't understand why he was a enemy for the power in Iran. I need insight please.

For the next plague... wow. So it seems that it is really about a virus and not an economical situation like the big Crash?

Fascinating times that are coming. Thank you again.


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It appears that the communication channel has cleared up yet another bit after the turmoil and battling during the looming 2019/20. I am loosing the sense of who is actually talking, asking and answering. You, the Château people, have done so much research & progress (not to mention the technical and administration stuff 'on the back stage', which cannot be seen) and sacrificed a lot for this network to stay in existence, even with your bodies/health.

This session is a jaw dropper again.
Thank you, Laura & Ark & all you others there.
:wizard: :flowers:

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Thank you very much for the new session, super interesting, as always!
About the Soleimani assassination. Does this General was too good? Too much power? I don't understand why he was a enemy for the power in Iran. I need insight please.

There's always competing forces within any nation, and those (or some part) having power in Iran may have seen Soleimani's rising influence and popularity as a threat for their own position, and found it "win-win" to get rid of him through those back room negotiations. That's the reality how things can be played out at that level, and not all those in charge are good guys, even if Iran as a country is being positive force by opposing US and Israel's nefarious plans in the Middle East.


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I was surprised by the Soleimani assassination - it was all just an elaborate setup.

I took it as an insight into how politics really works, and it more or less confirmed my take on the Soleimani assassination and the events afterwards.

Far from being arch enemies, all politicians and members of the political or 'elite' class around the world have more in common with each other than they do with their respective populations. They all share the common goal of maintaining themselves in power and keeping their potentially 'restless' populations under control and relatively happy, because it is from their populations that they derive their power (and wealth).

Soleimani had become an increasingly powerful figure in both the Iranian military and Iranian political and social life over the past few years. The political class in any country is usually very wary of military leaders accruing too much power and influence, because when they do, they tend to get ideas that they can do a better job. So it's possible that Soleimani was seen as a growing threat to the Iranian government and the Ayatollah and his coterie.

Through spying and electronic eves-dropping and direct discussions with Iranians, individuals in the Trump government may have become aware of this and came up with the idea of getting rid of him in the knowledge that the Iranians would not mind so much. The thinking behind this may have been Trump's awareness that with the recent alarming spread of Iranian influence across Iraq and into Syria and Lebanon (much of it thanks to Soleimani), the Israelis were reaching the point of no return where they might initiate a real war against Iran (and the Iranian government was likely aware of this). If such a war were to occur, Trump would be forced to side with Israel, and he was not inclined to have the US embroiled in another major ME war (his 'base' of supporters in the US would not be happy). At the same time, the Iranian government does not have a death wish, and they very likely would not win such a war (Israel has 400 nukes and the psychos to use them).

Killing Soleimani may have been seen, therefore, as a good way to stay Israel's hand, appease the Zionists by showing them that Trump was looking out for their interests, while presenting himself as a leader who was taking a 'strong stance' on Iran. Notice that, in the immediate aftermath of the assassination, Trump tweeted that he did it to "prevent a war, not start one". That was perplexing to many people since killing Soleimani appeared to be the best way to START a war between the US and Iran. But perhaps the war that Trump was preventing with this action was not primarily a war between the US and Iran but between Israel and Iran (then pulling the US in). Notice also that Trump felt he had to further justify the assassination to his base by claiming the Soleimani was a 'bad man' who had been responsible for killing US troops in Iraq.

From the Iranian perspective, killing Soleimani removed a threat to their power, but the Iranian government had to go through the motions of being 'outraged' and responding with the missile attack on 2 US bases in Iraq, an attack that was very likely signaled to the US beforehand. All of this was necessary because the Iranian people, as oblivious as the American people to the way global politics really works, demanded it as a response to the egregious murder of their beloved general by the 'great Satan'. The outpouring of grief and the multiple millions of people who attended the various funeral proceedings for Soleimani is perhaps an insight into the extent of the threat he posed to the established powers in Iran.

The shooting down of the Ukrainian plane was the final element, but this was most likely a 'wild card', thrown in by elements within the Israeli intelligence establishment to highlight the fact that they were not fooled by the whole spectacle and perhaps as a warning to the US and Iranian players of what they can do. As I wrote at the time, someone very likely 'messed' with either the plane or the missile system to provoke the shoot down. Given all of this, it's no surprise that the Iranian government took responsibility for the downing of that plane, and quickly made it go away.
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