Session 23 August 2014


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Session Date: August 23rd 2014

Laura and Andromeda at the board;
Pierre, Perceval, Possibility of Being, Chu, Kniall, Data, Breton, thorbiorn, parallel, Mr. Scott, Approaching Infinity, Alana, Timótheos

Joining via Skype from SE USA:
Zadius Sky, l_autre_d, hlat, herondancer, truthseeker, A Jay, Chrissy, trendsetter37, KJN, Magpie, suelarue, aleana, Nicolas, Odyssey, Menrva

[Introductions, hellos, etc.]

Q: (Andromeda) How many people are we altogether today, Scottie?

(Mr. Scott) 15 there...

(L) How many altogether?

(Mr. Scott) Um... 30.

(Pierre) Wow, that's getting like a Michael Jackson concert!

(L) Okay, let's get started. Do ya'll have questions already fixed up?

(Menrva) Yes.

(L) Yes? Cause we don't have any!

(Menrva) None?

(L) We know everything! [laughter] We want to know why the chicken crossed the road. Alrighty, let's see if anybody's home.

A: Hello to all!

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Iloioniaea of Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Okay, what's your first question?

(Odyssey) We have some Ebola questions. What is the specific protocol to protect us from Ebola, because there's a lot of information out there?

A: Each situation can have variables, but in general a serious boosting of the immune system via diet and cold protocols can provide great resistance.

Q: (Odyssey) There are people all over the world that have Ebola symptoms, and they're saying that they're testing negative. Is this test accurate, and are the negative results true?

A: Not true in many cases because they have limited knowledge about Ebola.

Q: (Odyssey) There was a video going around YouTube about how the quarantine centers and the detention centers line up on a map. Is there a link between this immigration situation and Ebola?

A: Only partly. It can be used as a cover for deliberate spreading of virus.

Q: (PoB) The previous answer was that they have limited knowledge about Ebola. What is the main point that they are missing? Can we ask it?

(L) What is the main point they're missing? I would say that if you have limited knowledge about Ebola, you can't say necessarily that it's a main point that you're missing. What if there are situations where Ebola masks itself, or produces symptoms but it's not evident in the blood or that sort of thing? I don't think a "main point" is applicable in a scientific way.

(PoB) The main thing that they are missing...

(L) The main thing that they are missing?

(Pierre) If any. It might be a combination. But we can ask what they are missing.

(L) Okay. PoB wants to ask, regarding the limited knowledge about Ebola, what is the main thing that they are missing?

A: Their lack of technical expertise.

Q: (Perceval) Can I ask about the answer “it can be used as a cover for the deliberate spread of the virus”, is that a plan to deliberately spread the virus?

A: It has always been "a plan".

Q: (Pierre) And there's been instances of spreading of a virus over populations, like with Native Americans. So, they can do it again, and Ebola is the cover. {Note: Immigration issues were implied to be the cover.}

(Perceval) Yeah, but I mean, in the sense of Ebola being the major plague that would sweep the world kill millions of Americans... that kind of thing; not their own people.

A: They may have a "Frankenstein" on their hands.

Q: (Chu) So, worse than Ebola. Mutated, freaky-deaky...

(L) In other words, they put the brain of Abby Normal in the monster! Ha-ha! Sorry... [laughter]

(Andromeda) Oh boy...

(L) Alright, next question?

(Odyssey) If different people catch the same virus, does that virus have the possibility of being beneficial or detrimental depending on the person's FRV?

A: Yes.

Q: (Odyssey) Good. [laughter]

(KJN) We had a discussion about menstruation. If women were raised on the keto diet from the beginning, is the experience that we have with the female cycle supposed to be different? Right now it seems like it's a detox due to inflammation and all kinds of factors. Would it be different if people were raised on a keto diet?

A: Absolutely! So would be a lot of other bothersome things.

Q: (trendsetter37) So, while we were discussing FRV, and some of the notes from the past couple of months including from Pierre's book and other associated material, I got the idea that all matter has an EM frequency. Could you reverse that by applying a different EM frequency, as in adding information in the form of EM frequency to manipulate the matter - or even create matter?

A: Of course. It is called "alchemy." The question is: What is the method?

Q: (Pierre) Yes, that's the question: What is the method? [laughter]

(L) That's the question?

(Pierre) No, that's my question.

A: Refer to Einstein and back engineer the necessary energies needed.

Q: (Mr. Scott) No problem!

(L) Just build a lab in the back yard there and do it.

(Approaching Infinity) trendsetter37 will!

(Pierre) Back engineer the necessary energy...?

(trendsetter37) That's interesting because that was the... Back engineering...

(L) I think what they're saying is back engineering in terms of reversing the process. It's kind of stated in E=mc^2.

(Pierre) Like an atomic bomb. Matter produces energy. But here, it's a reverse process: it's energy that produces matter. But how, I dunno.

(Andromeda) Easy!

(L) I mean, what are you going to do? You going to put some kind of loud speaker that emanates some kind of wave and have it blasting the rock into the rock turns it into gold? I mean, theoretically it would work, but what kind of power would you need? Each atom of that rock has like this infinitesimal amount of energy contained within it that has to be changed or converted. You see what I'm saying?

(Perceval) Well, back engineering would be if energy equals matter times the square of the speed of light, well then you have to generate light starting from the end. So you generate light with knowledge...

(L) Which is information...

(Perceval) So you get more knowledge, which is information, and then that... does stuff!

(Pierre) It's matter, so matter equals energy divided by the speed of light squared.

(Mr. Scott) But if light is knowledge, then you're taking energy and dividing it by the square of the speed of light. So, if it's the square of your knowledge, you have to be really, really stupid because the energy divided by the square of your stupidity gives you lots of mass. [laughter]

(L) I think there's some truth in that because those people that created the atom bomb... the square of their stupidity kind of went into the equation for the bomb. They had no information. They just blew everything up.

(Perceval) Lots of knowledge and information turns matter into energy.

(L) Moving along! Let's get another question.

(Approaching Infinity) I've got a question kind of related to that, and to what trendsetter37 was saying. In the book The Field, she talks about the kind of homeopathic experiments where they were able to record the EM signature of a certain compound and then play the recording of that signature back to water. Then the water would react as if that compound was present. So, would it be possible to use an EM signature to reverse something like a physical disease or virus like Ebola?

A: Yes. Look into Rife.

Q: (Perceval) That's the name of someone?

A: Royal Rife.

Q: (L) That's the guy who invented a machine that does exactly that. We need a Rife machine. Nicolas, build one!

(Nicolas) I’ll get right on it!

(Perceval) His first name was Royal? Presumptuous parents.

(Menrva) I wanted to ask about Ferguson, Missouri. We wanted to know if the events there were a marker?

A: Not a marker per se, it was an opportunity.

Q: (Perceval) It was an opportunity for people to wake up, see what's going on, and take action. But they didn't. It was a missed opportunity by the people.

(L) Yeah.

A: The killing will continue until even the "silent majority" find their voice. They were silent at the exposure of Ferguson and many previous incidents. But notice that the anger is still building and psychopaths always miscalculate.

Q: (Pierre) That's a message of hope. There will be a reaction eventually.

(Perceval) They'll miscalculate in that they'll allow the killing to continue, and they don't realize that there's a breaking point where there's a string of murders, just killing people gratuitously in the street, and that will trigger large percentage of people...

(Andromeda) Something will break...

(Perceval) And that's what they can't budget for because they're psychopaths. All of these shootings by cops are the result of the ponerization of America and the influx of psychopaths into society and into positions of power; more ordinary psychopaths, the only place they can get power is the police force; so, they flood the police forces because they're not smart enough to be politicians. Then they get guns and start shooting people. That's not part of their plan. I mean, I don't think they're trying to incite revolution by killing people. It's just a function of psychopaths in the police force doing what they do. It's going to be a war between them and ordinary people.

(Andromeda) It'll be like in V for Vendetta.

A: Psychopaths see these events as reasons to impose more controls, but that only results in more pressure and more anger which will reach a global tipping point.

Q: (Pierre) Doesn't it mean national or international revolt?

A: "Tipping points" can be other than human initiated actions.

Q: (Pierre) Cosmic reactions.

(L) Yeah.

(Perceval) Earth changes.

(Pierre) It would have been better that humans react. {Note: if humans don’t take care of their problems, the cosmos will.}

(Chu) But that makes sense like with dictatorships where people were oppressed and killed in front of other people, and still the people submitted. If it's not a cosmic type of reaction, people won't react now. They just don't have it in them.

(L) Yeah, I think the big key to what's going on here is the global nature of the repression, the killing, the suppression, you know?

(Perceval) It's linked because they say, okay, the effect of psychopaths can cause people to rise up and have a revolution. But other than that, it would be nature. It reminds me of that 2004 tsunami when they said...

(L) “If you can't create within, you create without”. When people's creativity is suppressed...

(Perceval) …it manifests externally. It was a wave of creativity that was being suppressed, and it was a wave that came in and destroyed everything, you know what I mean?

(L) Yeah.

(Pierre) There's a circle, or negative feedback loop described with the dynastic cycle {in “Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection}...

(L) That's a positive feedback loop of negative events.

(Pierre) Yeah, you're right. More earth events, more desperation, more control, more anger, and it keeps feeding itself.

(L) Okay, next question?

(KJN) Will Israel get its comeuppance and the Gaza atrocities abate?

A: Israel will certainly "pay the piper", but perhaps not soon enough.

Q: (L) I just keep wanting a comet to just come down on Tel Aviv. There was a session years ago where the C's warned us not to go to Tel Aviv. We were invited to a conference, and they suggested that we not go because they could see something really big coming for Tel Aviv at some point in the future. Now, that was years ago, but you know how time is for the Cs; it's irrelevant. So, I suspect that there IS something really big coming for Tel Aviv.

(Pierre) Something of cosmic origin?

(L) Possibly, we don't know.

(Perceval) One of the depressing things I was thinking about was that the world needs - in a strange way - Israel and the Zionists to do what they're doing, i.e. massacring civilians, to provide an opportunity for the people of the world to wake up and make a choice; a last opportunity to make a choice between yes and no, good and evil, etc. In that sense, they serve a purpose. So that kind of stuff will continue on until the very last.

(L) So it's like in the Book of Revelation: the Palestinians are the saints.

(Perceval) By dying for humanity, in a certain sense...

(Pierre) What is the nature of the big event coming to Tel Aviv?

(L) You know they're not gonna tell you that! They would have told me that way back then. Wait and see!

A: Yes.

Q: (Kniall) Read Pierre's book. [laughter]

(L) Alright, next?

(KJN) They kind of gave some timetables in previous sessions regarding money collapse, martial lockdowns, the Ebola virus becoming pertinent for the United States, etc. Do we have any updates on these time tables, and have things shifted to create a different time table scenario?

A: You are presently in the process described. It is only a matter of acceleration and the addition of the energy information of more dramatic upcoming events.

Q: (L) More dramatic upcoming events... What kind of more dramatic upcoming events?

A: Earth change variety. That should get the system going in a big way!!

Q: (Perceval) There was a big crack in Mexico.

(L) Well, earth changes doesn't necessarily mean comets. It can mean big earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, superstorms, onset of an ice age, floods, and all kinds of things.

(Perceval) That's all the fun stuff that we don't get to miss. Comets aren't coming before that happens. That would just be lights out! Here's an open-ended question: Isn't there going to be a big earthquake in California? [laughter]

A: Yes.

Q: (Pierre) When will it hit and where?

A: No dice!

Q: (Pierre) I know...

(Chu) There was also that big amount of CCI4 in the atmosphere. Supposedly it's a pollutant that breaks down the ozone layer, but they don't know where it's coming from. It can be produced from methane, so I was thinking...

(L) There's a lot of methane outgassing going on.

(Chu) Yeah, so they said, "Somebody must be producing it illegally" since it was banned.

A: Wait for a really big outgassing event!

Q: (Andromeda) Ooo! That sounds promising.

(Chu) That's gonna kind of screw up their whole global warming scam.

(Andromeda) They'll hold on until the end, though.

(Perceval) They'll claim a big outgassing event, they'll claim it's a sarin attack or something.

(L) They'll blame it on the bison.

(Perceval) No, Putin did it! [laughter]

(L) Oh, Putin did it, yeah!

(Perceval) What about that picture of the weird white thing?

(Kniall) The angelic looking ethereal object over London.

(Perceval) It looked like an angel type thing with lines on its tail.

A: Illuminated plasma. Now you begin to get the idea of why the ancient peoples thought that "gods" were in the sky.

Q: (Perceval) That was in the absence of any comet or space rock or something.

(L) Can it be?

A: Yes.

(L) Different layers of charge. Just layers of the atmosphere, gasses...

(Pierre) And all the dust in the atmosphere.

(L) Cosmic rays.

(Perceval) Why does it take such a non-amorphous shape?

(Pierre) Depending on the fields.

(Approaching Infinity) Can human thoughts or emotions, like through a PK influence, influence the shape of those plasmas?

A: To some limited extent, but that is not usually a factor.

Q: (L) Okay, you got another question?

(trendsetter37) The C's have described gravity as a "great equalizer" and a "binder of our reality", but is gravity a function of balance rather than a one-way conception of accretion?

A: More about "balance" as you have framed the question.

Q: (KJN) He has more questions but he's nervous.

(L) We should save those kinds of questions. Those aren't generally interesting to everybody. People want to know about the world, Ebola, Ferguson, the Ukraine, Russia, Obama...

(Perceval) I have a question. Was the cockpit of MH17 shot at by a jet?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) Was the point of that to kind of take out the pilots so that they couldn't communicate or whatever, and then the bomb in the plane would go off afterwards?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) Fair enough. It figures.

(L) Can ya'll hear the owls out back here?

(Mr. Scott) No, it's too quiet.

(Pierre) [whistles like an owl]

(L) That was Pierre, not an owl!

(Nicolas) We were wondering if Putin was going to play the 9/11 card, if he was going to be forced to do it, or...

A: Eventually. All of the efforts to support Putin will help the revelations to come sooner.

Q: (Perceval) Yay, Putin!

(L) I mean, did ya'll notice the propaganda over the last week or so with this aid convoy to Ukraine? I mean, the incredible... The New York Times, the UN, this Fogh Rasmussen guy, the incredible bald-faced, outrageous LIES that they were publishing in the media! "Russia Invades! Armed Convoy! Ukraine wipes out Russian troops!" All of it was lies, lies, lies, and bullshit. How can Putin DO anything when he's up against that kind of absolutely un.... I can't even find words for it! You never would have expected the US of A, the Western world, supposedly the carrier of the torch of liberty, publishing CRAP like that! It's worse than the worst Soviet era propaganda! And they were publishing it and people were buying it!! What do you think they would do if Putin suddenly gave out the information of who was really behind 9/11?

(Pierre) They would dismiss it.

(L) It would be immediately dismissed, and he would be blamed for being a whacko. He would be a whacko 9/11 truther conspiracy theorist who lost his mind. Remember, there was more than one case of people who were actually taken under psychiatric care for daring to say that 9/11 was an inside job. They've got the situation set up where he can't say a freaking word unless and until THIS situation changes.

(Perceval) What about if he's got evidence?

(L) They would dismiss the evidence. What about the evidence of nanothermite, the videos of the collapsing WTC buildings, etc.

(Perceval) What about something that's more of a smoking gun?

(L) They had the evidence of this aid convoy driving in, delivering their stuff, and then driving away, and they STILL called it a freaking invasion!

(Chu) What kind of evidence couldn't they destroy?

(L) The level of propaganda and the level of stupidity of the majority of people is still way too high. Everybody has to see the man behind the curtain.

(Andromeda) They have to at least suspect him.

(Perceval) Okay, so, if Putin eventually will reveal something, what evidence does he have?

(Approaching Infinity) The last time we had a session with NC, I thought I asked if he had 9/11 information, and they said yes.

(Perceval) Yeah, but we didn't ask what. Does he have like high definition video of a Global Hawk flying into the Pentagon that nobody can refute?

A: Almost.

Q: (Pierre) But the Global Hawk would frame the US and not Israel.

(Perceval) Doesn't matter.

(L) Okay, next question. Moving right along now.

(Timótheos) If someone contracts Ebola and survives, is there any immunity conferred to the person against further infection, or further illness?

A: Yes, to a great extent, as long as not exposed to a mutation.

Q: (L) Next?

(A Jay) On Wednesday, a lot of people in my area heard some strange noises. Shortly after that, the military came out and said they were doing low-flying C-130 drills or exercises. So, I was wanting to know was it actually military jets making the noises, and if so can we expect more of these noises... or if it wasn't these planes, can we expect these noises to be blamed or explained away by the military in this way?

A: You have already seen a lot of "explaining away" and not much admitting to what they are really doing. Do you expect that to change?

Q: (A Jay) No.

(L) Let's get close to the wrap-up here pretty soon. Next question?

(Odyssey) What was the purpose of Obama taking a two-day break from his two-day vacation recently?

A: Planning meeting and he got his orders.

Q: (Odyssey) What orders? [laughter]

(Somebody?) No Dice!

A: Everything he says and does is according to what he is told to say and do, including extended golf holidays.

Q: (Chu) Even his workouts? [laughter]

A: The same consortium that was behind Bush and others pulls the strings.

Q: (Approaching Infinity) How many people have really died on both sides in the "anti-terrorist operation" in East Ukraine? They say that only like 2000 people total have died, whereas there are troops that are saying it could be ten times that or more.

A: 8662 or thereabouts.

Q: (L) Okay, last question or two?

(KJN) We're beginning to aim things for the group. [???] We're looking at the spectrum of positives and negatives, as in electricity, as in societies, and the whole cosmic thing. We're wondering if you have some advice for our group in order to be able to move our set point, our middle point to a more positive aspect that will counterbalance something in the world. Or should be look at this through a different type of lens?

A: Butterfly wings of sharing information and, most importantly, perspectives.

Q: (L) I think it's not enough to share just factual information. I think you have to share what you feel about it: how it affects you, your emotions, etc. You see something happening, and your perspective is “this is what is happening and this is what I feel”. Probably one of the best and most efficient ways to do that is when you write commentary on SOTT articles. You're sharing the information and you're giving your perspective. And doing it on Facebook, doing it on Twitter, and so on. Doing it whenever you can as long as it doesn't put you in danger or create some problem in your life. I've noticed that just our little mini-campaign has been emboldening other people to come out and say things. I've noticed people have been sharing SOTT links on Twitter who never knew of SOTT before. I've noticed people coming out and saying positive things and seeing through the BS. I've gotten engaged with a few people there. I also got banned by five pro-Ukraine fascists!

(Andromeda) Good job.

(L) But I decided that instead of doing my hit-and-run and telling people that they're delusional idiots, I would instead do my hit-and-run posting of links with information and what I think about it. I was just venting my spleen a little bit. These people were so freaking stupid, I had to tell them! Wasn't my fault!


(L) Sharing a perspective... When a lot of people start doing it, and other people notice it and see that there were ten other people saying the same thing that day, they start to think, "Gee, there must be a lot of people thinking that!" Ya know? Maybe they can allow themselves to think that, too. I think that's important. Okay, I hit the barrier.

A: Goodbye.

[Goodbyes and Thank Yous]

Very interesting session. Thanks. The Cs can be so "cagey" sometimes; it feels constantly like "waiting for the other shoe to drop"... I wonder if the recent earthquake in Napa CA is related to their comment about a California earthquake.
Another enlightening session-- so grateful for your sharing!

I was just thinking about The Field's homeopathic experiments and what that could mean for helping people with this outbreak.

Thank you.
Somedays i'm gobsmacked by the depths the propaganda and the gullibility of the public has plunged, others, not so much. As was stated, these are all moments of opportunity for people to observe reality, if they so wish. And you know, years ago, in retrospect, as devastating as things are, i would have appreciated that chance.

A: Butterfly wings of sharing information and, most importantly, perspectives.

Q: (L) I think it's not enough to share just factual information. I think you have to share what you feel about it: how it affects you, your emotions, etc. You see something happening, and your perspective is “this is what is happening and this is what I feel”.

Just as i was fretting that perhaps this was all i had to offer (and thinking it wasn't much). Obviously being mindful of 'opinions'.

(Odyssey) If different people catch the same virus, does that virus have the possibility of being beneficial or detrimental depending on the person's FRV?

A: Yes.

I would expect knowledge accumulation and diet are significant in this equation :cool2: i wonder what else?

And i'm glad you asked about that angel, i wasn't convinced but i'm happy to be told otherwise!

Thanks all :flowers:
Thanks for the great session... C's, Laura, Chateau and the US Crew... :cool2: :cool2: :cool2:

More to ponder about posting information. Puting on it our own perspective of that information... I think that it gives more value to it.

About Alchemy and Einstein I got this information that can be interesting... (the source is not the best 'Levy'...) but what matters is the information


" I must also mention that Albert Einstein was very, very interested in Spiritual Alchemy. He collected Alchemical Drawings from sources all over the world, and spent most of his spare time studying them and carrying these drawings with him as he travelled away from his home.

The "Materia Prima", or the "ground of all things", was an important concept of the Alchemists, and it was this concept that Albert Einstein was very much interested in. He believed that the materia prima was the electron, which attracted other oppositely charged electron particles to themselves, which then formed atoms, then the atoms formed cells and so on until physical universes upon universes were created and maintained. This is Medieval Alchemy! But in Spiritual Alchemy the "Materia Prima” is an energy of Consciousness that creates the electrons and the particles and is a Mind cause that affects their behavior according to the Cosmic Laws of magnetism, cohesion, and adhesion. Quantum Physics is just now beginning to investigate these old Alchemy theories, but Quantum Physics is in its infancy and has a long way to go to equal the knowledge of the Spiritual Alchemists, but they will, and in the far, far future mysticism and science will be one. "


Materia Prima as Consciousness is a very interesting concept in line with what we already know here...

bye!!!... :cool2: :cool2: :cool2:
Thanks for sharing another great session ! :flowers:

The stuff about ebola was very interesting.
rs said:
Very interesting session. Thanks. The Cs can be so "cagey" sometimes; it feels constantly like "waiting for the other shoe to drop"... I wonder if the recent earthquake in Napa CA is related to their comment about a California earthquake.

I found the timing of the earthquake question very interesting, but I don't think that's the one the C's were referring to. I can't find it right now, but I think I remember them saying the big earthquake in California would be an 8 or 9. The one in Napa was a 6.1 which is big enough. Loma Prieta was a 6.9 and did some pretty extensive damage, so an 8 or 9 earthquake could be devastating enough for people to migrate out of California.

Edit: Spelling
Thank you for another excellent session!

Being in the same state as Ferguson, I can say that there still seems to be quite a buzz going on about the events there (as well as internationally on Twitter in certain circles). There were solidarity funerals for Michael Brown held in different towns today along with the official family funeral.

One of the major problems seems to be that many people on both "sides" see it as mainly a race issue. The police will go around shooting unarmed black people, and then the detractors say that the kid did this or that with his life so he probably on some level deserved it. Race is still an issue to be sure, but the real problem is that the police will go around shooting unarmed anybody! Then call in a SWAT response to deal with the resulting protests (but let plenty of looting slide, apparently) and inflame the protests that much more.

Another issue, partly because of the history of segregation and Jim Crow laws, is some people think the local and state governments are out of control and racist in their response but the federal government is somehow "better" and will be more just (what evidence there is left for this I have no idea. "Because Obama"???). The federal government is where the equipment and training for the militarized police force came from, and this event does seem to be waking more people up to this phenomenon.
Thanks for astute observations, meta-agnostic. Indeed, cops will - do and have - shoot anybody.
The things go longer up than one thinks/ expects but suddenly it breaks. (My crude translation of a Tyrolean prophecy which makes me sometimes thinking.)

Interesting hints about earth changes. There are a lot of different of them lately (huge amount of rain in a short time, hail to be shoveled away like snow, a lot of earthquakes and volcanoes, ....). SOTT is very busy publishing them and the "deeds" of the PTB especially lately. DCM may "protect" Putin.

Thank you for sharing this session.
Very interesting session as always, thanks to all the participants (all 30 of you!). Regarding Royal Rife, I had a chance encounter with a woman in a cafe about a year back who said that her cancer had been cured by a practitioner using a Rife machine. The site below seems to be a decent source regarding all things Rife including detailed information on the specific frequencies and potential mistakes/miscalculations in using the system:


(Odyssey) If different people catch the same virus, does that virus have the possibility of being beneficial or detrimental depending on the person's FRV?

A: Yes.

What an interesting question, just wondering if there's any other info that I've missed on the origin of this line of thought?
As always, a very interesting session with excellent questions and comments. Thanks to all who contributed.
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