Session 23 August 2014

Thanks Laura and Teams for the enligthening session. If knowledge/love equals light equals action, I'd say there was more action in this session than any old Hollywood movie!

Thanks again, ya'll ;)
Thank you all for sharing another great session!

(Nicolas) We were wondering if Putin was going to play the 9/11 card, if he was going to be forced to do it, or...

A: Eventually. All of the efforts to support Putin will help the revelations to come sooner.

Q: (Perceval) Yay, Putin!

(L) I mean, did ya'll notice the propaganda over the last week or so with this aid convoy to Ukraine? I mean, the incredible... The New York Times, the UN, this Fogh Rasmussen guy, the incredible bald-faced, outrageous LIES that they were publishing in the media! "Russia Invades! Armed Convoy! Ukraine wipes out Russian troops!" All of it was lies, lies, lies, and bullshit. How can Putin DO anything when he's up against that kind of absolutely un.... I can't even find words for it! You never would have expected the US of A, the Western world, supposedly the carrier of the torch of liberty, publishing CRAP like that! It's worse than the worst Soviet era propaganda! And they were publishing it and people were buying it!! What do you think they would do if Putin suddenly gave out the information of who was really behind 9/11?

(Pierre) They would dismiss it.

(L) It would be immediately dismissed, and he would be blamed for being a whacko. He would be a whacko 9/11 truther conspiracy theorist who lost his mind. Remember, there was more than one case of people who were actually taken under psychiatric care for daring to say that 9/11 was an inside job. They've got the situation set up where he can't say a freaking word unless and until THIS situation changes.

(Perceval) What about if he's got evidence?

(L) They would dismiss the evidence. What about the evidence of nanothermite, the videos of the collapsing WTC buildings, etc.

(Perceval) What about something that's more of a smoking gun?

(L) They had the evidence of this aid convoy driving in, delivering their stuff, and then driving away, and they STILL called it a freaking invasion!

(Chu) What kind of evidence couldn't they destroy?

(L) The level of propaganda and the level of stupidity of the majority of people is still way too high. Everybody has to see the man behind the curtain.

I'm just wondering, besides Western countries what the "rest" of the world will say if Putin gave out the information of who was really behind 9/11, especially the Islamic nations? After all, this event is the main cause for the so-called "war on terror".

Sometimes it seems to me that there are too many countries and nations around the world who hate America, and that their governments are "silent" only because of American power and economic blackmail. It is possible that these people will not so easily dismiss this kind of information, especially if they see the real evidence. For example, I'm sure that here in Serbia majority of people will believe in such information with no doubt. But maybe it's just my wishful thinking. :)

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Teresa said:
rs said:
Very interesting session. Thanks. The Cs can be so "cagey" sometimes; it feels constantly like "waiting for the other shoe to drop"... I wonder if the recent earthquake in Napa CA is related to their comment about a California earthquake.

I found the timing of the earthquake question very interesting, but I don't think that's the one the C's were referring to. I can't find it right now, but I think I remember them saying the big earthquake in California would be an 8 or 9. The one in Napa was a 6.1 which is big enough. Loma Prieta was a 6.9 and did some pretty extensive damage, so an 8 or 9 earthquake could be devastating enough for people to migrate out of California.

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I was trying to say that this might be a foreshock, not the "main event".
Thank you to all, very interesting session.
I like your humour :)
Sometimes I have remorse, later, when I comment very emotionally on sott :-[
but maybe is better than silence finally.
What an amazing session, thanks for sharing ! The stuff about alchemy and ebola was very interesting.
Thank you so much for the interesting session, as always. I have two questions - maybe someone can give me some direction here:
A: Each situation can have variables, but in general a serious boosting of the immune system via diet and cold protocols can provide great resistance.

What are "cold protocols"? Do they mean taking cold showers and such? Or do I miss something here?

Second, about the Twitter campaign: Is there a thread or a sott article about it? I'm just curious how this works/how you went about it...

Q: (L) I think it's not enough to share just factual information. I think you have to share what you feel about it: how it affects you, your emotions, etc. You see something happening, and your perspective is “this is what is happening and this is what I feel”. Probably one of the best and most efficient ways to do that is when you write commentary on SOTT articles. You're sharing the information and you're giving your perspective. And doing it on Facebook, doing it on Twitter, and so on. Doing it whenever you can as long as it doesn't put you in danger or create some problem in your life.

I think this is an important point. Not long ago, I was absolutely terrified about speaking out on Facebook - the fear of judgement was (and still is) very deep with me... However, at one point, I made it my AIM to break that and to make at least one meaningful post a day. And though I got some pretty harsh feedback from the usual suspects among my "friends", I also got many compliments and encouragement, both virtually and when I met people who follow what I post. Although I can't know for sure, I think just showing the "silent majority" that it's okay to think, to speak out, to go against the mainstream, can make a huge difference (butterfly). I also noticed that I tend to "hide" sometimes behind articles that I post, while I get the best responses if I make some personal connection. It's also important, I think, to really try not to sound aggressive, or too black-and-white, and to show feelings. All in all, I think it's a good idea to give people a reason to assume that you are still part of the "normal world" and not some "crook on a crusade". That would give them the reason to dismiss what you write entirely - something their predator's mind desperately wants.

Laura said:
Q: (Manitoban) We've been teaching the EE class here for over three years, and we're just wondering if we've done any good? Not just for the participants, but have there been any nonlinear effects?

A: Indeed, and this is an interesting thing to contemplate: The necessity to work and continue to release energy into your realm so that it may accumulate, while not being attached to the visible outcome.

I think this is really important and applies to posting on Social Media as well: It's crucial to keep going, and keep going even if you think there's no response. To do stuff because it's the right thing to do. Just some thoughts on my experience.
nicklebleu said:
Thanks all for this amazing session!

I found the information about Ebola particularly interesting! If I understand the concept correctly as the Cs transmitted, it would mean that for some people with the right FVR an infection with Ebola would not only not make them sick, but also could be beneficial - as in expansion of awareness?

Maybe viruses are going to act as additional software extends the intellectual, psychic or some other skills.

According to C's spiritual preparation is as important as body preparation. Some exceptions for remembering.

Laura said:
Q: (...) (L) Is the ketogenic diet going to help with plague resistance, or Ebola resistance even?

A: Very likely, but more is needed in the way of spiritual preparation.

Q: (L) Such as? Are ya'll caught up with that? [review of answer] (Menrva) The spiritual preparation, is that EE, community living, talking around the kitchen table?

A: Connect the chakras for superstrength and resistance.

Q: (Approaching Infinity) Are there any more specific practical exercises we can do to connect chakras?

A: [letters come very rapidly] Talking and working out issues is the way to train the machine. But more than that, it is necessary to master the self and that requires suffering which turns on DNA.

Q: (L) In short, the Work is work.

A: You got it!!!
Laura said:
A: (...) Isn't it interesting the similarity between psychopaths as virii of the human kind, and the activation and spread of the infectious kind?

Q: (L) So, are you suggesting that this is one of those, "As above, so below" interactive things? That as psychopaths become more virulent and present in human society, so will Ebola become more virulent in the physiological realm? Is that what we're getting at here?

A: Yes close enough.

Q: (L) So in order to stop the progress of Ebola and any other following pathogens, human society [what is associated with efforts of each individual] would have to take care of the psychopathy problem? The mind virus, the Wetiko virus...

A: Yes
Great session, thanks:
From Zenith:

" (Odyssey) If different people catch the same virus, does that virus have the possibility of being beneficial or detrimental depending on the person's FRV?

A: Yes.

What an interesting question, just wondering if there's any other info that I've missed on the origin of this line of thought?"

There is the possibility that there is a carrier out there that is carrying the virus, but not suffering symptoms, like 'Typhoid Mary'.
Those people who have been flown out of the Zone, and who have 'recovered' might be Prime suspects.
Thank you all for sharing another session, as always.
I really feel the need to imply myself more into Sott.
And thanks for the commentaries.
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