Session 23 August 2014

I was a bit bored today and needed something to do so I flipped 10 pages back in the most recently posted on archives of the Cs and randomly picked this one to read. There is a lot of good info on viruses in this one that some may find useful but that is not what I’m going to write about. There is also a fair bit of talk about creating matter, this interests me because I’ve done it. I will share a brief bit about the experience and will go into whatever depth I can if there is interest.

this happened in January of 2009. I had a really cool programmed quartz crystal which had a very powerful feel to it. When I would hold it between my thumb and index finger it would feel very light, like if I put enough thought energy into it I could make it levitate. I got 3 friends together to try and put our combined efforts to levitate it.
After maybe 10 minutes of combined effort I happed to look up at my friend’s girlfriend (whom I had had a serious liking for but I refused to act for obvious gentlemanly reasons) and she met eyes with me (she also had a serious liking for me that I was somewhat unaware of). At that second there was a flash of light that came from the point of the crystal which was against my thumb. This was followed by a small thud on the floor.
So what was it? Well it was a small piece of quartz crystal but it was curved. About the size of a thumb nail. The original crystal did not lose mass.
I will leave it at this for now but will gladly answer any questions or give more context if there is an interest. (Side note: it might take a day to answer any questions because I’ve finally been called back to work and I have to be up at 4am and it’s already getting close to bed time.) (side note 2: if this piques the interest of the high ups Laura and company, you have my permission to investigate this claim with the Cs Because I don’t want to give misinformation about the event due to my subjective understanding of it, and also because it sounds crazy).
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