Session 23 September 2000


FOTCM Member
September 23, 2000

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening.

A: Kinnemah.

Q: The first question we have this evening is from our Scientology friend down in Pinellas County. He was reading about Susan V____, who was discussed in the Wave series. He writes: “regarding Susan V___, apparently during a bad plane trip, the Cassiopaeans said that she was the one who kept the plane safe although she slept through the trip. Other things pointed to her being a "good guy." But the conundrum is that her life was falling apart; drinking and association with the black magic people. So, the question is: do you or the C's think that she is the 4th density Nordic?"

A: No.

Q: Well, the conundrum is that you said that she is the bravest human we ever saw, that "agent Susan" brought down the Outlaw motorcycle gang, and so on. Were all those just clues to enable me to see a certain pattern around her, or were those things about her that are actually true?

A: The truth here lies at another level.

Q: Do you mean that at another level of density she is one of the "good guys," but at this level of density she was deep in the illusion and being used? Is that what you are suggesting?

A: Yes, but not density, rather it is consciousness at another level of this density.

Q: Was, or is, there any possibility for this other level of consciousness of hers to come through and penetrate into her ordinary consciousness and turn her life around?

A: Yes.

Q: Now, our Scientology friend’s next question is: “do you have any idea of how many 4th density Nordic types might be on the planet at this time?” How many 4th density Nordic STO are on the planet is what I think he is wanting to know.

A: If it is useful to know this, use your own powers of perception to narrow it down.

Q: I would say something like 2 percent of the population of the entire planet.

A: No.

Q: More or less?

A: Less.

Q: Well, maybe that is in the ballpark.

A: No.

Q: You mean it's so much less we aren't even in the ballpark?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it possible that there are people on the planet now, who are manifested as 3rd density STS, who at a certain point in time, due to some event, such as the Wave, will activate genetically, so that they will then transform into 4th density STO Nordics?

A: Close, once again, the answer is not so much physicality as it is spirituality.

Q: So, there could be a lot of 3rd density people who are conduits or projections of 4th density STO into this reality?

A: Souls, my dear, it is the souls!

Q: So there are 3rd density bodies, inhabited by 4th density souls, but these bodies, because of the STO honoring of free will, have all the 3rd density limitations for the present?

A: Yes.

Q: Now, our Scientology friend writes: “L. Ron Hubbard's service to others is unmatched by any individual or group in recorded history. The words of his own creed are "the being is only as valuable as he serves others. L. Ron Hubbard really has served, and does serve, others, even those you are most concerned about. I can't tell you how that latter service is exactly applied, as that is confidential data that I have pledged not to divulge. But please rest assured that their needs are more than adequately cared for in a very workable manner. I will, however, give you a big clue on why you have no cause for concern." And then the clue is: "any auditing is better than no auditing, and all auditing dissipates actual electrical charge from our collective unconscious, making it all more conscious and directly benefiting those you are most concerned for, and, of course, awakening the collective unconscious helps us all, at least indirectly. Part of the reason you are as bright as you are comes from the millions of hours of auditing that has occurred on this planet for the last 50 years. So, the more auditing they do, the better it is for us." (F) Is that suggesting that the auditing has an effect by osmosis, so to speak? (L) I think it is more like cumulative. My question is, is auditing benefiting the planet as a whole, and is it enabling me to be more intelligent?

A: Maybe.

Q: Is it true that any auditing is better than no auditing?

A: Depends upon the nature of the auditors.

Q: Our Scientology friend further says: "Through Ron's teachings and technology, I and millions of others have shed installed STS obsessions and programs, thus awakening from the madness of nightmares into the warm sunlight of promising new days." My question here is: does auditing dissipate electrical charge from our collective unconsciousness making it all more conscious, with the previous conditions understood?

A: Murky.

Q: What do you mean? The question is murky?

A: No.

Q: What is murky?

A: The concept detailed there.

Q: (A) I think that they are talking about the electric charge. First of all, I do not think it applies at all to the concept of collective consciousness, so it's kind of way of speaking. So, exactly what is meant by this, we don't know. (L) Then let's ask a basic question. Is there an electric charge to the collective unconsciousness?

A: Not exactly.

Q: Our Scientology friend says here that the STS group, i.e. alien/human consortium I suppose, tried to co- opt Ron's work by recalling him back into Naval service. Apparently, they had tried bribes, and this didn't work, so they felt that kidnapping with all its attendant pain, drugs and mind altering tech would work. Was Ron subjected to kidnapping, pain, drugs and mind altering technology?

A: Ron? L. Ron Hubbard was in charge of his destiny. Period.

Q: Was part of the destiny that he was in charge of include the kidnapping, pain, drugs and mind altering technology.

A: That sounds more like the modus operandi of him and his associates at the "company."

{CIA or some other alphabet soup agency is obviously intended here.}

Q: Well. Our Scientology friend wrote at the end: “Ron wanted me to tell you that, while he is little interested in what the Cs think of him, he is terribly concerned about what YOU think. The old rogue always did have an eye for a pretty face with sparkling brown eyes, all framed with salt and pepper hair. (F) Well, he must be talking about Crystal Gayle because your eyes are green. [sings] "Don't it make my brown eyes ... blue..." (L) Well, it doesn't make them green. (F) Is our Scientology friend saying he is in contact with Ron? (A) No, I think that it is part of the higher level ideas in Scientology that they ARE in contact with Ron. (L) Nevertheless, {this guy and a number of other high level Scientologists have} read a lot of the website. He says: “now that I feel that I have a grounding concerning the C's wisdom, I'm anxious for some personal tutoring from you if you're game, etc. etc.” He is somewhat concerned about his mortality. He writes that "the light that near death experiencers claim to have seen could be of monumental significance. Make a mistake here, and everything could be down the tubes. Conversely, make the right decision regarding the light, if there is one, and a multitude of shortcomings could be rectified. Please do not take offense, but I believe there is a flaw in your rationale in why one should seek the light. That is not Scientology speaking and I defy anyone to show me anyplace L. Ron Hubbard favors avoiding or seeking the light. Personally, I do not have confidence in either approach. In my current frame of mind I'd just grab the silver thread and gather more data before I did anything else. etc, etc. So, ask the Cs about me. ...Tell the C's that I have grown to love them and that they are constantly saying things that endear them... etc etc. Then ask them what they think about me.” His big concern is, of course, what shall he do when he dies. I didn't think he looked at all like he was going to check out any time soon, but then we never know from one moment to the next what will happen.

A: {Your Scientology friend} is adventuresome, a "free spirit," and always has been. He will continue to do well in all his endeavors.

Q: His issue is what should one do when one dies.

A: It is not an issue.

Q: Why is it not an issue? Apparently it is a big issue with some folks.

A: When one's body expires, the path taken is the one prescribed by the individual's consciousness and experiences/expectations.

Q: Do you think it would be helpful to him for me to tutor him as he asks? Aside from the fact that it might sharpen my brain a bit...

A: If you wish to, then there is no harm.

Q: I do feel a rapport there and I do feel that he has some incisive questions. Let me ask this: when Ron died, did HE go into the light?

A: Most probable.

Q: Okay. We have this stuff that Jon C – the economist - sent us the other day. It is written by Jelaila Starr of the Nibiruan Council. [Groans from group.] Now back off! She might have something useful here! She writes:

"In the early morning of August 27th I awoke to hear a voice in my head saying, "The ingathering has begun". I looked at the clock to see what time it was. It was 2:22 a.m. Immediately a picture from a childhood storybook of the animals walking up the ramp into the Ark came to mind. I knew this was important because the feelings in my heart chakra were very intense. I sensed that the message came from a collective voice, a voice representing many nations and races. It seemed to me that they were the Elders of each of these races. The name that I get is the Star Elders. In any case, it felt like they were telling me that they had begun calling all the people together. My understanding was that they were referring to the starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers and those doing the calling were the family member of each race who was in charge of overseeing the path of their people on earth. There was no doubt in my mind that this reference was to a new phase that had begun and I was being requested to deliver that message to the people per my assignment as a messenger for the Nibiruan Council." End of quote from Jelaila Starr

Now, is there an ingathering that has begun. I am asking this, not because I am trying to compare information, but because you have suggested on other occasions that different people are receiving different segments of info that needs to be networked. With all due respect to Jelaila, is there an ingathering that has begun in the sense that she has described it, i.e. star elders calling the starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers to come together?

A: What do you think?

Q: Well, in the first place, I don't think there is going to be any star elders calling anybody together simply because everybody on the planet is here because they made a free will choice to be here, and everybody is here to do what they are going to do according to their plans, whether they are in cooperation with anyone else or not and don't need anybody to call them to tell them anything. In the second place, the only ones who would be "calling" anybody to "come together," would the STS oriented beings because such bidding from a higher density being only CAN come from the STS faction, because the STO faction aren't going to call anybody to come together because if they want to "come together" with anyone it has to come from inside from free will choice and not because they are called.

A: Yes.

Q: On the other hand, if Service to Others types DO come together, what kind of stimulus for that coming together could, or would, there be?

A: Natural progression.

Q: So, anyway, Jelaila further writes that she is shown a vision:

"There were what I could only describe as cities of light separated by the deep blackness of space. Each one was connected to the other by grids of light. They were in a circle, like a wagon wheel or even better, a spider web. The cities were all connected to a city located right in the center. I saw pulsing lights moving along the grids that connected each of the cities to this city/hub and to each other. The center city was not as fancy or glittery as some of the others, but it did its work providing an integration vortex for the information coming from the higher realms as well as information that was received from the higher realms via people in the other cities. It took this information and placed it into the bigger universal picture showing how each group, each race fit into the greater consciousness in order to foster cooperation and unity. It was the most magnificent thing I think I have ever seen. Next, he told me telepathically that the cities of light were websites on the Internet and that the space I saw was the space that existed between these websites on the Internet.

...So his message was that the ingathering meant that starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers would be impulsed to either create one of these cities of light/websites or gather in one that was already created. So what would they do in these gathering places and what would the gathering places provide? What is their purpose? The cities of light/websites would be places where the people would receive information, education and emotional/physical support to continue and complete their missions. Earlier in the week I received a flash of information about this while talking with a friend. I was shown the Second Grand Earth Experiment and received a message that said, one of the reasons the second experiment did not succeed is because they could not get the starseeds to work together and complete the ingathering." End quote by Jelaila Starr.

(L) Well, we certainly know that this is true. But, back to Jelaila who writes further:

"Their focus on differences between groups and channeled information and fighting over who's information was right and who's was wrong (mainly fueled by the teachers) caused them to resist coming together for the good of all. They could not, would not accept that everyone's information had value and when interpreted multidimensionally was truth for that group or race and had its place in the bigger universal picture. They did not understand and would not understand the concept of multidimensional truth. This along with a few other challenges culminated in the destruction of the planet and a failure to achieve polarity integration. " End quote by Jelaila.

(L) It sounds to me that what she is promoting is the support of the idea of obedience to becoming part of a spider's web of entrapment that doesn't bother to learn and discern. There is the guilt trip about "they couldn't get the starseeds to work together" because they were "fighting over whose information was right who's was wrong." My thought is that if you join together with wrong information, you are coming together for the wrong reason!

A: Yes.

Q: My thought is that it is crucial to spend time working to discover what is closest to truth and what is not, learning to discriminate by testing and scrutinizing and learning, is the most useful and worthwhile thing one can do and whoever is talking to Jelaila is basically, in a sort of left hand way, trying to subvert the gaining of knowledge.

A: To an extent.

Q: Was this vision she had one of control or unification?

A: Neither.

Q: Do you have any further comment on it.

A: No need.

Q: Well, she says further:

"The cities of light/websites will become the new '5D' communities. All goods and services will eventually be available through them including food, clothing, educational information, etc, and the form of exchange will be a higher dimensional form of barter. Once again, these will not be where you live physically, but where you live interdimensionally. In other words, this new world will exist interdimensionally and you can connect to it at anytime through your computer. Your computer is the doorway into the interdimensional 5D community." End quote by Jelaila.

(L) I don't think she has a clue about what 5th density really is.

A: Get those scoops ready for all those barrels filled with oatmeal bran mix for strong bones and teeth needed for the coming of the great messiah of light ,who will arrive upon moonbeamship flight number five at love port seven...

Q: Well, oatmeal bran mix doesn't make strong bones and teeth... it cleans your colon - oh! I get it! In other words, put on the hip waders because it's getting pretty deep. Well, okay. She then says:

"There is more to write about this new phase including information about the race of beings who have come to our planet to set up the technology for the new cities. I will write about them, the challenge they are now facing and what we can do to assist them in an upcoming article. For now, I am told that this is the end of the message that they requested I deliver. Once again, I hope it has helped a few more of the pieces of your puzzle come together. Until next time, I remain, your humble messenger, Jelaila Starr, The Nibiruan Council." End quote by Jelaila.

A: Ego is a terrible thing!

Q: Well, here is another nifty thing that somebody sent along that raises some issues. I'll skip over the intro and get to the interesting remark where it says:

"And so it is now. There are those upon your planet who would call themselves "human," but in their actions, thoughts, and words would appear to be some kind of monster--without feelings for others or others' pain and suffering. The "love quotient" in these individuals is nearly absent, but that is part of their learning, too. Think of the one you called Hitler. Was he enlightened? Was he happy? Was he satisfied with what his life brought him? The answer is clearly "No." And so the soul of this one you called Hitler is still on the inner planes, mulling over the effects of that life, trying to understand what went so horribly wrong."

(L) I don't think this individual really understands the nature of STS, that Hitler wasn't lacking in the "love quotient" at all. It's just that his love quotient, which was exceedingly high, was directed toward self. My question is: was Hitler happy and satisfied with what his life brought him?

A: Initially.

Q: And I think that the only thing he might be unhappy about is how he failed to be more successful as a totally dedicated STS being.

A: Yes.

Q: Is he still on the inner planes trying to understand what went wrong?

A: No.

Q: What is Hitler doing right now? Planning on coming back and trying to do it again? [Laughter] Seriously, what is Hitler doing now?

A: Soul in transit.

Q: To where? Does that mean he isn't at 5th density?

A: No.

Q: He's already been there?

A: Floater.

Q: What's a floater?

A: Returnee.

Q: He is floating around and waiting to come into a body?

A: Yes.

Q: You mean he's already done 5th density and is ready to incarnate again?

A: Yes.

Q: Well, that's a scary thought! Just so we know, does it happen to be here on earth?

A: Wait and see.

Q: Well, that sounds ominous. Is this something others will know about once it happens?

A: Maybe.

Q: Well, swell! When he incarnates in this next life, is he still sold out to the Dark side as he was in the last one? Or, has he been degaussed and will he switch and match his nastiness with good deeds?

A: Open.

Q: Well, this thing here further says:

"You each have incarnated to gain certain understandings, and it is no different for those of the STS persuasion than it is for those of the STO orientation."

I don't think that this person realizes that there are no STO people on the planet at the present time. At least not enough to factor in for any significance. This is written as though there are actually STO people on the planet. The further remark is made here:

"Those who have positioned themselves as the power elite on your planet have laid grand plans to take over everything and profit from it. However, as much power as they have amassed, it is only based on economics."

(L) Is the power base of the elite on the planet based on economics?

A: Close.

Q: Let's continue:

"As long as the economic system operates and people have to depend on it for their needs, the power elite will have an easy time of putting into place their plans for world domination. However, this would be a violation of everyone else's choices, and this particular time in Earth's course is all about choices, so the Earth herself will be a major factor in keeping things more equal so that everyone has the opportunity to choose. There are major storms coming-economic, geophysical, and political. People will be challenged to make a choice: will they act for self-preservation or will they work together to help one another? You who read and cherish these Messages will be spared the worst part of things, as a rather dramatic occurrence will be coming for you in the very near future (that is a relative term, of course, as time has no meaning for us in the higher dimensions-it is always "now.").

In the near future, as you are lifted in your vibration, you will experience yourself as living in a very different kind of reality. It will not be an abrupt shift, but a gradual dawning in your awareness that things are not the same somehow. At the same time, there will be a threshold that can be felt by those who are sensitive to such things, and you will be safely across the barrier that separates the third density from the fourth. Make no mistake: this will only happen for those who are attuned to and aligned with these Messages. The others who have chosen Terra but are not yet awakened will endure the effects of the coming storms as part of their process of personal cleansing and the opportunity to refine their choice for the positive path."

(L) Well, that's handy. What this monologue is basically saying is, the conditions are set up so you have free will to make a choice, BUT, basically the choice is their version of the "positive path" or you are screwed. If you listen to and are aligned with their messages, you are gonna be just fine, but if not - well, it's gonzerooni for you, baby! Hasta la vista and all that.. It's like the whole Judeo-Christian thing: it's our way or the highway. I wonder if these folks really have a grasp of the concept of free will? Or am I missing something here?

A: You are close enough.

Q: Anyhow, it goes on, blah blah. And it is signed: Amen. Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven. (F) Of course! How could that possibly come from anyone else! (L) Well, basically, this thing is entitled "The Coming Storm." Nothing was definitely said or predicted, but essentially it was hinted that "if you aren't in tune" with these messages, forget it, buddy! You're gonna get fried. And the way you are going to be fried is that the economy is going to collapse, the sun is going to shut everything down and toast a few folks, there's gonna be wars, crop failures, starvation, the elite are going to be lording it over everyone, and everybody is going to basically go down the tubes - but just for awhile. In the end, it's a whole lot of words that really says nothing significant. (F) And, we've heard it all before, soooo many times! It's like the guy on the Gong Show whose always going to play his trumpet. (L) Well, after reading it, I don't even think I want to ask a question about it. Let's move along here. We have a question about the Wingmaker's information that we pretty much went through and analyzed at an earlier time, but never really brought to the table here. Is the Wingmaker's thing a complete hoax as has been suggested by some analysts?

A: No.

Q: Is the Wingmaker's presentation a source of good clues if one can figure out how to decipher it?

A: Yes.

Q: Are the clues in the poetry, the pages of philosophy or the art?

A: All.

Q: Is the story about the Wingmaker's information true?

A: Some.

Q: Is the Wingmaker's material "left" from the future into the past for someone to find in the present?

A: Close.

Q: Here is a comment from one of our listmembers:

"Our reality depends on what we believe to be true. What we believe depends on our perception. Our perception depends on what we look for. What we look for depends on our thoughts. What we think depends on our state of wisdom. Our wisdom depends on our state of awareness. Our awareness depends on our intuition. Our intuition depends on maturity of soul. The maturity of soul depends on the image we represent of the one infinite mind. All images are holograms of this mind. We are duplicates of the original." Is this an accurate way of representing our reality?

A: Close. It is one chain of relations, though not all. The dependent relationships are far more complicated.

Q: Now, let me get to MY questions! You once said that the core of DNA is an as yet undiscovered enzyme related to carbon. Is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: Here in this book it says:

"Evidence is accumulating that only a relatively small portion of the DNA sequence is for so-called structural genes. Structural genes lead to the production of protein. There are an estimated 50,000 structural genes with an average sized of approximately 5,000 base pairs, which then accounts for only 250 million of the estimated 3 billion base pairs. What is the rest of the DNA for? Some of the DNA is so-called repetitive sequences, repeated thousands of times. The function is unknown. The ALU, repeat, for instance, contains over 300,000 copies of the same 300 base pair sequence. Certainly this DNA is not junk and plays some important role in the gene regulation chromosomal architecture or chromosomal replication. Until 1977, it was thought that genes were single sequences of DNA that are coded into RNA and then into protein. However, further study has shown greater complexity. It is now known that there are pieces of DNA within a gene that are not translated into protein. These intervening sequences, or INTRONS, are somewhat of a mystery, but appear to be a very common phenomenon."

Now, is this thing they are talking about, these INTRONS, are these the core that you were talking about?

A: In part.

Q: What about this ALU repeat with over 300,000 copies of the same base pair sequence. What is it?

A: Tribal unit.

Q: What is a tribal unit?

A: Sectionalized zone of significant marker compounds.

Q: What does this code for?

A: Physiological/spiritual union profile.

Q: Could you define "tribal" for me?

A: You define.

Q: What does the rest of the DNA code for that is not coding for structural genes. What else can it be doing?

A: Truncated flow.

Q: Truncated flow of what?

A: Liquids.

Q: Liquids from where to where?

A: What is your sense?

Q: Well, what liquids?

A: Time for your input.

Q: Do some of these...

A: No. Not alright: we asked you a question!

Q: Okay. Truncated flow of liquids. I'm not even sure what that means. (A) Maybe something was flowing and something cut it off and stopped it and it cannot be developed. It means that something was cut. (L) Does truncated flow mean a flow of liquid that has been stopped?

A: Yes. Because of design alteration!

Q: Is this liquid that has been truncated a chemical transmitter?

A: Yes.

Q: And would this chemical transmitter, if it were allowed to flow, cause significant alterations in other segments of the DNA?

A: Yes.

Q: So, there is a segment of code that is in there, that is deliberately inserted, to truncate this flow of liquid, which is a chemical transmitter, or neuropeptide, which would unlock significant portions of our DNA?

A: Close Biogenetic engineering.

Q: I assume that this was truncated by the Lizzies and cohorts?

A: Close, but more likely Orion STS designers.

Q: Okay, can you tell us what this specific liquid or transmitter [is that] was truncated?

A: Think of the most efficient conductor of chemical compounds for low wave frequency charge.

Q: (A) Well, gold is one... (L) Acetylcholine?

A: No.

Q: (L) Water?

A: No.

Q: Saline?

A: Closer. It is a naturally bonding combination.

Q: (L) Well, I'll have to research it. The fact is, we've got 3 billion base pairs... do some of these so-called segments of "junk DNA," if they were activated, would they instruct chromosomal replication to take place with more than 23 pairs as a result?

A: In part.

Q: Is there anything we can do in terms of activities or...

A: No. Biogenetic engineering.

Q: Was my insight that I had one night that, at some point in time something may happen that will turn genes on in our bodies that will cause us to physically transform, an accurate perception of what could happen at the time of transition to 4th density?

A: For the most part, yes.

Q: Are there any limitations to what our physical bodies can transform to if instructed by the DNA? Could we literally grow taller, rejuvenate, change our physical appearance, capabilities, or whatever, if instructed by the DNA?

A: Receivership capability.

Q: What is receivership capability?

A: Change to broader receivership capability.

Q: (A) That means that you can receive more of something.

A: Close.

Q: (A) It means how good is your receiver.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is your receiver? The physical body?

A: Mind through central nervous system connection to higher levels.

Q: So, that is the whole issue of gaining knowledge and developing control over your body. If your mind and CNS are tuned to higher levels of consciousness, that has significance in terms of your receivership capability?

A: Close.

Q: Now, on a couple of occasions we have talked about trees. You have said that the trees would lead me to an answer. Then you made remarks about beechnut, and oaks, and beech and bloodlines and family trees and the Nordic Covenant. Basically, I asked about this Nordic Covenant and you said that I would find the answer, that the trees would lead me to it. I asked what literary source I should go to to find the least distorted source of information. You answered "trees" again. Then, you pointed out the leaves of the trees on this book. Later, when I read the book that was all about trees, it said that there was a need for someone of a certain bloodline to come along and free the dragon spawn. "None other than she can bring the pryf, or soul, up from the deep, no matter how they may make the serpents squirm. If she can hold her place in the gates of time." You answered me "You cannot see?" It also says that this person with this certain bloodline has the duty of creating a bridge between man and the gods to open the doorways of time. You said to me that these things had explanations that were readily apparent. Then, when I asked the question about this book and all the trees in it, that this was a clue given so that I would notice the things in this particular book, you said "certainly."

Now, having gone through all the shamanic stuff, all the information about the world tree, the world axis, and your remarks about building a staircase, which is another variation on the world axis or world tree, and having some kind of mission, and the mission being piercing the spider, which relates again to the world axis and the world tree, which one climbs one step at a time. Then, you talked about Jack and the Beanstalk, which is another example of the world tree. Over and over again we are having all these representations of trees which basically has something to do with some sort of destined action, and it is almost as though you are hinting that some person has to be physically tuned as a transducer of some sort to "stand in the gates of time," for the rest of humanity. Then, you made the remark recently about lodestar. Well, there might have been a time in my life when I might have thought that it was me who could do something like that. And, if I ever did, maybe it was even ego thinking. However, I am getting a little old for that sort of thing, so I don't really think that it is my role. But, I do think that there is somebody in the world whose role that is, and I would like to know if that is somebody we are supposed to be looking for, or that we are going to find this person?

A: Perhaps you shall find, or perhaps they will find you!

Q: Well, it kind of takes the burden off my shoulders. I think that somebody who does something like that is never useful for anything again. Somebody who does such a thing is like a sacrifice. They have to give their life up for others to act as this transducer and it fries all their circuits. Can you comment?

A: No.

Q: Am I correct that somebody who does this is basically sacrificing themselves and they get fried in the process?

A: In some instances.

Q: But, it is true that we are looking for somebody who will stand in the gates of time and act as a bridge?

A: Maybe. You shall see...

Q: Okay, I want to find out about this Jack and the Beanstalk and the "giant meaning" you have talked about in the recent past. Not only that, but you have continuously hinted that something is just around the corner, and we are getting to the point where we are thinking that there is just simply not going to be enough time to do anything. Ark's got 800 pages of Maxwell to go through; he can't stop working to do that; 800 pages of equations is a lot of work - like months of hard work - and, time is passing - four years have gone by, and zip! I'm not getting impatient here, but time is going and you guys are 6th density and it means nothing to you... but we're getting older. What we are supposed to do, if we are supposed to do something to make the connection for things to move?

A: You are so anxious. Perhaps you should examine the ground covered, or were you just as close 10 years back?

Q: Well, ten years ago I didn't wear glasses. I didn't need 'em either! I could thread a needle! I mean, this thing called time has a profound effect on physiology whether you guys notice it or not! I know, it's the soul that counts, but my thought is that we are in these bodies, and it has been subtly suggested that we are in these present vehicles to DO something.

A: But is it not a great adventure?

Q: Well, lately it has been a lot of working and slaving. Working to pay the bills. Then we had to survive this period when the company wasn't paying our invoices, so we had to borrow on our credit cards, now we have to pay that back AND live at the same time. So, boom! Work, work, work!

A: So maybe you should return to the way things were when we first contacted you?

Q: No! I'm not complaining!

A: Yes, you are, though in a gentle way.

Q: Well, I mean you did so much, you brought us together, did all these things... and...

A: And you think there is no more?

Q: Well, no... but...

A: But what?!?

Q: Well, we're together and we are happy. And because we are together and happy we feel like we should be getting things accomplished... that there are...

A: And you are not?

Q: Not in a big useful way.

A: So say you. Thank goodness you ain't an expert in this judgment arena!

Q: So, you are saying that, even though it appears to us on the surface that nothing is happening, that at some level, something IS happening?

A: Oh, yeah!! So... Quit yer bitchin.

Q: Is it too much for me to ask for you to give me just one teensy tinesy little hint about what is going on at these other levels that we are not aware of that is so important?

A: You may ask.

Q: Well, I did. Just give me a little bitty hint... a three word clue... Something to calm me down. Something to make me sleep well at night and that will let me know that all is right with the world...


Q: That's the clue?

A: Yes.

Q: Was that an abbreviation or a word?

A: Seek and ye shall find.

Q: (A) RAM. Random Access Memory.

A: Yes.

Q: How does that relate to what is going on at higher levels? Does everything we do, or does the movement of the project, depend upon my pursuit of the psychomantium project?

A: A little.

Q: Is part of this waiting process the completion of the Wave series since that has been consuming my life since May.

A: Yes.

Q: I have to say that the writing of this series has been one of the most educational projects I have ever undertaken. Because, in the writing, I have had to comb through the transcripts and have had to explain it to other people and before I can do that, I have to explain it to myself. It has become a profound mind expansion thing...

A: Good.

Q: It's almost as much fun to be learning the things I am having to assemble as if I were reading it. And I'm the one writing it. It's really quite amazing.

A: In part you are.

Q: So, I need to finish the Wave. When I finish that, I have a couple of other projects already lined up. If I finish that, the Lord is willing, the creek doesn't rise, and I manage to keep breath in my body, I might, in another five years get all the material we have so far on the web. But, it is an enormous undertaking. Day and night, either writing in my head, getting ready to write, writing, or going back over what has already been written. Every day. Consumed with it. I guess we are done for now...

A: So, goodbye.

End of Session
Re: 23 September 2000

What ever did become of the psychomantium? Is it still used at all today?
Re: 23 September 2000

Thanks for sharing! I can only imagine how much work there has been to undertake the production of so many enlightening projects. Truly can't thank you enough.

For those of you who may be wondering what a psychomantium is check out the link below. (I had no idea what it was, though in the transcript Laura does mention the inclusion of candles and mirrors)
Re: 23 September 2000

Bioenergetic (breathing?) enginering uh!
People without hearts, psychopaths?

I have been wake dreaming to write a story, to add a next chapter. With the chapter added and some weird experiences, it looks like a fun symbology to follow, but being serious I can´t really believe that those are life symbols of something.

The first is when I had the dream that inspired me to write a story about the angel of death and life, the angel of death had an experience when a bird helped him in his journey, then he meets his first beloved that had an actual nordic look, as the angel of life that has her bird mode, and sadly the angel of deaht killed the woman because of his natural essence, with his touch naturally, death comes, because he is just the angel not death himself. I based the girl looks of a woman I meet, or I saw being exactly on a station, she got in and we had eye contact and I felt awkward :-[ because she seemed to be older than me like 24 or maybe more, she and I kind of felt attracted, but sadly never talk to each other, she just came near to me and sit back, the at the international airport she went down from the buss, I believe she was going to one of Europe's countries. I was going to the national airport.

Then I had an experience with certain girl that has german ascendance from the Lebaron etnic group, and when she appeared the first time she looked like just a party girl for me, and she is actually, but when she appeared in that event from my school I don't know how a bird had good sight and throw its poop over my left shoulder LOL, a bird gained my attention like in that dream I had and then this meeting with this arian or nordic girl(for me they look the same, blond and blue eyes). Then the second event was when I add her on facebook and she talked to me, to ask me who I was etc we both had a short chat without relevance, but that day I had an experience seeing a boy shooting a bird that fell, I almost smashed the boy's face against my knee with my hands, but I was calm, my preocupation was over the little inoffensive bird. So I've read about the bloodline communicating through kitties or something like that, a nordic or arian bloodline as I understand, so it seemed these experiences as a fun coincidence, birds and meetings with blonde and european people. The point is that I don't believe in any way those two girls were part of the bloodline, even one having some characteristics described as that fun hero cleft chin, blond hair, blue eyes, tall as a tree, but... a normal actual attitude towards life believing parties are all about, nothing special in her.

Then I got inspiration from a movie and wrote about a guy flying through germany (this was before of knowing the kitties fact so I didn't have the suggestion), and seeing through a woman eyes, a beautiful woman, and as a fiction story one of his friends in a bird appearance were communicating to him while he watched the woman, the bird appearance was to not drain attention, I wrote that situation without being aware of the fact that the bloodline members communicate through kitties, and while I was writting it, the second girl for first time said hello in facebook. The story was about an affair between that guy and that german girl that in fact was an old friend that never showed his face to him, and that in fact it was a girl friend not a boy.

Then my wish to understand and know what love is came to my life (real love not the romantic one), and I read this session like two weeks after, and I have realized that my inspirations are an incredible and personal way to project my future or actual lessons to me, to be able to understand them. So right now I am able to understand what I didn't in the past about the esoteric teachings or at least falling in to the illusion. Usually I feel someone is telling me the story and I just write it, and then something happens and it makes me to give a real meaning to the story LOL being me who wrote it in the begining, as Laura's case but not as that precise and scientific, this is more personal. So, now I kind of relate those symbologies of right now having a bridge to have contact with that nordic or subconscious being, what I think others call the real "I", my real essence. All this time to hardly create a magnetic center, complaining, but I am thankful because while I am reading the Gnosis and other books, I have experiences to be able to understand them, as life (the angel?) helping me through the adventure to understand more than I did before.
Re: 23 September 2000

I am finding many "new" sessions lately. Had I missed them previously or are they only now being shared?
Thanks again ;)
Re: 23 September 2000

Franco said:
What ever did become of the psychomantium? Is it still used at all today?

It's still around, but not being used.
Re: 23 September 2000

Perceval said:
Franco said:
What ever did become of the psychomantium? Is it still used at all today?

It's still around, but not being used.

Hi Percceval, do you know why it is not being used?
Re: 23 September 2000

Laura said:
Rena said:
Perceval said:
Franco said:
What ever did become of the psychomantium? Is it still used at all today?

It's still around, but not being used.

Hi Percceval, do you know why it is not being used?

Because I don't have any place to set it up.

And 101 things to do don't leave much time for psychomantium time. :)
Re: 23 September 2000

Time and space problems I see, which is understandable. ;)
Was it said somewhere that psychopaths have no souls?
It was talked as if Hitler, a psychopath, has a soul?
dant said:
Was it said somewhere that psychopaths have no souls?
It was talked as if Hitler, a psychopath, has a soul?
Hi Dant,
I've been looking around for more info but I can't seem to locate where I read it. As far as I remember, it was suggested that Hitler was no ordinary psycho. That he was a "souled sts candidate." There is an interesting thread here that discusses it somewhat.
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