Session 26 February 2022

Well Russian troops retreated from the Kiev surroundings showing that in fact they are not aware of the portal question:

1.- Here is my question, are the TPTB now again in control of that portal ?

2.- If so, will it again fall into the hands of the Russians in the near future? or is that another lost cause for the good guys ?

The above are just questions for the C's. If possible.

Things look a little bit shaky in that struggling corner...

Just my two cents... :cool2:

Well, I don't think these questions are important enough to be directed at C's. Nevertheless, it also interests me. When it comes to getting to know reality, we mainly have two most important options, either through intuitive, subconscious, psychic cognition or through the intellect and its analytical abilities by referring to facts and the like. It is worth looking for answers to the questions you ask yourself.

Let me answer one of these questions. Will the Russians still be under the control of this portal? Well, we can rather agree that if they take control of all of Kyiv, its outskirts will also be under their control. I first undertook intuitive / subconscious / psychic cognition. I used Tarot for this and when asked "Will the Russians take Kyiv" the card I took out turned out to be "The Star" - it is a positive and confirming card. Her graphics are interesting: A young naked woman pours water from a spring onto a nearby fragment of the earth, this is how it can be interpreted.

I associate it in such a way that this woman shows their Mother Russia in some way, who is pouring "part of her country" (this is the source in the picture of the card) onto a green piece of land and this is what Kiev can symbolize.

And now such an analytical direction of thinking. Kyiv is the CAPITAL and the LARGEST city in Ukraine. From a tactical point of view, capturing Kiev (and in practice it would also mean taking its outskirts) is extremely important. What effect would it have on you if your country's capital was captured by foreign troops? I believe it has a significant psychological effect on you, even if you only create this image now in your mind.

However, it also has a flip side. If the Russians do their best and treat the people of Kiev properly. They can use this psychological effect to their advantage and influence the entire country through the capital and its inhabitants, for their own and potential Ukraine's benefit.

In short, Kyiv has great tactical and strategic importance, and the Russians are certainly aware of this. In such a situation in which they are, having an advantage over the Ukrainians, they have two options, they can withdraw, rush, give up, lose, showing a lack of self-confidence, or they can simply take the stool on which the devil sat down and take him, his topple himself.

Analytically, we cannot say that they will "for sure" do so, but assuming that they want to win this war, there is a high probability that they will take Kyiv. I expect the attacks from Russia to intensify soon. As this unfolds, I aim between the last week of April and the first week of May that some serious moves will take place from Russia, including perhaps the Kiev itself.
Which makes me wonder, although it might sound crazy, can focused consciousness of, say 200 collinear individuals, contribute the rise of FRV of our planet?
Generally, I think it is needed for each individual from a 3D body system, when observing the world in its consciousness, to somehow find a way to go alone "above" 4D STS consciousness ... and there "Mind melding is possible for those who love." - C's ... all other is too week and easy to manipulate, if this 200 individual try to get connected for this purpouse from 3D ...
If the hypothesis about the rise in FRV occuring in April 2022 is true, the last word of Guillaume Belibaste, the last Cathar, pronounced at the stake in November 1321 might be prophetic. He said: “In 700 years the laurel will become green again, good people will return"

Cathars supposedly considered the Laurel to be the sacred symbol of pure love. When inquisitors executed Cathars, the Martyrs said: “the laurel wilts, pure love dies." But they possessed holy faith and knew that 7 centuries later the Laurel would become green again.

If the way that I am decoding it is correct, the Laurel "will become green again" when the next ice age returns.

Laurus nobilis is a widespread relic of the laurel forests that originally covered much of the Mediterranean Basin when the climate of the region was more humid. With the drying of the Mediterranean during the Pliocene era, the laurel forests gradually retreated, and were replaced by the more drought-tolerant sclerophyll plant communities familiar today. Most of the last remaining laurel forests around the Mediterranean are believed to have disappeared approximately ten thousand years ago, although some remnants still persist in the mountains of southern Turkey, northern Syria, southern Spain, north-central Portugal, northern Morocco, the Canary Islands and in Madeira.

So when the next ice age returns, the climate of the Mediterranean region will certainly change and probably become more humid again and the Laurel forests will return to Europe. Which will coincide with all the other cycles that you mentioned in your post.
So when the next ice age returns, the climate of the Mediterranean region will certainly change and probably become more humid again and the Laurel forests will return to Europe. Which will coincide with all the other cycles that you mentioned in your post.
Not sure about this interpretation. Laurels retreated to places with a milder climate during the Ice Age, and it was before the Ice Age that they were distributed throughout the Mediterranean. Just the same, during the ice age, the climate is dry, and not humid due to the fact that huge volumes of water are shackled in glaciers ( Mammoth steppe - Wikipedia ). Unless if the earth's axis changes the angle of inclination and France is to the south, then it is possible
If the way that I am decoding it is correct, the Laurel "will become green again" when the next ice age returns.

So when the next ice age returns, the climate of the Mediterranean region will certainly change and probably become more humid again and the Laurel forests will return to Europe. Which will coincide with all the other cycles that you mentioned in your post.
Well, just on the basis of climate change, we have had here in Spain, the Mediterranean region, lots of rain. The "Rio seco" meaning the dry river has been running like a cascades for weeks now... English people complaining that if they wanted rain they would have stayed in England 😊. Surrounding is definitely becoming greener. How long will it last?
Last year was the first time we had that kind of consistent rain but in August we still got the drought.
Cactus in flowers 💐, that's a sign, right?


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Not sure about this interpretation. Laurels retreated to places with a milder climate during the Ice Age, and it was before the Ice Age that they were distributed throughout the Mediterranean. Just the same, during the ice age, the climate is dry, and not humid due to the fact that huge volumes of water are shackled in glaciers ( Mammoth steppe - Wikipedia ). Unless if the earth's axis changes the angle of inclination and France is to the south, then it is possible

Yeah, perhaps poor Belibaste was not thinking about these grand scale cycles. Perhaps he was just observing things from his own environment. And he was living at the end of Medieval Warm Period and witnessing the end of his culture.

But it's interesting how much the climate can change, even without the Ice Age reversal. The Green Sahara is a great example:

Unfortunately, they don't say how did the south Europe looked like in those times? Perhaps also more green?

And perhaps the same phenomenon of "more warmth => more rain" also happened in the Mediterranean during the Ice Age? If we assume that places closer to the equator were warmer during the Ice Age than today.

A: Russians of Belarus are closer to the original Ukrainians. And they were originally Kantekkians and had recently destroyed their own planet.

(L) Yeah. The C's also said something about that Nordic Covenant business... That peoples of Nordic descent, i.e. Kantekkian, could be of positive or negative orientation. It's representative of a power center in their genetics...
Apologies if this was already mentioned, but I came across this bit from a session which I thought was interesting:

October, 22 1994

Q: (L) The planet that was destroyed between Jupiter and Mars that we now know as the asteroid belt, you said was destroyed by psychic energy. Could you clarify that?

A: The occupants of that planet, many of whom are your soul ancestors, simply decided to develop a service to self atmosphere that was so super charged in the negative that it actually caused their home planet to be destroyed because the energy levels became so intense crashing back upon themselves that they actually destroyed the atomic structure of the planet, causing it to physically explode.

Q: (L) Was this done technologically or was it strictly done by mind power?

A: They are one and the same.

Q: (L) Did they do something like drop bombs?

A: No, no. This was done by psychic energy. There has been in a transient fashion of reality the danger of the same thing happening on your planet. Although we are quite confident it won't because we see all reality, past present and future. But, you must understand also that even in our particular perspective point, all reality is nonetheless fluid. There are still many choices of realities and possible futures and possible pasts and possible presents. But we feel fairly confident that that particular fate will not befall your planet, although it did the one then known as Kantek.
A: Ukraine is ancient site of landing of Kantekkians. It is highly coveted by 4D STS! Putin is doing service to all by attempting to remove psychopathic elements there. Unfortunately, the resistance of the power elite may lead to deaths of many innocent people.

Q: (Artemis) What is it about it that's so coveted?

(Joe) Because it's an ancient site of the landing of the Kantekkians? Why does that make it highly coveted? Some element of the population? But...

A: The geological profile complemented the energy profile making it ideal for transference.

Q: (L) Is that suggesting that the landing happened via some means other than just getting on a spaceship and flying and plopping down?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, it was some kind of transference that involved some kind of technology that we may not understand?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) Like a portal?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, there's a portal in Ukraine?

A: Yes
Q: (Pierre) I have a question: Were the genetic modifications induced by the Black Death virus the main cause of the Renaissance?

A: Not main, but contributory.

Q:(Laura) Well, what was the main cause?

A: 4D influences of a psychic nature.
(Pierre) First question: How during those cometary induced mass extinctions did new viruses get injected? Three hypotheses, not mutually exclusive: Carried by the comet, materialized by the radiation caused by the comet, and upper atmosphere viruses carried down to the surface by the comet?

A: Realm curtain breaches by EM pulses.

A thought occured to me. Randall Carlson thinks that the big secret of the alchemy lies in the impact craters of the comets. And he focuses on the various minerals that can be found in those craters and exploited by human beings. Perhaps there is some truth to that, but what if the main effect that those craters produce are the realm curtain breaches that perhaps in some cases leave the permanent influences in the region? Is the Ukranian portal connected to such impact crater?

There is also this session:

(L) So, what were these people witnessing when these manifestations began?

A: Fourth density window fallers.

Q: (L) Well, if they're 4th density window fallers, that suggests that there was a window that had opened up for them to fall through - right?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I asked Niall to check on any possible geological or any other kind of events at the time. What were the results? The New Madrid Earthquake was when?

(Niall) 1811 or 1812. Then there was a cholera outbreak in the Bell Witch region in the 1820s and again in the 1830s.

(L) What about the comets you mentioned?

(Niall) There were three comets, two of which were called Great Comets: 1830 and 1831. Another one might have been seen in 1825.

(L) So, it doesn't really look like anything is necessarily connected. What was the impetus for the opening of the window?

A: The Earth was still settling and did so for many years after. This creates good EM conditions for breaching of the curtain. In this case there were also some astral elements piggybacked on the faller phenomenon.

Q: (L) So when you say, "astral elements"...

(Joe) Hang on... I think the earthquake happened...

(L) When was the eruption of Krakatoa?

(Pierre) I think it was 1813?

(L) So Krakatoa I think was in 1818 or something? You gonna go check? There was possibly a lot going on then!

A: Indeed. The Earth was in stress!

Q: [Pierre returns] (Pierre) It's not 1818, Krakatoa erupted in 1883.

(L) There were probably other things happening, but we don’t know what they were because there weren't many people living around there to observe or record them. (...)

(Pierre) I think there's another factor. Those window fallers take advantage of this Earth upheaval to enter 3rd density. Why did this entity go to this family? Because they were juicy?

A: Location was beneficial to the energies. (...)

(L) Wait, why did it end?

A: The energies of the location dissipated.

And this one:

Q: What is the symbology of the 'breaking of rocks,' as in the alchemical texts, as well as related to Perseus as 'he who breaks?'

A: Occurs at a time when rocks break, as in the electromagnetic impulses that emanate from earthbound rocks when sheared by tectonic forces, and much more importantly, the possible utilization of said forces whether naturally or otherwise induced.

And this:

A: Just as earthquakes can begin with one that then begins an "unzipping" process, so does the changing of realms. In fact, the two have a lot in common.

Q: [laughter] (Pierre) Quakes and changing realms have a lot in common. What does it mean? (Andromeda) Yellowstone, too. (Perceval) Well, one earthquake can start a chain reaction that opens up the earth, and one change... (L) I would say the changing of realms changes frequencies, which can change the frequencies of earth which can trigger earthquakes. And earthquakes can emit electromagnetic signals which can create openings in realms. So, you've got all kinds of electromagnetic stuff from both directions.

A: Yes.
Music: Night on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky (see above posts for context)
Animation: Walt Disney's Fantasia 1940

Thanks, Uncle Walt, for disturbing my childhood. Lead animator was a guy with Ukrainian roots.
Interesting release date: Start of WWII prior to US entrance and prior to the Nazi Invasion of Russia.

Amazing Synchronicity what with Bald Mountain being in or near Kiev and the C's talking about portals there..

Bonus material: according to Fritz Springmeyer, the CIA used Fantasia for mind control programming.

I can somewhat vouch for this based on personal experience.
As references to Bald Mountain I just found it - here is the explanation - "Bald Mountain is actually based on a real mountain in Slovenia, Mt. Triglav. It is where the "supernatural" dwell as well as the "Black God" himself, Chernabog."

Q: (Tristan) In the previous session it was mentioned that more people needed to be awakened, so that more opportunities could be created for the good guys to help. Are enough people being awakened on the planet?

A: Not nearly enough. More suffering needed unfortunately.
Next session, could the Cs be asked again about how much more suffering is needed? I'm mean it's shoot to kill now in Sri Lanka, where ppl are uprising in hunger....I've seen other food/supply riots elsewhere too.

Starvation, talk of black plague, children dying; the terror of history in my face, replaying on the world stage. All self work aside, I'm constantly getting black pilled, all the while, facing these truths of this realm; and frankly, it's getting to me!

So I remind myself of this, from Laura's writings:

In other words, if your knowledge and awareness of the reality lead you to the conclusion, via reason, that the reality is controlled, and you are not free within it, yet you can develop or comprehend the idea of a world that is NOT controlled, that is NOT limited, you can CHOOSE to align yourself with such a possible world in a deep and conscious way. This choice of alignment then becomes your connection to a THOUGHT CENTER. And the stronger your connection to the Thought Center, which is in the causal realm, the more it will manifest in your reality.

Our reality is masked as a medium for growth. And what we are growing is our Will which, when aligned with a given Thought Center, allows that Thought Center to manifest its Will in our reality to the extent we are in alignment and can be amplified! To be in alignment with the STO Thought Centers results in an increase of Spiritual consciousness and a diminishment of the "sleeping" consciousness of matter. [...]

[...] The seeker of truth continues to gather knowledge in the same way the servants in the Parable of the Talents continued to "invest" their money. Gathering knowledge without prejudice inevitably leads to humility. Humility added to knowledge inevitably leads to self-recognition. And self-recognition becomes the companion that enables a person to navigate the emotions and illusions that seek to distract us and blind us! Finally, self-recognition, which is the ultimate state of Humility, leads us to PURE WILL.

Now, notice, it didn't say STRONG will, just pure. A person's "will to be" is his natural frequency. And, when you marry will to knowledge, you have hope of using the will in a particular way. This Will is the "mustard seed" of the Biblical parable. Again: Will to Be, or orientation, is your Frequency.

Application of will via knowledge, to choices produces FREQUENCY RESONANCE VIBRATION in the consciousness which can then manifest in the experience of the individual. [...]

[...] Now, a human being, in general, is under the powerful influence of the matter of which his body is constructed. Matter is the result of the STS "Thought of Non-being," or "Sleeping Consciousness" of God. Therefore, in a general sense, by being in 3rd density, to a great extenct, man is "asleep;" he is under the influence of the frequency of the STS polarity. His Frequency Resonance Vibration is STS, or that of matter/contraction - the predator's mind.

But, man has a possibility of CHANGING FREQUENCY, aligning with STO polarity, IF he can find that part of himself that is truly of Service to Others and AMPLIFY it through the process of Frequency Resonance Vibration, resulting from the Forced Oscillation of making choices of alignment with the STO thought center. It is only his Will that can do this, and it is only WHEN it is "married to knowledge" so that he can truly KNOW what his choice is and how to implement it. These choices are the "pushes" of the swing. If sufficient amplitude is achieved, ALL of his other frequencies will also gradually move into Frequency Resonance Vibration.

Of course, this process is not only dependent upon the natural frequency of the individual, but also upon the dampers that may be in place that can restrict the amplitude. The fewer dampers, the greater the amplitude that can be achieved with the least application of energy.

We have to discover and remove the "dampers" to our systems.

Again, it is in the gaining of knowledge that we can remove the dampers, little by little. It is hard work and it is painful. But as we do this, we come, step by step, to the position of humility and self-knowledge that enables the alignment of the will. If the natural frequency of STO is present in the moment of choice, this pure will "becomes the friend of the highest of knowledge" and they "enter into a bond of eternal union." And one is then able to connect with the Eternal Creative Light within, which then becomes the Forced Oscillator that changes the Frequency Resonance Vibration in dramatic and life changing ways. This amounts to giving up self-will to allow the greater will of the Thought Center to manifest. The manifestation of this in one's daily life via choices become "pushes" of the swing of the etheric/genetic body and the atomic signature of the cellular structure which then changes the entire reality. [...]

Ok, now those dampers have to do with lies we tell ourselves, be it about our world or, most importantly about ourselves. What I wish to ask the Cs about is whether the suffering they are referring to is the suffering brought from honest self-observation, or, mass suffering across the globe?

I get informing myself for situational awareness and using that to make choices but, the ptb aren't stopping and choices shrink daily, or soon will be, maybe, brought down to only how I react to what's happening. I mean, are we all going to be reduced to a situation similar to Vicktor Frankel's , where he found meaning and hope/belief under extreme conditions?

I understand not being able to give future outcome, but I'd appreciate some clue as to what I have to steel myself in readiness for. And are we waiting for more stragglers to awaken thru frightening world events or is it that we (those that do) need to strengthen our self work, go thru that type suffering?
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