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Great video of ball lightning.
It seems that it is not real, at least not entirely.

I found the Tweet, opened the comment session and found that it has been mentioned in the History Channel
The Proof Is Out There: Unexplained Lightning Phenomenon Caught On Camera (Season 1) | History
There is also an interview with the person who claimed to have recorded it. I looked up his name on YouTube and found:
Ball lightning near railway tracks [CGI]Below there is a description in Russian which translated goes like:
Once, during a thunderstorm, I was walking along the tracks, and then, suddenly, I heard a crash. I turned and saw a blue-purple sphere "floating" out from behind the embankment.
[CGI] is explained in a Wiki as:
Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art, printed media, video games, simulators, computer animation and VFX in films, television programs, shorts, commercials, and videos. The images may be dynamic or static, and may be two-dimensional (2D), although the term "CGI" is most commonly used to refer to the 3-D computer graphics used for creating characters, scenes and special effects in films and television, which is described as "CGI animation".
So how much is real and how much is CGI? Here is the transcription from the History Channel clip, who went to interview Andrei Trukhonovets:
you know for centuries people have reported seeing mysterious balls of electricity
hovering in the air so where do these anomalies come from and what do they
mean it's may 2019 near minsk belarus a man named andre trichonovitz posts a bizarre video
watch let's rewind that back
what is that bright blue sphere
and how can it travel across the railroad tracks throwing off sparks as it moves
the internet's reaction blew andre's mind it has almost 2 million viewers at this moment
some commenters guessed that andre has recorded a rare phenomenon known as ball lightning
strange luminescent balls in the air that eyewitnesses have been reporting since the 1600s
some 19th century accounts claimed they smelled of sulfur and considered them the work of the devil
more recently there was this sighting near a field in novosibirsk russia this image
resembles a phenomenon reported back in world war ii odd zigzagging balls of light in the sky
allied fighter pilots dubbed them foo fighters and it was really kind of universally believed
amongst the allies that this was likely some type of advanced nazi technology but
interestingly enough when you look at the luf wafa so the german air force they were seeing them too
to this day some scientists argue that ball lightning doesn't exist
based on how rarely it seemed so is that what we're seeing here to kick off our analysis we
went back to our forensic video analyst michael primo primo begins by breaking down andre's video
focusing not on the images but the sounds i noted that the sounds were up front and didn't sound
natural with being in the outdoors sounds like something that was added
he concludes that the belarus video has been edited
yet he says the other example from russia has not been

so could it be an example of the famous foo fighters macmillan says the ball of light
looks similar but behaves differently what's been called a foo fighter lasted for a great
deal time and engaged in a lot of maneuvers and stuff that you just don't see there
so could it instead be a natural weather phenomenon atmospheric scientist dr deanna
hence traced the weather conditions in russia at the time of the sighting if you're going to get
ball lightning lightning also has to be generally a likelihood and i'm not seeing a lot of evidence
of either it does kind of reduce the likelihood that that is a possibility however hands concedes
that so little is known about ball lightning that it's hard to rule out it is a very poorly
understood phenomenon and because it's difficult to capture it's also very very difficult to study
so the russian video might be a genuine example but when we talk to andre toward the end of our
investigation he admits he created the dazzling effect in his video with cgi i processed the video
on my computer with a specialized software though he never thought it would go viral
so our verdict the belarus video is clearly doctored

please that sound design was a dead giveaway as far as the other footage
we're gonna say it might be genuine ball lightning but what causes bald lightning remains a mystery
a good reminder to remain as humble as we are curious in the face of the
It seems it is not real, but in spite of being doctored, is it based on real observations? But then he is a graphic artist.

In the History Channel clip there is a clip from Russia, that is more difficult to explain. This second example is included in a Russian clip uploaded in 2017 from a Russian news report about ball lightning: Шаровая молния 18.08.2016 they have several examples, among which I am doubtful of the one in a suburban area, that moves back and forth. The occasion for the report was that a ball lightning had caused harm to a dog and a couple of children. Here is a translation,, of the transcript:
00:00 salekhard county hospital all 00:02 occurred in the settlement's reindeer herders' hut 00:04 us and shining ruis lion under the uralskiy
00:06 region 00:06 yamal-nenets autonomous district here 00:09 how everything came out of nowhere in what 00:11 there was a ball lightning at home at the time 00:13 there were three children of the tundra ages at 00:16 the fireball was thrown by the owners' dog 00:18 the poor animal's head was torn off 00:21 contact killed and little boy then 00:23 ball lightning disintegrated 00:25 a smaller one already hit the girls 00:29 ball lightning 00:30 one of the most mysterious and little 00:32 studied phenomena on our planet 00:35 there are four articles and arias and 00:37 emergence and none of them are 00:39 proven by scientists to be natural 00:42 mystery we've summarized everything there is to know 00:44
about fireballs 00:49 [music] 00:52
Black ball lightning?
when the glowing ball was seen on the ground 00:54 for the first time it's unknown, but the first ones 00:57 documented mentions of the orb 00:59 lightning refers to 1638 by eyewitnesses 01:03 told how the two-metre high fireball 01:05 lump flew during a thunderstorm into the village 01:07 01:07 Lightning killed and injured many parishioners 01:10 eyewitness accounts emerge 01:12 all the time but through the windows of the laboratory 01:14 mysterious balloons don't fly in for some reason 01:16 so for now the scientists only have to 01:18 speculate and generalise 01:21 from outside most of the time and the glowing ball is not 01:23 a ball of lightning comes in the shape of a mushroom 01:26 drop or pear average size 10 20 01:29 centimetres colour usually blue white 01:31 or orange but can even be black 01:34 Lightning people who have seen the orb up close 01:36 they say that inside it is made up of 01:37 small non-moving parts 01:39 temperature of lightning according to scientists' calculations 01:41 at least 100 degrees Celsius 01:43 maybe even thousands with the heat from the lightning 01:46 doesn't go but if it explodes 01:49 vaporizes everything in the vicinity 01:51 liquid and glass and metal melts 01:54 ball lightning arises mainly in 01:56 thunderstorm but has been seen more than once in 01:58 sunny weather 01:59 it usually appears in a single 02:02 specimen at least modern 02:04 science has not recorded the other 02:05 and usually in the most unexpected way it 02:08 can come down from here all of a sudden 02:10 in the air or float out from behind a pole or 02:13 a tree is no problem for her 02:14 to penetrate an enclosed space 02:16 ball lightning is known to occur 02:19 from outlets 02:19 television sets and even in cockpits. 02:22 this happened in 1963 lightning 02:25 flew into a plane from new york 02:27 washington but took pity on the passengers. 02:30 there was no damage to them or the plane.
Does ball lightning appear more frequently in some places?
02:33 ball lightning as a repeat offender benefits 02:35 return to the scene of the crime 02:37 for example in a small town near pskov 02:39 there's a so-called devil's field at 02:42which from under the ground periodically 02:44 a black ball lightning bolt pops up 02:46 it started appearing here after it had fallen 02:49 Tunguska meteorite
if you happen to 02:51 encounter a fireball don't do 02:53 don't make any sudden movements, don't try to fight it off. 02:55 he is unlikely to win this fight 02:57 will work try to quietly roll away from 03:00 the path of lightning stay away from her 03:02 but don't turn towards the source 03:04 danger with your back if you are in 03:06 Go to the window and open it. 03:08 the window sash is likely to be a lightning bolt which 03:11 tight in four walls will fly out 03:13 yulia and count his life passenger

Translated with (free version)
Above there was also mention of the Tunguska meteorite, but is there a real cause-effect relationship or is it a myth?
It seems it is not real, but in spite of being doctored, is it based on real observations? But then he is a graphic artist.
This is a CV for graphics artists. Such videos if look real, they are a great entry ticket to high paying jobs in the industry. Most CGI developers, PR studios - subcontractors who do special effects for TV and movie ads - definitely watch these as the artist makes sure to post such videos in the right places. Like Houdini, you get famous, you get hired. The ultimate goal is Hollywood as there is the most money. Get into a studio (Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Eastern EU, where CGI-slaves are cheap) that does a lot of grunt / slave work on Hollywood movie special effects and you are set for life. High stress, but highest pay.
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