Session 28 November 2009


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Session Date: November 28th 2009

Laura, Ark, A***, Joe, L*****, C******, Allen, I**, P*****, C**, Scottie, G***

Q: (L) Today is November 28th, 2009 We have 33 days left this year. So, anybody have any questions? Alright, session's over! (laughter)

A: Look ahead to joy!

Q: (L) Um, hello! Who do we have with us this evening?

A: Gloriaea of Cassiopaea. Joy is coming now that you have taken steps in that direction!!!!!

Q: (L) What do you mean by "taken steps in that direction"?

A: You here tonight have made real the beginnings of a new world.

Q: (L) You mean in the sense of getting all this work done, getting our membership roles established, getting the certificates and ID cards, all the work we've done and the investment we've made in doing all that - is that what you're talking about?

A: Yes, foundation building always takes hard work, and you have been up to the task.

Q: (L) Well, there's still a whole heck of a lot of work to do. So maybe I should ask a few questions about my ideas about how to go about propagating what needs to be propagated. My thought is that we need to train people to teach the breathing and meditation program.

A: Yes

Q: (L) And that this should be done as a secular stress-reduction, emotional cleansing program without any particular emphasis on PaleoChristianity or any religion whatsoever except acceptance of a divine part to the individual.

A: Yes

Q: (L) My thought then is that it is also the ideal way in a certain sense for the church to raise money for its other projects.

A: Yes

Q: (L) My idea has been that once members of the church are trained to teach - and of course they have to be members to be covered by the protections - that they then will go out and with the support of the church, in whatever way the way the church can support them, teach the program and teach the program for a nominal fee or no fee, and base the income portion on sales of the DVDs. In other words, the information should always be available for free, but the DVDs people would certainly want to have to guide their own home program would be what we would sell.

A: Yes

Q: (L) And that income from the sale of those DVDs, that is after the productions costs have been covered, would be split 50/50 between the individual doing the teaching and the church itself.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Is there any better or additional element of this idea that you would suggest or add?

A: You are all growing well into your future selves and solving problems quite nicely on your own.

Q: (L) Is there anything else that anyone can add to such an idea? That they would like to have...

(Ark) I would say that while this goes on, we should really work on producing these DVDs on Knowledge and Being.

(L) Yes, so I will continue with the Knowledge and Being videos now that we've got a working system of doing it and I'm kind of getting over my extreme dislike of sitting in front of the camera. Oh my god!

(Ark) But I would suggest that adding to the DVDs, there should be also things just to...

(L) Like what?

(C**) Audio books.

(L) Oh, you want me to do audio books?!

(Ark) Because DVD is something... audio book you can listen whenever. You go to the dentist and you listen. People would take it with them. Of course it's easier to distribute in a roundabout way because these are smaller, it doesn't matter. That's what I think.

(L) Alright.

A: All good suggestions.

Q: (C**) Some people have said that they want to teach the Eiriu Eolas breathing program, but that they can't come here {for training}. Is it a good idea that they're allowed to teach without coming here for training?

A: Make your training video and instruct them on how to utilize them. As of now, with the new video, there is not much they would have to do on their own.

Q: (L) So really all they'd have to do is {show the video and be there to answer questions...}

(Joe) The only thing we'd want to know is how they appear, speak, how they present themselves.

(L) Well that we would be covering in the training video.

(Joe) From our point of view just to see the people. (L) Yeah, we would need to see them.

A: Take it on a case by case basis. Interview. In some cases you can send someone else to train or they can do minimal travel.

Q: (L) So if they were in the US, we could have a team there who could train and they would only have to travel somewhere within the US. If there's somewhere in Europe, if we get some people in Europe trained, then maybe they could have more central points. Maybe use Skype as you say, video...

(C******) The main thing is that once we've trained them, we're responsible for the people who talk. Anybody could sit down and do the videos and teach, but what happens after...

(L) Yeah, what's important is that when people teach, they need to be available to hold the meditation sessions on a regular basis, to offer support, to be constantly in touch with headquarters, to network, to introduce the individuals who are doing it to the network if they so desire. I mean, some people may only want to just learn the stress control and the meditation and they won't really want to be doing any regular round breathing. It's going to be individual. But these people are going to have to know that if they take on this responsibility, they're going to have be consistent about it, be consistently there. It's a ministry, it really is. It's a ministry and they become ministers to other people, serving other people.

(G***) And also study and train themselves in several subjects so they can guide others.

(L) Yeah, they have to be well-trained, they have to read the books, they have to know the material. I mean, they can't just go out there and say, "Oh, well, there's this program" and just do a parrot number and mimic it and not have any real knowledge. And also not have the real knowledge of doing it themselves. They need to be doing it themselves, they need to be doing the diet, they need to be detoxing. It's a complete lifestyle, and it's the lifestyle that anybody who wants to be free from the controls of this truly dystopian world we're living in needs to become a part of, needs to make a part of their lives. So, can you think of anything else?

(Ark) Yeah, I'm thinking about the possibility someone infiltrates, we accept, and he screws up in a bad way. Suppose that there are complaints from people. Whose legal responsibility it is when one of the ministers misbehaves?

(A***) That's a good question.

(L) If a minister or anybody gets the point where they're going to want to do something like this, we're going to have to do some pretty extensive checking... I mean, like criminal checks, background checks. We're going to have to establish a policy of not allowing anyone to represent the church who has any kind of issues that can be brought against us.

(Ark) But still...

(L) Still it can possibly happen. Well, then it becomes the responsibility of the church, not the individual, and the church has to defend itself. And if we put into place measures that weed out pathological people, which is kind of what we're about, then theoretically we won't have the problems that the Catholic church has had with abusing children and all kinds of covert evil. I was reading this statement written by this other church that they "strongly reject", or "strongly object to" that sort of thing. And I'm thinking, "What do you mean 'strongly object to'?!" How about zero tolerance?!

(A***) Yeah.

(L) In my opinion, I have zero tolerance {for pathology that hurts other people}, and our {policy statement} is going to be worded very strongly, that we have zero tolerance.

(Ark) What about ministers having to sign something that they will not do anything against the principles?

(Joe) What about if we make something up, some kind of handouts, if we have something for people who are doing the course to take away with them and the person presenting it hands out to people... on that, we have a thing where we ask for feedback and have an e-mail address so that if there's any problems that they would write to...

(L) A feedback form that they HAVE to give to everybody they teach that is then returned directly to us?

(C**) But also an e-mail they can have without giving it to the teacher. Because if the teachers is somebody who wants to harm, he's not going to forward the questionnaire to us.

(Joe) Well, he wouldn't be forwarding them. It would just be something that says, "We appreciate your comments, criticisms, blah blah blah, please write an e-mail to..."

(Ark) Not an e-mail! A feedback form on the web site. It's much better than e-mail. Because e-mail, "Oh, I sent it 10 times and I didn't have any response!"

(Allen) And besides, just like with members, we'll want to have a database on all the teachers {to track their progress and advance them through the levels}, so feedback will immediately go into that database.

(C**) Well, we have info(at) Everybody gets that.

(L) And we'll have a standard teacher's assessment: Was it clear? If you asked questions, did you understand the answer?

(I**) In this case maybe it would be preferential to have a note attached to each DVD, or put it on the cover, a brief note that you can leave your feedback on the web site.

(L) That's a good idea. Put it inside the DVD.

(I**) Or even record it.

(L) That's not a bad idea.

(C**) After the video...

(L) Okay, so Allen, put that at the end of the videos, a text at the end saying we'd appreciate you leaving feedback, visit our web site, etc. And then when they visit the web site, then we'll also have the “gotcha”: "talk to us about your presenter".

(Allen) Which part of the video?

(L) On all of them. Put it on all of them. Okay, so now you say that we have taken steps towards joy. The joy of a new world.

A: The wave is coming, you are teaching people to surf it instead of being dragged under and out to stormy seas.

Q: (L) You once said that the wave was something like "hyperkinetic sensate". And I've often wondered if that means that it's something that massively amplifies whatever is inside an individual? And if that were the case and they were full of a lot of unpleasant, painful, miserable feelings, repressed and suppressed thoughts and so forth, and something that was hyperkinetic sensate amplified all of that, what would it do to that individual? I mean, can you imagine any of us in our worst state of feeling yucky and then having that amplified a bazillion times? If it was bad stuff inside you, you would implode!

A: Soul smashing!

Q: (L) So it is really important for people to go through this process of cleansing to prepare themselves for that?

A: Yes, then they will "rise up with wings as eagles"!

Q: (L) So even people who - or maybe particularly people who - engage in a great deal of what Lobaczewski called "selection and substitution", there is some part of their rational mind that knows what the truth is, but because it's not acceptable to their peer group, or their social milieu, or their background and upbringing to accept that truth, they repress and suppress it and explain things to themselves in other ways. But they still know the truth. What would it be like if you have all of this suppressed, twisted truth locked up inside you that you never allowed yourself to look at and acknowledge?

(Ark) But you see this is not a separate phenomenon because when there is this amplification, there are these fears that you said, they will also explode. So the individual will be able to... the little devil will become the big devil, so it will be easier to choose, because, you know, choices will be amplified. It's not just little dark here, little this there - it's hard to choose - but they will have to decide this time where to go, and the decision will be...

(L) Extremely painful.

(Ark) It will be painful, but on the other hand, it will be clear.

(C******) But what if you're so overwhelmed it isn't clear?

(L) What if your fear is so big that...

(C******) You're blinded?

(Ark) Well, then you are lost.

(L) I mean, people that believe lies against all evidence are the ones that really baffle me. I mean, they don't baffle me in the sense that I don't understand why they do it, because I understand the psychological and brain mechanism, and I understand that's it been thousands of years, little by little, gradually, pathologically encroaching until now we live in this world where it's just literally -everything is dirty - it's just really horrible. And I can't imagine what... I mean, what about a psychopath? What about a psychopath who doesn't have emotions? How is a hyperkinetic sensate {wave} going to affect a psychopath?

A: They do have a sort of "emotion". Hunger for darkness.

Q: (L) So what it is an amplified hunger for darkness?

(A******) More darkness.

(L) But what would it do if it were amplified in that way?

(Allen) Ravenous!

(L) They'd devour themselves, wouldn't they?

A: More or less. What do you do when at your center there is a big empty hole?

Q: (Ark) But I can see how it's gonna happen. You see separately, there are these psychopaths. At the same time, there are a lot of people who are becoming very unstable. There are a lot of people who go completely crazy, that psychopaths can see something is happening - new opportunity, right? So, new victims. "They're mine!" "No, they're MINE!" And so psychopaths will start to fight with each other.

(L) Because they're more and more hungry. And then their masks will fall away, and people will see them for what they are.

A: Yes

Q: (L) It's gonna be ugly. But, we are embarked upon a new world. Okay, somebody else's turn to ask questions.

(Ark) I have a question. I need to explain. Two weeks ago, {there was an incident involving] a cosmic probe sent by ESA in Paris - it was sent in 2004 - and it is supposed to reach a comet that is coming to earth. It's supposed to reach this comet in 2014 and accompany this comet to the earth. Now this probe in 2005 and 2007 came in a close approach to earth. First it goes like that {gestures making sweeping motion} and getting speed, and then it will go to reach the comet. Now in 2005 and 2007 when the probe was doing this swing by the earth, they experienced what they called "swingby anomalies". It was observed by some radar station in Arizona. Then it gets observed by another station. It's getting tracked in Australia. And in the meantime something happens to this probe: it gets a kick. This trajectory changes, and no one knows why and no one understands. And it happens twice. The third time and the last it was two weeks ago on the 13th of November that this probe was last time doing the swing-by. So they were now ready to catch the anomaly, to track it continuously. This time, no anomaly happened! It was an anomalous anomaly! (laughter) Similar things happened to American probes Galileo and another one that even I was working on when I was in the US, NEAR, near-earth whatever detecting asteroids - anomalies - gravitational anomalies. And of course there are like twenty different theories how to explain: "Do we need a new theory of gravity? Was Einstein wrong? Is it dark matter? Is it some effect related to macroscopic quantum phenomenon?" Because it was a kick: change of velocity suddenly. So, my question is, can we have a hint what causes similar anomalies that no one understands?

A: Partly gravitational and partly observational in the sense that observation can enhance or cancel gravity. The power of mind and anticipation, take a lesson!

Q: (L) Anticipate not! (laughter) So, if you anticipate, you cancel something out. That's bizarre!

(Allen) So by observing something, you enhance it. But by anticipating, you cancel it?

(L) Observing can be anticipatory or not.

(Ark) For instance, some remote viewers want to see what's going to happen... (laughter)

(L) And they interfered with the system!

(Joe) It happened once when they weren't expecting it.

(Ark) Once it did NOT happen when they expected it.

(Joe) But the first time...

(Ark) Two times it happened.

(L) And when they were ready for it, it didn't happen.

(Ark) And then they were ready for it, they wanted to see it better. (laughter) Now we’re gonna, we WILL find the devil!

(P*****) So, anticipating a future event reduces the likelihood of the happening of this event? How does it happen? How does it work?

(L) I explained all that in the {training} video. Weren't you listening? (laughter)

(A******) He fell asleep.

(L) I explained that you can't micromanage it. You can only see the outcome.

(Ark) There is famous quantum Zeno effect: pot never boils when you watch it. (laughter)

(Allen) This is also why in baseball they say, "Keep your eye on the ball"...

(A***) Or the van never leaves until you roll a cigarette! That's the Scottie Law! (laughter)

A: These factors should be kept in mind by all the new PC members. You are all on the threshold of a new life. Anticipate not what the universe can and will do, just do the work asked of you and the wave will come to meet you and lift you up.

Q: (L to Ark) So it's kind of like what you said once: The wave is waiting for us in time?

(Ark) But if like a billion people start to anticipate the wave coming, it may stop!

(L) Or anticipate how it will come, or what it will do.

(A***) And lots of people won't be able to control themselves from doing that.

(L) So it's best to pay attention to reality and deal with reality that is here and now in a most effective and efficient way and let the universe take care of itself. As long as you are doing your part...

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) But I think there are different kinds of anticipation. Imagine someone is anticipating he will have an accident, and gets so scared that it creates an accident. But on the other hand there is a different anticipation. I anticipate that the accident MAY happen, so I am very careful, I watch everything, I am not agitated, you see? I anticipate that it may happen, and that's okay.

(C******) You're not afraid.

(L) There's kind of like a fine distinction between anticipation and being prepared.

(A***) Yeah, because it's like the difference between fear and worry.

(Joe) Maybe anticipation can be limited to anticipation of a new life or something good, but as to how or what, you can't know.

(L) You shouldn't try to limit it or shape it in your mind.

(Joe) Like they said, if everybody just dedicated themselves to doing the work that's asked of them, and something...

A: There is much much work to be done!

Q: (C******) There's no time to worry!

(I**) I think a rule of anticipation is one open or not to different possibilities? Because focusing only on one possibility, that is anticipation which can change something...

(L) Yeah, you're narrowing it.

(I**) ... against your anticipation.

(Joe) We should anticipate that an infinite number of things can happen.

(L) Yeah.

(Joe) Have a go at that.

(Allen) Something will happen! (laughter)

(I**) What about these New Agey people who are so excited about the wave without any knowledge about it. And there is kind of anticipation...

A: If they want to surf the wave they must work to get ready, they must do the EIRIU EOLAS program to get in synch. A lot of little personal wavelets or ripples won't change anything. That is what 4D STS knows and why they seek to engender divisiveness. It is also not worth the risk of being smashed by hidden negative emotions, so best to get on with getting them cleared. Better safe than sorry!!!!

Q: (Ark) I was reading about this movie 2012. It made a tremendous success in the first week in Russia. They already made so much money - more than any other movie.

(L) I read some people giving it some pretty negative reviews or whatever. I didn't think it was all that bad. I mean, it really was a kind of a depiction of what the pathocrats are really trying to do. Whether it's some big space arks, or whether the actual way it's depicted is {exactly as it is being done in reality} is not important because obviously it's not accurate. I mean all that nonsense about the neutrinos heating up the core of the earth and causing everything to go kaflooey and the gigantic tidal waves... That's erroneously rendered. But the idea that the people in charge know that something's going to happen and the way they keep it secret and their whole plot to save their own skins! What really freaks me out, here they had in this movie all these people paying billions of dollars to get a ticket on this thing. I guess at one point they said the money was being used to build the {the arks}, to finance them, but... What did they think they were going to do when they came out on the other side?

(Allen) It kind of made sense though, because this way they spend the billions, because they have to get the money somewhere. Because they can't just tell the people building it they're doing it for the good of humanity. They'd have to pay them huge sums of money to keep quiet.

(Scottie) I have a question. That flu illness we had like a month or two ago that affected all of us in crazy different ways and was unusually harsh and longwinded... Why was it so... What was it?

A: Engineered.

Q: (C**) Was it the swine flu, or was it particularly engineered?

A: Pretty close to the swine flu. Now you are immune!

Q: (Scottie) HA-HA! (laughter)

(Allen) I didn't get it.

(A******) I didn't get sick either.

(L) I don't think it attacks young people like you. Or old people like Allen. (laughter) I'm still not completely clear. This has been over a month, and I'm still battling that one.

(G***) How long do we have to detox heavy metals?

A: About a year, gently.

(C******) I have a question about beginning to teach {the EE program}. Just looking at my own circumstances, is doing little groups the best way to start, or should I just step out on a limb, rent a space, and try for bigger groups right off the bat?

A: Practice with the smaller groups for a short while and a venue will open!

Q: (L*****) I just want to ask: Do I need to get a laptop and do it with the PowerPoint, or is my low tech idea going to be a good one?

A: If your low tech is high impact, it will be fine.

Q: (A******) Can I ask a mini-question? When L**** was here, the one with the glasses, she said she heard a metallic screaming outside of her house. What was it that was screaming outside of her house?

A: Yeti.

Q: (L) Did you finish watching those Arthur Clark shows? There’s one of them in there where they talk about a yeti – Bigfoot - and they have a guy that has a recording of one. It is the CREEPIEST thing!

(Joe) Can I ask a question about the Fort Hood thing, the shooting? Um... Eh... Um, so what was the deal with Fort Hood? (laughter)


Q: (A******) GI Joe?

(Allen) Garbage In, Garbage Out.

(Joe) Was there more than one shooter?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) How many?

A: 3

Q: (Joe) What was the reason for it?

A: Secret Team program got out of hand. Triggers came out of sequence and unexpectedly.

Q: (P*****) I have a question concerning swine flu. A few days ago in Norway a virus was discovered and identified, and two days ago it was discovered in France. So I guess it wasn't a random mutation?

A: Yes

Q: (P*****) And how did they spread this mutation, through vaccine?

A: Partly. But you can easily figure these things by reading the history of other experiments.

Q: (L) They've got all kinds of stuff where they tell what the CIA used to do. They used to fly over with airplanes, send agents into subways, or... There is just no limit to the way that they can do these things. And they that they DO do these things!

(Ark) And when they have these vaccines, they always...

(L) It always produces the illness it's supposed to prevent.

(Ark) And it produces mutations. Always. And it's always engineered. But they don't want mutations right away, because first they have to sell enough drugs. Then there is some kind of saturation, so it's good if there is mutation because now the drug companies have to work on a universal vaccine! Now we will have universal vaccine!

(C**) There was a documentary that we were speculating a week ago where they were talking about some of the side effects of Tamiflu and possibly the vaccines. They were saying that they had run studies in Japan and other countries and the biggest problem was mental problems. Psychological problems.

(Ark) Now they say, "Oh, we found 70 cases of this, it's not enough to..."

A: Massive inflammation on top of already epidemic autoimmune conditions.

Q: (L) If you're inflamed, your brain is inflamed.

(C**) So, my question is more...

A: Most mental conditions today are a result of autoimmune disorders.

Q: (L) So what's your question?

(C**) Well, if their plan is not just to kill people but to contribute to disintegration, personality disintegration, and make them more either vulnerable or paranoid of others, or...?

A: It is just the straw and the camel. The degradation has been in process for almost a hundred years.

Q: (L) You mean the degradation of human health, and destroying people, and breaking them down and making them vulnerable and all that sort of thing?

A: Yes

Q: (Allen) By-product of the Industrial Revolution?

A: Yes

Q: (C**) And they say joy is coming?!

A: You work on the other side and don't anticipate what the universe can and will do if the ground is prepared!

Q: (L) Alright then. Unless somebody else has some really pressing question, I'm inflamed! Alright, anything that we should have asked that we didn't ask that we could have asked that you think you possibly could answer even if we didn't ask? (laughter) Just let us know!

A: Keep on the course. Did you ever wonder if some of the "failure" of the other side might not be a result of the energy you are generating?

Q: (L) What do you mean "failure"?

A: Like "Climategate"?

Q: (L) You mean, if we, our group, our forum, our activities generate certain energies, it empowers people who aren't even connected to us to do things?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well!

(C******) So they would have the courage to stand up and say what really is.

(L) Well, I guess we gotta keep on going because it's so much fun to see these things coming out! (laughter) I mean, I don't wanna stop the show or anything. We've gotta keep the lights going.

A: And on that fun thought, goodbye.

Fascinating session, lots to digest! :shock:

I'm just wondering with the teaching of EE about insurance for the teacher. Will you need it for the meditation and breathing? I have to have it to teach Yoga and a current first aid certificate or my insurance is invalid. I am insured through the body I trained with.

Just a thought.
It's a really interesting session. Esp the info concerning how the wave 'works'. I think it gives us all more of a push (understatement) to continue with the diet/EE program.

Thanks for sharing!
Q: (L) You mean, if we, our group, our forum, our activities generate certain energies, it empowers people who aren't even connected to us to do things?

A: Yes

Really exiting. That’s some real motivation. :D

Thank you all so much for all the effort.

We have 33 days left this year.

It’s about FOTCM, right?

[quote author=Puck]to continue with the diet/EE program.[/quote]

Yeah I better start eating more healthy. Have a lot to read about this one. I really want to learn to make pizza’s, I hope it’s a combination which is possible.
Hi everyone,

I wanted to post this in the previous session (24 Oct), but after going through all that thread and doing catch-up on other important threads by the time I got back to 24 Oct session the subject had changed to food and diet.


Laura, The new Fellowship is a stroke of genius. I hope that doesn't sound patronising in any way. I think it's one of the best ideas of this century. It's come at just the right time, osit, bearing in mind what you wrote about the numerous delays in forming it, even though you'd had it in mind for some while. It's fightening to think that we could have missed out on all the important and essential disclosures about psychopathy, psychopaths and the rest. Of all the things I've learned here the articles and discussions about psychopaths and the related material have been most useful to me in the practical sense of how I now view people and the world, and has gone a long way towards explaining some of the things that have happened to me in the past in the working and social environment.

The logos are absolutely stunning! Kudos to the wonderful, wonderful creative people on this forum. :flowers:

About this flu that Scottie mentioned some of you had about a month ago... I was also hit by a severe bout of flu about the same time which knocked me off my feet for three days. It came from nowhere and there was no reason for it. It was only at the end of last week that it finally went away. No other family members were affected. This could be a 'coincidence', of course, except that it seems to be the culmination of a few 'interesting' months (in the Chinese curse sense of the phrase). It was a shock for me to read that you'd had the same thing your end! Thanks for posting this most interesting session. Things are really taking off!

The e-book idea would be perfect for those of us who find it difficult/next-to-impossible to get the books. Could the same thing be done with the DVDs? Through technology, have made their downloads garbled to anyone except the recipient. Just a suggestion.

Must go now - gotta lotta reading to catch up on! The forum has really grown...
Thanks for the session! It was really inspiring to read it.

A: Keep on the course. Did you ever wonder if some of the "failure" of the other side might not be a result of the energy you are generating?

Q: (L) What do you mean "failure"?

A: Like "Climategate"?

Q: (L) You mean, if we, our group, our forum, our activities generate certain energies, it empowers people who aren't even connected to us to do things?

A: Yes

This particular statement reminded me of the amazing effects that working and putting effort into something can have.

slowone said:
I'm just wondering with the teaching of EE about insurance for the teacher. Will you need it for the meditation and breathing? I have to have it to teach Yoga and a current first aid certificate or my insurance is invalid. I am insured through the body I trained with.

Just a thought.

I would be interested to know this as well. I also have an insurance for my teaching practice which, similar to slowone, is in the field of physical activity. Not sure whether it would be applicable to the practice of EE though, that is, in case insurance is needed.

Also, would it be at all wise further on for members teaching EE living within the same location, to meet for a building of group EE practice/teaching?
I found interesting the C's mention of "Climategate". The release of all those emails was something quite unexpected especially considering that the United Nations climate change conference at Copenhagen will be held in December! They couldn't have found a better time to expose the Global Warming Scam.
Looks like I really need to start doing the breathing programme. No time to waste!
Thank you!

The non anticipatory reference was a good reminder as were others.

Best Regards,
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