Session 29 August 1998

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I was reading Morris K Jessup's "The case for UFO" in which he documented many reports of falling from sky ( ice, blood, bacteria ridden jellies, ash, mammals like lizards, fishes, downpours without apparent clouds etc.). These events are dated mostly during the last 200 years. This may mean we are already in one of the bombardment clouds, though major Tunguska type events are not many during this period.
Charles Fort wrote about things falling from the sky. Some of these things fell slower than normal and then resumed normal speed after making contact, which suggests to me a paranormal explanation rather than just things falling from the sky.
August 29, 1998

Frank, Ark, Laura

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Wisoma.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) I have a couple of quick questions before we get into Ark's involved ones. The first question is: In this book, 'Fingerprints of the Gods,' the guy [Graham Hancock] talks about what the Maya call 'The Suns' or world ages. The first sun's duration was 4008 years; the second was 4010 years; the third was 4081; the fourth 4026; and the fifth and current sun is supposed to end in 2012 on the 23rd of December, and it began in the fourth millennium BC of the Christian calendar. So, what I would like to ask is: are these suns, as the Maya described them, are these the periods of revolution of the companion star of our Sun?

A: Well, this could be the case, or, it may be something else. Or it could be a combination of factors/events. It would not be prudent of us to provide you with a direct, definitive answer at this juncture. Signposts will provide the answers as you go along, if you are patient and open minded.

Q: It also says here that on this pyramid, at the time of the Spring and Autumn equinoxes, combined patterns of light and dark combine to create the illusion of a giant serpent undulating on the northern staircase. On each occasion the illusion lasts for 3 hours and 22 minutes exactly. What was this optical illusion created to convey?

A: Worship of serpentine deity.

Q: Was it created to convey or produce any other effect other than worship?

A: The key is in the reading of the geometric cycle.

Q: On page 80, the book talks about these statues at Tiahuanaco on Lake Titicaca. It says: 'Carved in red sandstone, worn and ancient beyond reckoning, the statue stand about 6 feet high and portrays a humanoid, androgynous being with massive eyes and lips. In it's right hand it clutches something resembling a knife with a wavy blade like an Indonesian kris. In it's left hand is an object like a hinged and case-bound book. From the top of this book, however, protruded a device which had been inserted into it as though into a sheath. From the waist down, the figure seemed to be clad in a garment of fish scales.' Okay, there is another statue with an object in its left hand that is like a case bound book, but from this one protrudes a forked handle. The right hand object was roughly cylindrical, narrow in the center and bigger at each end. It appeared to have several different parts. I would like to know what these objects, or devices, carved into these ancient statues represented?

A: Conductor.

Q: What did these conductors conduct? Were these the sound machines that you have described previously?

A: No.

Q: What did they conduct?

A: Quartzine energy from atmospheric source. [Atlantean crystals?]

Q: What was this energy used for?

A: All.

Q: Well you have described a lot of things that did all kinds of things... the pyramid, Stonehenge...

A: When one harnesses free energy, no limitations need apply.

Q: Why were these beings depicted with these fish-like garments?

A: Reptoids have that genetic profile to varying degrees.

Q: According to the Sumerian traditions, this was like the god Oannes. In the night time, he would plunge back into the sea, but in the daytime he would converse with men, giving them insight into letters and sciences and every kind of art. But, it was noted that he was never observed to eat. It says that he taught men how to construct houses, temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometric knowledge. He made them distinguish the seeds of the earth and made them gather fruits. In short, he instructed them in everything that would tend to soften manners and humanize mankind. From that time, so universal were his instructions, that nothing has been added materially in the way of improvement. The surviving images of Oannes on Babylonian and Assyrian reliefs clearly portray him as a fish man. Is this another similar profile?

A: "El legato."

Q: Was this Oannes fish man similar to the Quinotaur that was supposedly the half-father of the Merovingian royal line?

A: Only if one considers losses in the translative quarry.

Q: Well, quin is five. Does it relate somehow to the pentagon, the pentagram, to five dimensional space?

A: No.

Q: Here it says: The Spanish Conquistadores and missionaries destroyed nearly everything that we could possibly use to learn about the South American civilizations. A sixteenth century eye-witness says that there was an emerald idol that was completely fantastic. Father Benito took this idol and had it ground up, stirred the powder in water, poured it on the ground and stomped on it. Cortez was given two circular calendars, one of gold and the other silver, as big as wagon wheels, with all kinds of hieroglyphs on them, which he immediately had melted down and cast into ingots. 'All over Central America, vast repositories of knowledge, accumulated since ancient times, were painstakingly gathered, heaped up, and burned by the zealous Catholic missionaries. In July, 1562, for example, in the main square of Monte, in the Yucatan, Father Diego de Landa burned thousands of Maya manuscripts, paintings and hieroglyphs inscribed on rolled up deerskins. He said: 'We found great numbers of books written in the characters of the Indians, but since they contained nothing but superstitions of the Devil, we burned them all, which the natives took most grievously, and gave them great pain.' Hancock says: 'Not only the natives should have felt this pain, but anyone and everyone then and now who would like to know the truth about the past. Diego de Landa participated in Spain's Satanic mission to wipe clear the memory banks of Central America. In the marketplace at Texcoco, they built a vast bonfire of astronomical documents, paintings, manuscripts, hieroglyphic texts, which the Conquistadores had forcibly extracted from the Aztecs during the previous eleven years. As this irreplaceable storehouse of knowledge and history went up in flames, a chance to shake off some of the collective amnesia that clouds our understanding was lost to mankind forever.' So, having read this sickening description about 'Spain's Satanic Mission' to destroy the past, I would like to have a comment on what was motivating the Catholic Church, the Catholic Missionaries, and Spain itself, since Spain has been designated as one of the areas where 'artifacts' may be still found. Could you comment?

A: You should not need commentary, as we have told you much about the desires of 4th density STS to obscure truth by manipulating 3rd density STS.

Q: Well, yes. But, Lord have Mercy! It just makes a person sick to think about it... all of this and the Library at Alexandria too! Was this the kind of stuff that was being done in Europe during the so-called 'Dark Ages?'

A: Yes.

Q: And that is why the Dark Ages are Dark. The Catholic Church destroyed everything that did not sharpen their own axe. Now, it says that this Professor Posnansky of the University of La Paz, and Professor Rolf Mueller, pushed the date of the building of Machu Picchu back to 15,000 BC. Is this a correct date?

A: Close.

Q: Can you tell us when Machu Picchu was built?

A: 12009 BC.

Q: Close enough. Now, the Nazca lines: there is a spider there that some people have done some work with and they say this spider figure is a representation of Orion. Is this, in fact, the case, that this Nazca Spider is devised as a terrestrial diagram of Orion?

A: No, but then again, the truth is observable.

Q: When you say this about Orion and the Spider, what do you mean?

A: Find your truths through observation.

Q: What did this spider represent?

A: Symbolic, according to language representing biological beliefs.

Q: It says that, as it happens, it accurately depicts a known spider genus, one of the rarest in the world, so rare that it is only found in remote parts of the Amazon rain forest. The representation is accurate even to the image of the reproductive organ positioned on the end of its right leg. Can you comment on this unusual species of spider?

A: Examine visually.

Q: In this other little book: There is a Celtic word that pops up in this funny little book, 'pryf.' What is pryf?

A: Soul.

Q: The book says here that there is a need for someone of a certain bloodline to come along and 'free the dragon spawn.' 'None other than she can bring the pryf up from the deep no matter how they may make the serpents squirm. If she can hold her place in the gates of time.' What are they talking about here; bringing up the dragon spawn, and how does that relate to soul?

A: You cannot see?

Q: It also says that this person with this bloodline, that it is the duty of this person to create a bridge between man and the gods, to open the doorways of time. Can you comment on that?

A: These questions have explanations which are readily apparent.

Q: Well, before, when I asked a question, you said that I would get my answer from the 'trees.' This book is all about 'trees,' in one way or another - ancient Druids and so forth. Was that clue given so that I would notice these things in this particular book even though it is fiction?

A: Certainly.

Q: (A) I want to come back to the laboratory which we have failed to identify. We know that the answer is in a 'pass in the mountains.' Still, I am puzzled by the phrase that it is on a magnetic meridian? I don't understand because ANY site is on some magnetic meridian where ever it is. How should I interpret this?

A: First you must superimpose magnetic grid over the earth.

Q: (A) What is the distance between lines of the grid?

A: 200 kilometers, approximately.

Q: (L) What is the prime, or the 0 meridian? Where is it located?

A: In Western Pacific at 90 degrees East Longitude.

[Session ended due to sudden illness of Frank.]

Thank you very much for posting this session.
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