Session 29 August 2015

SlavaOn said:
I had several encounters with UFOs over the course of my life. But it was nothing spectacular:
- a large blob in the sky over Dulles International airport that simply vanished. Jan 2012
- a ball of fire flying 200-300 ft. above my head. Northern Virginia 2010-2011
- two objects moving above high-voltage power line near St. Petersburg, Russia in 1993-94; before they disappeared, I saw flashing blue-red-green lights emitting from where their engines should have been
- and a first encounter must have taken place when I was a child. Probably in 1968-69 I remembered it as if I was in a dream. During late May - early June, the nights in St.Petersburg are as bight as days. I remember waking up and walking to a glass door of the balcony and looking up. The whole sky was covered with flying objects that were moving en mass. I was not at all surprised, as far as I remember, and went back to sleep.

Goyacobol, have you seen any UFOs?


Well, yes. Of course by definition they are unidentified. One of the first ones was an object that my wife and I noticed as a reflection on a local river as we were driving along it. At first we thought it was the moon but then noticed that the moon was in another part of the evening sky. It just disappeared after we noticed where the moon actually was.

Others I saw were usually seen near a town about 30 miles from where I live as I drove home from work or early in the mornings. They were usually blinking lights sometimes 3 to 5 objects. They would blink on and off in an irregular pattern or patterns. I couldn't tell if it was one object switching positions rapidly or multiple objects. There was no sound and they were usually white lights.

I car pooled to work and one morning at about 7:00 AM when myself and another carpooler I carpooled with were waiting at the town exit to pick up another carpooler. As we waited we saw a silver cigar shaped object slowly glide along and eventually disappear over the mountain ridge. We mentioned it to the other person when they arrived and they thought we were kidding.

Another morning I was riding with the same carpooler who thought we were kidding about the cigar shaped object when I noticed another similar cigar shaped object a little further down the road as we were driving to work. I didn't say anything to them to see if they would notice and sure enough they did see it and said "what's that thing?". I didn't say much just kind of smiled.

My brother-in-law who moved to the town where I had seen these lights also saw some and actually took some pictures. On one visit we were standing in his front yard and saw 3 lights almost in a triangular pattern. They would blink on and off and eventually just disappeared. He seems to think they were "triangulating" since there were 3. I am not sure what he meant exactly. He had been in the Air Force so may he meant it as some navigation term.

I have seen other similar blinking lights and even a couple of meteors where I now live from the screened deck in the back. If they seem unusual I take notes with the date. Some may just be planes but I don't think they all are. I have tried to mention mostly ones where someone else was present.

Here is one with a date (missed the time on this one) where my wife was present and even used our binoculars to get a better view:
Sitting on the deck it was cloudy but a very bright object kind of popped out to the right of the gap. It started very slowly moving towards the gap. I had my wife come out to see it and she had the binoculars. It got faster and even came towards us fairly close to the highway and then got really bright. It then seemed to dim and get smaller with a green blinking light on the left and and a red light on the right similar to a regular plane. It moved back towards the mountain and to the right getting smaller until it went out of sight over the mountain.

Nothing real exciting I suppose but I still don't think they were just planes. Nothing like the "butterfly" UFO.
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