Session 3 January 2009

If silk is good for blocking bad 'rays' then why is that so? What are the properties of silk that would make such an effect? What would standard scientific tests reveal? What would Guirdjieff's "Table of Hydrogens" model say about silk?

I know I shouldn't ask so many questions on this forum without doing some investigation first.

I have been thinking along these lines as I have been reading Ouspensky's "In Search of the Miraculous" and find the parts about octaves and music theory, the law of seven and the disscussion about the 'hydrogens' interesting to say the least. Maybe if Albert Einstein were here he would design some 'thought experiments'. I thought maybe some of you could comment or provide links.

I would like to add that based on the C's record, I probably won't wait too long before I order me some silk pajama sets.
Well, I just found an interesting article about silk on the internet; the following excerpt about silk and UV rays may be relevant:

"Putting the Special Properties of Silk to Work"
Japan Close-Up, September 2002

...As a high molecular protein in filament form, silk possesses an unusual string of amino acids. This protein can be hydrolyzed through chemical processing with alkali and acids into the form of amino acid, oligopeptide, and low molecular protein, and thus can be used in a wide variety of non-textile applications.

The research labs of Takayuki Nagashima, associate professor in the Department of Agriculture at Tokyo University of Agriculture are exploring the special characteristics and potential new uses for silk by transforming silk into the form of powder, gel, solution, membrane and sponge. Since silk is a high molecular form of protein, it has a strong affinity for bio-organisms, and also has the unusual characteristic of preventing the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

In his pursuit of new functions for silk protein, Nagashima studies of silk in powder form revealed a previously unknown property of silk with groundbreaking potential, namely the UV (ultra-violet) ray inhibiting properties of silk protein taken from cultivated or farmed silkworms. Nagashima showed moreover that the cocoons of the yamamayuga type of silkworm or wild Japanese oakworm (antheraea yamamayuga) provide even stronger protection against a wider range of UV rays than farmed silkworms.

Depending on the length of the rays, UV light can have significant impact on not only tanning but on aging of the skin and hair, and can in fact be a cause of skin cancer. The volume of UV rays in our atmosphere has begun to increase due to the ongoing destruction of the ozone layer. Nagashima labs have already begun testing of silk based cosmetics that make good use of these UV inhibiting properties, and Nagashima has publicly declared the strong potential of this material as a next generation health enhancement....
Lucas said:
6.99 GBP + shiping about 5 GBP ( to Poland and UE ) just change options and end of the page for shiping cost to your country .


Size : 78" x 32" or 200cm long x 82cm wide

Weight : approximately 200g

Packed dimensions: 17cm long x 13cm wide & about 3cm thick|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

What you think about this iteam ?

Well, looking at the prices for silk pj's here: _ I find a little hard to believe that the price is so low.

Other then that, interesting session! Thanks for posting it and good juju vibes to (_____) for a speedy recovery!
I believe that the protective effect of silk could be related to the pore size of the fabric similar to a mesh that can contain radiation as a door in a microwave oven.
I'm not sure how to get away from WiFi myself, as I work all day in it and have three networks surrounding my apartment. I did take measures a few years back and bought a set of silk sheets for my bed, along with a silk cap to wear at night. I also keep my cell phone well away from me when at home, but carry it on my hip all day at work. I wish I had the answer to getting away from all these signals, but I do not.

I also have noted that when one travels, it is almost impossible to evade the WiFi signals as well, they are in all airports, and most places where one might go for food as well. At least I don't have cell towers close to my home, or rather I don't have a strong signal when there. Maybe I am fooling myself about this one, as it seems we are covered up most of the time with these waves, regardless of where we go.


Session Date: January 3rd 2009
Q: (___) They're gonna put me in a cage! Aah!! (L) Where the heck would we get one? (Ark) No, that's impossible. (J) You can build one! (L) Well, they put it in quotes, so they must have meant something special. (S) Drape silk around her bed. (Ark) Yes, because Faraday cage to prevent from microwaves would have such tiny little openings that there would be no air to breathe...

A: Scottie has the right idea.

In indian spiritual traditions , this silk clothes mainly saffron colored one customary and now it is the symbol of the hindu fundamentalists and their followers. Though modern microwave stuff doesn't exist during the time these customs evolved, but some thing more seems to exist to the silk's quality at all ages.

3 or 4 years back I bought some silk cloth and got around 10 silk under shirts got it stitched, after it was recommended in the yogananda's teachings. he recommends people put silk cloth on the meditation chair. he has some other concept, which I didn't understood. I used to sleep in the silk cloth at that time(mainly it used to make difference) , though lost that interest over the years of distraction.
dantem said:
A week ago I went looking for prices for a new router thinking that mine was broken (had issues with my Internet provider instead). To my surprise there was none left around without an integrated WiFi!

Hey dantem, you may already know this but you can use your computer as a router.
Well, looking at the prices for silk pj's here: _ I find a little hard to believe that the price is so low.

Well I ask seller , for this sleeping bag be made from 100% NATRUAL silk or not. When i get ansfer i wil post it .
Don't look at price of this pj's becaus you can buy 100% natural silk in India for 4 $ ( this pj's ) You have just found online shop that is selling after inflated price .


New Paint Could Block Wi-Fi From Nosey Neighbors
IT managers should start familiarizing themselves with a new security tool -- the paint brush -- as Japanese researchers have come up with a paint that they say will block high-speed wireless signals, giving businesses a cheap option to protect their wireless networks.

The problem of securing wireless networks has been an issue for a while now. Wi-Fi LANs with no encryption or running the obsolete WEP system, run the risk of having hackers outside the building eavesdrop on wireless LAN traffic, or simply stealing bandwidth. However, there are a number of solutions, besides encryption, for companies wishing to secure their networks.

For example, Meru Networks said last year that it was using Wi-Fi signals to "cloak" wireless LANs and make it impossible for hackers to decipher them outside the office building. Other methods include putting energy-efficient windows in buildings, physically blocking radio signals or even turning a building or office into a 'Faraday Cage' using mesh metal. However these options tend to be expensive.

But now, according to a report in the New Scientist, paint can be used to secure high-speed wireless networks. This is nothing new though, as RF-blocking paints have been available for a number of years now. Indeed, EM-SEC Technologies successfully tested its own RF-blocking paint back in March 2007 to shield wireless devices and other electronic equipment within a building.

But what the New Scientist is reporting is that existing technologies are becoming increasingly obsolete as companies are now using new, higher frequencies to send data. For example, the best wave absorbers commercially available today are only effective up to around 50GHz, whereas the latest wireless communications tend to use electromagnetic waves with a frequency of over 100GHz plus. The Japanese researchers say they now have a paint that can block the higher frequencies.

So how does this new blocking paint actually work? Well, electromagnetic (EM) waves can only be blocked when a material's magnetic field resonates at the same frequency as the wave. The New Scientist says that wave absorbers are usually made from iron-rich oxides, but higher-frequency transmissions outstrip the power of iron to absorb electromagnetic waves. This is because the standard oxide coating has a maximum resonance frequency that is outstripped at 48GHz.

But Shin-ichi Ohkoshi's team at the University of Tokyo in Japan has now identified a new aluminium-iron oxide able to block waves with a frequency almost four times higher. They used a sensitive magnetometer (a scientific instrument used to measure the strength and/or direction of a magnetic field) to confirm that a powder of the new oxide can absorb EM waves of up to 182GHz at room temperature.

According to the researchers, the composition of the new material somehow distorts the bonds between iron and oxygen from their usual shape, which they believe explains the material's magnetic properties. They feel that further study, would lead to identifying new metal oxides that can absorb EM waves at even higher frequencies.

And it seems that the cost of this paint will not stretch IT budgets, as aluminium and iron are abundant materials and therefore the paint will be cheap to make.

"We collaborated with DOWA Electronics, a Japanese industrial company [to make a 100-kilogram sample order]," Ohkoshi is reported as saying. "The manufacturing cost is very cheap, around £10 ($14) per kg."

From :

Then if it works mebye we should buy it ? :) from DOWA Electronics ?
Silk products in France :

"Au Vieux Campeur" (The old camper) store. Products price range from 31.50€ to 86.10€ p.482

GoSport : (search "soie") 30€ to 38€

Decathlon :
25€, glove (8€), sock (9€)

Cowl can be found in motorbike stores (9€)
Thanks for posting these new transcripts, Laura! Lots of explosive stuff obviously but there were two little mentions that caught my particular attention.

Q: (L) There was something else I wanted to ask also... Oh yeah! We did an I Ching for the year 2009. Basically it's "Biting Through", that once you've got the bite in your mouth, you've got to chew it. So, I was wondering if you had any comments on the year ahead?

A: Biting Through may apply more to those who are unprepared.

I did a reading shortly before Christmas, too - while taking a much needed break around the ocean. It was a really tough time, both in the external environment but also inside of me. Bit confused there, searching for answers and stuff. I asked, "What is wrong with me?" and did three turns (for Past, Present and Future).

Biting Through came on as the Future hexagram, and yeah it was a bit ominous in the beginning of its interpretation (with multiple sources). But eventually it became obvious that there are two paths here. One tougher than the other - depending on the awareness and how well the current lessons are learnt (if at all).

It was a bit of a jolt then. And the above is a bit of a jolt now, lol.

Q: (___) What about the diet I'm eating now: mostly fruits and vegetables and a little bit of meat?

A: More protein needed for amino acids of a natural and balanced type.

Q: (____) So that means the amino acid supplements I'm taking aren't good?

A: Stop and eat meat. Your type needs the highest level and quality of protein.

This was interesting cause I also need to have meat daily or my body will eventually become all funny and weak. No matter what else I substitute. And this was always very confusing (think my mum has that too). Wonder what it is...

(Silk is beautiful)
adam7117 said:
This was interesting cause I also need to have meat daily or my body will eventually become all funny and weak. No matter what else I substitute. And this was always very confusing (think my mum has that too). Wonder what it is...

Hi, what's your blood type? From the "Eat Right 4 Your Type" book, Type O is the type that needs a lot of meat.
the sleeping bag from Ebya :
sellers wrote :

Yes, surely it is 100% natural silk.

I will buy 2 someone whant too ?

z polski ktoś chce ? będą tańsze koszty wysyłki jak dotrą wyśle na adres w Polsce Poleconym .
Hi All,
I just wanted to add a link for 100% silk products. I think the Spunsilk Balaclave are a great idea for head protection. They also have crewneck nightshirts 100% filament, long sleeve and short sleeve, which I think would be more comfortable then a sleeping bag liner, with the added bonus of being able to where is around the home and working in front of a computer. Of course your legs would be exposed....
IT managers should start familiarizing themselves with a new security tool -- the paint brush -- as Japanese researchers have come up with a paint that they say will block high-speed wireless signals, giving businesses a cheap option to protect their wireless networks.

Interesting... However, wouldn't creating a faraday's cage in this manner just serve to amplify and signals contained therein? I realize the focus of the article is on the blocking of signals so that others outside the building cannot receive them, but it seems like if these signals are already causing health problems for those inside the buildings that containing them would just amplify any health related effects. One would have to get rid of all signal producing appliances and even then you'd still have the 60hz waves from the electrical service to contend with.

Still, if one painted their house in this manner, it might be fun to put a sign on the door telling people they have now entered a "farday's cage" That might generate a few confused looks! :D
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