Session 30 January 2010


Those "homo psychopathus" percentages,..............phooooooooh, I'm not supprised about the fact who is the winner of the day, but almost half of population is predatory....,....every second baby, toddler, old lady in the market, doctor in hospital, need a minute of slow breathin'.......

now about this:

Q: (L) So that suggests that things can speed it up or slow it down?

(Ark) I don't understand because gravitational factors are also deterministic. I mean, are there some gravitational factors that are not known to us? Like what, black holes?

A: Other bodies not known to earth science.

Q: (Joe) Like giant UFOs!

(Ark) Must be so...

A: Dark...

Q: (Ark) Dark?

(Burma Jones) Dark matter?

(Ark) There is no dark matter. Is there dark matter?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Now you're in trouble!

So dark matter is additional factor, I remember one session where Cs mentioned something about time and atitime in corelation mater with antimater (sorry for not being able to quote, this particular session, have it only as Croatian translation, I guess someone will assist me with it), so if we have major influence of dark matter that's making 3D temporal paradox because will destabilize our time line actually from our point of view will slow down time or reverse it, how could we remember something like this, or eventually survive it in 3D if we have to go trough time anulation? And not to mention question about actual quantity of dark mater itself and it's density, since we can't read it with 3D instruments we'll be in total dark except if Cs help us at least to say is it gonna be a pinch of it or large planetary wide cloud of dark matter and how much of this quantity will effect us directly or indirectly via our solar system companions?

About sun's twin star passage, OK so its almost 4% of the sun mass? It is still pretty significant mass due to the fact that sun mass is 99,9% of overall mass in entire solar system, could we expect off scale solar tides with fireworks at the time of their cosmic meeting, about flares and CMEs I'm almost scared to ask and all that comes with it in the package.

Is it possible to upload this transcript in file thingie in order to translate it ASAP?

Really looking forward for DNA/haplotype answers.

PS: Sincere congratulations for organizing PC in such a short time, I have constant problem with sending application via email address that Laura gave us. Is there any other email we can use for applications?

Thank you, great session:)))))
Sid said:
Laura said:
Well, it's not the first time I've gotten egg on my face! (If it is true, that is.)
Great session again. I think regarding the earthquake, the only take-away is that the technology exists and has been refined to near 100% accuracy. So, whether it was induced or natural, the aftermath matters most. I suspect more Haitians are suffering from US takeover and control of food resources than the actual earthquake event. This also explains why other countries have been unusually quite about interfering and sending aid to Haiti.
Btw any guesses on percentage pyshopaths in India considering its emergence as a major player, my guess is about 15% :p

Initially I was thinking that india can't have 15% psychopaths.

6% of this number is 407,982,000 Psychopaths worldwide!

Isreal: 42 (pop. 7,465,000) = 3,135,510 Psychopaths
USA: 23 (pop. 308,586,000) = 70,974,780 Psychopaths
Russia: 17 (pop. 141,927,297) = 24,127,640
UK: 14 (pop. 61,113,205) = 8,555,848
Holland: 13 (pop. 6,065,459) = 788,509
France: 10 (pop. 65,447,374) = 6,544,737
Ethiopia: 3 (pop. 79,221,000) = 2,376,630
Spain: 2.6 (pop. 46,661,950) = 1,213,210
China: 0.9 (pop. 1,338,612,968) = 12,047,516
Samoa: 0.6 (pop. 179,000) = 1074

The total number of psychopaths included in the above countries = 129,765,454 psychopaths.

Which, if we use the figure that 6% of the population is psychopathic in nature, makes up 31.7% of the population of psychopaths worldwide.

but looking at the danielS's calculation , I have to assume India should have lot of psychopaths. with china eliminated from the picture and there should be around 270 million extra psychopaths in the world and india with more than billion people can have good chunk of psychopaths. :scared:
Perceval said:
Leoursa said:
Hi NE,

Could you please clarify the following:

would also coincide with Perceval's assessment, that was confirmed by the C's, that the nephilim are already here, but just in a different container.

as I am not familiar with this and perhaps I missed something in another thread or session?

Nienna Eluch was referring to this thread I think

[quote author=Leoursa]
Another question, about the world nations being aware of US 'weapons of mass destruction' and inducing haiti earthquake . . . how does this statement fit with what has previously been said about one world government already in existence? I am not questioning whether the haiti eartquake was induced or not, for I had come to that conclusion (tentatively) anyways, nor if it is a known fact by the world governments, which seems plausible and even probable. But rather, how does that figure into 'one world government' already, supposedly, being in existence?

We're talking about a "secret government" here, one that is above all others, probably due to technology (possibly derived from interaction with some UFO-nauts around the mid 20th century). The USA is their base and hired thug, but they wield influence across the globe. Not everyone has been willing to bow down before them, so they figured it was a time for a show of force. There was a session several years ago where the same group were mentioned as having used a space-based satellite "EM pulse" to take down the Columbia shuttle also as a show of force to the Bush government.

[quote author=Leoursa] Why would the relations between France, Ethiopia and US (referring to plane crash now) be crucial unless the entire thing was just one big show? Which would be the case if one world government, yes. That is not to say it is not ALL one big show anyways, but, well, it seems incongruous to me that other nations are being silenced of their criticism of US, etc, through America's use and demonstration of 'triangulated space-based satellite' programs/weapons, if all the countries were one world government anyways? Why would the earthquake be required to silence other countries, unless there was perhaps dissent and maybe a rogue or revolutionary aspect within the ranks? Otherwise it all seems to be show?

See above, not all were happy to sell their countries and populations to the global pimp. The Ethiopian airlines attack had nothing to do with Ethiopia, it was between the US and France, probably some shenanigans going on in Lebanon or Syria, possibly to do with the next Israeli attack on Hizb'allah, and the CIA want to keep control of it. It's an example of the same type of inhumanity that was displayed in the Haiti earthquake. The plane was blown out of the sky to kill a few French intelligence assets in order to send a message to French intelligence to keep their noses out of the Secret Team's business. The other 80 some innocent people were just "collateral damage". This is what we are dealing with on planet earth. Evil incarnate, worse than any of us could have imagined.

Regarding French-US relations, France spoke up about the invasion of Haiti early on:

The CIA's response:

There were high-level meetings between French and Lebanese officials just before the plane was shot down. PM Hariri first met the French PM, Fillon:

Fillon was elated when Hariri told him that "the agreements signed today are the first agreements he signs with a Western country as a PM." This proves the depth of our relationship with Lebanon", Fillon said.

Then Hariri flew to Paris the next day, just three days before the missile attack, to flesh out an arms deal with Sarko:

The French president expressed his country's willingness to aid the [Lebanese] army and Internal Security Forces with light and heavy equipment.

I thought the C's might say the earthquake was 'assisted' by 4DSTS, but caused outright in 3D :O

Evil incarnate indeed. If 42% of Israeli are psychopaths, how can society there function at all??

The Israelis chose an interesting time to annouce they're "experimenting" with inducing earthquakes:
And about earthquake machine, I lived in country that glorified Nikola Tesla work, both on Croatian and Serbian sides, we had to learn in 7th grade about his opus, and yes Tesla's oscillator was one of them together with blueprints and with original low cost models, during early 80' Tesla was in centre of Ex Yugoslavian alternative public but even mainstream public because of wide spread rumors that army is having all Tesla's opscured machines build and tried, of course war in Yugoslavia turned people's focus on other things. To clarify what is Tesla's oscillator please read following:

In summer of 1935, Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake in the region of his New York laboratory in 1898 was the result of a machine he had been experimenting with. It was technology based on sonic vibrations or as famousTesla Oscillator.

Excerpt from the New York World - Telegram, July 11, 1935 -- Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake which drew police and ambulances to the region of his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St., New York, in 1898, was the result of a little machine he was experimenting with at the time which "you could put in your overcoat pocket."

The bewildered newspapermen pounced upon this as at least one thing they could understand and "the father of modern electricity" told what had happened as follows:

"I was experimenting with vibrations. I had one of my machines going and I wanted to see if I could get it in tune with the vibration of the building. I put it up notch after notch. There was a peculiar cracking sound.

"I asked my assistants where did the sound come from. They did not know. I put the machine up a few more notches. There was a louder cracking sound. I knew I was approaching the vibration of the steel building. I pushed the machine a little higher. "Suddenly all the heavy machinery in the place was flying around. I grabbed a hammer and broke the machine. The building would have been about our ears in another few minutes. Outside in the street there was pandemonium.

"The police and ambulances arrived. I told my assistants to say nothing. We told the police it must have been an earthquake. That's all they ever knew about it."

Some shrewd reporter asked Dr. Tesla at this point what he would need to destroy the Empire State Building and the doctor replied: "Vibration will do anything. It would only be necessary to step up the vibrations of the machine to fit the natural vibration of the building and the building would come crashing down. That's why soldiers break step crossing a bridge."

His early experiments in vibration, he explained, led to his invention of his "earth vibrating" machine.

There are number of books related to Tesla Work but the most elaborate book with this thematic is called: Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine: With Tesla's Original Patents Plus New Blueprints to Build Your Own Working Model and easy to buy on Amazon.

I guess shadow government did not have to re invent anything except how to leave crime scene without being noticed. It will be great to know when will their cloaking devices stop to function and when will whole facts about mass murders come to light, we are all deeply shocked with this "one" instrumented tragedy, could any of us imagine what else shadow government did, doing and will do w/o our knowledge, how many people allready died with some other doom's day machine, medicine virus, technology....?

Picture of pocket earthquake machine attached


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For schematic pic. of Tesla's oscillator, please go to:
seek10 said:
Once again thanks for the session. it is the feast time, when ever a new session is posted.

Laura said:
I've introduced a new "style" in this session: giving some of those present their forum names for familiarity.

Q: (L) [Talking to others in the room with fingers on planchette]

A: More people is good! 5D is watching closely.
I am not sure what this is ?. is it more people in the paleo christianity ?. it sounds like more disasters in pipeline.

This comment made me think too. Seems like either lot of people are going to be going to 5D or maybe vice versa? People incarnating from 5D to experience what's to come? Since it seems like we're moving into VERY interesting times.

(L) Alright, let's take them one at a time.

(Belibaste) USA?

A: 23 percent.
(Burma Jones) That's a lot of psychopaths.

I have to admit that I kind of wish you guys asked about Canada too :P I mean I do realize we're like America 'lite' so our psychopathy percentage is probably up there, but it would have been cool to have a number.

Also, was wondering about the numbers in Middle East- considering only place mentioned was Israel. Was curious about Iran and India. These countries have a lot of population and it could add to those numbers.

I was kind of shocked when I saw China's number was so low. Though it seems to me- and I may be wrong.. That a lot of the psychopathic Chinese people have probably immigrated to USA. Most likely adding to the USA %, this is just a theory though.

Regarding Haiti-

Although a part of me was not surprised a bigger part of me really wanted to hear that it was nature's doing and not 3D related.
I have to admit that I became angry when I read the response. I became angry because I thought about all the people who died and how much these people in the secret government play Gods. I know these people are psychos but it really shatters a lot of hope for humanity when I hear things like this.

Though with that number of psychopaths given... is it any wonder our planet is going down this path? I just can't help but shake my head and think about the loss.... :cry:

Thank you for the session.. so much to think about.
If they caused the earthquake in Haiti it makes me wonder about some of the quakes that have happened in the last few years like the one in Iran and the tsunami in Southeast Asia in Dec. 04.

U.S. Uses Tsunami to Military Advantage in Southeast Asia

Frightening indeed!

Interesting that the C's say Obama is schizoidal, after watching him on TV I had a strong feeling something was hiding under his mask. He was vacationing recently in the area where I live and the "local" secret service agents who were assigned to him happened to come into a shop that a friend of mine owns, he said the agents couldn't stop complaining about him saying what an a*& h$#* he was, my friend said he didn't even ask them about Obama they were quite willing to divulge. I had a run in (almost literally) with the Obama entourage, there was a SUV parked in the middle of a very busy street and I pulled up behind it, I wasn't able to go around because of traffic, they weren't moving so I honked my horn only to find out it was the secret service waiting for one of the Obama's who was in Gucci shopping. Talk about hypocrisy with all the people out of work and suffering Mrs No Hope is in shopping for a bag at Gucci that costs thousands! Where's the sick bag!
The psychopath numbers underscores the need for great vigilance in every aspect of our lives - a needed reminder for me.
Shijing said:
...Bud(dy) (I'm still getting used to the shortened version of your name, but I'm getting there!)

Well, I tried to save you a couple of letters, but I'll be darned if you don't like to type anyway!
Great session Laura and thank you!

Quote from: Laura
It makes one wonder what the Cosmos plans when it allows so many life-destroying elements to congregate in one place? Surely that energy will magnetize a reaction.

"like attracts like", comes to my mind.

The impression I got from this? Like poles repel in magnets and electro magnetizim.

Maybe the congregation of so much life destroying energy in one place will cause the rest of the world to wake up and be repelled enough to do something about it.

Or maybe just my own wishful thinking?

A: More people is good! 5D is watching closely.

Sounds like 5D is preparing for an influx!!!!
tractmec said:
A: More people is good! 5D is watching closely.

I found that to be curious as well - '5D is watching closely'. More so this evening than other times, and, if so, then why? Or do they mean more so in general? I suppose the context of 'more people is good' might help clarify, it might relate to whatever the people present were talking about when the planchette started to move.
Thank you very much for this session. I was not surprised to hear confirmation from the C's that the Haiti earthquake was induced by the Secret Government. The C's are correct that the official condemnation of the rapid USA military response quickly petered out. Still, the behind the scenes glimpses we get indicate this attempt to "control" other 3-D factions, whether STS or STO-oriented or a mixed combination is doomed to fail. Too much is happening too quickly at a pace that is spiraling into chaos. This is a good thing in the long run but it will not feel like such. Again, the one lucky thing we have going for us is that STS cannot truly see behind their desires and preconceptions*. STS attempting to become STO-oriented can strive for balance and seeing things as they really are and of course, STO naturally can do so.

Anybody noticed how quickly the IDF forces withdrew once the media cameras dwindled?
There is another hideous meme being passed around on the Net, that certain organs were harvested form dead and dying Haitians.

The reporter in the above link pulled out a box of corneas mixed with granola supplies. Corneas can be kept for up to a year in a solution of glycerine. Perhaps this is a genuine mix-up, yet given the huge amounts of "supplies" not being released to Haitians, one wonders....

The numbers of psychopaths on the various countries simply astounds me, 1 out of every 4, nearly 1 out of every 2 and nearly 1 out of every five Americans, Israelis and Russians respectively. Not to slight the other countries mentioned :nuts: :P :(

I had a bit of fear and a lot of sadness hearing this. It makes things seem so hopeless :cry:
Then calmed myself down and remembered that this too will pass and things will only get way worst before they get better. Hopefully this will be a real, final lesson for all humanity to _never_ allow this sort of thing to happen again.

*James Kunstler is a dude I read every monday. I've grown to regard him as a shill in many ways, but he has a wonderful phrase: The Psychology of previous investments. This perfectly applies to STS blindness.

Approaching Infinity, your comments on Samoa reminded me of a National Geographic Taboo episode on the Samoan Fafa'ahine. , this is a fascinating aspect of a very conservative christian society that embraces the "Third Gender" aspect. Reminds he of Jesus's remarks on eunuchs. Thanks for the memory buzz! :lol:

The remarks on Spindle Neurons are fascinating! The remarks on spinning reminds me of gorilla babies and juveniles indulging in spinning play much like human children. Maybe it is just me, but I don't notice much of this with chimp juveniles either at the zoo or in documentaries. Interesting line of thought. Though I know I'm really reaching here. :-[

God bless and keep up the fine work!
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