Session 30 January 2010

seek10 said:
Kniall said:
Evil incarnate indeed. If 42% of Israeli are psychopaths, how can society there function at all??

The Israelis chose an interesting time to annouce they're "experimenting" with inducing earthquakes:

I wondered why israel would like to confess this type of technology at this time. Now I understand. They want to scare other countries to obedience. so they posed adjacent to US as a country that has the capability of inducing earthquakes

Absolutely. I'm sure it served as a warning to the US that they better stay on board with Israel's policies... It could be that and/or them letting the US know that they'd better nt try the same thing with them. What next, earthquake wars?
Tigersoap said:
Just a thought there, If I were one of the 150.000 person who died in Haiti because of a cold calculated mass murder due to a global secret government, I'd be watching closely from 5D as well, I'd be screaming on the top of my ghost lungs for people to wake up.

Holy smokes! That's about right, isn't it?

Not in a revenge sort of feeling, but more in a sense of slapping one's forehead after the fact/event and being shown how it came about.
Gawan said:
session said:
A: More people is good! 5D is watching closely.

This I didn't fully understand does it mean, that hard times are ahead, that people will die?

This statement that was made by the C's (I suppose) before the session got underway, even before the greetings, leaped out at me too!

First of all, the C's themselves are at 6D level.

Then I would expect that at 6D, 5D, 4D there must be denizens watching earth closely at this important time. So it is very curious statement to mention 5D in particular.

By the way: Let me also say thank-you to Laura and everyone, for having this session and bringing it to us!

Laura said:
Perceval said:
DanielS said:
First, assuming that 6% of the population is psychopathic in nature, that would mean said:
As of 31 January 2010, the Earth's population is estimated by the United States Census Bureau to be 6,799,700,000.

6% of this number is 407,982,000 Psychopaths worldwide!

Isreal: 42 (pop. 7,465,000) = 3,135,510 Psychopaths
USA: 23 (pop. 308,586,000) = 70,974,780 Psychopaths
Russia: 17 (pop. 141,927,297) = 24,127,640
UK: 14 (pop. 61,113,205) = 8,555,848
Holland: 13 (pop. 6,065,459) = 788,509
France: 10 (pop. 65,447,374) = 6,544,737
Ethiopia: 3 (pop. 79,221,000) = 2,376,630
Spain: 2.6 (pop. 46,661,950) = 1,213,210
China: 0.9 (pop. 1,338,612,968) = 12,047,516
Samoa: 0.6 (pop. 179,000) = 1074

The total number of psychopaths included in the above countries = 129,765,454 psychopaths.

Which, if we use the figure that 6% of the population is psychopathic in nature, makes up 31.7% of the population of psychopaths worldwide.

Kind of makes sense, because the sum of the populations of the countries listed above makes up about 33% of the world population.

I have to say that the numbers shocked me and I was suspicious of them, but the above analysis makes sense of it. After all, if the U.S. has been attracting psychopaths by its nature for a long time, breeding them deliberately for over 50 years, creating them via vaccinations which modify DNA or other factors, so its no wonder that they are so high.

Israel is largely populated by the criminal element of European Jewry (deliberate culling of the herd during WW II as described in great detail by Hannah Arendt), or their children, and Jews attracted by the pathology of the State coming in from all over the world, so that figure actually makes sense also.

It makes one wonder what the Cosmos plans when it allows so many life-destroying elements to congregate in one place? Surely that energy will magnetize a reaction.

Let me add that when I saw this session, my first thought was this: this concentration of psychopaths into certain key areas like USA and Israel, might reasonably be expected to be part of the plans of STS forces of 4th Density. I find it likely they would manipulate things to go this way, to try to ensure their agenda, since I have come to understand that psychopaths were intentionally introduced to this planet to serve 4D STS. A concentration of them in powerful countries is probably much more powerful weapon than an even distribution.

Then... I started to think about all the souls that CHOSE to be incarnated into USA and places like Israel under such conditions! Whoa! I wonder what lessons they were hoping to learn!

Ok, enough of my speculation about the plans of hyperdimensional beings. I am probably outta my league here.
Thank you Laura for getting the text of the session out so quickly.

The percentages of psychopaths in the UK (14%) seems about right from my experience. Also, there tends to be clusters of them concentrated together - in specific workplaces etc, or that's my experience.

It's also good to see that the FotCM, EE, etc are on track. Well done to one and all - keep on breathing and meditating. They replied in the previous session that the work that we are collectively doing is having ramifications in the cosmos/higher levels of consciousness. All for one, one for all.
If 14% of the population in the uk are psychopaths I couldn't help but wonder that if most of this percentage refers to the Anglo-Saxon population, how much then might refer to the peoples of the Celtic type found on the fringe areas of the British isles? (About between 10 and 11 million live in the Celtic countries of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). Are they less prone to this disorder? Just wondering.

Many thanx for the (mindboggling) session
Tempus Fugit said:
Fascinating session, thanks! :cool2:

Comments regarding the frontal lobe and Spindle cells are standing out, could be from seeing the word SPIN in spindle, yet this:

(Psyche) I have a question. When we were discussing with I**** some type of cells that are located mainly in the frontal lobe of the brain, it seems that nobody knows what they are for. They are called spindle cells or "von Economo neurons" if I remember the name correctly. What are their function?

A: Consciousness orientation.

Q: (Ailén) Hmm.

(Andromeda) So I guess having a lot of those would be good?

(Burma Jones) So, is that like a registration bin for consciousness to figure out how to keep itself...

A: Energy directors.

Q: (Joe) Can you get more of them?

A: You may.

Q: (Joe) I wonder if those cells have anything to do with the third eye, like when you do the breathing and you look up...

A: Close, more like a "homing device".

Q: (Joe) A homing device for aliens?

A: Wave reader. {Cs refer to souled humans as “Wave Reading Consciousness Units.}

Q: (Ailén) I**** was saying that they're huge cells. Right? (Psyche) Yeah. She was wondering if they could be related to psychopathy, like the lack of those cells...

A: Oh yes.
Q: (Andromeda) Hmm...

...reminded me of spinning. A possible connection?

Yes if I can also add, this has been on my mind: we have focused a lot of attention of breathing and nutrition - for good reason. The spinning, which I have never done, has kind of fallen by the wayside. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Gawan said:
Still these psychopaths (the current numbers/percentages given by the C's) are already here on earth and more or less active. There could be the chance that some/many of these agents, if I may call them, waiting for their time for stepping in and activation. I think it relates to other characteropaths as well, and these numbers are not given :( (and to think about it turns my stomach, that we are "only" speaking of psychopaths), like the amber is waiting for the oil. Lobaczewski wrote about it, where more and more charecteropaths are stepping in in certain times, but I couldn't find that quote.

Lobaczewski talked about pathocracy where 100% of the psychopaths were eventually involved in the government. So if you think about all the places where they can be employed - because they are attracted by the system and feel no conflict about what they are doing - then I think we'll find that the numbers fit. Corporations, drug companies, teachers, doctors, psychologists, lawyers and judges, government workers (like IRS), police forces, military, city and county governments all over the country, and so on.

Gawan said:
session said:
A: More people is good! 5D is watching closely.

This I didn't fully understand does it mean, that hard times are ahead, that people will die?

No, I had a completely different feeling about it, but I'll address that below.

Gawan said:
Laura said:
It makes one wonder what the Cosmos plans when it allows so many life-destroying elements to congregate in one place? Surely that energy will magnetize a reaction.

"like attracts like", comes to my mind.

Funny how some people will automatically think "like attracts like" and others will think "opposites attract." Then there is "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

What I was thinking when I posed that was the latter: contact potential difference.

Shijing said:
I wanted to say really quickly that I am so glad that Obama was asked about in this session -- I knew that the prognosis couldn't be good, but I've been very curious about the particulars. I am not as knowledgeable as some people here about psychopath typology, but I was curious about what 'schizoid' meant, so I looked it up on wikipedia -- here is an interesting excerpt ( <snip>

Actually, I think that Lobaczewski's description of the schizoidal psychopath is a little different.

Lobaczewski said:
Schizoidia: Schizoidia, or schizoidal psychopathy, was isolated by the very first of the famous creators of modern psychiatry. From the beginning, it was treated as a lighter form of the same hereditary taint which is the cause of susceptibility to schizophrenia. However, this latter connection could neither be confirmed nor denied with the help of statistical analysis, and no biological test was then found which would have been able to solve this dilemma. For practical reasons, we shall herein discuss schizoidia with no further reference to this relationship rather motivated by tradition.

Literature provides us with descriptions of several varieties of this anomaly, whose existence can be attributed either to changes in the genetic factor or to differences in other individual characteristics of a non-pathological nature. Let us thus sketch these sub-species’ common features.

Carriers of this anomaly are hypersensitive and distrustful, but they pay little attention to the feelings of others, tend to assume extreme positions, and are eager to retaliate for minor offenses. Sometimes they are eccentric and odd. Their poor sense of psychological situation and reality leads them to superimpose erroneous, pejorative interpretations upon other people’s intentions. They easy become involved in activities which are ostensibly moral, but which actually inflict damage upon themselves and others. Their impoverished psychological worldview makes them typically pessimistic regarding human nature. We frequently find expressions of their characteristic attitudes in their statements and writings: “Human nature is so bad that order in human society can only be maintained by a strong power created by highly qualified individuals in the name of some higher idea.” Let us call this typical expression the “schizoid declaration”.


When they become wrapped up in situations of serious stress, however, the schizoid’s failings cause them to collapse easily. The capacity for thought is thereupon characteristically stifled, and frequently the schizoids fall into reactive psychotic states so similar in appearance to schizophrenia that they lead to misdiagnoses.

The common factor in the varieties of this anomaly is a dull pallor of emotions and a feeling for the psychological realities of this essential factor in basic intelligence. This can be attributed to the incomplete quality of the instinctive substratum, which is working as though on sand. Low emotional pressure enables them to develop proper speculative reasoning, which is useful in non-humanistic spheres of activity. Because of their one-sidedness, they tend to consider themselves intellectually superior to “ordinary” people.

The quantitative frequency of this anomaly varies among races and nations: low among Blacks, the highest among Jews.

A schizoid’s ponerological activity should be evaluated in two aspects. On the small scale, such people cause their families trouble, easily turn into tools of intrigue in the hands of clever individuals, and generally do a poor job of raising the younger generation. Their tendency to see human reality in the doctrinaire and simplistic manner they consider “proper”, transforms their frequently good intentions into bad results. However, their ponerogenic role can take on macro-social proportions if their attitude toward human reality and their tendency to invent great doctrines are put to paper and duplicated in large editions.

In spite of their typical deficits, or even an openly schizoidal declaration, their readers do not realize what the authors’ characters are like; they interpret such works in a manner corresponding to their own nature. The minds of normal people tend toward corrective interpretation thanks to the participation of their own richer, psychological world view.


Who plays the first crucial role in this process of the origin of pathocracy, schizoids or characteropaths? It appears to be the former; therefore, let us delineate their role first.

During stable times which are ostensibly happy, albeit marked by injury to individuals and nations, doctrinaire people believe they have found a simple solution to fix such a world. Such a historical period is always characterized by an impoverished psychological world view, a schizoidally impoverished psychological world view thus does not stand out during such times and is accepted as legal tender. These doctrinaire individuals characteristically manifest a certain contempt with regard to moralists then preaching the need to rediscover lost human values and to develop a richer, more appropriate psychological world view.

Schizoid characters aim to impose their own conceptual world upon other people or social groups, using relatively controlled pathological egotism and the exceptional tenacity derived from their persistent nature.

They are thus eventually able to overpower another individual’s personality, which causes the latter’s behavior to turn desperately illogical. They may also exert a similar influence upon the group of people they have joined. They are psychological loners who feel better in some human organization, wherein they become zealots for some ideology, religious bigots, materialists, or adherents of an ideology with satanic features. If their activities consist of direct contact on a small social scale, their acquaintances easily perceive them to be eccentric, which limits their ponerogenic role. However, if they manage to hide their own personality behind the written word, their influence may poison the minds of society in a wide scale and for a long time.

The conviction that Karl Marx is the best example of this is correct as he was the best-known figure of that kind. Frostig , a psychiatrist of the old school, included Engels and others into a category he called “bearded schizoidal fanatics”. The famous utterances attributed to Zionist wise men at the turn of the century start with a schizoidal declaration. The nineteenth century, especially its latter half, appears to have been a time of exceptional activity on the part of schizoidal individuals, often but not always of Jewish descent.


In spite of the fact that the writings of schizoidal authors contain the above described deficiency, or even an openly formulated schizoidal declaration which constitutes sufficient warning to specialists, the average reader accepts them not as a view of reality warped by this anomaly, but rather as an idea to which he should assume an attitude based on his convictions and his reason. That is the first mistake. The oversimplified pattern, devoid of psychological color and based on easily available data, exerts an intense influence upon individuals who are insufficiently critical, frequently frustrated as result of downward social adjustment, culturally neglected, or characterized by some psychological deficiencies. Others are provoked to criticism based on their healthy common sense, also they fail to grasp this essential cause of the error.

Societal interpretation of such activities is broken down into the main trifurcations, engendering divisiveness and conflict. The first branch is the path of aversion, based on rejection of the contents of the work due to personal motivations, differing convictions, or moral revulsion. This already contains the component of a moralizing interpretation of pathological phenomena.

We can distinguish two distinctly different apperception types among those persons who accept the contents of such works: the critically-corrective and the pathological. People whose feel for psychological reality is normal tend to incorporate chiefly the more valuable elements of the work. They trivialize the obvious errors and complement the schizoid deficiencies by means of their own richer world view. This gives rise to a more sensible, measured, and thus creative interpretation, but is not free from the influence of the error frequently adduced above.

Pathological acceptance is manifested by individuals with diversiform deviations, whether inherited or acquired, as well as by many people bearing personality malformations or who have been injured by social injustice. That explains why this scope is wider than the circle drawn by direct action of pathological factors. This apperception often brutalizes the authors’ concepts and leads to acceptance of forceful methods and revolutionary means.
The passage of time and bitter experiences has unfortunately not prevented this characteristic misunderstanding born of schizoid nineteenth-century creativity, with Marx’s works at the fore, from affecting people and depriving them of their common sense.

tractmec said:
Great session Laura and thank you!

Quote from: Laura
It makes one wonder what the Cosmos plans when it allows so many life-destroying elements to congregate in one place? Surely that energy will magnetize a reaction.

"like attracts like", comes to my mind.

The impression I got from this? Like poles repel in magnets and electro magnetizim.

Maybe the congregation of so much life destroying energy in one place will cause the rest of the world to wake up and be repelled enough to do something about it.

Or maybe just my own wishful thinking?

A: More people is good! 5D is watching closely.

Sounds like 5D is preparing for an influx!!!!

See my comments on this below.

anart said:
tractmec said:
A: More people is good! 5D is watching closely.

I found that to be curious as well - '5D is watching closely'. More so this evening than other times, and, if so, then why? Or do they mean more so in general? I suppose the context of 'more people is good' might help clarify, it might relate to whatever the people present were talking about when the planchette started to move.

I'll have to go back to listen to the tape to see what we were talking about. My general impression was that there was intense interest in our activities in 5 D for a variety of reasons even including just "dead relatives" of all those attending being present to cheer us on. But, after reading some of these comments and questions I started to mull the thing over and went to bed last night thinking about it. During the night, the answer came - I woke up in the darkness with "the voice of SEEing" explaining to me that the fate of humanity is very important to 5 D because that will determine whether or not the Earth continues to be useful as a place for souled individuals to incarnate to work out their issues. In other words, if STS takes over completely, they will actually spoil their own plans because souled individuals will no longer find Earth to be a congenial "school" and will have to find a more suitable place for soul development activities. And, apparently, there are not so many places where all the conditions are just right and it could put a serious crimp in soul evolution.

So, yeah, they are really interested and feeling hopeful that somehow things will get sorted out by our activities.

thevenusian said:

I could well be wrong, but my impression of this bit was that those watching from 5D enjoy a wider view of the playing field we are enjoined upon, and that from their wider view, they were pleased to see more people involved. The extrapolation from this would be that it is helpful to our efforts to have greater numbers of people doing the work of our team. 5D would, of course, be those who have gone before us (died, like Pepperfritz) and enjoy a viewpoint outside the constraints of time and space we are currently experiencing.

Yes, this seems to be close to the same thing that I was thinking. And of course, each individual has their own links to 5D (their loved ones, soul connections, etc) that are added to the pool of 5D energy that is available to help us if we manage to create the network where that energy can be transduced.

Shijing said:
I actually had a similar interpretation when I read this for the first time. I got the impression that 5D was being identified as a sort of cheering section for those of us here in 3D who are doing this work. Which, if accurate, feels good but is also a bit ominous since I sort of figure that their priority is to be reviewing their 'past' and 'future' incarnations and contemplating stuff. If watching us is just as important, it must be pretty big OSIT.

Yes, see what I wrote above. The fact that the Cs opened with this indicates that it is worthy of exploration.

Shijing said:
thevenusian said:
Thank you so much to fellow members of the network who parsed the numbers with regard to the psychopaths among us. You really dug into the data presented in this reading and I am very grateful for it.

Seconded -- I didn't say so yet, but the data-crunching that AI kicked off and other members jumped in with was really nice to have on hand when reviewing this session, so thanks everyone!

I agree. I was quite distressed with those numbers, but then having it sorted out brings us back to a reasonable figure, globally speaking.

Pete02 said:
I was thinking something similar myself actually. They must be rooting for us also I would think, but since they are directing their energies towards helping us out (osit) that would mean that their journeys would equally be affected by the outcome of all of this as well no? I'm not 100% but I think theres much more than just humanity as stake here.

Amazing how, as this topic progressed, all of you came very close to what came to me in the night. There is a lot more at stake, I think.

Tigersoap said:
Just a thought there, If I were one of the 150.000 person who died in Haiti because of a cold calculated mass murder due to a global secret government, I'd be watching closely from 5D as well, I'd be screaming on the top of my ghost lungs for people to wake up.

They probably are! We have a responsibility to humanity, past and future...

Biomiast said:
Yesterday I did a little research about spindle neurons, and it amazes me that, the wikipedia article Psyche posted is related to most of the problems in psychopathy like in anterior cingulate cortex: recognition and avoidance of error, planning, self-awareness, role playing and deception! And in fronto insular cortex: Distortion of reality, disturbance of thought, disturbance of language, withdrawal from social contact! And I found a statement most interesting, yet there was not a reference to this in wikipedia article, but here it goes: Reduced activity of Anterior cingulate cortex causes Attention Deficit Disorder, behavioural and learning disorders mostly in boys.

Maybe there is a genetic component Lobaczewski mentioned in that region. That would require some additional research, but when I looked at the literature, I found that there isn't a single study that investigates psychopathy and spindle neurons. The interesting part is, all those psychologists and neuroscientists who study psychopathy knows the shrinkages in Orbitofrontal cortex, which is where fronto insular cortex resides, and anterior cingulate cortex. We even discussed it on the forum! Yet not a single one of them wonders what is the underlying reason of this shrinkage, what is lost in the process.

Apart from that, both of those regions seem to have evolutionary roles in humans, great apes, dolphins and whales, I think this is a research worth pursuing for evolutionary psychologists, yet very few seems to undertake that kind of research. It makes me wonder whether this lack of research on this matter is deliberate or not. :whistle:

This just highlights one of our main theories about academia: that it is taken over and run by psychopaths and other pathological types. The last thing they want is the truth!
Evil incarnate indeed. If 42% of Israeli are psychopaths, how can society there function at all??

Receiving $3 to $4 billion dollars of USA "aid" per year helps. Along with military "aid" from the USA and other countries. Another clue is that 25% of the Israeli population lives in poverty. This is a high number for a "first" world country. Those at the top feed off those below. Lets not forget having the Palestinians as your perpetual "whipping boy" as a justification for ones existence and also a source of cheap/expendable labour. A parasitic existence.
Flashgordonv said:
Thanks for the session in such a timely manner. Much appreciated. just a couple of observations:

Q: (Belibaste) In Samoa there's quite a strong ethnical specificity.

(L) I don't know anything about Samoa.

(Joe) I think they're the same as the Maori.

Hey Joe, if you were to say this to either a Maori OR a Samoan, you would have a fight on your hands. :rolleyes: While they are both considered of Polynesian extraction, they are very definitely not considered the same. Different language different culture, different everything.

The other point I have been thinking about was that with the stressful and fearful deaths of over 150,000 people caused by, it seems, an induced earthquake, while it obviously serves the purposes of the Secret government to do that, it is also a huge "quality feeding opportunity" for 4D STS.

Yeah, I can imagine I would! But I would hope to be able to explain that I meant from a genetic point of view. Of course, I'm not sure this is true.
Thanks very much for this session.
The United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF) reported the disappearance of fifteen children in hospitals in Haiti since the earthquake. Fears that the smuggling of children are busy following the earthquake seem to be confirmed.

According to the spokesman of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of Man, Rupert Colville, trafficking of children was already an existing problem in the Caribbean country, but it could become a “scourge in the coming weeks and coming months. ”

Jean-Luc Legrand, the situation in Haiti is similar to that experienced during the Asian tsunami in 2004. “These networks are activated immediately during a disaster and use the weak state, weak coordination between actors in the field to abduct children and make them leave the country,” said Legrand.

I wonder if the abduction of children was one of the main objectives of this induced earthquake. Or is it something like that : first the top predator kills the antelope and takes his share, then the hyenas come, then the vultures and finally the bugs.

There is also a major increase in missing children in Turkey for last 2 years, and it is speeding up. I think in many other countries too, though I guess USA is still on the top of the list. I don't want to speculate but I often think about this. Is this a part of a specific agenda or the result of an increase in induced psychopaths.
Lobaczewski talked about pathocracy where 100% of the psychopaths were eventually involved in the government.

I probably understood this wrong but I though Lobaczewski said that in the end 100% of the governing elite would be psychopathic not that 100% of the psychopaths were eventually involved in the government. However as a final result one does not have to exclude the other I guess...
Fifth Way said:
I probably understood this wrong but I though Lobaczewski said that in the end 100% of the governing elite would be psychopathic not that 100% of the psychopaths were eventually involved in the government. However as a final result one does not have to exclude the other I guess...

You understood it wrong.

Lobaczewski said:
Pathocrats’ achievement of absolute domination in the government of a country would not be permanent since large sectors of the society would become disaffected by such rule and find some way of toppling it. Pathocracy at the summit of governmental organization also does not constitute the entire picture of the “mature phenomenon”. Such a system of government has nowhere to go but down. Any leadership position, (down to village headman and community cooperative managers, not to mention the directors of police units, and special services police personnel, and activists in the pathocratic party) must be filled by individuals whose feeling of linkage to such a regime is conditioned by corresponding psychological deviations, which are inherited as a rule. However, such people become more valuable because they constitute a very small percentage of the population. Their intellectual level or professional skills cannot be taken into account, since people representing superior abilities are even harder to find. After such a system has lasted several years, one hundred percent of all the cases of essential psychopathy are involved in pathocratic activity; they are considered the most loyal, even though some of them were formerly involved on the other side in some way.

Under such conditions, no area of social life can develop normally, whether in economics, culture, science, technology, administration, etc. Pathocracy progressively paralyzes everything.
jubazo said:
And about earthquake machine, I lived in country that glorified Nikola Tesla work, both on Croatian and Serbian sides, we had to learn in 7th grade about his opus, and yes Tesla's oscillator was one of them together with blueprints and with original low cost models, during early 80' Tesla was in centre of Ex Yugoslavian alternative public but even mainstream public because of wide spread rumors that army is having all Tesla's opscured machines build and tried, of course war in Yugoslavia turned people's focus on other things. To clarify what is Tesla's oscillator please read following:

There's a modern one here - from a T.Meyssan article on voltaire site:

Machine a tremblement de terre !
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