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In this transcript, there is the section about two old dogs on medication that were put down, but before the excerpt first are some thoughts about pets:

A pet can serve a function like guarding the house or the grainery on a farm, guiding a blind person, finding lost objects or people, tracking game or even pulling a sledge if one is an Innuit hunter or lives in northern Siberia. It can also have a social function of being a comon meeting point for a family or group of people; it can be a way to learn something about ourselves. To train a horse or a dog, one must have some idea of using ones authority. I even came across an expert teacher that recommended prospective teachers to get a dog, as it would help them learn and deal with the behaviour of their students in class. There was also a book written for women comparing the qualities of five breeds of dogs to those of men as partners, and on that basis advising them how to identify types of men according to their taste and deal with them the way they wanted - very clever done with drawings and all, but somewhat soulless. A dog can be a consolation for a lonely person or a lonely child coming home from school before the parents and not having three or four siblings of similar age to play with, it can be an excuse to get out and exercise, or a protection when walking,, as a person is not really walking alone when walking "alone" with a dog. Pets can also help to develop some social skills and a sense of responsibility. Girls (it is mostly girls it seems) who have had a horse are often more responsible than others, I have noticed, or is that just a coincidence in my experience? A pet can also be a bird; someone I met, felt that her 10 canaries can also protect against negative psychic influences. Maybe, but I also recall that from the sessions, that 2D can get psychic attachments, though of course we as humans carry them around too, it is said, so it probably depends on the case. At least a canary will not be able to attack you like a a couple of pitbulls or similar dogs. In some cases a pet, or too many of them can perhaps also be a way to avoid dealing with the world or make one tired, I recall a story about a woman who lived alone in a house surrounded by 11 cats and wondered why she felt so drained from energy. That was an extreme case, but here is the excerpt from the present transcript that I had in mind, which made me think, that if I should get a pet, I would need a really good reason:: Session 30 May 2009
Q: (L) {First question} L*** A*** just had to have her two old sick doggies put down yesterday partly so she could start her new life, but also because there is simply no other choice considering the situation. {Note: The individual is moving to a new city where she has an offer to live and work, and the apartment does not accept dogs. Both of them were quite old and on various meds so not good candidates for adoption.} She's very upset and missing them. Is there anything I can say or anything you can say to give her any kind of pointer as to whether or not this was the right thing to do?

A: Right 5D for pets

Q: (L) Okay. Is there any particular goal for her to focus on at the present time?

A: Getting well will be facilitated by focusing on others as the reason to get better. Giving her life to dogs didn't give much to the world nor did it bring much return except subjective illusion. As Gurdjieff said, you get back what you give to life.

Q: (L) Well, for a long time she didn't have anything except the dogs, and now the dogs are gone. I think she's feeling pretty bereft. And you're saying the doggies went to doggie 5D so to speak...

A: One day she will have a dog that will return the favors.

Q: (L) She made the remark that since her dogs were old and sick and on medication, and she was sick and on medication, that maybe she wasn't worth keeping alive either.

A: Apples and oranges. Dogs are subjective and personal and a human can be objective in terms of what can be given to others.

Q: (L) So you're saying that keeping a dog alive {by extraordinary means} is just keeping alive something that's subjective and personal to you, while a human can be kept alive and give a great deal that's objectively beneficial to other people {depending on the individual, of course}. Is that it?

A: Yes
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