Session 5 August 2017


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Hello the castle team and thank you for this beautiful session. Happy to hear that Laura's knees in the process of healing. I hope that the migraines of Peter will cease. I would like to know if a person can find this session of 1990, which announces the arrival of a child? Good luck to all.


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Weird hearing about the mirrors. Usually get a funny feeling whenever I look at myself in them. Mostly chalk it up to my own issues and programs I need to work on, but sometimes have this "other" sensation to it. I wonder how many people would actually rally behind the call if he did address the general populace to a revolution. Not all like to rock the boat or take action if its gonna disrupt their relative calm in their own lives. But it makes me wonder if it would show the alleged more popular vote he may have had if enough do take action. I am curious as well to see how this upcoming eclipse goes. Part of me is thinking along the lines of the whole 2012 hype, but who knows in this chaotic and unraveling world we live in.


Thank you all ,for new session !!!! Good to hear that Laura's knee is restoring .

I fully agree that 3D is the most difficult and painful density.

Couple months ago I had a dream about the Wave, that will arrive in 5 years .

I live on Southern Hemispheres, and we have been experiencing single digit temperature during winters ,so I guess that earth temperature is cooling on both hemisphere.

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Thanks for the new session! Glad the knee is healing for you Laura!

A: 3D is the most difficult due to presence of potential balance of consciousness and matter and thus duality.

This makes total sense. 2d suffers but on a more mechanical level, like OPs seem to do. Despite the hassles of life, they truck on like it's normal. It takes a true ego, a true self, to feel like "WHY are things this difficult". Funny that in the New Age philosophy, the idea is that ego is bad- just dissolve and be "here now". As if this resolves the issues, but it's giving up free will to see and fight against the bad conditions.
I think the real exercise of free will is to see within ourselves and outside that we have very little of it. Internally, we're chemically primed to follow programs of survival,etc, and externally we have to follow the herd in order to avoid more suffering.

Mirrors are an interesting subject. Back when I was a child, my friend was freaked out. He stood in front of a mirror in the dark with a candle and called "Bloody mary" a couple of times and saw her. He was strongly catholic, even going to Sunday school to learn the mythology.

I asked him the details on how he did it and tried a few times to do it, not afraid because it's just an image/ a reflection. I was interested in seeing I could talk to her.
I felt like I was a failure, because it didn't work for me. I think that the mental blocking the C's mention is related to belief. If you have a belief that is based on some subjective story, you open up a "hole" in your mental blocking "firewall". Having this opening is what probably allowed my friend to experience it and gave him an immense fear of the dark. I tried to comfort him and explain that ghosts rarely hurt people, but he never seemed to get over it.


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Thanks so much for sharing this new session. :hug2:

Really glad to know that your knee is improving.


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Thank you all for the new session! :flowers: It was short, but packed with interesting information. I'm glad to hear Laura is recovering.

The part about the mirrors reminded me of Castaneda's experience in The Fire from Within with using the mirror in the water to catch an entity. Very creepy.


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Great session - mostly good news on the home front. Cheers Laura!

However, the American situation doesn't cease to worry. Does anyone in their right mind really (really) want a real out-of-control revolution in a country and society as powerful and well-armed as the US?

I do find it hard to understand exactly what might be brewing under the surface (perhaps an Armed forces revolt against CIA/NSA/etc?), especially since the millennials and other snowflakes, or even the "ex-military" blowhards never felt as "revolutionary material" ready to genuinely die for any noble cause:

Laura said:
(Niall) Is the USA on the verge of revolution?

A: Close.

Q: (Niall) Close to a revolution, or...

(L) Close to the verge of a revolution, which is like a step away. I'm noticing more and more on Twitter that people are talking about revolution. It started probably a week ago, and I'm not sure what exactly triggered it, but something did.


(Data)I have one more. The C's once described the Wave as hyperkinetic sensate. I would like to know when a person does work on himself, facing one's own mechanical nature and the mechanical nature of others, that also creates sensations that I thought could be hyperkinetic too. Are these two things comparable? Would a person that works on himself, is that comparable to hyperkinetic sensate that the Wave was described as?

A: It can be. A person who struggles with intense emotion and masters it is somewhat inoculated.

Q: (L) So if you experience these hyperkinetic sensate experiences incrementally or gradually inside yourself by working with yourself, and you deal with them, then you are not subject to being blown apart by the hyperkinetic sensate Wave that comes later? Well, I mean, come on! It looks to me like we're already experiencing it. Look how all these people are acting all over the planet. If that's not a hyperkinetic sensate... I mean, you see those so-called Social Justice Warriors? When I saw the screaming woman with the glasses on after Trump's election, I mean... And the rest of them? They're just acting freakin' CRAZY! So I would say that hyperkinetic sensate is partly involved with the disintegration and the soul smashing. It's like insane. Am I right there?

A: Yes


The second bit I just loved and it might have even clarified a thing or two.

It also clearly reminded me of Lord Tennyson's:

"'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all."


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Thank you for the session, hard times are coming, times of adventures and challenges. But we are not alone.

Sorry to hear that Pierre have migraines. Did you tried homeopathy? Even if it is something physical, and you know the cause, maybe homeopathy can heal you. Hope you will not have anymore migraines. They are horrible.

Happy to see Laura again in good spirits, I like that. :) Thank you to be here. :)


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Thanks for the new session! :) I'm happy to hear the stems cells are building a new knee at a pretty good clip and sorry to hear of Pierre's headaches. Take good care everyone. :hug:
Thanks Laura, the Château Crew, The C'S et al... Great session...

Good to know that your recovery is in full swing... :cool2: :cool2: :cool2:


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Thanks for the session!!

Very interesting the subject of mirrors. A little research made me find this:

The Kabbalists give a more spooky reason for covering mirrors in a house of mourning. They write that all types of evil spirits and demons come to visit a family in mourning. When a soul leaves this world, it leaves a void, an emptiness that is prone to be filled by dark forces. This is because wherever there is a vacuum, negativity can creep in. And so the house of mourning, the place where the loss is felt the most, is a magnet for evil spirits.

These demons cannot be seen by the naked eye. But when looking in a mirror, you may catch a glimpse of their reflection in the background. And so we cover the mirrors in a house of mourning because we don’t want to be alarmed by seeing these demonic visitors.

Before we dismiss this idea as mythical nonsense, let’s try to understand it in terms we can relate to. Perhaps the idea of evil spirits can be interpreted on a psychological level: evil spirits can be thought of as inner demons.

The ghosts that visit a mourner are regret, guilt and anger. When people who are grieving take a hard look at themselves in the mirror, they often feel that they didn’t do enough for the departed, or that they didn’t say all they wanted to say, or that there are some loose ends, some unfinished business. Even if this is not really the case, even if they were exemplary sons or daughters, parents or spouses or siblings, our minds tend to play tricks, and we agonize over what could have been. These thoughts are the evil spirits that haunt the grieving, giving them no rest.

So we cover the mirrors. We don’t want to look at those dark figures lurking behind us in the mirror. At a time of such raw emotion, when the loss is fresh and the heart is volatile, there is no room for harsh self-judgment. If there are unresolved issues, there will be time to deal with them later. But in the week immediately following the loss, we focus on the loss itself.


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Thanks for posting another amazing session :hug: Really glad to hear that your knee is recovering Laura :)


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Thank you for the session!

So glad your knee is improving, Laura!
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